Don’t Overthink Things

Strongly Considering

On the lower half of the emotional scale
People operate sometimes and life can be seen
As an intricate puzzle that cannot be solved.
In your confusion you don’t want to get involved
With your tough situation. When you’re in between
A rock and a hard place unsureness will prevail.

When you try to think your way out of a problem
All you do is make it bigger than it should be.
Actually you’re trending in opposition
To what you want. It just won’t come to fruition.
Overthinking then becomes your reality
And it’s from where all your negative feelings stem.

If, however, you’re tuned in, tapped in, and turned on,
And ideas are flowing, it feels fantastic.
Thoughts flow with the same momentum, but clarity
Is abundant. You see the world differently
Than you do when you’re troubled. It’s like being sick.
When you’re happy many of your issues are gone.

You want to be a feeler – not a thinker right
Now because your feeling is always accurate.
You cannot over feel things. Let your feelings guide
You to the right solution. It’s wise to confide
In your deep inner knowing. You can mitigate
The darkness by allowing a smidgen of light.

The Successful Life Journey

Youthful Exploration

The happiest people are evaluating
And improving themselves. The unhappiest are
Usually evaluating and judging
Other people. There isn’t a lot happening
In their lives and in essence they’ve traveled quite far
Off their path. A tough life is what they’re creating.

Not everyone is meant to be in your future.
Some people are just passing through to teach you things
That you need to know. When someone walks out of your
Life then let them because they’re just making room for
Someone better. Your positive attitude brings
More fulfilling things to you. Of this do be sure.

Sometimes you just have to stay silent because no
Words can clarify what’s going on in your mind
Nor your heart. Sometimes you have to go it alone
But it can make you stronger. You cannot postpone
What you need to do when it’s so clearly defined.
In the midst of life’s contrast you’re able to grow.

People can say, “I love you,” but not everyone
Really means it so believe it when you see it –
Not when you hear it. Don’t make your life an ordeal
By your concerning yourself with how people feel
About you and, always be willing to submit
To your primary purpose which is to have fun.

The Race Against Time

In A Hurry

Your past is a place to learn and grow – not a place
To live constantly. Life has many different
Chapters for you. One bad chapter doesn’t mean it’s
Time to end the story, for the person who quits
In the middle will harbor extreme discontent
As there’s nothing of meaning in life to embrace.

To accomplish great things you must not only act
But dream too – not only plan but also believe
That it will happen. When you find purpose in your
Life then every moment in it is a lot more
Meaningful. It becomes easier to receive
Inspiration to help turn your dreams into fact.

Don’t fear life. Believe that life is worth living and
Your belief will help you create the life that you
Truly want to be living. Your words are like keys.
Chosen correctly they can open hearts with ease.
They can shut anyone’s mouth. The more you can do
To uplift with them, the more your heart will expand.

If you only walk on sunny days you’ll never
Reach your destination. Excuses make today
Easier but tomorrow harder. Discipline
Makes today hard but tomorrow things will begin
To get easier. Enjoy life along the way
To your goal. Act as if you will live forever.

Time Is Precious

Temporal Celestial Overlay

Sometimes you need to distance yourself from people.
If they care then they’ll notice. If they don’t then you
Know where you stand with them. Someday all the love you’ve
Given out will find its way back to you to prove
Its existence. Let its energy get you through
Your magnificent journey. Be ever grateful.

Studies show that men and women experience
The same amount of emotion but women tend
To show it more. A woman can love you deeply
And still never speak to you again. You can be
More open with your feelings and like and old friend
Showing how much you care makes a huge difference.

Sometimes you need bad things to happen to inspire
You to change and grow. Couples who spend at least ten
Minutes daily laughing together have stronger
And more positive relationships. The longer
You wait for a good feeling to happen again
The more you’re in sync with all the things you desire.

Time Is Precious. Make sure you spend it with the right
People. Give people time and respect in every
Situation. The effective solution to
All your difficulties is to be patient. You
Can feel proud to know you have the capacity
To live a life of freedom and utter delight.

Naivety Trouble

Funny Together

Women want to know different things about men
Like how tall they are, what they do for a living,
And perhaps how well they are at conversation.
If you find yourself in a love situation
Then you know that it’s all about what your giving
To the relationship so that it will strengthen.

Women want men who they cannot manipulate
First and foremost. They don’t want someone who’s naïve.
If a man believes everything a woman says
Then it’s probable that he will make poor choices
Regarding life in general. One can deceive
Such a man easily. It’s a negative trait.

Even if she’s planning to cheat on you she still
Wants to know that you can wake up to this and show
Your righteous indignation. If you can’t see through
Her conniving then something’s the matter with you
In her mind. This is something that you need to know.
People will take advantage of their own free will.

A man who can spot threats in his environment
Is attractive to women. When you show you care
For her safety and comfort she will honor you
For your wisdom and valor. In all that you do
Make sure that compromise and affection you share.
Tending to your relationship is time well spent.

Wholesome Living

Calm And Relaxed

If you have the power to make someone happy
Then do it! The world needs more of that. When you choose
To forgive those who’ve hurt you, you take away their
Power over you. You can become more aware
Of their positive aspects as you’re the one who’s
Got control of your feelings most definitely.

Discipline yourself carefully. You must keep the
Promises you make to yourself so that you can
Trust yourself under difficult circumstances.
Being good to yourself increases your chances
Of success as you make happiness your game plan.
You can have things just the way you want them to be.

Reflection and the gaining of knowledge can be
Powerful. Without either then you’re powerless.
Caring what others think, living in the past, and
Fearing change are the poisons to all that you’d planned.
Speak the things of your heart that you need to express.
Take the time to appreciate wholeheartedly.

Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future.
Your vibration is everything and this moment
Is you life. Find your joy within it and allow
Wellbeing to enter into your life right now.
So much leverage you have when feeling content.
Life can be for you healthy, serene, and secure.

Let Go Of Your Past

New Direction

The harder your past was the more beautiful your
Future will be. At life’s darkest moments you’ll see
The most clearly. Good things do come to those who wait
And suffer. Realize that it’s never too late
To move on. It may take time but it’s completely
Worth it to you that your circumstance you endure.

You have things you can count on – you, your health, and your
Achievements. Let these things about you resonate
Through your consciousness. Try to look for positive
Aspects of your life. Bless all there is to forgive
Then decide that a better life you will create.
Take advantage of all that you’ve been asking for.

Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s woes
Nor the sins of the past but it does take away
Today’s peace. The more time you spend clinging to the
Past, the less likely your future turns out to be
Satisfying. You can change how you feel today.
Be receptive to your wellbeing as it flows.

Respect yourself because other people can see
If you don’t and this knowledge may cause them to treat
You the same way you feel about yourself. Be kind
To yourself always. Go deep within where you’ll find
Peace and guidance. Attune to your inner drumbeat.
It’s never too late to live your life happily.

Nothing Blooms All Year Long

Blossoming Fruit

When your heart loves someone unconditionally
Then your mind suffers most. Love a person who tries
Their best to understand you. Never make someone
Special in your life who has absolutely none
Of the qualities you value. Open your eyes
To the wonderful loving person you could be.

When a toxic person can no longer control
You they will try to control how others see you.
Let not that behavior cause you any distress.
Strong people don’t have many friends. Your happiness
Is of utmost importance in all that you do.
Get away from whatever’s not keeping you whole.

You bloom with others who understand you. Never
Walk, fight, smile, try, or cry alone. Stop looking back
With regret. Instead look forward with hope. Don’t lose
Your self-respect. It’s a form of self-care. Excuse
Not the bad one’s behavior yet don’t show a lack
Of compassion. It will stick with you forever.

Nothing Blooms All Year Long. Don’t expect yourself to
Nor the people around you. Give yourself a break
From yourself and others by regaining access
To your best self – the one you most want to express
To the world. It’s about time that you come awake
To the manifold blessings set aside for you.

Move Ahead

Decision Point

You can learn to let go even if you are right.
Peace of mind comes to you easily when you do.
Let your inner frustrations that stem from the past
Be released. You can get a good feeling to last
Quite a long while when giving your attention to
Only things that bring you huge amounts of delight.

Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions
Drown your inner voice. Thinking is difficult. That’s
Why most people judge. Don’t take it personally.
It may be that you can’t see the way others see.
Let the foolish exist in their own habitats.
Be aware of negative mindset dominions.

Don’t cast blame on a clown for acting like a clown.
As yourself why you keep going to the circus.
A repeated mistake becomes a decision.
Know when it’s time to turn off the television.
You know deep down inside what isn’t working. Thus
You move on without letting the past get you down.

Without a vision for the future you always
Return to your past. If you don’t want to go there
Then you must Move Ahead where your destiny lies.
Don’t go through life. Grow through life then you’ll become wise.
On your way to becoming who you are take care
That in a really good place your consciousness stays.

The Three Colors Of Friendship

Color Gradient

When someone disappears from your life suddenly
And without explanation you want to know why.
You did not even get a breakup chat so you
May fall into a world of self-doubt. Getting through
It may be difficult. This no one can deny.
If you get this person out of mind then you’re free.

In the spectrum of visible light we behold
Seven colors that correspond to the seven
Body chakras. Green is the heart center. When you
Are authentic with yourself support will flow to
You from friends such as these. They’re a piece of heaven
In your life. Their blessings are always manifold.

You dare to give up the temptation to censor
Yourself in order to fit in so you expose
The people who aren’t on your team. Orange are they.
Their values and passions differ in a big way
From your own. This kind of friend most certainly shows
You your weaknesses and what in life you abhor.

Just above the root chakra orange operates.
Yellow friends are the type of friends that you stay friends
With because you feel guilty but they can cause you
Tons of heartache because their friendship isn’t true.
It’s the friend who is yellow who often pretends
To be friendly. That’s not what their energy states.

Your gut feeling is where yellow friends teach you how
To set boundaries and how to take full control
Of any situation. They let you know when
You need some self-reflection and what happens then
Is a reacquaintance with the seat of your soul.
Transcendence of the ego is what you allow.

Never Beg


Never Beg someone to be in your life. If you
Text, call, and visit and still you’re being ignored
Then it’s time that you moved on. It’s called self-respect.
From your higher self you don’t want to disconnect
Because by that self you’re most profoundly adored.
Walk away. It’s the honorable thing to do.

Love yourself for what you are instead of hating
Yourself for what you’re not. When you feel insecure
You can either let jealousy consume you or
Use it as motivation for you to do more
To better yourself so do your best to ensure
That you know the reality you’re creating.

Those who love you for who you are – not for what you
Can do for them are the best kinds of people in
Your life so honor them. Never cry for any
Relationship ending as there will always be
Another. You can play this game of life to win.
Don’t give up on the loving that you feel is true.

Never bargain with what you really want to do.
One with big dreams is more powerful than the one
With all the facts and figures. Those who can uplift
You in hard times are a most valuable gift.
Once you know who you are a new life has begun.
Find things to do in life that will satisfy you.

Be Your Best Self

Good Morning

“Doubling down is too risky. You’d better triple
Down to be safe.”
You can listen to others and

What the universe tells you but you’ll never be
Great if you do both. You want to live happily
Ever after as if you were in lala land
As your life becomes a dangling participle.

The truth isn’t the problem. Your fear of it though
Is the thing that prevents you from moving ahead.
Watch what you look at. You can’t unsee certain things.
Be aware of what a fresh new attitude brings
To the table. Rely on your knowing instead
Of the consummate ignorance that others show.

Death is part of life. Make sure you live life first then
Die. Yes, it’s possible to do it in reverse.
Never speak ill of anyone. Better yet don’t
Even think about it because your conscience won’t
Let you get away with it. It makes you feel worse
Than you do when you do it again and again.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to be
Yourself. Be Your Best Self. It will benefit you
Right now and in the long run. Relax and have fun.
Once you make the decision you will have begun
And exceptional journey. There’s nothing to do
But to find more ways of living life happily.

No Longer In Love


He’s been texting you constantly. When you reply
It’s not often. There’s not much that you want to say
To his face or through media. How to get free
Of the issue occupies your mind completely
And you want him to know that you don’t want to stay
In relationship with him. This you can’t deny.

When you start taking care of yourself you start to
Feel better and attract better. It starts with your
Realizing that there’s something you need to do.
Take care of your business. To thine own self be true.
Set your heart to receive someone who you adore.
How you feel in each moment is all up to you.

Very often couples break up because each one
Gives the other qualities that they don’t possess.
Love lasts no longer than three years in most cases.
Strength to overcome comes to the one who faces
What one has to. The key to your own happiness
At this point is in getting the dirty work done.

When lovers gaze into each other’s eyes their heart
Rates synchronize as well. When you’re with someone who
You find truly attractive you no longer will
Be despondent. You’ll have a new dream to fulfill.
Seek your inner guidance to know what you should do.
In your own self-healing be willing to take part.

Don’t Let Your Thoughts Control You


The greatest glory in life lies not in never
Falling but in rising every time that we fall.
You can’t go back and change the beginning but you
Can start where you are and change the ending. A new
Way of thinking can get rid of just about all
Of your problems, and thinking of them, forever.

The mind is everything. What you think you become
So become who you want to be. Believe you can
And you’re halfway there. The only way to do great
Work is to love what you do. You get to create
Your own future. It can be more fulfilling than
Your present circumstance – a profound conundrum.

Happiness can be found even in the darkest
Of times if you remember to turn on the light.
The biggest adventure you can take is to live
The life of your dreams. Think of how much you can give
To the world when you feel that everything’s alright.
You know how much you can do when you feel your best.

The mind is the master over the body – not
The reverse. You’re stronger than you seem, braver than
You believe, and smarter than you think. Clarity
Will come to you as soon as you decide to be
Of the attitude that any issue you can
Get yourself through. The way you feel matters a lot.

The Way You Think


You can change the way you feel by changing The Way
You Think. Simply by thinking thoughts that uplift you
You remain in a state of sublime contentment.
Happiness is achieved through your conscious intent
To stay focused on the things that you love to do.
Let the good things going for you brighten your day.

Remember that sometimes The Way You Think about
Someone isn’t exactly how they truly are.
Think about The Way You Think and find clarity
In your own logic then you’ll be finally free
Of false judgments. You don’t have to look very far
In this world to see examples of people’s doubt.

No matter how badly someone treats you never
Step down to their level. Be calm and walk away.
Don’t become weak by thinking that you’re all alone.
Rather stand firm and be proud that you’re on your own
In a world that sometimes causes utter dismay.
Let what happened leave your consciousness forever.

Not everyone is proud of you. They’re just surprised
At how you keep on going. Ultimate success
Is achieved through repeated failures and by not
Giving up. What you think about matters a lot.
No one can be a better judge of your progress
Than you once your true worthiness is realized.

Advice From The Elderly


Everything comes to you at the right time so be
Patient and trust the process. To give out someone
Else’s secret is a betrayal but to give
Out your own is stupidity. It’s best to live
Without care about what others think. What you’ve done
In the past should remain there for eternity.

Life’s biggest tragedy is that we get old too
Soon and wise too late. The more people let you down
The easier you’ll bounce back and realize that
Life doesn’t stop for anyone. Take a look at
What is causing you to constantly wear a frown.
Take the time to consider what is best for you.

The bee doesn’t waste its time trying to convince
The fly that honey is better than shit. If you
Want to change people, yourself is where to begin.
Get to know your emotional guidance within.
No one knows better than yourself what you must do.
Notice when a circumstance causes you to wince.

Death does not concern us because as long as we
Exist death doesn’t and when it finally comes
We no longer exist. Be humble enough to
Know that no one’s any better or worse than you
But be wise enough to keep on beating the drums
Of your blessed uniqueness. Be all you can be.

Walk Away

Onward Direction

Trusting folks blindly often leads to betrayal
So be careful with whom you’re giving your trust to.
Challenge yourself. It’s the only way you can grow.
When you speak you repeat what you already know.
If you listen then you may learn something brand new.
If you want things to happen for you then they shall.

Don’t allow someone to treat you poorly simply
Because you love them. Excuses are always there
And easy to make. Finding a way is what takes
Fortitude. Any chance that you take is high stakes
In a world with much hatred – one which doesn’t care
About people living in peace and harmony.

Life gets better once you stop assuming you will
Always have more time later. Be more proactive.
Each day should be a step forward. The only one
Who needs to understand is you. Tolerate none
Of the crap ever present yet learn how to live
In the present. You want to develop that skill.

One wrong step can change everything. Don’t lie. Don’t cheat.
Be honest and loyal. Sometimes you have to walk
Away from people not because you don’t care but
Because they don’t so don’t hold yourself in a rut
Over it. Be aware of your conscious self-talk.
It can lead to your success or utter defeat.

Smatterings Of Wisdom

Owl On Book

Sometimes things that break your heart end up fixing your
Vision. Loneliness is the price you pay when you
Start to improve yourself. People will come and go.
Focus on your goal and don’t let anyone know
What you plans are. Some people won’t like what you do.
Such is life, but in your worthiness do be sure.

Don’t compare your life to others’ because you’ve no
Idea what their life’s journeys are all about.
Don’t underestimate the power of stupid
People in your life. Have the courage to forbid
Their intrusions. You haven’t a reason to doubt
That things are well and will be better tomorrow.

Sometimes you win; sometimes you learn. Envy is a
Waste of time. You already have all that you need.
Don’t pretend to be better than you are. Live at
Your own pace. Don’t feel guilty for doing all that
Is best for you. The will within you to succeed
Is the driving life force that gets you through your day.

Expect nothing. Appreciate everything. Be
Grateful for the little things in your life to find
Inner peace. If people don’t appreciate you
Then they don’t deserve you. To thine own self be true.
Nothing is more valuable than peace of mind.
Your aloneness is better than bad company.

Signs Of Dissolution


Nothing is permanent. Don’t stress yourself too much
Because no matter how bad the situation
Is it will change. It takes a lot of courage to
Push through hard times. Don’t give up whatever you do.
Good things are coming your way and your elation
With your masterpiece is but your finishing touch.

Never compare your life with others. It may seem
That theirs are better than yours but they have issues
Just as you do. Life gives you many chances to
Screw up but there are as many offered you
To get it right. You have to be willing to choose
Happiness over misery in the extreme.

Some folks aren’t loyal to you. They’re loyal to their
Need for you. When their needs change there’s no loyalty
Any longer. You enemies will often tell
You the truth because it hurts. They know very well
That it does but friends will lie to you easily
Because it doesn’t hurt. So, how much can they care?

Living with glory is not about avoiding
Failure but about getting back up each time you
Fall. Success isn’t just about moving up the
Ladder. It’s about placing it where you can see
Where you’re going. Embrace what’s exciting and new.
You have power enough to get through anything.

Nothing Disturbs Your Peace

Alone Time

Stop giving other folks the power to control
Your mind, your happiness, and your life. Laugh in the
Face of adversity and leap before you look.
To the world your life need not be an open book
But it can be if you really want it to be.
Do whatever you feel that will make your life whole.

You can’t change anyone but you can be the one
Reason that someone changes. You don’t have to wait
For other people’s permission to be who you
Truly are. Be authentic in all that you do.
You have the best opportunity to create
When you do it for the purpose of having fun.

True kindness expects nothing in return and should
Never be with conditions. The strongest people
Find the courage and caring to help others though
They themselves may be going through crises. They show
Deep respect for humanity and they’re hopeful
That evil is always overtaken by good.

Turn your obstacles into opportunities
And your problems into possibilities. Keep
Your eye on the big picture. Become more aware
Of the peace that resides within you. When you care
More about how you feel many blessings you’ll reap.
Be the one to whom things come quickly and with ease.

Get Respect From Anyone

Friendly Greeting

How do you get people to voluntarily
Give you authority over them? Does it take
A technique such as brainwashing or something worse?
Why do some people feel that they have to coerce
Folks into doing things? Why is it hard to make
People carry out your orders respectfully?

People in high authority get there by way
Of election, appointment, or unnatural
Acts performed behind closed doors and in the darkness
Of the soul of humanity. To seek success
For one’s personal pleasure is the rationale
Of the many despite anything they may say.

If a friend calls and asks you to come to his aid
How do you respond to him? You’ll go out of your
Way to help him. But if it’s someone you despise
Would you bother? Your feelings would not authorize
You to do it. You would probably slam the door
In their face feeling that proper respect is paid.

Because you care about your friend you will do things
Far above and beyond what you’d do for others.
If your team cares about you this way then you’ll be
A most effective leader in society.
Mutual caring for one another occurs
When the team realizes what blessings it brings.

Seeking Inner Peace

Bright New Day

In the depths of the human soul there’s a profound
Battle raging against desires that can serve no
Purpose other than to enslave and weaken us.
World activity demonstrates the disastrous
Human tendency to live within the shadow
Of a troubled existence. To it we are bound.

Mindfulness meditation can alleviate
Much of your inner turmoil. You want to break free
From the world around you every once in a while.
Though the world is unthinkably cruel and hostile
You can get away from it temporarily.
Good happens when you’re in a meditative sate.

Be the master of yourself and you will be free.
True freedom lay not in indulging your desires
But in conquering them. If humanity will
Figure out ways to keep its collective mind still
Then world peace would occur but of course it requires
A unanimous effort where all must agree.

It’s not the things themselves that disturb people but
Their judgments about these things. Can we recognize
The illusions succumbed to? The impediment
To action advances action. None can prevent
Things from happening so it’s both helpful and wise
To keep yourself out of a most depressing rut.

No One Is Perfect

I Did It

When was the last time someone stabbed you with a knife?
Such a thing never happened? Then you’re fortunate.
People say things, however, that get you upset.
Many things people say can be seen as a threat.
So how can you remain in a positive state
And get on with the business of living your life?

Human nature is such that it doesn’t know how
To keep quiet. It says whatever comes to mind.
So a mind filled with chatter will spew constantly
Utter nonsense and versions of reality
That aren’t real. They become unconsciously unkind.
Such behavior hurts you only if you allow.

No one likes being spoken to in a bad way.
You should walk away from someone who offers you
Anything but their kindness. Don’t waste energy
On defending yourself. You and everybody
Has a higher self so the best thing you can do
Is ignore the despicable things people say.

There’s no such thing as a perfect human being.
Everyone you know will hurt you time and again
But only if you let them. Your pain is caused by
You and you only. So start asking yourself why
You feel so disconnected. You’ll realize then
That with your higher self it is not agreeing.

You’ll Never Be The Same

Family Affair

Be smart enough to ask for advice but be wise
Enough to know who to seek it from. Never give
Someone the opportunity to waste your time
More than once. To you it should be seen as a crime.
Challenge yourself. It’s the only way you can live
And evolve as a person no one can despise.

To change your life you have to change priorities.
Be like a tree and let the dead leaves fall away.
Your future depends on your focus. Be aware
Of what you’ve done already and place your hope there.
Always be mindful of everything that you say.
Take advantage of what can put your mind at ease.

Accept that some people can only be in your
Heart but not your life so learn to miss someone
Without wanting them back. When you react you lose
Your power to the circumstance. You get to choose
How to feel in each moment. How your life is run
Is the business of no one’s malignant allure.

Once you believe in yourself you no longer need
To convince others of all the things you can do.
The best thing about you is your capacity
To create, overcome, endure, transform, and be
Greater than all the suffering that you go through.
At creating the life you want you will succeed.

Never Too Late

Speak Your Heart

Life moves swiftly. If you don’t stop and look around
Every once in a while you may miss it. It’s not
About having time. It’s about making time. Your
Relationship with others is a metaphor
For your relationship with yourself. There’s a lot
Of time left for complete fulfillment to be found.

Never be so loyal that yourself you betray.
Be selfish with your time because many people
Don’t deserve it. The most harmful thing you can do
Is believe other people’s opinion of you.
Hang around people that you find most delightful.
In a positive mood always do try to stay.

There will always be someone who can’t see your worth.
Don’t let that someone be you. Never make someone
A priority who makes you but an option.
Growth happens when you do things that need to get done.
You can do that and still have a whole lot of fun.
There’s always an opportunity for rebirth.

It’s Never To Late to do the things you’ve always
Wanted to. You can have results or excuses
But not both. Follow you heart but carry your mind
Along with you. It pays to be gentle and kind
Only in a perfect world without abuses.
Nothing much about this world is worthy of praise.

Risk Of Failure

Giant Leap

Failure can erode quickly your self-confidence.
It makes it hard to believe you’ll ever achieve
A better outcome for the future. Things always
Stay the same yet you can learn to give yourself praise
For simply getting through it. Guidance you receive
From your innermost knowing which always makes sense.

Failure results from taking risks and trying to
Achieve something that isn’t easy but success
Lies in your ability to rise in the face
Of your failure. Believe in the infinite grace
Of your God or the universe and learn to bless
Every person and thing making contact with you.

But you can’t do this if you’re living in the past.
Don’t allow failure to stop you from believing
In your ability to succeed. Let it go
And move on because the past has nothing to show
You that’s helpful. The past isn’t worth your grieving
Over. Stay focused on now and remain steadfast.

Focus on actions to better yourself and your
Circumstances. Create a sense of personal
Efficacy. Your positive emotions can
Improve your performance. You can be better than
You were yesterday. You can use this rationale
To make life more fulfilling than ever before.

On Life’s Stage

Still Life Platform

During each stage of life everyone has a friend
But only lucky ones have the same friend through all
Stages of life. Good friends are very important
But not having friends does in no way mean you can’t
Live a happy life. It takes only but a small
Bit of conscious awareness for you to ascend.

Be kind to people without allowing them to
Take advantage of your good nature. Life begins
At the end of your comfort zone. Be not afraid
To act on intuition. The choices you made
In the past strengthen you. As sure as the earth spins
What you give out will come back directly to you.

Time is more valuable than money. You can
Always get more money but you can’t get any
More time than is allotted. You’ll never achieve
Real success unless in what you do you believe.
At your work you can be as happy as can be.
You can make being joyful always your game plan.

Your bad habits are like a comfortable bed –
Easy to get into but hard to get out of.
Trust your gut feelings. Sometimes they can save you from
Making improper choices. Start beating the drum
Of life, liberty, and unconditional love.
Live more from your heart. Try to stay out of your head.

Let Go And Move On

Serious Business

If you’re lucky enough to get a second chance
At something don’t waste it. Don’t look for happiness
In the same place you lost it. Real strength is letting
People lose you so you don’t end up regretting
Not having been chosen by them. Through the process
Of rejection you’re put in a tough circumstance.

The journey of your success will always begin
With the small step of taking the chance that will move
You out of your inaction. Sometimes people don’t
Want to hear the truth because they honestly won’t
Give up on their illusions so it’s hard to prove
Things to them. In an argument you will not win.

If you can’t take care of yourself you can’t take care
Of others. Your own health is the most important.
Putting off until tomorrow is your weakness.
Taking care of it right now leads to your success.
You’re the only one who can tell yourself you can’t
Find your place of alignment and keep yourself there.

Be careful who you share your weaknesses with. Some
People can’t wait for the opportunity to
Up and use them against you. It’s time to move on
When the feeling of hope for renewing is gone
But be grateful. Doing so will benefit you
In the long run. Stay focused on what is to come.

Be Strong


Your life situation will just keep repeating
Itself until you learn what you need to from it.
You can lie down for people to walk on you and
They’ll complain still that you’re not flat enough, so stand
In your truth. An unspeakable sin you commit
By allowing behavior that’s so defeating.

Manage your mood because if it doesn’t obey
Then it will command your life. Be fully aware
Of how you feel in each moment. Take back control
Of you life. Concentrate on making yourself whole.
Nothing about life for you is too much to bear.
Check your mood for satisfaction throughout your day.

Thinking that someone else can make you happy or
Unhappy is ridiculous. You have control
Of your own emotions. Most good things fall apart
To make room for much better things. Life is an art
If you make it so. You play an important role
In evolving into the person you adore.

Maybe the path that scares you the most is the one
That you need to take. You have within you right now
Everything you need to deal with whatever the
World can throw at you. You emerge triumphantly
From the ashes of crisis. It’s time to allow
Wellbeing to embrace your new journey begun.

Along The Journey

Peaceful Path

Don’t cling to yesterday. It was beautiful, but
It was yesterday. Keep your focus on today.
Forgive people in silence and never speak to
Them again. This is self-care. It benefits you
To be mindful of all that may get in the way
Of your peace. To it all you must keep your mind shut.

There comes a time in your life when you have to choose
To turn the page, write another book, or simply
Close the book altogether. When that time arrives
Remember that the passion within you survives
Momentary depression and anxiety.
Make an offer to yourself that you can’t refuse.

Never jump in with both feet when all you want to
Do is depth check the water. Don’t be pushed around
By the fears in your mind. Instead be led by the
Dreams in your heart. Whoever you want you can be.
Let the voice of the spirit within you resound.
Problems indicate progress in all that you do.

If you expect the world to be fair with you just
Because you’re fair, that’s like expecting the lion
Not to eat you because you did not eat it. Be
Cognizant of the nature of reality.
You have but your amazing mind to rely on.
In your own guidance system you can learn to trust.

Facts Of Life

Sharing Wisdom

Remember no matter how useless you may feel
You’re someone’s reason for joy and true happiness.
You can’t heal a person who keeps using their pain
As an excuse to hurt you. No possible gain
Will you get from your trying. You won’t have success
Getting someone who’s troubled to properly heal.

No matter how good you are, if you’re in the wrong
Place you’re worthless according to society.
Sometimes giving up is the only option you
Have because your can’t force other people to do
What you want. Often times with them you’ll disagree.
Ultimately we all just have to get along.

One of the hardest decisions you’ll ever make
In life is choosing whether to walk away or
Try harder. People will get upset with you when
They can’t use you. You can say goodbye to them then.
You can step back a bit but don’t give up on your
Decision and be good with the action you take.

No matter how carefully you choose your words, they
By others will always end up being twisted.
People don’t necessarily need to know what
You have to say. It’s better to keep your mouth shut.
Your mouth operates better when it’s assisted
By your brain. No one can take its power away.

Before It’s Too Late

Joyful Moment

You can’t change things that happened a long time ago.
Don’t be bitter with yourself about what you’ve done
That showed your disconnection from reality
In the distant past. Right now is where you should be.
In this moment the rest of your life is begun.
There’s still some time left for your consciousness to grow.

Happiness isn’t the absence of problems. It’s
The ability to deal with them. Challenges
Aren’t to be backed down from as they offer the best
Lessons in life. You’re not being put through a test
So ignore most completely what anyone says
To the contrary. Live what your knowing permits.

Discuss your past with no one because only you
Know the true story and any significance
It may have to the present. They just may use it
Against you. Generally others are unfit
To hear that information. Don’t give them the chance
To create their own drama and skewed point of view.

Life changes for the better when you realize
That you don’t have to know everything and you don’t
Have to pretend that you do. If you can become
And eagle then don’t strive to be first among some
Flock of jackdaws. Decide in you mind that you won’t
Let the past be what causes your early demise.

Set Your Own Tone

Omnidirectional Faces

It’s not difficult for you to set the tone in
This physical realm. You’ve got a tone flowing to
You always from nonphysical and if you choose
A thought that resonates with it you cannot lose.
You’ll be lined up with the most evolved part of you.
Set Your Own Tone. Right now is the time to begin.

When you’re in that state you feel enthusiasm,
Passion, joy, clarity, and extreme confidence.
If however you concentrate on something that
Doesn’t feel good then your vibration will be flat.
When you’re happy the power you have is immense.
Between you and your higher self there’s no chasm.

Nothing is more important than your feeling good.
It’s so foremost in your life that you’re willing to
Spend more time with that good feeling friend and much less
With the not so good feeling one. Your happiness
Is the paramount issue. The more you can do
To get happy the more that life is understood.

It’s a simple decision. Judge everything by
How it feels. You then get to decide what to do.
If it feels bad then do something to get away
From the circumstance. Try your best always to stay
In alignment with the most evolved part of you.
Life becomes easy for you when you’re flying high.

Stop Caring About What Other People Think


We all want to be liked and accepted. No one
Wants to be talked about in a negative way.
It’s hard to overcome the human tendency
To care about what others think especially
When it hurts which makes it impossible to stay
In an attitude where you can get your work done.

You alone have control over your emotions
And the choices you make. If you care way too much
About what other people think you’ll only make
Yourself miserable. You do not have to take
What they say as important. You don’t need the crutch
Of approval. Ignore it and stick to your guns.

In a world full of constant judgment, the power
To truly not care about people’s opinions
Is very liberating but it takes practice.
It will take some work to train yourself to dismiss
Criticisms erupting from the dominions
Of adversity generated by the hour.

You’re the author of your life. Accept and embrace
Your uniqueness as well as your imperfections
And live by your own standards. You need no one to
Pay attention and finally validate you.
Thoughts that people have about you are reflections
Of themselves. You’re deserving of God’s loving grace.

Bits Of Wisdom

Printed Information

Hiding from your problems won’t make them disappear.
Working through them is the only way you can grow.
Being true to yourself may lead to loneliness
But it’s worth it. Growth’s often a painful process
But it need not be. If you just go with the flow
Then an answer to your dilemma becomes clear.

Stop being so available to people who
Are there for you only when it is convenient
For them. You learn a lot about people when they
Don’t get what they want from you. A high price you pay
For trying to please everyone. You will resent
Having done so. They don’t recognize all you do.

Being honest may not get you many friends but
It’ll always get you the right ones. You cannot
Heal in the same environment where you got sick.
Be especially careful of the friends you pick.
Those who will support you when you’re in a tough spot
Are the best because their intentions are clear-cut.

You do harm to your self-confidence when you break
Promises you make to yourself time and again.
Let the improvement of yourself keep you busy
So much that there’s no time for negativity.
All the things that you want can happen for you when
The decision to feel over the moon you make.

The Four Elements

Elemental Images

What specific actions must one embody to
Live a good life? The seeker of wisdom will ask
This question of a teacher – a person who’s wise.
Searching for the truth, the seeker will recognize
It as it appears. It’s not that big of a task
To ask questions that will bring the answers to you.

Listen to The Four Elements. What they contain
Are the answers you’re looking for. The earth tells you
To let go of your anxious thoughts. Stay rooted in
Solid ground. When you’re stressed out it’s time to begin
Trusting in solidarity. All that you do
To pay respect to the earth the earth will maintain.

Learn to flow like the water. Ride the highs and lows
Of the waves of life’s storms and stay in the present
Moment always. To embody fluidity
Is to be as relaxed as a person can be.
Ever-changing circumstances you can’t prevent
But you can be aware more of how your life flows.

Like the air, instill in yourself lightness and ease.
Breathe it in. Let it out. Be open to receive
As well as to let go. Let the fire within you
Light your way through excitement in all that you do.
Anything that you want you’re able to achieve.
Learn to see the way the spirit within you sees.

The Power Of Not Knowing

Who Knows?

Any leader can shift from a place of knowing
To one of asking questions. Your knowing implies
That you’re better which everyone knows isn’t true.
What you know isn’t the most evolved part of you.
When you ask as a leader you capitalize
On what others know to get energy flowing.

A young mother has children aged six, four, and two.
What she goes through with them at bedtime can be quite
A chaotic adventure. She feels like the boss
Of unruly employees. She suffers the loss
Of her patience and energy. She gets uptight
As she wonders what on God’s green earth she could do.

Try speaking to your children only in the form
Of questions. Take it to the absolute extreme.
“What time is it now? What do we want to do first?”
Notice how they don’t feel like they’re being coerced.
You may find that you’re able to work as a team.
Asking questions produces the most favored norm.

“Who’s going to be the first to brush their teeth? Who
Needs help getting their pajamas on? What story
Will we read tonight?”
You’ll wonder how long they knew

What to do at bedtime. All they wanted to do
Is get you to ask questions. Behold the glory
Of ‘not knowing.’ It takes a big load off of you.

Were You Born To Lead?

Matrix Formation

Explaining leadership to someone who does not
Have an idea what it is isn’t easy.
It’s like trying to explain love to someone who
Has never been in love. It’s a hard thing to do.
Definitions found in every dictionary
All include the word ‘lead’ which does not help a lot.

Many leadership styles therefore tend to exist
Which suggests it’s a personal choice to define
What it is for oneself when in that position.
One defines for oneself what the leader’s mission
Is to be. With that one is able to align.
The temptation to shy away one must resist.

Most leaders are there to see those around them rise.
If you want people to be honest about their
Shortcomings then you have to be honest about
Your own faults. Be empathic in working things out.
The best leaders show others that they truly care
About those in their team. This is loving and wise.

How you respond when things go wrong is important.
You can be condescending or you can just say,
“How are we going to fix this? What can I do
To support you in this effort?”
They’ll respect you.

You’ll encourage love and honesty in this way.
Good leaders have the ability to enchant.

Dealing With Neediness


Some people are so important in our lives, not
Because we enjoy their company but because
We feel so lonely in their absence. Never care
So much for one that you couldn’t possibly bear
Their rejection of you. The relationship was
Built upon an illusion that you clearly bought.

When someone starts avoiding you just let them be.
Never again disturb them. It’s time to move on.
Don’t chase, don’t beg, and don’t become a spectacle.
Don’t do something that you know is irrational.
Benefit from the truthful conclusion you’ve drawn.
Get them out of your heart and your mind completely.

Life has its ups and downs and it’s natural for
There to be good and bad moments but they don’t last
Forever. Getting over it is difficult
But you must otherwise distress is the result.
What was once but is not now belongs in the past.
Be open to the blessings that may be in store.

You feel good when you focus on yourself instead
Of comparing yourself to others. Concentrate
On your dream moving forward. Courage it will take
To get past the rejection. The peace that you make
With it all leaves you plenty of room to create
A new point of attraction for good times ahead.

Real Inner Peace

Morning Meditation

The mistake often made is the devaluing
Of the present moment while paying way too much
Attention to the next moment or to the past
Which is why a state of inner peace doesn’t last
If it’s ever reached. It doesn’t have to be such
A conundrum. Your willingness means everything.

This moment is the most valuable because
It’s the only one that exists. Some may believe
That the next moment is more significant than
The present and this single misperception can
Keep one stuck in a place where they cannot achieve
Inner peace according to spiritual laws.

The next moment will never come. Think about it.
When it comes it’s no longer the next. It Is Now.
The richness that is overlooked usually
Can be appreciated. The more you can see
The beauty in this moment the more you allow
Inner peace to consume you which is only fit.

When you honor the small things in life you improve
Your relationship with the present moment. Be
Ever present. It’s where all your power resides.
Acknowledge all the wonder this moment provides.
Inner peace can be had when you live happily.
May this moment always be your opening move.

Unlock Your Inner Peace

Youth Yoga

There are many ways to achieve inner peace and
Happiness. One way might work for you but not for
Someone else. It takes some experimentation
To find the right path for you. The elevation
Of your consciousness is the main reason for your
Seeking inner peace which you know and understand.

Spending time in nature can prevent your mind from
Thinking stressful thoughts. Take a deep breath of fresh air.
Take short walks and appreciate all that you see.
You can conquer depression and anxiety
Through exposure to nature. Become more aware
Of the beating of nature’s therapeutic drum.

Practice mindfulness. Meditate regularly.
Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining
About what you lack. Those who are most satisfied
With their lives have a grateful heart that’s open wide.
Such people have no problem at all maintaining
Their alignment with their positive energy.

Take full responsibility for your actions.
Be accountable for everything that you do.
Everyone screws up sometimes. These are lessons learned.
They should be steppingstones as far as you’re concerned.
But don’t let your mistakes of the past define you.
It does no good to dwell on your past infractions.

Love yourself. Practice acceptance and contentment.
Exercise regularly. Eat healthy. Be kind
To yourself and others. Get rid of your clutter.
Show your magnificence with the words you utter.
Take control of your life and within it you’ll find
That your reflecting upon it is time well spent.

Law Of Attraction Explained


When the Law of Attraction is clearly explained
To us by those who’ve mastered it then it’s easy
To become educated in living life well.
Knowing how the Law works is like casting a spell
Of deliberate creation. Things come to be
As your most positive vibration is maintained.

You attract what you feel, who you are, how you act,
And what’s on your mind at any given moment.
In the absence of what you want know that it’s there
Ready for you and you have to be more aware
Of the feeling of having it then be content.
Let the universe transform your dream into fact.

Visualize what you want and get specific.
Use your vivid imagination to create
A feeling of excitement. Go there as often
As you can. Things can happen quickly for you when
You put feeling into it. Remain in that state
Of elation. Your happiness will do the trick.

As you think so shall you be so think carefully.
Like attracts like. If you can see it in your mind
Then you can hold it in your hand. If you believe
This is true you become more able to receive
What you’re focused on. Things happen when you’re aligned
With the marvelous person whom you’ve come to be.

Immutable Laws

Science Conscious

Gravity is always working whether or not
You believe in it. You don’t have to believe in
Gravity for it to work. You won’t float away
Due to your disbelief. On this earth you will stay.
Breaking this law would be committing mortal sin
Against nature. One never can be in that spot.

There’s a whole lot of energy locked up inside
The atom. It’s release can cause devastation
Or a sustainable source of clean energy.
It can do tremendous good for humanity.
This law also works always and our flirtation
With it is like a big can of worms opened wide.

Current always seeks the path of least resistance
In a circuit. Voltage is always equal to
Current times resistance. This law works all the time.
There’s no way that one could be accused of the crime
Of electrical battery. All one can do
Is honor their electrons at a safe distance.

It’s quite the same way with the Law of Attraction.
This law works all the time and it can’t be broken.
You’re always manifesting. The trick is to do
It on purpose. The whole universe supports you.
About what you desire you must be outspoken.
In your life you can always find satisfaction.

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

What If...?

How to learn to think like a successful person
Is on the minds of many. People want to know
How to make things happen. The Law of Attraction
Mindset starts with the feeling of satisfaction
And from there you can get that good feeling to grow
In intensity. Thus happiness is begun.

Your thoughts create your reality. You’ve heard this
Many times before. But have you actually
Really practiced it? You do in one of two ways.
You can think those appreciative thoughts of praise
Or you can think thoughts of utter catastrophe.
Knowing this, you can, at will, reach a state of bliss.

When you think thoughts about yourself such as, “I’m not
Disciplined enough”
or “I can’t do anything
About my situation”
you’re creating hell

For yourself. How long in it do you want to dwell?
Train yourself to catch these thoughts as they’re happening
And then flip them to positive right on the spot.

In your doing so, you’re shifting your energy
And immediately you begin to feel good.
As you feel better it becomes easy to find
Better answers. Control the power of your mind.
Know for certain that things will work out as they should.
Think yourself into a better reality.

Energy And Attraction

Energy Focus

How important is energy to your success
In business and relationships? From one to ten
On a scale where one represents being near dead
And ten means that you are bouncing off the bulkhead
Where are you usually? Every now and then
An immense amount of energy you possess.

It’s been studied. Most people say they operate
At about six or seven. Would you do business
With a six or a seven? Why do you remain
At your energy level? The answer is plain
And simple. The people you hang out with are less
Energetic than you and you drop to their state.

What has all this to do with Law of Attraction?
A direct correlation between energy
And the manifestation of all things desired
Does exist. Joy gives you the energy required
To attract like a magnet and quite easily.
It all starts with the feeling of satisfaction.

How you feel is important so pay attention
To it always. It tells you how much energy
You’re allowing to flow through you in each moment.
You can feel your way to joy by conscious intent.
You have more energy as you live happily.
Blessings that come will be beyond comprehension.

The Law Of Resonance

Inner Contact

It’s been said that the Law of Attraction does not
Imply that the universe will bring you what you
Focus on. What’s been said is that what you attract
Is who you are. This notion turns out to be fact.
All the meditation and focus wheels you do
Help you to manifest so you do them a lot.

Who your are, then, must be accurately defined
In terms of what you want. Be absolutely clear
About it. Don’t let anything get in the way
Of your centering process. It’s easy to stay
In alignment when to your intent you adhere.
Keep thoughts of negativity out of your mind.

It’s not about your dominant thought. It’s about
Your dominant identity. Be more aware
Of who you are. Become the thing that you desire.
Only your state of resonance does it require
And it can become something you’re willing to share
With the world. You’ll want to give it a huge shout out.

Keep on visualizing. The universe gives
You who you are. Don’t try to bend reality.
Just keep focusing on it until you become
One with it. You get a lot of leverage from
Your determination to live life happily.
You want to live the way that your higher self lives.

Sharing Happiness

Poised For Fun

We all want to live happy lives. But how do we
Go about it? Some say it’s just a decision
That we make with a certain determination.
This of course is true in any situation.
Anytime a state of joy one can envision
Then experience the feeling quite easily.

Yet to some, happiness remains hard to achieve
Due to well-practiced patterns. The strong momentum
Of our past negative habits gets in the way
Of choosing happiness over utter dismay.
Difficulty we have when we’re beating the drum
Of our limits. We’re not in the mode to receive.

Urgency to find happiness stops the quest dead
In its tracks. If you want happiness for an hour,
Take a nap. If you want happiness for a day,
Go fishing. If you want happiness all the way
Through the year, win the lottery. Feel the power
Of abundance but don’t let it go to your head.

If you want happiness for a lifetime you’ll find
It by helping others. When you light a lamp for
Someone else on the road not only do you light
Up their world but you’re also doing what feels right.
Bringing happiness to others brings a lot more
Right back to you. It’s beneficial to be kind.

Gravity’s Twin

Stage Magic

Gravity is the force that attracts a body
Toward the center of the earth or anything
Having mass. It’s a weak force, the scientist’s say
Yet a fall from a cliff is a cause for dismay.
Overcoming it can sometimes be challenging.
Those who have fallen would wholeheartedly agree.

One of the most powerful forces that exists
Surrounds and affects us. If approached consciously
And intentionally it can be used to change
Our future for the better. It’s not all that strange
That, like gravity, this force can turn out to be
Rather difficult on the person who resists.

It’s the Law of Attraction I’m talking about.
Gravity is the contrast we experience
As extreme seriousness and heightened alarm
And the fear that people are out to do one harm.
Often one doesn’t know that they’re not making sense
In their thinking. There are issues to be worked out.

Decide what you want and focus only on it.
How will it feel when you finally reach your goal?
You can feel that way right now to speed things along.
Once you feel what you’re wanting nothing can go wrong.
Of your point of attraction you must take control.
To your ultimate happiness you must commit.

The Faded Blue Blanket

Tattered Cloth

When the blinding star lit the hillside, Ladius
Was the most frightened. He cowered behind his three
Older brothers when an angel of God appeared.
Yet he knew such a being should never be feared.
After hearing of good news fear left completely.
Something was to happen that would be tremendous.

His brothers had planned a journey to Bethlehem.
Ladius with his crippled foot wasn’t able
To go with them. They each had a gift to give the
Baby Jesus. They gave what they had willingly.
Ladius had nothing to bring to the table
But his faded blue blanket which he gave to them.

They protested. They said that his gift was unfit
For the king of kings because it was old and torn.
His brothers departed leaving Ladius to
Sulk in anguish. There was nothing that he could do.
So he slept and as the baby Jesus was born
Ladius dreamt and his dream contained quite a bit.

In his dream, Ladius met angel Gabriel
Who said, “Give me that blanket. The child will need it.”
Suddenly the blanket was no longer faded.
In essence the old, tattered blanket was traded
For a shimmering one. A glow it did emit.
It now glistened like dew. He knew that he’d done well.

Ladius was inside the stable keeling at
The manger as he watched Jesus blanketed by
His gift which had been changed into magnificence.
Ladius when he woke from this experience
Found that his faded blue blanket had gone bye bye.
He knew instantly what the heck was up with that.

Time To Act

The Meek

The ‘acceptable burn’ – a firefighting concept –
Means that after a certain point if the fire’s not
Getting any worse it’s best to just let it burn.
Once destruction has happened the only concern
Is for safety and cleanup. There’s not a blind spot
In our rendering service. At that we’re adept.

Too many ‘acceptable burns’ happening at
The same time and far too close to one another
Causes a huge conflagration and changes the
Calculus from this point forward. What we now see
On the planet – our grossly mistreated mother –
Are the signs that we have some issues to combat.

To find that place within ourselves where we can see
All that’s happening and still find some peace of mind
Is to mitigate boredom and complacency
Yet we must take a look at our humanity.
Only then will a better solution we find.
This isn’t something that we don’t know already.

This is about owning what we know and doing
Something about what we know. Now it’s Time To Act.
The political establishment that made it
So bad can’t be expected to fix it. Unfit
Are they to make a more favorable impact.
We know that positive change is worth pursuing.