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Emotional Security Administration

Indirect Support

Be secure when emoting? Is there such a need
That precautions be taken in order to feel?
It depends on the feeling; most people would say.
There are those who would keep all and hide them away
So they can’t incur damage for being too real.
Yet, conceived of the real world, therein they are freed.

Emotions, when expressive, bring on a response.
Truth is what feeling seeks as it parts with the mind.
The security needed is due to the fear
Of becoming an outcast, yet one who’s sincere.
So, it’s hard to be truthful and harder to find
And appropriate feeling for faked nonchalance.

There’s a sentient administer of loving grace
In the form of security for how earth feels.
It’s the spirit collective, perhaps, of her soul,
Who is here to reshape us so we become whole.
How much longer will it take before the word heals?
Can that be up to us, now, while sick as a race?

The Neighbor Nonsequitur

Fenced And Scapegoated

It’s a question of Character. Therefore, I’ll fail
At resembling an answer that people can’t judge.
Every clan needs a scapegoat. I fulfill that need.
Every manicured front lawn has at least one weed.
Making eye contact sickens them. So, it’s a drudge
To acknowledge our presence. I’ve been placed in jail.

Do I choose to accept this then try to escape
By acting as a victim? Do I disregard
And dismiss the perception as not being real?
I appear to be cold blooded with heart of steel
And the brain of a robot that works way too hard
At some meaningless purpose. I’m in shit for shape.

I’m the Neighbor Nonsequitur. Making no sense
And being unpredictable aren’t friendly traits.
Do I search deeper in me to find what went wrong?
I am not in a space where I feel I belong.
With a true understanding my life recreates
A connection to clarity with no offense.

Appeal Of The People

Requirement For Toughening

Time gets tougher with age. It’s a shame It’s not wine
Or some pre-potent substance to put all at ease.
But time does not have essence the way that wine does.
It exists in eternal transcendence because
It enhances illusion, as everyone sees
Either deathly disaster or something benign.

I’ll explore the subconscious where I am at home
And in absolute comfort. How I keep in touch
Is through daily reporting on just how I feel.
What I get instantaneously I’ll deem real.
Cheering done in the game world can’t offer me much.
I must score all my touchdowns where I safely roam.

And apart from the drama, I am at its core.
Just a tiny reflection am I on the field.
So can I make a difference in how life plays?
If I can, does it mean I’m entitled to praise?
Only through introspection can my heart be healed.
This work may be of value. I need not know more.

Achiever Of Goals

Focused Diligence

Mere self-confidence only describes how I act.
Slow and steady toward targeting that which I seek,
But with increased trajectory, I pick up speed.
Sound and simple direction is all that I need
To reach my destination. My path is unique
Among all whose are airborne. It remains intact.

Having high expectation, the work that I do
Becomes even more elegant with each new day.
I’ve achieved ample knowledge and skill to succeed.
My life’s dream shall become real in certain Godspeed.
My attention to detail won’t lead me astray.
But my technique and resources benefit who?

That’s the bug in the ointment. The stick in the craw
Is a felt misperception. Need I keep in mind
That no logical basis supports the course change?
To correct navigation at such a close range,
My whole notion of giving must be redefined.
Then the process resumes easily without flaw.

A Desire For Faith

Profound Sentimentality

Sentiments reawaken in bittersweet gloom,
As within the Before Time the present does yearn.
Nestled well in uncertainty, feelings betray
What the Now Time consummates through sanctioned dismay.
What profound global justice begets our concern?
Has the past made the nowness predictive of doom?

While engaging in manipulative techniques,
The collective unconscious collects, as designed,
What it senses as detrimental psychic waste.
If we cannot dispose of it, then we are faced
With a moral dilemma. What faith can I find
That I had once, but lost in a matter of weeks?

People speak truth on Sundays. Is this fact or lie,
Or an intricate mixture derived to deceive
The world’s sheep-seated flock safely off the Lord’s cliff?
Faith precludes insecurity but only if
I do not play the victim nor someone naïve
To the hell yet forthcoming. Need I ponder why?

Most Aesthetic And Stable

A Focus On Creation

In the eye, each beholder sees what is well known
On the integral surface of subconscious ways
That become human racial. The hatred all share
Figures mass-self-destructive a bloody affair.
Amid worldwide affliction there’s reason for praise
For the helpers whose love for all is clearly shown.

Taking care of the necessary gruesome task
Of transforming disaster to what was before,
Many toil with no notice nor means of support.
We may see our redemption in folks of that sort.
Though we seem suicidal, what is at our core
Is emergent compassion with no need to ask.

Passion looks like responsible with a kind heart
And an uncommon willingness to share the peace
That is found in stability in the ideal
That we all come from one source whose presence is real.
Lessons are given to us so we can release
What may cause our extinction and then a restart.

Emotional Deep Space

Rewarding Experience

See right through to the essence! What harm can be done
In removing appearances? Dense is the fog
That surrounds certain real worlds. I feel that I’m blind
Without deep exploration wherein I may find
What it is that I’m seeking. Sometimes dialogue
Is a dance of delusion before it’s begun.

 In order to dig deeper, what tool can I use
To uncover the secret that hides among clouds
Of pathetic indifference? I must get through
To the heart of the matter to find what is true
In all that I’m perceiving through dark misty shrouds.
I sometimes, as a being, come off as a ruse.

I do not get an accurate read on most things.
If by chance that it happens then it’s a good day.
Otherwise, transformation shall deepen my space
So that as I evolve there’s more truth to embrace.
All the things I’m not meant to know won’t go away.
What discordant contentment this utterance brings!

A Feeling Awareness

Revealing Change In Attitude

Feel the wetness of Being and all that it means
To be one with the ocean of all that exists.
One may then wax poetic and sing words of praise.
With no glass to fill half way my consciousness stays
In eternal awareness of life’s turns and twists
We are all simply liquid emoting machines.

Feeling vulnerable only emulates fear.
I can sense the reality, but I can choose
To rely on the guidance from deep in the heart.
I cannot feel rejected. My soul is one part
Of one sea that has many – each with different views.
My own take, although humid, is perfectly clear.

The pure truth in acceptance of who I’ve become
Is a source of contentment. While wet upon stage
I have acted the fool often. Is that a shame?
Yes It Is. I’m the one person who must proclaim
To those whom I’ve mistreated, I feel your outrage.
Is there something worthwhile to the beat of this drum?

Idealizing The Issue

Redirecting Reality

If The Issue is something ‘at hand,’ as it were,
Does it mean that it’s here now and up in my face
To reflect my untidy world? Need I escape
To my realm of illusion? I’m in better shape
Than the errant perceptions I wrongly embrace
Rather than those my spirit would clearly prefer.

I’ll admit to my vagueness of all taking place
In, under, around and over all that is here
In this state of confusion. Should I then retreat
To where no one can find me? Is that called deceit?
Knowing nothing of value emerges from fear,
I am wise to the providence of divine grace.

If I overreact to the issues at hand
There will only be outcomes that don’t reach the mark.
There’s a need for compassion that self can provide
To its thick clouded spirit too dense in its pride.
Letting go of the issue, perhaps I’ll embark
On a much kinder journey that I’ll understand.

Feel The Heat

Confidence In Relationships

Calculated, the coolness, through heart, comes erect.
Instantly, the eternal is taken to flight.
I’ll find gratification in what I create.
Immersed in self-expression while transforming hate
Into something aesthetic, I pray that I might
Have found just the solution that I can respect.

Life is less of a burden when energy flows
In accordance with patterns ordained by the nerves.
Passion pumps through the system to compress the air
To uplift sympathetically, with loving care,
Heated hearts of the spirit who truly deserves
Some relief from restrictions that life may impose.

Simple, friendly aggression, the kind felt in sport,
Yet with heart super-heated to such a degree
That it jumpstarts behavior is something to feel.
I can see life as mental but is my life real?
I cannot take for grated that which can move me
Toward creative fulfillment because life is short.

A Fleeting Nostalgia

Emotional Growth Through Time

Prophecy self-fulfilling do fearful thoughts bring.
Yet each one is a raindrop adrift in the storm
Of my shattered perceptions of times that have passed.
Now is no safe umbrella. In starkest contrast
To my dreams of inclusion, this whetted lifeform,
In subversive containment, must feel everything.

Who is the best advisor for one who’s become
Surreptitiously sober and too circumspect?
There are some limitations that clearly preclude
Helping someone with such a piss poor attitude.
Those who’d try should indeed have their own systems checked.
It’s impossible to cheer up someone who’s glum.

I must be my own mentor at times when I’m down.
No one else is more qualified. I could escape
Through neurotic nostalgia for much tamer times
In a world less attentive to most subtle crimes
Of a cognitive nature. I’ll get back in shape
By embracing my storm even though I may drown.

Mood Ride

Usual Benefit In Conflict

Swinging is the momentum prescribed by the mood.
It provides ample solace and blends out the flow
Of wide-ranging emotions and nature’s relief
From a world I can’t face now. I have firm belief
That refreshing my consciousness helps me to grow.
Until I’m feeling right again, I must seclude.

Some days can be a rough ride. Others… not so much.
Sensitive to the obvious and subtle things,
I reflect on events as they’re damned to occur
While I’m freed from exalting the life I prefer.
What a bright new horizon aloneness time brings!
What my spirit requires is that I keep in touch.

Seeking total detachment is hardly worthwhile
Since I am here to live life while fully awake
To partake of the drama as part of each day.
My solution is functional. It helps me stay
Somewhat more in alignment. The ride that I take
Gives me instant contentment and often a smile.

Power Of The Unseen

Force Within Darkness

The moon tugs on earth’s waters and then lets them go.
We can’t see how it does that, nor can we conceive
To our full understanding what is taking place.
But the ancients before us knew of divine grace
Without fancy technology. They could perceive,
Through a power we’ve lost now, what nature won’t show.

There are also dark forces persistently strong
That we can’t see the sources of, yet they exist.
Manifesting in evil beyond what is known,
Greed and hateful behavior is all that is shown
So we know for damned sure that they can’t be dismissed.
To reiterate Shakespeare, there’s no right or wrong.

There’s what is and the narrative I give to it.
I can keep the two separate as they should be.
Self maintains its own power and is its own source.
In its own right, it is a formidable force
Which is much more invisible, as I must see
As a patent solution to all the bullshit.

A Bit Wild

Craving Excitement

The rebellion in nature is one with her soul.
She will challenge her offspring so that all may grow
To find balance between freedom and being safe
From the best life can offer. Why act as the waif?
As we meet her half way, blessings she does bestow.
Her most spirited teaching is that we are whole.

Nature cannot be broken and ripped from the wild
To be bridled and burdened without her consent.
We were meant to be with her since from her we are
And unto her we’re given back. We can’t stray far
From the primal connection. Indeed we are meant
To partake of life’s wonder as does every child.

There’s a surplus of wildness throughout the air waves.
My programmed mass consumption and what I digest
I should get from a wilderness closer to home.
Human creatures of venom are not free to roam
Within range of my consciousness where I am best
To remain focused on how real wildness behaves.

Withdrawal To Dialogue

Fruitful Communication

Conflict often exists between feelings and thought.
Our emotions reveal things but get in the way
Of clear communication. We take things to heart
Certain comments from others who want to impart
Only heartfelt assistance. The things we may say
We may come to regret when the lesson is taught.

Thinking may be infected by what we may feel
But the strong need for dialog can’t be ignored.
Self-reflection beforehand most often is wise.
If done so with the other it can strengthen ties.
Stepping back and rethinking, we gravitate toward
A more wholesome commitment. Then past hurts can heal.

When someone shows to me that my thinking is flawed
Due to too much emoting yet they understand
How I’m feeling despite troubled verbal display,
I can’t choose to feel put down then blast what they say.
Criticism constructive is meant to expand
Any goodness within me. I should then applaud.

The Story

The Magic of Storytelling

Everyone has a Story or True Life to tell.
Need I know what the difference is to be sure
That it grows in complexity and entertains?
Those who aren’t so creative may go through great pains
To come up with the best ones that drip with allure.
Every tale is a good one if it is told well.

 Somewhere in The Beginning that no flesh can know
Nothing was but pure spirit – not one single quark.
Then things came into being. All drama takes place
Yet born of nonexistence into time and space.
What has happened since then surely has left its mark
On the rich human psyche with thoughtforms aflow.

Stories blend into culture and make tribal sense
That fulfills the collective unconscious desire
Of our race to make meaning of magic and fact.
Within life’s subtle essence we’ve learned to extract
Much for our understanding through which we acquire
Some relief from uncertainty and some suspense.

Your Sweetest Self

Enhanced Charm And Creativity

Creative camaraderie with friends and those
Who are closest to my heart is one special peace
That I know is forthcoming if I bless this day
With indignant humility. And as I pray,
May the problems of yesterday find their release
From my newly born spirit. My true nature shows.

The precise weight of stillness I fully embrace.
Tolerance is serenity; pleasure is ease
When I’m feeling less pressure to be who I am
And less subject to seeing my life as a sham.
That I have much to offer, my world clearly sees.
I appear to more people more cut to the chase.

Everyone is an ally when I’m at my best.
Feeling much more magnetic no problem have I
That I can’t get support for. The power I feel
Is the strength within kindness. This time is ideal
For renewing relationships that have gone dry.
All I need is to know that my life is well blessed.

Exciting The Core

Emotional Stimulation

You should take great delight in Exciting Your Core.
It’s your source of electromagnetic release

Of pure inductive energy for your control.
It can jumpstart your circuits and space charge the soul.
When you make good connection you’ll find inner peace.
Stable signal vibration is worth wanting more.

Knowing just what you need and what steps you must take
To achieve satisfaction, you’re ready for work.
I initiate changes in how my work flows,
And with courage and confidence each result shows
That with each new beginning no worry can lurk
In the field of the psyche for clarity’s sake.

I need not take the lead in the things that I do.
Everyone keeps their own core properly aligned
To the wavelength of spirit in each their own way.
I’ll get on with my testing as if it were play.
When engaging my passion, contentment I find.
Life can be more fulfilling and exciting too.

Own’s Ambiguous Image

Enigma of Self

Am I needing someone else to make me feel whole?
Is not love consecrated to give and receive
Among friends, between lovers and all whom we know?
Even to those we’ll never meet love we must show.
Through my own pure vibration, appearing naïve,
I attract what is best for my hungering soul.

Knowing I can’t demand love, with self I’m involved
To the tune of neuroses. I don’t get work done,
For the flood of emotions my mind cannot soak
Still disable its functioning. Feelings evoke
The raw truth of the heart. Then real growth has begun.
Does it mean that the problem is somewhat resolved?

If I take much for granted, the love that I seek
Is allotted unto me in quite the same way.
It makes sense then to cherish each breath that I take
And each casual contact with people I make.
Those of like heart can make life a wonderful day.
This reflection of mine is in no way unique.

Pugnacity Of Spirit

Emotional Intensity

I speak much of intensity. I could blame that
On my Mars squaring Pluto, but that would be lame
Even though it’s as true as the stars in the sky.
Everyone gets emotional. None can deny
That defending one’s ego cannot cause one blame.
I’ll speak up for myself at the drop of a hat.

Mars now transits my third house. Communicating
Is a passionate issue. I’ll have much to say,
And much with affirmation of what I observe.
Who gives me the damned right and indeed quite the nerve
To present to the world in this pugnacious way?
If there is such an answer, what growth that would bring!

By nature I’m defensive. This world is no joke.
It may be the original sin of my fear
That I share with humanity. We are the same.
Do I fear my own species? If so, who’s to blame?
If I gave up the battle, what outlook austere
Might pretend to befall me? The thought does provoke.

I do get what I need – not always what I crave
And the thing that I offer back in simple grace
Is the force of my presence. Though I’m old and frail
I’ve a tough fighting spirit that can’t but prevail.
If I do feel the need to get in someone’s face
I can do that remotely. That way, I’ll behave.

A Mischievous Charm

Dangerously Magnificent Obcession

Change cannot be ignored. It’s a powerful thing.
One who knows how to tame it is mistress of time.
Consciousness needs awakening more than we know
How to mate with our planet. We’ve known long ago
That she won’t be abused. None commit such a crime.
Not a species would try but her human offspring.

Not consumed by possessiveness, earth takes control
Of all that is made of her. She’ll offer to us
Paradise on a platter if we’re well behaved
But if we disrespect her our lives are depraved.
She shall help us sort out what is superfluous
And what is damned important to everyone’s soul.

Relationships intensify when pairs of eyes,
Opened widely and focused, take in what they see.
There is no speculation when passion is high.
It is left up to us whether we live or die.
Mother knows well how mischievous children can be.
If we see that as charming we may become wise.

Personal Sacrifice

Maternal Instinct

Everyone feels maternal every now and then.
It’s nothing about gender but life energy.
It is held in the heart… not so much in the hand.
All those who become nurtured do well understand
How incredibly comforting such warmth can be.
Loved are those who are mothered again and again.

Inner harmony accents togetherness time.
The path of least resistance is most favored then.
We are rendered enabled, serene and secure
When caressed by the kindness of love that is pure.
Women seem to perfect this much better than men
Yet we all have it in us. Such peace is sublime.

People are highly sensitive whether or not
We can choose to believe it and work to enhance
What’s been given to us as a tool to be used
As a means of support when the ego is bruised
Or whenever one feels it’s the right circumstance
To become more enlightened. We’re all that we’ve got.

Livid Liver Of Life

Arrhythmic Logic

Livid Liver Divided By One Over Life
Equals some kind of symbol. But don’t ask me now
What the hell it might stand for. It’s damned to make sense
If my wrath be the dearth of me. I’ll take offense
To any mathematics who cannot allow
The lost least of life livers who linger in strife.

So, I’m pissed off a lot. Any liver would be
In full-on agitation as numbers prevail
In the lives of all livers so lives loom in lack.
I’m so livid I’m prone to a liver attack.
My inverse multiplicative is doomed to fail
If I don’t get an answer immediately.

I’m an arrogant liver and often too proud
Of a life I’ve imagined but haven’t lived out.
Must I then mind the meaning of what I have lost?
When my math doesn’t add up who suffers the cost?
I intuit without any semblance of doubt
That my anger won’t fix things. That can’t be allowed.

Sentimental Feelings

Intensity of Feeling

Whose emotional contract with others is strong
So that friendships and romance converge into one
Social network of interconnected support?
That would seem to be others. Who dares to fall short
In the realm of relationship? That would be none
Other than foolish people who live their lives wrong.

This does sound rather tragic. But can it be true?
Are there those not deserving because they are ill
Or in some way contingently bitterly cold?
Do they grow more remorseful as they become old?
Every action of passion is done with free will.
Those who showcase their love are the radiant few.

Lovers are the world’s saviors. The power they feel
Is the strength of their beings in knowing true bliss,
Not within co-possession of body and soul,
But in blending of hearts which makes each life more whole.
When the lonely observe couples stealing a kiss
We’re reminded that life can be blessed and real.

Kind And Confident Heart

Mind Exalted By Heart

To all things there’s a season… I’ve heard that somewhere…
From The Byrds or the bible. I don’t recall which
But it doesn’t much matter. This day treats me well.
There are good and bad times and those of utter hell.
I should care that my mood is an on-and-off switch
And that life is an energy circuit affair.

Talk about your heart chakra… A Fountain is mine!
Rainbow colors and those that most times I can’t see
Overflow with such brilliance. The mind needs to chill
So the heart can recover, and nerves can be still.
When I’m well I show others how kind I can be.
I’ve a nurturing spirit when I’m feeling fine.

Energy is expansive and must find its way
To its destined releasing. Mine is to be free,
Not of difficult seasons I know that must come,
But of overreacting and then feeling glum.
I’ll remain optimistic as long as I see
There are cycles contingent that color each day.

A Close Look


From demands of the world, in the soul’s private place,
I have but to accomplish the comfort I seek
On the way to some healing. I value the need
To reveal what’s been hidden that I may proceed
Through unknown hibernation. Obliged to critique
What I’ve built up around me, I’ve myself to face.

At the twilight of midnight in some danger zone
Fear may be more than prevalent than close to home.
But it’s truly unknown. An invisible force
Maximizes uncertainty… and fear, of course.
Within crafted enigma my spirit doth roam
With eyes deep-rooted into all that can be known.

What is known is that nothing is firm except change.
Yet it’s hard to remember when strength to the knees
Disappears in an instant because of ill news
Of an infectious nature. This one is no ruse
But a rampant reminder that we can’t appease
But through worldwide commitment. This isn’t so strange.

Heart-Minded Mind/Heart

Wholesome Blending of Function

Mental discipline offers what feelings perceive
As the logical framework with which to adhere.
The emotions magnetic emit feeling rays
That the mind can respond to in its cyclic phase.
Interaction between them can mitigate fear
Or increase it depending on what I believe.

There are times when the mind needs to take a back seat
And let heart do some driving to get the point home.
Neither does double duty. They each take their turn
In response to the other. This way I can learn
How to handle the depressive aspect syndrome
In a manner creative and not too discrete.

Intercommunication, the romance between
Heart and mind, is a language of loving embrace
Of the goodness in all things as life may occur.
I’m relieved of the dubious need to prefer
Other than what is happened within time and space.
Heart and mind are, in essence, a spirit machine.

Subjective Concerns

Profound Dissolution

Should my work become viral… that fever ensue?
This delightful delirium dared to be caused
Is the dream of my ego. What value have I?
At best, I’m called a wordsmith. Can that satisfy
What I feel I deserve? Should my effort be paused
Due to lack of ‘the basics’ as well as a clue?

What if I get the illness and can’t pay my bills?
Will my creditors know then that I do exist?
And should I lose my life, do I dream of that now?
Contemplation eternal is soothing somehow.
If survival accurses me should I persist
In this thing that I’m doing? The thought gives me chills.

In contempt of a rational means of access
To the ways of the spirit, have I made the choice
To be languid in leisure? Today, as it seems,
I am not quite in touch with my most cherished dreams.
There’s no reason to prove to the world I’ve a voice.
I can suck my own dick. There’s no crowd to impress.

My subjective concerns are not only my own.
Fear becomes human nature and how it evolves
Through processions of eons. My dark memories
Of past blunders while soulless cannot give me ease
Nor can they honor daylight. Consciousness dissolves
Every dream ever spat upon. I live alone.

Wrapped Up

Welcome Home!

There are needs of the many. To those I must serve.
In performance of duty my loyalty lies
On the path I have chosen. For that I am proud.
Does it mean that my precious one I’ll not enshroud
With unending devotion? The look in her eyes
After long times away is what I do preserve.

It feels warm like a blanket… At least it once did.
Yet I still get that closeness from others like me
Who have fallen in love with impossible dreams
And from those whom I care for. Indeed my heart beams
With the strength of fulfillment. My firm memory
Of Good Order and Discipline cannot be hid.

I believe in my country. Its flag is my shield.
It protects my democracy more than is seen
On its battle-scarred surface and once virgin womb.
My commander in chief is a deal made with doom
So maintaining morale is most vital hygiene
As the soul of a nation is yet to be healed.

Continuous Dialogue

Necessary Constant Reflection

Either real or the image… How can I be both?
In this square, black and white world, I must remain calm
To the point of inaction. I want to lie down
On an other than a flat surface shy of a crown.
But a constant reflection sequesters my qualm
As it has much to do with spiritual growth.

Have I tried being upright? Indeed, have I failed
To speak softly and offer value to this world
Without hostile behavior toward those I perceive
As dispassionate nuisances who can’t believe
That an immature bastard whose life is unfurled
Can give more besides sorrow? My soul is unveiled.

But I can’t keep my mouth shut nor my fingers still.
Now, how’s that for preparedness for a bored game!
I’ll continue non-stopping my binary views
‘Til I reach total vision. What have I to lose?
Life review is a break in the fever of shame.
Better self-talk is possible through divine will.