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Honoring Hothar Diggity

Hothar Diggity Dam

There was once old swimmer named Diggity
Whose woo came off just a tad wiggity
So, when he made a pass
Girls would say, “Kiss my ass!”
He did think them to be rather biggity.

Our dear Hothar is by now in spirit
With a love song for those who will hear it,
And, lucky for him,
Those would be Seraphim.
Their embrace, his warm heart doth endear it.

With no motive to sling pipe a lot
Hothar’s someone whom love life forgot,
So would you give a dam
For where Diggity swam?
And, do truncate his first name to Hot!

Radar Room

Radar Room

A space to grow is a rose in bloom.
A place where my heart is true to roam
The mysteries of wires and all they connect
Is a chamber I’ve chosen with utmost respect.
A workshop and play land is my home.
Of late I do favor Radar Room.

Radar Room is a state of mind,
A way of life and sacred ground
For a techie detective exploring Ohm’s Law.
I’m at home with my soul in the midst of it all.
Tinkering tools and passion abound
With gadgetry of every kind.

Fried salmon and onions… sea salt and solder…
The air is a crispness embracing the dew.
The antenna rotates and radiates well.
The local oscillator rings like a bell.
When something needs fixing, I make it anew.
Were it not so, there would be nothing odder.

 Frequency surely is the key
To aligning the transceiver known as self.
What others see on their displays
Should alter not my chosen ways.
I place all loneliness on an empty shelf
Then tune myself to higher ‘me.’


Many a dissonant mind you may boggleOh, wondrous Pole!
Hail, glorious Throw!
Science and leisure applaud your facility,
Honor your cause, and respect your ability
To make a thing go
Or withhold its soul.

 Rotary, Push Button, Solid State, Toggle
Variety’s but virtue, and you are the core
Of life’s inner dealings and outer expression
While greeting electrons in rapid succession.
Evolving more complex than ever before,
Many a dissonant mind’s  yours to boggle.

 Hail, Changing State!
The nub of your being
Is bi-stable bliss for device uncontrolled.
You’re a tidy technique for a thing to behold.
As believing breeds seeing,
You make life great!

Electric i

There once was an i on a table...

There once was an i on a table
And attached was an interesting label:
“If you plug in my cord
You won’t win an award,
But, i’ll dot myself knowing i’m able.
“On the other hand, if i am cain,
What’s been stated is offered in vain.”
Being silly like this
Turns my bitter to bliss,
Or else I would end up insane!

Trickle Down The Moon

Trickle Down The Moon

Go with the flow,” she says to me,

As e’er I compare and in vain I complain.

To Be is ALL there is, you see.

The rest is serendipity.

Be bold as the lily in the field of rain.

It does its dance.  It asks no fee!

My Middle Name Is UNDERSCORE

My Middle Name Is Underscore

As morning peeks
Up window pops
Under liquid screen where night was spent
It says I’ve erred, and by vain intent
The Cursor stops
The heart’s techniques

Then my name can’t be writ’ the more usual way?
No Spaces Or Other Such Hanky Panky!”
Well, characters were never that special to me,
And I’d just as soon see them take flight and be free
Of unworthy stages so cluttered and cranky.
So, I’ll just change my name.  Surely that is OK?