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Emotion And Manifestation

Group Meditation

An event, action, or object that clearly shows
Or embodies something especially something
That’s abstract like and idea or a theory…
It’s a good definition so don’t be leary
Of the point here. Manifestation means to bring
Something into being. This everybody knows.

Manifestations are things like breathing in air
And exhaling. Where you are right now is also
Something brought into being. This very moment
And everything about it all does represent
Nothingness gaining somethingness. It’s good to know
That you manifest anytime and anywhere.

The importance of this manifested moment
Cannot be overemphasized and emotion
Gives it power. When you want something earnestly
Your emotion is what will make it come to be
So when you’re manifesting give much devotion
To the feeling of your being fully content.

Find the feeling place of what you want and practice
It and know it and own it until you become
Absolutely one with it. Determination
To feel it will enhance its manifestation.
How you feel is where all of your power comes from.
Think of what you could manifest when you’re in bliss.

Have Fun With It Or Let It Go

Fun Living

What happens when Source Energy flows to something
Through you? It expands. It becomes interesting.
It gathers more cooperative components.
Momentum then increases. As a consequence
Nothing but fun and whatever makes your heart sing
Happens for you. You know what happiness can bring.

That’s just what happens when you focus intently
In each moment on how you feel knowing that you
Have the freedom to feel any way that you choose.
You think only thoughts that will uplift and amuse
Your adventurous spirit. You know what is true
To your heart which is that you should live happily.

If you’re not having a good time with it then it’s
Evoking effort from you and your energy
Is depleted which prevents you from having fun
Yet Source Energy flows freely to everyone.
In alignment with this energy you must be
In order to receive some of its benefits.

Have Fun With It Or Let It Go. Sometimes it’s best
To shift your attention to something completely
Different from what you’re doing and where you are.
Your state of alignment is never very far
From achieving and it can be done easily.
You’re magnificent when your best self is expressed.