The Mug

Relaxing Cup

Smell the coffee. Awaken unto the new day
With the freshness of new birth. Take in the moment
And expand it as far as your heart will allow.
All the power that you have is right here and now.
You know that this is the most important segment
Of your day and it’s good that you start out this way.

Do not glance at the headlines. The heck with the news.
Don’t attune your vibration to all the fine crap
That’s been gathered to zap you into a mindset
Of upset and depression. You’ll come to regret
Having fallen into such a negative trap.
You affect your vibration by thoughts that you choose.

Think about things you can do to make this day one
Of fulfillment. Think thoughts of love and gratitude
And then savor the feelings those thoughts generate.
Your life is all about finding ways to feel great.
Nothing is more important than keeping your mood
Elevated. Rejoice in the new day begun.

As you go through your day take the time to recall
Your time spent in this moment while you’re pre-paving
A most wonderful day. Keep yourself occupied
With good deeds and use your emotions as your guide.
Don’t worry about how others are behaving.
Getting yourself aligned is no trouble at all.

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