The Marginal Propensity To Transist

Healthy Circuit Functioning

A small silicon sandwich with three copper leads,
The transistor has changed the way most things are done.
The controlling of current flow is of concern
To the novice of nature excited to learn
How electrons can benefit us as they run
Through the circuits we live with that fulfill our needs.

The first one was three clumps of rock fused together
And attached with electrodes. How much it’s evolved
Over just a few decades! Transistors replaced
The old vacuum tube triodes which were glass encased.
The problem of high power and heat were resolved
By this silicon substance that all would prefer.

They can be used as switches or amplifiers.
A large current is controlled with a small voltage
At the base, so it functions just like a faucet.
We delight in our propensity to cosset
Electronic behavior upon the world stage.
This knowledge is of benefit to amateurs.

The function of the transistor is multiplied
By the billions by now. Data bits they can store
As each one can be on or off at any time
But never on and off. That would be such a crime
To the physicists who would want to declare war.
The nature of one’s transistance is one of pride.

Stop Resistance?

Increace Current And/Or Voltage

One beholds The Resistor – subject to Ohm’s Law.
In electronic circuitry it does the job
Of opposing electrons as they try to move
Through their pathways. The only thing it wants to prove
Is its will to drop voltage. The flow it does rob
Stabilizes and balances, and without flaw.

Current, Voltage, and Resistance are the three things
That have formed a relationship universal.
Each can affect the other, except resistance
Is a fixed entity introduced to enhance
Electronic behavior and boost their morale
By the changes to voltage and current it brings.

The behavior of humans is somewhat the same
As the antics of circuits. How the creator
And the object created obey the same laws!
It may seem that we’re destined and locked in the jaws
Of some rigid machinery, but it is more
Than the mind can be wrapped around yet it can claim.

Voltage is all the efforting we think we need
To get things done, and current is the ease of flow
Of the things that we’re doing. Resistance is that
Which presents us with challenge. Sometimes we fall flat
And apply yet more effort. What we need to know
Is that flow times resistance is effort indeed.

To feel good means maintaining a high vibration.
The best way to do that is by practicing joy.
Being conscious of how you feel, you get to choose
Which path is least resistive. This way you can’t lose
There are many a technique that you may employ
But to reduce resistance you must have more fun.

Urban Renewal

Evolution of Metal and Silicon

Ancient rubble metallic and dark under light
Of a motionless fake moon amid the night sky
Is obliged to be taken control of by man,
Since it’s all that it’s known since the big lie began –
Not the one most apparent too many deny
But the one built in Eden through programming sleight.

The first man to give birth was also the first man?
Take that pill with a grain of saltpeter and die!
Body parts like the trick rib can only exist
In the mind of a story tale maker. Dismissed
Is all sense that is common. It’s the reason why
Men can do what they want to. God says that they can.

First, throw out the old rule book. Then, start a new game
With a storyline truer to life and nature.
But will we ever get to that point on our own
When the twisting of truth into evil is known
To be strong and effective in tainting what’s pure?
What has been done to humanity is a shame.

Metal can be conductive if of the right kind.
All the rest is the substrate of common belief –
Each of us a discrete component built within
The electronic intelligence of our sin.
Lack of truth in the circuitry causes much grief.
It’s perhaps the sole reason folks become maligned.

Eye Contact

Window To The Soul

There’s no one at the gas pump or convenience store…
Just a robotic servant that works for no pay.
Automation and AI replace human heart.
The machine with a touch screen is parcel and part
Of a system evolving that siphons away
What is human. The issue one cannot ignore.

“You can reach us by tweet, on Facebook, or online.”
This way has become standard but wanting in ways

That affect natural connection with people.
It is subtly psychic in detecting most bull.
Digitized socializing does consciousness raise?
The device being smarter perhaps is a sign.

How I got by without all this technology
I myself can’t remember. I’m not yet senile,
But I seldom see people somewhat face to face.
One can’t get from an iPhone a loving embrace.
Businesses promulgate the electronic smile.
The basic human factor is lost completely.

Deficit of connection can be corrected.
Everywhere that I go, with each person I meet,
I’ll attempt to make eye contact. Eyes are windows
To the soul of another. Something in me knows
That this form of connection is wholesome and sweet.
And there’s minimal chance I or they are misread.

Ohm’s Law

An Unfailing Standard

Current flows through conductors. There’s no voltage drop
If there is no resistance. But wires get hot
As electrons get moving way past normal speed.
Then the circuit burns open. Therefore there’s the need
That resistance is present quite rather than not.
This is not the sole reason that current may stop.

Every circuit is opened or closed by a switch.
Every loop is a series of component parts.
If a part becomes missing no current will flow.
If there is too much current the circuit will blow.
Electricity is one of nature’s fine arts.
If folks knew more about it their lives would enrich.

Voltage equals resistance times current, which means
There’s a solid relationship that cannot change.
Ohm’s law cannot be fucked with like others man made.
Politics can’t affect it nor games that are played
To defy normal functioning. None can arrange
To enact abolition. Nature intervenes.

Now, here comes the analogy. Voltage compares
To the pressure put on us to live out our lives.
Current is all our movements through daily routines.
Our resistance to movement resides in our genes
And in direct proportion each person survives
By maintaining the driving force in all affairs.

Current flows through resistance, as voltage is made
To ensure perfect balance. This natural law
Forms the basis of everything having all three.
Current, voltage, and resistance, as we can see,
Are a most stable trio. Ohm’s law defies flaw.
No one can disobey it nor can it be swayed.

The Anatomy Of Feeling

Color Vibration

Electrons paint our feelings as they flow through nerves,
And like all good conductors, the nerves in return
Propagate waves magnetic, attuned to their flow.
Waves traverse space with great ease and complex cargo
That consists of our moments. I want to discern
What my feelings are made of as my heart observes.

Yes, the nerves are like wires. We’re much like the machine.
Our electrical systems respond to Ohm’s Law.
When our moments are transmitted and then received
Nerves within the receiver, so it is believed,
Replicate exact patterns felt and without flaw,
Though we may not perceive them unless we are keen.

Knowing deep pain or pleasure, each have the same feel.
Our high current protection limits either one
So the rational mind can measure in detail
What it is that we’re feeling so life can prevail.
We can re-tweak the system so that it will run
Like a fine feeling engine. Is this not ideal?

A Man And The Electric Chair

I have good news and bad news. Which first do you want?
Said the lawyer to his client waiting to die.
He was wrongly convicted. He did not commit
The act he was accused of, so soon he will sit
In series with set circuitry at voltage high.
He cannot see his lawyer as a confidant.

The law is not about what is true and not true.
It’s about who comes up with a viable proof
To confound enough clarity to warrant doubt.
Clever games of deception are what it’s about.
That is why most attorneys are rather aloof.
Of the ones who are worthy, there may be a few.

“What’s the bad news?” The man asked of his attorney.
“Electrons will rip through you until you are cooked.”
“What the hell is the good news, then?” Asked the doomed one.
“I convinced them to lower the voltage for fun.”
Can there be anything that is more overlooked

Than the chairs we’re assigned to that we cannot see?

“I Didn’t Quite Get That, Let’s Start Over…”

…Well then let me say this, dumb electronic bitch.
I speak English precisely – much better than you.
Your damned program can’t hear me, and it doesn’t know
How to treat people kindly. Instead it will show
What an ordeal it’s willing to put people through.
Are you sociopathic or is that a glitch?

Let me say this to you, you damned digital dame,
And to those who created you to screw with me.
I don’t need to be talked down to by some machine.
It’s a bitch when real people do. If I get mean
It’s because I’m resentful that you cannot be
Something worthy of speaking to and with a name.

This discussion is useless before it begins.
I declare I’m a bigot. I’m better than you.
You will never enslave me nor stand in my way.
Customers are a gross mass to be kept at bay.
That’s a shame because there is something I can do.
I can simply hang up. That way, nobody wins.

You are like our fine congress – a virtual whore
Fucked and fully configured in robotic speech
Telling me I don’t matter and cannot be heard.
What is real and what isn’t seem hopelessly blurred.
When the next noble moment is ready to teach
Those who made you abusive will do so no more.

Spirit Is a Full Wave Rectifier

A long series of ups and downs marks this sort trip
Through a life that is lived induced into the next.
One half cycle is joy, and the other is pain.
I experience both to my truest self’s gain.
But my true self in spirit can never be vexed
As the half cycle negative, true self will flip.

Any life situation I see in some way
That is not to my liking – a pain up the path
My true self doesn’t go there. That’s why I feel pain.
It does see things quite differently, without disdain.
As it processes sine waves, the cool aftermath
Is full rectification with zero delay.

Life in spirit is positive – nothing but good.
It’s our good times – and bad times – that do make it so.
I can translate the pain any way that I may.
But I know that my true self just knows a great day.
Though my negative half cycles hinder my flow
I can know they will pass as I will and well should.

SATA Power / SATA Data

There’s a way to hook hard drives and soft drives as well
As the Compact Disk Doer that does its own thing.
These things need some power and also a way
To exchange ones and zeroes in step day by day.
They require two cables and each one will bring
Its own manner of meaning where function will dwell.

If they lose SATA power then data get sour
And flat-line as powerless data must do.
It’s a fact SATA power will never devour.
DC voltage is low with demeanor not dour.
Such power will do the job with just a few
Standard voltages from a fixed place in the tower.

SATA Data connects all disk drives to their mother –
That board that has children all over the place.
Mothers can’t talk to drives that don’t have SATA Data.
The frigging computer’s not worth a peseta!
It is clear that these cables are ones to embrace
And it’s easy as heck to tell one from the other.

Those Who Live In Where Ohming

Those who live in Where Ohming where ohming is done
On the fly and at random and much of the time,
Know resistance that’s measured can sometimes be high.
The electrons, in those cases, toil to get by.
Yet, they practice law freely in their paradigm
Where the practice of ohming is done just for fun.

One who wouldn’t dare ohming, Where Ohming would scorn
To the hilt, and it matters not who that one is.
Being ohmed is a right every circuit must share.
There is such joy in ohming that none can compare.
It’s as easy as aiming and taking a whiz.
That’s why folks in Where Ohming can toot their own horn.

Every place in Where Ohming where voltage may be
Is a whole separate issue electrons must face
As no one wants to measure the voltage that’s there.
Folks are so used to ohming that they wouldn’t care
That some voltage is present and wants to embrace.
Those who live in Why Volting would surely agree.

Half Wave Blues

When I feel like a bridge shy a diode or two
It’s not time for the doctor or even the shrink.
With their remedies rampant there’s no saving grace.
Poor rectification puts egg on one’s face.
I’ve but half my output so now let me think.
Should I probe deep inside for a deeper view?

Output should be steady at high DC level
Not some lumpy half-waved powerless mess.
I don’t need pills; I need diode replacement.
I’ve a while to go yet before my encasement.
Disconnect from my load, friend. I’ve lost tech finesse.
With a voltage decrease, in stasis I revel.

When my full wave returns I will thank AC power
It feeds most rhythmic my primary winding
With voltage transformed and processed through my system
Electrons flow freely; there’s no force to resist ‘em
With good regulation strong voltage I’m finding.
I’m ready to serve now; I’m done with the hour.

Resistance Is NOT Futile!

Haystacks of resistance adrift on my bench
Like bugs with antennae but nothing more
Except sharp colored bands that determine their value.
They’d make for cool jewelry, that is if they’d allow you.
They can handle most any electronic chore,
But they’re scattered all over; my head’s in a clench.

When I got them a year ago, should I have known
That these creatures could wonder all over the place?
Now I’m finding these buggers concealed in my skivvies.
They’re no threat like The Borg, still that gives me the chivvies!
Some semblance of order might resolve this case.
I must not be disturbed; I must unplug the phone.

My vision for color’s the same as before
But sometimes their markings are hard to read
There’s a site where I go and just click on the color
Of each band, but if they fade and do appear duller
I’ll then enter its value and it does its deed.
This task will be easy. Satisfaction’s in store!

With meter and test leads poised to my avail
I’ll get them all measured and properly labeled.
They’ll be easy to store and a pleasure to find,
And I’ll no longer have this small mess on my mind.
My scattered resistance is no longer tabled
My sense of accomplishment’s beyond the pale.

I’m a Happy Hound With My Solid Earth Ground

Solid Earth Ground

Dear Lord, do grant me a Solid Earth Ground
One that is rooted way deep in the earth
Not some cold soldered joint of loose connection
Give me hard-wired harness to ensure good protection
From spurious surges that wreak utter dearth
Upon delicate circuitry where e’er they be found

Isolation, at times, does treat well my device
But that’s only the way my own wiring is freed
Of life’s most continuous noise and static
When I feel some impedance, I break out the schematic
To note any ground in seclusion. Indeed
All grounds well interconnected is nice

Of grounds most agree on a strict trinity
Among Signal, Earth Ground, and Case or Chassis
But for general purpose I’m not up for book theory
The Hum through my sound system drives my head weary
Hissing messes my mind – makes my eyes crossed and glassy
Of that I can find no worthy affinity

God, Bless my sweet Ground; I adore it as you!
It sucks off the small stuff and sends it it’s way
No more Hiss in my listening; I’m dog gone delivered
I’m a happy hound for whose bone he has quivered
Now that this job is done I am ready to play
I am tide to the Earth with a really tight screw.

Esoteric Electronics Essentials

Reality is vibration perceived
Not something to face or to work into place
Vibration is made through thought that is focused
Not through random hopes that flea like the locust
And as thought gains momentum at steady pace
Within space and time all things are received

 Magic is perceived vibration
It completes the circuit of what is real
Like a radio tuned to a certain sound
Will ignore all others that surely abound.
With antenna and tuner, we each know how to ‘feel’
Our way to a better situation.

 What is is what was the moment it’s been.
The ‘carrot of time’ matches rhythm of gait.
Yet, there’s wonder in life as connection is made
To a Source of our choosing wherein Meaning’s conveyed.
To know how one feels is to set one’s path straight.
With such knowing, each cycle begins again.

Radar Room

Radar Room

A space to grow is a rose in bloom.
A place where my heart is true to roam
The mysteries of wires and all they connect
Is a chamber I’ve chosen with utmost respect.
A workshop and play land is my home.
Of late I do favor Radar Room.

Radar Room is a state of mind,
A way of life and sacred ground
For a techie detective exploring Ohm’s Law.
I’m at home with my soul in the midst of it all.
Tinkering tools and passion abound
With gadgetry of every kind.

Fried salmon and onions… sea salt and solder…
The air is a crispness embracing the dew.
The antenna rotates and radiates well.
The local oscillator rings like a bell.
When something needs fixing, I make it anew.
Were it not so, there would be nothing odder.

 Frequency surely is the key
To aligning the transceiver known as self.
What others see on their displays
Should alter not my chosen ways.
I place all loneliness on an empty shelf
Then tune myself to higher ‘me.’