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My Pupils Are Not In School

As portals draw their shades unto the brightness of the day
Discerneth not beholder seeming either be the seam.
The night is not my mystery, Intuit I what may.
Behold my heart and soul devoid of inter-placed extreme.

What stare at you… not eyes of blue nor pools of emerald green
But quantum singularities a pair and focused from the earth.
The grace of ancient majesty in this day intervene.
The hearts of men in leadership may hinder our rebirth.

My eyes do see a glory that is here and ever now.
The older blood is tainted, misaligned and disagreed.
My glory knows a passion deep yet practical somehow.
Who dares to know that I may glow? Do I appear in need?

A War Against War

Give Me War! I adore blasting living daylights
Out of anyone. It doesn’t matter whose side.
There’s assault against drugs. There’s a bight out of crime.
There is war waged on poverty. It’s about time
That we blow the whole notion of war open wide.
We should war about warring because we love fights.

I delight in a war I can watch on TV
While I’m munching down popcorn and sipping on Coke
If it’s fictional strife, I pretend that it’s real.
I crank up the audio for a better feel.
I am all out for mayhem and going for broke.
There’s a yank of a doodle inherent in me.

I’ve no problem with peace, so do not get me wrong.
I do tiptoe through tulips and frolic and play.
I’ve seen ladybug buses beneath tie-dyed dreams.
Let’s dispense with our coyness and pert social memes.
The fierce lion and lamb may lie peaceful someday.
But since lions get hungry, they won’t get along.

In the Moment’s Precurse

A moment once divided by time equals thought
And when dissected further, no piece will one find
Because deep within thought there is nothing but space
With a smidgen of meaning to give it some grace.
Every moment’s a cosmos brought forth in the mind
And no two are alike as each next one is sought.

There is space between small things and large things as well.
There is plenty of nothingness present about.
Indeed, it’s a good thing that abundance abounds!
That’s why life is worth living. Our being resounds
Amid chaos apparent and causing some doubt
As to if our existence may justify hell.

In the moments to spare, do we compliment space
And dare not to give into particulate fare?
Our true selves would believe that’s not how it was planned.
We intended our beings, wherein we now stand,
Into joyous survival with faith in our care,
And most willing to wallow in nature’s embrace.

Be Faithful to Your Mood

There’s a brand of monogamy often forgot
Among pairings and sharings consummate these days.
No other wedding of all we partake
Is of greater importance, where peace is at stake,
Than the one between self and the mood it displays
‘A deal made in Heaven, and then to earth brought

My spouse is a Mood who’s not one of a gender
Nor side of a coin, nor some part of a sigh…
It is what it is, and it carries no blame
Being others around it would cast it in shame.
My Mood is a person who wonders not why
That it oft’ acts in error in seeking its splendor.

The vows that we keep with the Mood we embrace
Are to nurture as needed and praise most of all.
Through sickness and health and through life we compare
Other spousal Mood beings among whom we share
All the myriad blessings of earth protocol.
So keep your Mood loving. It serves the whole race.

The Receptive Mode

What foul fruit from a tree with a hard-rugged face
In a garden somewhere in some long ago now.
As did God command each to ignore the damned snake
Nonetheless weeping willows weep for woman’s sake
In a present-day Eden above the world’s brow.
Let it be that ‘deplorables’ win the big race.

One would think we are cattle, yet that’s not our name
As we listen to talking heads blither with ease
Of just what might be happening and keeping score
In a game that’s eluded us forever more
It’s about time this nation got down on its knees
But to praise NOT the incoming master of fame

Am I bitter this time?  Not at all.  Should I be?
I spoke my hand correctly and played by the game
I am thankful this nation has spoken its mind
I’m reminded I’ll always be part of a ‘kind
I’ve been told to go back to where once my kind came
Well, we’re all poised to do that because of that tree.

The World Done Fell Back!

Shit do fall back; I should know that by now.
It ain’t like my ass was just born yesterday.
Woke up this morning all pumped for some grace
Thought I’d get to church early for once, just in case
The pastor may have somethin’ special to say.
Where the hell are my homies?  I missed them somehow!

There’s no Candid Camera crew I can detect.
In fact, ain’t a soul in this desolate lot.
Should I sit here and wait ’til some folks should appear?
Maybe rapture done happened, but then I’m still here.
My folks are peculiar, though.  They ain’t forgot
How to make a good practical joke, I suspect.

Twenty minutes gone by; I ain’t figured it out.
By now, ain’t no chillin’ will satisfy me.
There’s no such thing as The Twilight Zone… true?
Then the thought hits me from out of the blue:
The world done fell back!  So it’s easy to see
That I didn’t fall with it.  That’s all it’s about.

Walking the Talk

Tuning in to vibration” – I get what they mean
…As in turning the knob to one’s favorite spot.
[That is how I remember; I’m such an old tart]
By now, ‘feeling good’ is a well-studied art.
When it’s done right, it’s seen that we’re happy a lot
Where with most, a fantastic day is seldom seen.

Much of New Age vernacular common these days
Is akin to some things known to me beforehand.
When they say that vibration precedes the real thing
I compare that to feeling, then wanting to sing.
Everything has a cause.  All who breathe understand
That Thought is the mother of matter, always!

What we think about most is as much how we feel
And our feeling is what gets momentum to go
And like tuning the frequency on the old dial
We pick up what is broadcasted, matching our style.
This vibrational tuning is good stuff to know.
In time, as I practice, I’ll live with more zeal.

The Ignition of Igor Ignorski

I’m reluctant to greet you!  Igor’s the name.
My reticence seems to catch people off guard.
But I just ignore them.  That’s part of my style.
I’d perfected not noticing for quite a long while
To the point where my doing it’s not very hard.
It’s the way that I am – and a worthy life game.

Somewhat geeky and shy, I don’t get around much
But when rarely I do, my Ignition’s involved.
It’s the journey itself that I’m setting aflame.
And I couldn’t care less if the world knows my name.
The less lethal my focus, the more gets resolved
And my passion for ignorance no one can touch.

 Life’s a vison through glass with a straightforward view
Not a looking down, counting the lines in the road.
If the latter were true, then I’d have to slow down
And observe every creature that crawls on the ground.
It is better to simply relax in cruise mode.
I am pleased to ignore you.  I bid you adieu.