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The Movement

Life Induced Constipation

At the five-o-clock point of the colon is where
I am stuck like an overgrown presence of pain
That can’t be gotten rid of. I simply must wait.
In the meantime I’m losing the will to create.
It would seem that this body is on a campaign
To teach me a damned lesson… perhaps not to swear.

World War Three in slow motion is instant world news.
It mirrors well the conflict that rages in me.
Must there be some connection wherein I may find
A solution to offer relief of some kind?
Doctors say that I’m normal. It’s hard to agree,
But if I don’t, it will be a battle I’ll lose.

The Movement is ongoing and awfully slow
Like the news. My world issues are known by no one
But my own consciousness in a state of duress.
By my writing about this I may gain success
In at least finding humor and ultimate fun
With this living dilemma wherein I must grow.

I can treat my trick muscle with comic relief
Of a kind that is corny yet tickles the mind
Into instant exposure to some healing grace.
It remains ever important that I embrace
Every wonderful thought and feeling I can find
And pray that the presence of my pain will be brief.

You Do Not Need A Job

Employment, Freedom, And The Web Of Self-Worth

Do you like working for the money that you get?
Indeed, do you like money and how well it flows
Into your life experience? Is the feeling
One of bliss in knowing you’re fully deserving?
Can you just allow all that its blessing bestows?
Or must you justify it due to your mindset?

Is the justifying that you’re doing your way
Of allowing? Can you feel that there’s enough room
To play with? You can shift your perspective so that
You can be more allowing. You’ll get that down pat.
Then less justification you’ll need to assume.
Feeling good about money enlivens your day.

There are those who work hard and don’t have a whole lot.
There are others who work little and are wealthy.
The latter are the ones who have figured it out.
It is not about action. They know beyond doubt.
It’s about your vibration and being healthy.
If you want change to happen, do give it a shot.

The real work that you do is about energy…
About habits and attitudes and feeling good.
It’s telling the new story the way it should be…
Just as you want it to play out and exactly
As is by divine forces it is understood.
Thoughts of recession cannot be reality.

Sixty Eight Seconds

One Cycle Of Creation

In four times that it takes for a thought to become
Registered in the psyche, magic can take place
In the way of pure freedom of seeing just how
My own thoughts that are negative must disallow
The least bit of attention. I know that my grace
Is in going more general. I’ll beat that drum.

If I start off by thinking of just having fun…
People laughing and moving about gleefully…
Then more thoughts like that follow. But if I get stuck
In a negative thought stream, am I out of luck?
Noticing when I am there may train me to be
Mindful of how, in general, life is to run.

If my thought takes a downturn, and I act quickly,
I can simply stop thinking it before it grows
Into much of a monster. I can start again
Going general until I reach the point when
I can do it unconsciously. Who would oppose
Having heart healing focus? That wouldn’t be me.

The specifics fill into my general view
Of this life that I’m given as I play along
Not opposing the present. The way things may be
May not be the reason for my not being free
To live life any better than utterly wrong.
In a handful of seconds, all can become new.

My Fear Does Not Spell Doom

Random Thoughts And Discomfort

If I feel I’m disgusting in some subtle ways
That delve into more obvious character flaws
Among even those I know of who I belong
Do I then reevaluate where I’ve gone wrong?
Have I failed at obeying spiritual laws?
Why do I fear someone giving me too much praise?

When I know what I don’t want, I know what I do.
There is nothing illogical or incorrect
About this fundamental statement. It tells me
That with any one thing, there are two ways to see.
What I do want is the proper one to select
If I am to enjoy life. This has to be true.

I invite supreme judgement through others like me.
Self-incrimination for all wrong I have done
Seems to be what I’m acting out. Never have I
Been in such a soul searching. Need I wonder why?
I shall feel better when deep purging has begun
To expel evil spirits and set my own free.

They do not mean disaster. They are meant to guide
Me from acting contrary to all I’ve become.
People do transmit loving thoughts regularly.
As I focus less on their judgements I can be
Receptive to the blessings that clearly come from
My ability innate to be terrified.


Involuntary Movement Of Matter

The digestion of life comes with issues for some.
Their existence intolerance debilitates.
Feeling stuck in the plumbing each waking moment
Moves them to take such actions that they may lament.
Fortunate is the person who eliminates
With no problems like obstructions to overcome.

Who can speak of resistance to natural flow?
All who breathe and draw sustenance know how it feels
For the muscular rhythm to pass stuff along.
If it’s not working properly, something is wrong
With the mind – not the body. The spirit that heals
Is at work at each moment. It’s good that all know.

Chicken soup and disaster do not separate.
At the pit of the body the two become one.
This becomes problematic. How can I not feed
On the things that I don’t want? How can I be freed
From the stuff that is in there that feels like a ton?
I’m so backed up on living that I can’t see straight.

Proper diet is indicated – but what of?
By denying it and putting on a fake show
Or by beating myself up for not feeling well
I create malnutrition and cannot compel
The least bit of a presence. The good that I know
Is that I’m being guided by infinite love.

Sunday With Spirit

Peaceful Transformation

Nothing is wrong in Kansas as far as I see,
And I must see it that way if I’m to survive.
Transformation of vision comes with some practice.
Things that I believe wrongly I’m free to dismiss.
All that I know I’m ready to sort and archive.
Everything I belong to becomes part of me.

There are people who care about me that I know.
It is not out of pretense that they express it.
Had I not thought that these people had it in them?
The light of my life force shines but ever so dim…
Much too often and too much for me to admit.
Is it time for what I hold to kindly let go?

Awakened to the true love that does surround me,
Do I feel not deserving still due to my shame?
And can I show my sorrow, although it is true,
To myself and the universe? What can I do
To receive people’s love? Does this life that I claim
Have a sense of direction spiritually?

If my life had no guidance then would it be so
That I have many choices to throw me off track?
If I offer the question, my path I must know
At a much deeper level. It’s time I let go
Of constant self-undoing and never look back
At the life gone asunder played out long ago.

One Of Us

The Penalty Of Belonging

“What’s Your Social?”, it’s asked, and there is a response.
Everyone knows the drill and will play by the rules.
‘Your Social’ is unique enough to cast a spell
On the physical consciousness. It does this well
It’s expected that all behave like molecules
That are totally driven by their needs and wants.

It’s a personal question, so one must take care
Not to disclose the puzzle piece of the heartbeat
To unauthorized persons. No one wonders why
Nor is there any problem. By law all comply.
Can one mess with a system that cannot be beat?
Anyone thinking they can had better beware.

One Of Us or of any is meant to be one
Of all ones to be thought of… meaning everything
From the one who is singular to all there are.
One need not know their oneness by looking too far
Into rational thought and literal meaning.
The conceptual mantra can get a lot done.

It’s no mark of acceptance – just of inclusion
Within orders created by one’s circumstance.
To be known as One Of Us feels like I belong
To something that has meaning. All that I’ve done wrong
Tells me strongly that I will get no second chance
To behave in a better way with everyone.

Business As Usual

The Flow Of Chaos And Effect

Simple, self-solving puzzles make up the machine
That makes up all existence. I’m given this day
To be guided the right way in all that I do.
If I can get excited in my getting through
The next segment of consciousness, there I would stay.
As an evolving engine, I am a bit green.

Life is all up in this mess I seem to perceive
With my physical senses. The bits and pieces,
As they fall into place automatically,
Move my mind to solutions that I now can’t see.
If I look at things this way, my mood increases.
There is infinite power in what I believe.

People suffer and prosper upon this same pile.
Most eyes are meant to see it much more than are not…
How the plague of injustice stands ever erect
Against basic humanity, yet we connect
To bring love and support. Someone’s sinister plot
Is an ultimate failure that can’t last a while.

That this day is a blessing is already done.
It is I who must live that and make it for real.
Not a social injustice is suffered in vain.
In surviving and knowing, I lessen the pain
Of the stricken by feeling what they often feel.
Then I can look forward to a new self begun.


The Fuel Of Continuance

Almost all of my life I’ve been mentally ill.
This profound revelation comes at a late stage.
I have made poor decisions that caused harm and grief.
In a fit of psychosis beyond my belief,
I have severed my roots. I am left to engage
In extreme self-analysis. It is no thrill.

I’m face down in my own crap, and my, what a mess.
It would take me a lifetime to straighten things out.
But I’ve already screwed up this life as it be.
Can I find a solution somewhere inside me?
Quickly I was approaching the terminal doubt…
That I should not have been born. I feel less than less.

What I wanted my whole life I already had…
Loving parents, a fine home, and family life.
I flushed that down the toilet. Now, having done so,
I am haunted by thoughts of where my soul might go,
But at least I’d not be here to cause people strife.
I recall only times when I’ve made people sad.

My big plan is to clean up the big mess I’ve made.
With the help of my God I can get this thing done.
I shall pay off my huge debts and own property
Through the special talents God bestowed upon me.
All that I ever wanted was to be someone
Who is loving, and I am still on that crusade.

The Machine

Interdependent Fragility

Critical is the nature of all that is real.
Life maintained is a symphony of submission
To process… it’s profundity, having known hell.
Painfully, my own story is pleasant to tell.
The revealed Magic Realist and I are one.
Intertwined human troubles I rightly must feel.

Easily I am grateful now that the world view
I allow to possess me with its circuitry.
Already with my deep guilt that I cannot hide,
Ignorance of reality, never implied,
Yet the interdependence is made part of me.
I digest the late wake up call. Can it get through?

Never mind a life crisis to forecast the end
Of a thing become tangled in self-awareness.
Knowing now its fragility, I taste respect.
The finite probability has the effect
Of defining the issues I need to address.
This complex human puzzle I must comprehend.

Surrender this old body to forces divine.
The coming machine cycle is due to occur.
The grand clock of existence is mine to express
Through the real me evolving. I can’t go for less
Than the grace necessary to be as it were
In eternal alignment with all that is mine.