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Ask, Believe, Receive

The Process

Your desire is the only thing you’ll ever need
But you hardly ever let yourself entertain
A desire without shooting it down with your doubt.
Things that keep showing up are clearly all about
Your own lack of commitment. There’s nothing to gain
In hoping that your struggle will help you succeed.

You have given your inner being subtle clues.
You’re contributing always. Your relationship
With yourself you have nurtured over many years.
Your reluctance to movement results from your fears
Of failure, but this agony you can well skip.
You always have the freedom to feel as you choose.

There is only attraction. There’s no assertion.
When you try to force something it rarely works out.
When desires and beliefs match are when things occur
That will be most delightful. The life you prefer
Is available to you. You do have much clout
In commanding the universe, and it is fun.

You have unwillingly calibrated to things
And beliefs about things you do not even want
Through unconscious behaviors that you can release.
The power of your presence is eternal peace
And the life you enjoy here can be but a jaunt.
You’ll get used to a new heart that constantly sings.

Allowing Simplified

The Engine Of Manifestation

If you’re more aware of what you are perceiving
And less so of how others are perceiving you,
You can stay in the art of allowing always.
You did not really come here to spend all your days
Understanding perceptions of others. It’s true
That it adds some resistance to all your grieving.

I have consciousness flowing to me and through me.
Everyone who has ever lived has their own view.
They’re looking at this moment not as I see it
But from spirit – a vantage point that defies wit.
Allowing is made simple. All I have to do
Is to stay in the receptive mode constantly.

That part outside yourself that you’re trying to reach
You will find is inside you. If you are tuning
Yourself to the frequency of it you will find
That you are it. It’s vital that you never mind
Anything that does not support what you’re doing.
You are all of the pieces and emulate each.

Consciousness of pure intellect and of feeling
Is that which can assist me right here and right now.
Do not let conditions that I cannot control
Rob the life force within me and cripple my soul.
With some practice I can train myself to allow
Loving grace which makes life so much more appealing.

Finding Lost Feeling

The Heart Of Depression

Things are not the way I want. It’s getting me down,
And I’m not in a position where I can see
How to get what I want. What on earth should I do?
I keep repeating this until my mind turns blue,
But I need to do something or I’ll never be
In fulfillment. Yet I can’t help wearing a frown.

I have this thing all backwards according to those
Of a better vibration than I can produce
Here and now in my agony. It makes no sense
That when I feel like this nothing good will commence.
In fact all is against me if I don’t make use
Of content with my journey. My higher self knows.

The journey is the destination. I can know
That I can find fulfillment each part of the way
To the way that I’m after. I’ll do everything
In my power to entertain thoughts that will bring
Feelings of satisfaction and not of dismay.
Focusing on what’s missing is not how to go.

What I want is unfolding, and I’m satisfied.
I am in the receiving mode and ready for
The next piece of the puzzle, and then the next one.
They won’t come if I’m troubled. I can’t be undone
By the present which isn’t so tragic a bore.
What I wish with a pure heart cannot be denied.

When A Soul Contract Ends

Moving On

Soul contracts are agreements we enter into
Before birth because souls involved will be bonded
Together for some time for lessons to be learned
That are raw and specific. Our guides are concerned
That we grow through experience. We’ve responded
To spiritual process. It is nothing new.

Before this contract is created we will meet
With our guides who permit us to plan and design
Which life lessons and situations might be best
For each soul’s evolution. What we manifest
In the way of our karma may fall out of line
With intentions original. It’s not defeat.

When all lessons are learned then the contract will end.
When that happens folks respond in various ways.
Like losing an old friend some may feel great sorrow.
But some may be quite happy to let someone go
Who had been a real asshole throughout all the days
Of the contract’s duration. Have you made a friend?

The end of a soul contract ends only a part
Of your life. The next chapter will always be there.
With certain understanding we learn and engage
Our manifold relationships on the life stage.
We instruct one another to be more aware
Of the matters that matter so much to the heart.

Positive Expectation

The Winning Alignment

You want to help the world be a wonderful place.
The better your life is the more you want that for
Everyone in the whole world. So far all is true.
The point of least resistance is your only clue
To the life that you want, special blessings, and more.
Positive Expectation is your certain grace.

You can’t vibrate for someone else. You can only
Live your life and control your point of attraction.
You can influence others through the clarity
Of your shining example that others can see.
With a cleaner vibration it can all be fun.
You control what you think and let how things are be.

Thinking thoughts that you don’t want to turn into things
Is a scourge of a habit. You know that by now.
Meditation or sleep will stop the momentum
Of a thought that is negative. You overcome
By changing its direction. This way you allow
The divine puppet master to pull at your strings.

Let the control that you seek be only about
Controlling your own Positive Expectation.
Then your point of attraction you control as well.

You know that there are places where you mustn’t dwell.
The whole universe is in cooperation
With your total wellbeing. Harbor not a doubt.

Messages From Spirit

Continuous Connection

Spirit and feathered creatures work well together.
My grandmother transitioned a few days ago.
Since then I’ve been seeing cardinals everywhere.
Does this have some significance, and should I care?
They do have my attention, yet all that they know
Is that it’s a fine day. Other creatures concur.

They are not my grandmother, but what can they mean?
Is it coincidental, or am I addressed
With a message from spirit directly from her?
Could I be much the wiser in this if I were
More attentive… or something? To give it my best
Is my intent. I must keep my vibration clean.

These birds are brightly colored, and they are around
Where I live, so the mystery is lessened some
But the birds are susceptible, meaning they are
Easily influenced by those energies far
From the realm of the physical. Messages from
The nonphysical quarters are real and profound.

Birds are excellent at what they do to maintain
Connection with the spirit world. They are willing
To do what e’er it takes to get our attention.
It remains beyond all human comprehension
How the integration can be most fulfilling.
The work of these creatures is never done in vain.


Reason And Beingness

Can I think of my life as a mission unique
If so many just like me are doing the same?
Fundamentally I know that I’m different
Than most folks in a lot of ways, and I have spent
A lifetime finding my token in this big game.
There’s a price to be paid for my being oblique.

I don’t think I could act normally if I tried.
Indeed I’ve tried a whole bunch and all of it wrong.
I believe I’m a loser, and that is tragic.
When I look in the mirror I make myself sick.
Is there some truly fucked world where I might belong?
I know that life is so only if I decide.

How much time have I left to do what I must do
To clean my nasty toilet of lifelong ill deeds?
It would take a fortune just to get out of debt.
When I leave this world I’ll do so with no regret.
I did give it my damnedest. My bitter heart bleeds
For the life that I might have lived and that I knew.

I am writing from my heart. This is a snapshot
Of the monsoon of moments that flow through my day.
It may not be worth sharing. I give not a damn.
Take it as entertainment. The fool that I am
Gives me absolute license to do things my way.
This old self and my writing is all that I’ve got.

Try Less

All Is Done

All I need to know is that it’s already done.
I’ve identified something that I want and I
Can maintain my alignment. I’ll build momentum
So that all the sooner that which I want will come.
But a wise inner voice says that I ought to try
A lot less and to trust in the process begun.

Constant trusting that the process works without fail
Is all that it requires. I have put it all there –
Everything that I want. I can’t keep focusing
On the absence. I will not accomplish a thing
But a blocking of that which is going nowhere.
They exist in my mind’s eye in vivid detail.

It is not about thinking about it a lot.
Too much of that will lead me into depression.
To accept that the process is worthy and real
There must be some passion in the way that I feel
For the thing that is wanted, and I am someone
Who can maintain a blissful state absent of thought.

I Must Chill. That’s the bottom line. Just let things be.
Everything is accomplished. I need to relax
And allow things to happen. It is not okay
If I’m feeling discomfort. I must steer away
From diversions and self-sabotaging attacks.
I let myself move toward what I want to see.

Your True Love

Fulfillment Awaits

Soon your true love will be knocking at your front door.
If you care to believe that then go right ahead.
Miracles can occur if you know this is true
But if you’re feeling tension one thing you can do
To address the phenomenon which is widespread
Is to focus your feeling a little bit more.

Think only of your appreciation for all
That the person means to you. Pay no attention
To what you think the other is feeling for you.
Do not try to prepare yourself. You won’t be true
To who you are, then psychosis may have begun.
False starts are not advised, but that is your own call.

Prepare yourself for the person who loves seeing,
And wanting, and loving. It’s all about the flow
Outward from you as elegant love energy.
You have no concern for what comes back. That will be
Taken care of by Law of Attraction. Do know
That the person you want is the one you’re being.

If someone that you wanted to love you did not
Yours is not the imbalance. It clearly is theirs.
Think about what you want and especially why.
Keep your focus on loving, and do not be shy
With the person you know deep inside really cares
About you. This acknowledgement matters a lot.

A Nice Way To Feel

Extreme Contentment

I feel that I’ve accomplished something this morning.
I’ve always been trying things and watching outcomes
And I have been getting better in my results.
It would seem I’m a lot saner than most adults.
Happiness is my life. I beat only those drums
That enthrall and excite me more than anything.

When I woke this morning, I felt that I was me.
I don’t think I’ve felt quite this way ever before.
As it lasted for hours, I was wide awake
And not thinking about anything. What I make
Of this realization is that I am more
Than I am. I’m not separate from all that be.

I’m so grateful that I can express how I feel.
Now that I know that feeling, I know perfect peace.
I am just so comfortable with everything
And the realization continues to bring
Moments of deep contentment along with release
Of those patterns of thinking that are not ideal.

I’m still working it out, but I’ve finally found
What I’m looking for and my connection as well.
I’ve consulted the world, and it is fine with me.
I’ve a new sense of pride because I’m completely
In a world of near ecstasy, if you can’t tell.
My guiding star emotion is pure when unbound.

Love Is Wise

Heart And Mind As A Team

What would we want future generations to know…
Who will be on this planet some eons from now?
Today is a time capsule. We are dead sea scrolls.
In a thousand years’ time folks will take on their roles
As astute analyzers who will not allow
Us to be unexamined. That’s the way things go.

Things I would like to tell them remain manifold
And of two categories: moral and mental.
There will be plenty of intellectuals then.
They should only consider what are the facts when
Studying any matter. Do not take the fall
For diversion to preferences you may hold.

Very simple is the moral thing I would say:
Love is Wise. Hatred is foolish. That’s about it.
Evil is tolerated on this troubled earth.
What we learn in this schoolhouse is of immense worth
In terms of the healthy rearing of the spirit.
All must learn that there are certain laws to obey.

We are getting more interconnected which means
We are much more familiar and prone to contempt
Yet we must learn to tolerate one another.
People will behave in ways we would not prefer.
It is vital that we keep our vibrations kempt
And allow loving wisdom to enter our genes.

A Small Tuning

Toward The Clearest Vibration

There are some reasons to ignore reality.
One can just find that feeling place and wallow there
In the bliss of contentment and that is okay
If you do find some peace in living life this way.
It’s in no way dynamic yet you are aware
Of the fullness of yourself and how you should be.

In your ignorance it’s easier then to feel
Your way into that state where nothing can go wrong.
Tuning into your wholeness, focused attention
You give to all of life. There’s no need to mention
The ignorable horror which is a sad song.
Are you called Pollyanna for not being real?

Undivided attention to life you shall give
After some hibernation – enough to get you
Feeling passion for something that you already
Love to do when you’re being the best you can be.
It is not complicated, this thing you must do
In order to live the way that you want to live.

When someone asks, “How are you,” do speak what is true:
“I have never been better. Angels have blessed me
With a world of abundance. I’m in paradise…”

You might blow them away, but they must pay the price
For their asking. You can be assured they won’t be
Calling you Pollyanna or messing with you.

Restlessness Of The Natives

The Way Of No Light

Lethal forms of expression are God given rights
Among those who breathe hatred all day, every day.
The setup for mass murder is fully in place.
Frequently people die just because of their race
In this land of gross freedoms. With full on display,
Terrorists stand united. Why are they all whites?

Never once in my long life have I understood
Why it’s whites against non-whites and not the reverse.
Histories I’ve been taught demonstrate this as fact.
White folk have much less fear of their being attacked
Just because of their whiteness. It feels like a curse
To be non-white in this land. How can this be good?

Having failed to put myself in white racist shoes,
I cannot look at me and my kind with disdain.
If I could I’d be just as my hurt ancestors
Who knew noting of hatred, expansion, or wars.
I can’t look at the white race without psychic pain
I’ve discernment for ugliness if I so choose.

Restlessness Of The Natives of this white man’s land
Is severely apparent and will continue
Until we either self-destruct or get a clue
That for our survival there are things we can do
To deal with barbarism of now but a few.
I do not want to perish by their evil hand.

The Missing Piece

The Grossly Obvious Absence

Lately I’ve been feeling that something wants to change.
It was driving me crazy that I didn’t know
What on earth that would look like and what I must do
To help shape things the way I want. I have no clue
As to how it will unfold. I’m confident though
That my dream will become real. Now does this sound strange?

As I stand in my wholeness in full resonance
With who I am and revel in what’s taking place
In my day to day living, I can recognize
Changes making their way to me. Thus it is wise
To remain optimistic. The challenge I face
Is that it ain’t that easy although it makes sense.

Deliberate Creation sounds so wonderful,
But like most heavy duty tools one must take care
In its safe operation. It takes self-control
To ignore the way things are, but my weary soul
Must find something that works. I would consider prayer
Does it have to be painful to sort through the bull?

I become a cooperative component
When I lose the resistance of my awareness
Of the way I don’t want things. It’s rather tricky
To focus on specifics, but being happy
Guarantees my connection and total access
To the ever available grace of content.

Every Moment Is A New Starting Point

Look Ahead

Basic laws of physics we can well understand.
We need not attend classes about gravity.
“If you don’t get this training you might well fall up!”
It is insulting to be treated like a pup.
Many children are missing though. So could it be
That for some of us this understanding is banned?

The laws are consistent as they work just the same
For all creatures existing. We learn how to use
Them to our full advantage. Laws of Attraction
Are the engine we use to get everything done.
They make no exception nor mistake. We may choose
To ignore their existence and wallow in blame.

We can’t speak about Laws of Attraction without
Reference to momentum, its elegant child.
When you focus on one thought about anything
Within moments you open up to a wellspring
Of thoughts like it. It’s as if the mind has gone wild.
Often times you have felt this. I have not a doubt.

A reprieve from momentum you get as you sleep.
The engine of beliefs and wants must have a rest.
When you wake don’t refill your mind with yesterday.
Think of things that excite you. With practice you’ll stay
In a good natured state – not angry or depressed.
You will be astounded by the blessings you’ll reap.

It’s About To Happen

Don't Give Up Hope

Your awareness of where you are can hold you back.
Strongly believable is your reality
Because it’s translated by physical senses.
You see things then believe them. The consequences
Are your strong dispositions. Yet if you could be
A being of perfection you’d still get some flack.

You are here to create your own reality –
Not to face someone else’s. Some folks recreate
What they’re facing already, again and again.
Powerful belief systems are reinforced, then
There are conflicting mindsets to coordinate
Along with others telling you how you should be.

Stop looking so much at what is, first and foremost.
How far you are away from the unfulfilled dream
Has not to do with distance nor time it may take.
It’s about vibration. Consciously while awake
You decide to get happy then on comes a stream
Of sustaining fulfillment of which you may boast.

When you sleep, all momentum stops. When you awake,
Your vibration is neutral. This time is the best
To find reasons to feel good – the more the better.
Then your day will unfold the way you would prefer.
Don’t worry or think things that will make you depressed.
Your doubting and complaining would be a mistake.

Link With Previous Lives

Connection To Eternity

Soul agreements are made outside of time and space.
Often they are forgotten in this dimension.
Distracted by this day to day reality,
Living can be a challenge. While blind we can’t see
What it is we had written. Whatever is done
Without guidance may result in harm and disgrace.

Connections from the present we make to the past.
We believe they’re essential for drawing upon
Information from past lives to help with the theme
That was chosen for this one. Within the daydream
Are subconscious reflections, and from them are drawn
Insights from the vast pool that the soul has amassed.

Linear is our thinking. We can’t go beyond
Our imperfect perceptions of experience.
Time and space are illusory. All that occurs
Does so all at once. We are at best amateurs
When it comes to experience. Don’t take offense.
It is futile to look at the truth and despond.

Simultaneous is the nature of being.
Connections that we make and break are dynamic,
Ever changing, and subtle. The changes we make
To past lives and this present one are for the sake
Of them all that they all may become fantastic.
Knowledge of how it all works is truly freeing.

Life Mastery

At One With The Flow

When you’re into the flow of things life is a breeze.
You feel full, well connected, and part of the whole
Of all that is created. Ascended masters
Guide you through your existence. Whatever occurs
You remain unaffected. You have trained your soul
To be calm, contented, and quite easy to please.

Your akashic record you may care to peruse.
You are interested in your tapping into
The power of your higher self. There is a way,
But you need not believe in a word that I say
Until you’ve tried some things out. The human in you
Demands proof, or else its truth you’ll flat out refuse.

The body is a complex energy system.
It is composed of chakras. The one that’s outside
Is the Soul Star Chakra. It is above the head.
Through this chakra, divine love you are being fed.
Everyone has this access. It can’t be denied
Nor can it be a thing that someone could condemn.

As you’re grounded and prepared for deeper insights
To come to you, the activation has begun.
In a nice quiet place focus on your breathing.
Imagine white or golden light that is bringing
Loving grace and a peace that’s as warm as the sun
To your Solar Star Chakra through your days and nights.


Personal Strength

Believing is the momentum of practiced thought.
I would love to feel fresher in things that I think.
Is it better that fewer beliefs enter in
This now moment’s equation? And is it a sin
That I’m so overwhelmed that I’m close to the brink
Of eternal confusion where I’m all I’ve got?

It feels that I should do something – what I don’t know.
Cleaning up my vibration may be what is best.
How I do that is through my appreciation.
As I become addicted new life has begun.
No longer do I feel so alone and depressed.
Of the thoughts of my evil past I must let go.

The fresh feeling of satisfaction I pursue
In each God given moment for all that I am.
I’m aware that I created it consciously –
A state of deep contentment so that I may be
Receptive to life’s blessings and not to the sham.
There is so little real work that I’m left to do.

If I’ve practiced feeling satisfied I will be
More likely to be at peace when things are adverse.
Feeling for the sake of feeling gives me freedom
From the weight of conditions. I can overcome
Feeling that I’m the victim of some evil curse.
I may then declare my invincibility.

Anxiety And Depression

Personal Hell

The Dead End I have reached. There is nowhere to go
That is not without torment. “Struggle is okay,”
Would say friends if I had them. “We all can relate
To the bitter taste life has. When in a lost state
Know that you’re not alone although it seems that way.”

Could there be a ‘friend’ inside me who I don’t know?

What I feel is reality, and it is now.
Contemplating ending it all, I find relief
In the knowing that doing so may curse my soul.
What if it is already too much less than whole?
My own negative thinking I know is the thief
Of my spirit. I’d feel better if I knew how…

So we all go through hard times, and I would do best
To be patient with myself. I deserve a break.
Some rest and relaxation and good exercise
When I’m feeling much better is proper and wise.
I must move this damned body while I am awake
Whatever that may look like and rightly expressed.

I must force myself off the couch and on a walk.
I can create something from the pain that I feel.
Things that make me wonderful, blessed, and unique
And the things I appreciate counter the bleak.
I become all the better throughout the ordeal.
Therapy for the psyche is positive shock.

How Does Doubt Become Trust?

A Spiritual Transformation

Any person who meditates knows how it feels
To be at peace and thoughtless if but for a while.
Signs of things as you want them you may disbelieve
Out of habit. The images that you receive
Are the prelude to something complete and tactile.
One must be open to what life clearly reveals.

But you are meditating – quieting the mind.
In this way you suspend disbelief at your will.
One cannot remain thoughtless indefinitely.
Doubt returns as you experience ecstasy
In your dreams of fulfillment. The ultimate thrill
Is to know satisfaction in all that you find.

Do not go for certainty in any event.
It will goose up the distrust. Our reality
Will confirm that we shouldn’t believe it because
It has not happened yet. This logic has some flaws.
You may be thinking so much that you cannot see
Some way clear of the self-talk that causes torment.

You can feel satisfied in the thought of some thing
Not in having the power to make it happen.
Feel the satisfaction and in time it will turn
To the trust for which you most desperately yearn.
Practice feeling delighted again and again,
And find ever more things that will make your heart sing.

The Last Holdout

The Resistance Of Thinking

What is the difference between wishful thinking
And true knowing? What if it’s appreciation
For the life that I’m living for every reason
That is positive? Now is the perfect season
To find bliss in pure nothingness and the warm sun.
There’s no reason to think that my world is shrinking.

The bounce I do appreciate from a bad place
To a better one, or I could choose not to see
That there is some relief and continue to whine
When I know deep down inside that everything’s fine.
I’ve played that game for so long. I’d rather be free
To be in the mode of receiving divine grace.

Unseen forces that make worlds also orchestrate
The movement of all matter, and every event
Is already assembled. I just have to be
A cooperative component willingly.
If I do so, I’ll save myself useless torment.
All I have to do more of is appreciate.

I know what feeling good is and how to get there.
Staying there is an issue I still must work on.
But I can’t figure life out. That’s already done.
So instead of thinking I should be having fun.
To the geekiness in this verse do give a yawn.
Being not The Last Holdout, my heart I must share.

Life As One Cosmos

Profound Consideration

An old woman of one hundred four years of age
With hair down to her knees dances wildly about
Sometimes singing and laughing but with tears flowing.
An ecstatic life she lives. She loves everything
As it is without judgement or lingering doubt.
With all things she’s ready and willing to engage.

To know life beyond physical limitations,
Psychological structures, and what is perceived
Is to know life as it is happening right now.
All is one living cosmos. How can one know how
To feel anything different than what’s believed?
Is there hope for we young inexperienced ones?

She shows intense emotion just feeding the ants.
Because she is empathic she knows how it feels
For all creatures to feel love come on randomly.
I will kill ants on sight. They mean nothing to me
But an absolute menace. My hatred reveals
That I’m not quite there yet. What an odd circumstance!

I would not get a scolding for being this way
Nor would she try to stop my incongruous act.
With her laughter and tears flowing I’ll understand
 Why her love and compassion are awfully grand.
What we do here may have an unrighteous impact.
Am I willing to carry along come what may?

Getting Answers

Allowing the Guidance

I would like to be able to communicate
Directly with my maker as some of us can.
I know that it is possible for anyone.
I need answers to my questions. I receive none.
Perhaps it is because I am feeling less than
One deserving of answers. It’s worth some debate.

Some people speak with their God as if they’re old friends.
Others do in the same way and call it good luck
Or timing, the right resources, or just magic
To connect them with God. Is there some special trick
To the asking for guidance? Indeed, I’m dumbstruck
By the complex simplicity that life intends.

It is said that it’s subtle in the beginning.
Connecting with your God source means your alignment
With the answer forthcoming and not the question.
It is through meditation that this can be done.
When you quiet the mind you relieve the torment
Of your bad habit of overanalyzing.

Let the questions rest within you but for a day.
Ponder them in great detail to get clarity.
Then the next day get quiet and just meditate
But not on the questions. Confusion you’d create.
When you’ve finished listen for what flows easily.
You become more insightful in living this way.

To Retraining The Returning Routine

The Majestic Now

Back to work – the big storm dream is thus come and gone.
Delusions of nostalgia for life in the womb
Dissipate in the daylight along with the quest
To release what has always been tough to digest.
There’s a big call to duty, and life must resume.
From wherever, all life coping forces are drawn.

And the work is not obvious right off the bat.
There seems to be confusion as to how work feels.
If it drains the life out of you and causes harm
To your delicate body, this should cause alarm.
True work is of a nature which often reveals
Special passion and talent. What’s cooler than that?

The most primary work to be done is to feel
At your loving best most of the time you are here.
It takes practice and patience to get to that place
Where you can be delighted at will by the grace
Given by divine forces. Your fortune is near
In the things that, for you, are eternally real.

Your routine is as changeable as you want it.
To be drenched in such freedom is to be allowed
All the choices available for you to make.
Improve yourself not for anyone else’s sake.
For the work that you do feel genuinely proud.
You can play out your life just the way you see fit.

Awaiting The Comforting Storm

Anticipation Of Emphatic Flow

Would I know it was Sunday without a device
Of some kind to inform me of reality?
At some point it should matter not that time exists
Or does not, as is in the minds of the sophists.
The air, pregnant with magical moisture, to me,
Is awfully enchanting which is really nice.

Go ahead, then! Be with child, blessed atmosphere!
You and I both deserve it. Our hearts become one
Beating entity. Growing anticipation
Of the torrents oncoming define what is fun.
To behold in protection the cleansing begun,
In a state of comfort I am as it draws near.

Water falling to the earth is such a big deal.
I can’t get enough of it. If in a dry place
Then my mood will be stricken with consciousness drought.
Something about the wetness I can’t live without.
Super liquid dark matter, consume and embrace
All that needs readjustment and more time to heal.

At once, I am my higher self and the one here
With a flesh and blood vessel and a unique take
On all that I experience. I love the rain.
It’s movement almost guarantees release of pain.
I believe that my being deserves such a break
From the desiccant nature of my worldly fear.