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Listen More To Your Heart

Much Thanks

I’m not ready to give up. I’ll find my own way
Out of this situation. This is my moment.
I am living for right now. Even when my mind
Is filled with doubt I’ll own it. The strength I will find
To be brave when I’m fearful. Nothing will prevent
Me from growing. My heart beats louder every day.

I have come too far to run from the challenges
I must face. I feel my feet firmly on the ground.
I’m not standing down. The faith that I’ve found keeps me
Safe and sound and wherever I go I will be
Listening to my heart more wherein peace is found.
I will listen wholeheartedly to what it says.

Can you hear it? It’s beating louder every day.
When I feel my emotions crash down like the sea
I breathe in. I create my good fortune. I know
That I’m not broken. I’m growing. Off I will go
Boldly into the contrast that life offers me.
I’ll depend on my feelings to show me the way.

Nothing can stop me – not even a tidal wave.
I will keep on dreaming and I will find my way.
I will find inner truth as I walk through the pain.
As I listen to my heart much wisdom I gain
And my heart keeps on beating louder every day.
In the hardest of times I know I can be brave.

What’s Life All About?

Big Little Questions

Life is not about being right. It’s more about
Being kind. If you’re given the choice to be right
Or to be kind choose kindness. It makes you feel good.
Being right doesn’t always work out as it should.
Life is not about getting yourself all uptight
Over things to the point where you simply freak out.

And life is not about proving anyone wrong.
It’s about proving yourself right. It’s not about
Competing against others. It’s more about you
Competing against yourself to bring yourself to
An improved self – one which others nor you can doubt.
It’s about growing and becoming ever strong.

Life’s about being happy – not being perfect.
It’s about making sure you’re experiencing,
Learning, loving, and developing who you are.
You know that being happy is better by far
Than the feeling that you don’t deserve a damned thing.
Life demands that you cultivate some self-respect.

Money’s great but only when used with positive
Intentions. It’s alright to want it but don’t stress
Over it. You can’t take it with you anyway.
Your upliftment of others will brighten each day
Of your life. You’re meant to live one of happiness.
You receive in accordance with how much you give.

The Eagle Mentality

Survival Consciousness

Some birds talk too much, and they can’t fly very high
As compared to the eagle. At high altitude
And in silence, the eagle flies mostly alone
Or with other eagles. It is not all that prone
To engage in small chatter. What it has pursued
Has no chance of survival. Indeed it will die.

Keep good company is the lesson to be learned.
Eagles can focus on something as far away
As three miles. They have vision and are persistent
Fear in them is naturally nonexistent
They welcome challenges in pursuing their prey.
With all obstacles, they will remain unconcerned.

When storm clouds gather the eagles get excited.
The wind lifts them and lets them give rest to their wings.
Other birds hide in branches until all has passed.
High above the clouds, the eagle’s vision is vast.
Contrast is part of life. To everyone it brings
Chances for your desires to become ignited.

The eagle does not scavenge. It eats only that
Which it has killed itself, meaning do not rely
On successes of others. Leave your comfort zone.
Anything in the past you can well leave alone.
Don’t let the raging storm keep you from flying high.
Focus only on things that you want to look at.