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I Am In Control of This Dream, The Magic Realist, Magic Realism

Things will seem as they seem. I’ve control of this dream.
There is not a thing in it that I cannot know.
Were I blind, I would know that the dream still exists.
All the space, time and substance within it consists
Of my own psychic energy pumped for a show.
Life’s a spiritual quest through a physical stream.

If I raise my left arm, I think others can too
But they’re not mine to witness. I imagine it.
And if I can imagine that my world is real
Everyone in my world has something to reveal
Though that thing be forthcoming, it’s oft’ not a fit
To what I may have conjured well in spite of you.

Everyone is in my dream as I am in theirs.
Every sense of reality can be compared
To the fine feathered flock who are as one in flight.
Every fowl of humanity weathers this night.
As this sleep waxes lucid with consciousness dared
This Great Dream becomes hopeful as everyone shares.

Pussy 4 Less, The Magic Realist, Magic Realism

What’s a fellow to do when he’s out for a screw
And the merchandise mingling is too highly priced?
Could one go undercover and act like a hoe
Then transfigure among them before they could know
That the fee they demand often feels like a heist?
Men should stand up and shout! That’s what righteous men do.

When I want some quick ass, I am prone to bypass
All the bullshit and trickery romance can yield.
Give me meat on the fly. I’m a fast-moving guy.
I will have my quick nookie – I will, do or die!
But I won’t pay a fortune to be aptly healed
Of my spurious passions that lead to impasse.

Bumping Ugly with someone you know can be fun.
There’s no payment involved but the time that it takes
To develop a nurturing, loving rapport.
But, like top brow tycoons, poor dudes want nothing more
Than some convenient action without the high stakes
As the threat of inflation affects everyone.

Will You Be Ready When the Moment Gets Romantic?, The Magic Realist, Magic Realism

Do you feel Springtime Fresh when the bleeding time comes?
Is your FICA score less than abysmal these days?
Do those stubborn cum stains on your sheets make you cry?
Do you curse at your neighbors and wish they’d all die?
Do not worry your nuts off. The world has its ways
Of addressing most symptoms through beats of its drums.

Dirty rings around collars and in toilet bowls
Is a menace this brave world could well do without.
When the air in life’s bedroom becomes hot and stale
There is always the sports channel. Life does prevail.
Does your body lie turning and tossing about
Through the night due to fear for the fate of our souls?

Leave that chewing gum off the bed post for tonight.
The dickhead who first thought of that ought to be shot.
That is, if he is living – if not, then reborn
That his germy ideas be subject to scorn.
Does your backbone betray you when you cop a squat?
Take a pain pill. Then everything will be alright.

YOUR PAYMENT !!, The Magic Realist, Magic Realism

Yo, GET BACK TO ME ASAP, you ignorant fool!
I’ve been sending you emails for weeks! Are you there?
I’m obliged to know why you’ve not contacted me.
We have nine point nine million that you’ll never see
Unless you reply promptly. I don’t want to swear,
But a fish that’s not biting is way less than cool.

I am Miss Mildred Stenchfinch, Ambassador to
The Nigerian Designate in charge of wills.
Someone has kicked the bucket and left you a load.
Don’t you want to grab hold of this fortune you’re owed?
You could use it to jerk off, then pay all your bills.
I am looking for someone dull headed to screw.

Now, you are a fine one, but you’ve got to respond.
Lord knows fucking with people is diligent work.
So, Get Back To Me, dimwit. Indulge in my scheme.
Getting tons of free cash should be every fool’s dream.
Please respond to me, dear. I am not one to irk.
We are quite busy here with much wealth to abscond.

Can I Trust You.. ??

cute puppy,, The Magic Realist, Magic Realism

Heartfelt Greetings, Dear Sir/Madam, Bless You This Day!
It’s my pleasure and great honor to contact you.
I implore you to take the time to read this well.
You’ll determine my fate – whether heaven or hell.
If you’re skeptical, I understand. I am too.
I have much less to do than who I must portray.

I am Engineer Ruhullah Zafer Hadid
From the Syrian Arab Republic of Pause.
And apart from your being quite rightly surprised,
Know my gratefulness cannot be over disguised.
I was Finance Consultant; the key word is ‘was.’
Now I’m rich beyond measure, yet mine isn’t greed.

I am seeking your help to dispense you some wealth.
It is quite a large sum. I must give it away
To some fine, trusted moron. I hope this is you.
There’s no future in begging, so this gig is new.
Do get back to me soon. ISIS may ruin my day.
Surely that would be bad for your financial health.


Attention Beneficiary, The Magic Realist, Magic Realism

May the peace of the savior be with you, my dear.
I am sure that this message arrives at a time
You’re surprised at its coming to reach you just now.
I’m the Financial Minister of the Cash Cow
That is on loan from India. There’s been no crime.
If you want your jackpot, come and get it right here.

As the Central Bank Barrister, I speak to you
As the in-between nitwit in charge of your case.
Since the usual asshole has run out of steam
I have taken his place so things stay as they seem.
So, get back to me, sweetheart. I’d love to embrace
Every part of your bank account leaving no clue.

Our own Chief Representative Bereavement Bro
Has been crying his heart out on behalf of you.
There’s an ATM card being held in your care.
But in order to get it, you need not beware.
We just need lots more info. Please send it all to
Our Head Phishing Headquarters whose friend is your foe.

Aftermath, The Magic Realist, Magic Realism

Aftermath there is physics; for some, it’s fine arts.
All our children are taught they’ve some measure of choice
In whatever they chose to learn or hope to be.
We could leave them alone. That’s the best way to see
Children’s true heart’s desires expressed in their voice.
If we let them be free, that is where genius starts.

Aftermath is a concept just like math alone.
It’s abstract and concrete all at once anytime
It is used or is studied by scholars worldwide
Who make use of its usefulness with certain pride.
Surely math as a concept to some is sublime
Because well it does model most things that are known.

Aftermath there’s the matter of reaching high goals.
When there’s stiff competition, the pressure gets tough.
Aftermath third world countries’ kids put ours to shame.
Should some think tank take notice? Should someone cast blame?
It’s a myth that our kids are not doing enough.
They will fashion their own world and also their roles.

Tesla’s Off-Grid Multivibrator, The Magic Realist, Magic Realism

Watch This Video NOW! You will cry tears of pee!!
There’s a Great Big-Assed Secret we’re living to share.
You are being sucked dry by the Power Grid folk.
Get your asses in gear, people. This is no joke!
We are telling you this because we really care
That you get your electric through us nearly free.

This is the real thing. This is not like those cheap
South Sumatran Sun Cells that those other guys sell.
This one’s not like the Meat Motor with the rawhide
And it’s not like the Lip Laser electrified.
It’s our plan for peak power – a bat out of hell
To take full charge of people whose pockets run deep.

Every reason to fear is why we are so dear
In convincing you you need to make your move NOW!
If you don’t take advantage, our offer won’t last.
You don’t want to let time pass and be the outcast.
So get out the old credit card. Manage, somehow,
To prepare for your fleecing. Then we’ll disappear.

When To Fondle Your Lug Nuts Is Not Mine To Know, The Magic Realist, Magic Realism

It may be that your lug nuts are hot to the touch.
If this happens too often, then it’s a sure sign
That there’s too much heat passed to them through those brake shoes.
So, lay off that break petal, friend, you’re bound to lose.
But if that’s not the problem, you might be just fine.
Though, it could be the tranny or maybe the clutch.

Say you don’t have a stick shift? Then don’t mind my last.
You may think that I’m guessing, but that’s not the truth.
If those lug nuts are hot, you might give this a try –
Throw some cold water on them. They could be just shy
As they’re caught greasy-threaded by such a hand sleuth
Who is keen to take notice to heat they’ve amassed.

Don’t sneak up on your lug nuts as they do their thing.
I don’t think you would like it were that done to you.
Lug Nuts do have some sense of whenever they’re felt.
Just remind them you care for them. They’ve never dealt
With someone who will feel them just out of the blue.
Do those lug nuts a flavor. Let them have their fling.

A Brim and Lucid Catatonia, The Magic Realist, Magic Realism

Derelict is the course that world powers could take
To resolve its own problems despite common sense.
There’s a heat wave this summer through much of the land.
With a tyrant in office, hell seems rather bland.
It’s a sick world that needs megatons of defense.
All in all, they would give our fine earth a remake.

Since the changing of office, we’ve lost all respect
For most folks in positions that formerly meant
They were safe from abuse by the power that be.
Now, the souls of good servants are trashed by decree.
Times can surely get hot as we make our descent
Through a bottomless pit with no soul to protect.

That’s a fairly bleak picture seen only through eyes
Who are not in connection with their healing heart.
There’s a world that is out there. It is what it does
By its acts that are current and come from what was.
My world and the ‘real’ world are lightyears apart.
I cannot be affected. My heart rarely cries.

Let’s Connect!, The Magic Realist, Magic Realism

When the mood switches on, there’s more pole for the throw
And the course of source energy takes a new path.
There’s a circuitry present in all living things
That does light up the life and tug at the heart strings.
One will skip the old shower and opt for a bath.
When one’s energized fully, the World Can’t Not Know!

If Don Juan had placed focus on apple tree seeds
He’d have taken to sciences – not to the arts.
There would be fewer stories prepared just for those
Who delight in exciting, provocative prose.
The strong call from the heat source is where it all starts.
We are elegant means for fulfilling our needs.

When connecting is fun, then new life has begun.
There’s a joy that is present and lasts for a while.
Any while can be short or it can be quite long
But whatever the length, it can’t do the heart wrong…
That is if we have managed our free-flowing style.
Our most electric feelings are second to none.

The Most Practiced Path Is the Path of Least Resistance, The Magic Realist, Magic Realism

As I wobble alone on my well driven road
Often I am amazed at how far I can go.
What with obstacles present that I have placed there
I do tend to run over them in much despair.
Since I’ve travelled it many times, I should well know
That because they are there, my life journey is slowed.

But I do this through habit. At first it was hard
To maneuver through rubbish I’d placed in my way.
But through practice and effort, I push right on through.
It is odd that I think this is what I must do.
A hard path that’s made easy by toil through the day
Is a wound that re-heals itself as it is scarred.

Mere electrons don’t even go for the hard route.
They will find the best path that will lead them to source.
All the forces in nature obey common sense.
It would follow that I would do well to commence
Finding new paths through freedom my soul can endorse.
I embellish my journey through life’s hanging fruit.

Expelled From Explanatia, The Magic Realist, Magic Realism

I don’t have to explain a damned thing anymore!
Not a soul needs to hear it, and neither do I.
I’m resigned to a spacecraft en route to a star.
I know not where I’m going. I know that it’s far.
When I get there, my shortcomings will not apply.
It will be what I’ve dreamed of and waited long for.

I don’t have to explain away ways that I’d been
Nor my reasons for having been such an asshole.
If I try to address a momentum that’s strong
I will come out the loser before very long.
I have no frigging business assuming the role
Of the fatted black sheep led to slaughter again.

I am free of my focus on family life things
And on ignorant bastards who fart in my face,
I create a fine mess when I don’t even try.
I have given up fussing and wondering why
I deserve any measure of God’s loving grace.
So, I will just accept it and see what life brings.

Anapestic Tetrameter, The Magic Realist, Magic Realism

I’m a Poet!  Do Know It… or don’t – I don’t mind.
That’s your God Given business. Mine is to ensure
That I make myself known through most elegant verse.
I would call that poetic. You may call it worse.
But that doesn’t deter me. My motive is pure.
I will teach you what you see here, since I am kind.

So first off, there is meter, to cadence each line
With four groups of three syllables carefully placed.
Each small group of three syllables is called a foot.
And this foot is an Anapest. Sometimes they’re put
In a neat foursome link with no syllabic waste.
Tetra-metric an Anapest makes my line shine.

Anapestic Tetrameter – That’s what this is!
There’s no sense in my proving it. Look With Your Eyes.
Were I black and a rapper, I would be well known.
But I’m black and a Poet; I go it alone.
As my talent may come, to some, as a surprise,
I do hope you’re well-schooled with no need for a quiz.

The Dick Whisperer

Only music can soothe the wild arrogant beast
As it rises, though basketed in nature’s weave.
There’s no mind in the toilet, here. I speak with grace.
And I wouldn’t be caught with such egg on my face.
There are blatant life substances that we perceive
Also subtler energies we know the least.

When the dance that goes on, as the music is played,
Does approach living rigor, the stage is well set.
The dance, having triggered an elegant trance,
May program men for anything – even romance.
With dick under control, it then poses no threat.
The strong will becomes languid. Response is delayed.

It requires a skilled one to play music well.
No matter of fact out ranks this simple one.
One’s control of the beast must be constant and sharp.
If not careful, one could end up playing the harp.
This is The Dick Whisperer’s idea of fun.
For the beast, though, it could be a version of hell.

We Are All Being Played

This matrix, indeed, is a video game,
And we are all players who are ourselves played.
Every particle known within parts that are mixed
Leaves most men in a state where their minds are transfixed
On the question. That’s why our success is delayed.
Our perceiving and knowing are one and the same.

What is outside this game, then, if all this is true?
Does some One entity have control of us all?
I believe that all consciousness is a great sea
And within it all, there becomes you – also me.
Consciousness will transform when it answers that call
But it can’t be undone or created on cue.

So, this Great Sea of Being – the souls of us all
Who have cycled life’s circuitry throughout its build,
Are in consort to see that we play our game well.
When we listen, we’re open to what they will tell
Of the bliss that can happen when life is fulfilled.
They don’t play us against us. That would be our call.

The Reunion

Solar Eclipse

The Reunion is come in a short march of days.
It’s not something I dread. I know what to expect.
Or do I? There isn’t a thing to be done
To undo the momentum already begun.
I have conjured scenarios hard to reject
All because I’ve been human and ill in my ways.

I was strung out on crack during much of the time
I performed my bad deeds – quite oblivious to
The reality present and outside my skin.
Like a turtle in quicksand, my life took a spin.
Though, that’s not the excuse that I’m prepared to spew.
I have sinned against family. That wall I must climb.

Or, maybe I shouldn’t go near that great wall
That I know has been built because I’d done the same.
Only hurt people hurt people. This I have learned
At the sole cost of others whose lives I have burned.
I’ve forgiven myself, yet I’m tainted with shame.
I’ll just play it by ear. That’s my safest call.

Don’t Band Aid Your ‘Check Engine’ Light

Don’t abandon your stark raving “check engine” light.
It is there to inform you that something’s gone wrong.
If you do not take care of the issue at hand
There’s a chance that your journey will not go as planned.
You’ll be stuck on the highway and with a sad song.
So do mind your reminder. It knows what is right.

Our guts are our engines. They burn refined fuel.
They’re immersed in a mettle of well-tempered will.
They embellish our movement. The have a keen sense.
They will tell us what’s wrong with us at no expense.
If we simply ignore them, we risk a standstill
Of our lives moving forward in constant renewal.

If alone on the highway, pull off to the side.
Take a breath of fresh air and pop open the hood.
Check to see if that engine has all that it needs
To transport you in safety and at ample speeds.
Take the time to attend to things you know you should.
If you make that your habit, then life’s a smooth ride.

If In Doubt, Piss On It!

Now, it wouldn’t make sense if I pissed on a bone.
Always through it, I say, is the best way to go.
Do I have enough left to complete all my rounds?
I’ve got piss on the trigger, and it knows no bounds.
I seek out the un-christened. That’s all that I know.
I’m a casual pisser with skills I could hone.

I can piss. I can sniff. I can dissect the air
With my neural net nostrils that suck up the scent
Of all things that have happened, and creatures gone by.
I must update my ‘wall’ here. The last has gone dry.
I must re-mark the places where time I have spent.
The fine art of good pissing leaves me without care.

I can piss in mid trot and will not miss a spot.
There’s a lot of my pissing I’ll do on the fly.
There isn’t a thing I won’t piss on because
I’m a Master of Whiz. You may bid me applause.
If I piss on your day, there’s no reason to cry.
I’m a dog, for darned sakes, and I just piss a lot!

Limited Resources

Resources are sources that re-come-to-be
So the two words fit oddly when placed side by side.
The term ‘limited resources’ reeks of the mind
That is laden with lack of the litigious kind.
Give your lack to your Source. Indeed, do it with pride.
What the human eye sees, your Source never would see.

One can resource resourcefulness streaming from Source
And, of course, it’s a matter of faith of the heart.
When the heart is wide open, all good things will flow
And your Source is quite willing, one should ought to know.
Source is The Master Maker you cannot outsmart.
It’s the knowing and loving benevolent force.

Keep the mind on abundance. That’s easy enough.
There is wealth in each morsel of life through our day.
Keep reminding yourself things will always work out.
There is nothing worth fearing and fussing about.
Your Source as your guide cannot lead you astray.
It is always available when times get tough.

It Is NOT My Work To Convince You

Source is no high-level marketing scheme
Where abundance below goes to one at the top.
Life is not a game plan on a dry erase board
Where the product and business become Holy Lord
And the bright billboard face is the mask one can’t drop
Because when it does happen, it’s bad for the team.

It is not my work to convince you of things.
I enjoy all the freedom of letting you live.
Everyone has one’s game plan yet all are one team.
It’s a wake-up call when things are not as they seem.
We have total access to all life can give.
Whatever we ask for, Source certainly brings.

I can make my decisions about what I want
And set out to create my own experience.
I allow all my fellows to do just the same.
Life’s a wonderful journey as well as a game.
And to try to convince you just doesn’t make sense.
Life’s vacation from somethingness is a cool jaunt.

I Want To Feel Good

I Want to Feel Good. That is all that I want.
I don’t need someone’s company or constant gaze.
Since I know what I want, it is easy to be
In alignment with Source so that others can see
I’ve no promise to keep nor some crowd to amaze.
I have no relation to faces that taunt.

If I don’t want to feel what I often times feel
I must keep my mind focused – not idle and prone
To the lure of catastrophe packaged to tell
Of the stories and deeds of those living in hell.
I have no need to know what I’ve already known.
There’s no difference between what I want and what’s real.

For Today, no matter where I want to go,
Nor what I am doing nor with whom it’s done,
The intent I hold dominant is to be free
To discover what brings the most pleasure to me.
We each have our choicest ideas of what’s fun.
As I see what I’m looking for, my Source will flow.

I Inhibit No One

That thing I’ve been chasing since my whole life long
Is what keeps my heart pumping and drinking fresh air.
But I should take a break every once in a while.
To be caught looking stupid is not quite my style.
That bird can keep flipping while I sit and stare.
We each write our own play and we sing our own song.

I inhibit no one. It’s not fair to do so
And by law I can’t do that unless I’m allowed.
I alone am the master of my desert path.
I can’t see what I’m after deserving my wrath.
If I put forth much effort, I’m left in a cloud
And with dust all around me, I’ve no place to go.

If I find harmony with the thing that I want
My strong desire cannot prevent me from such.
And I cannot inhibit what others may do.
It’s a Law of the Universe – not just a clue
That each being is blessed with God’s loving touch.
This love is spread evenly for all to flaunt.

The Existence Invalid

Where this façade crumbles is Right Here And Now.
I seem to know fully that some world exists.
I would like to believe as all others believe…
That we’re all One, yet separate, and that We perceive
Much the same as Our psychic consensus insists.
But, I can’t believe Anything – Not Anyhow!

I can choose to believe that my voice makes sense
And that others can hear it and offer converse.
That I can expect it is such a fine trap.
I believe that I dream when I lay down to nap.
But, if people are out there, what couldn’t be worse
Than that I be perceived with no hint of pretense?

This world that exists is my own, it would seem.
I can’t prove the world out there is more real than I
Nor can that which I sense offer credence to me.
There’s no gain in believing a world that won’t see
My existence as purposeful and does comply
With my own stream of consciousness in the grand scheme.

Have I Shut the Hell Up?

I’ve climbed out of The Hell with its hot iron gate.
It’s a good thing I closed it by using a tool.
It has clunked into place. I have used a padlock
To make sure it’s secure so no demons can flock.
If some hag blocked my locking, that wouldn’t be cool.
I high tailed it out before it was too late.

I was caught way off guard by a Surgical Stare
From a butcher… or black woman. Both act the same.
Why I didn’t speak up as I should have, right then
Is a matter of shock. I’m not comfortable when
My surroundings will cause me to cower in shame.
All that hell is behind me. I really don’t care.

Like the FBI soldier let go with poor tact
I’m the Deer in the Headlights. Susceptible to
Silent Outbursts of Disgust that can’t be defined,
I am best to ignore them and keep my bright mind
Sharply focused on good things for days just a few.
I can wade through most contrast with my soul intact.

The Ethics of Ocular Warfare

One had unleashed an Ocular mojo on me…
No. I did it myself! It’s not right to cast blame.
If I see people’s faces as weapons, it seems
Quite that I’ve grown accustomed to destructive memes.
It’s a shame eyes outside me can put me to shame.
But they don’t! It’s my damned self that I cannot see.

The eyes are mass weapons of warfare these days
As they are throughout history’s eye tapestry.
Group consensus determines how weapons are fired.
Lone among body language, they’re never retired.
Though the mind can’t be read, there are those who agree
That it shouldn’t be.    Privacy is a safe haze.

One can feather that trigger to see what the hell…
Or ignore it and go about one’s busy day.
It’s a choice I can live for – not die for, for now.
How Now is the focus for this sick brown cow.
Rolling Eyes is a barrel of laughs, I can say
Now that I’ve been released from my own hatred spell.

The Amassing of Nature’s Arms

So, this thing about ISIS… Their orders come from
A great force whom they know not nor that they are charged
With the duty or ridding the earth of its trash.
Their mission: To Make Mankind Smolder in Ash.
It could have to do with the penis enlarged
As the rape aspect feeds the desire to cum.

Many species have war. They wipe each other out.
But they harbor no lame excuse like people do.
They just tear at each other until there’s no more.
We have much to learn about studying war
From the beasts and the insects, to name but a few.
Humankind is no master. There should be no doubt.

Nature has many allies, among them, mankind.
And we’re stupid enough to ignore that it’s true.
We exterminate much of our kind on our own.
Yet with deadly diseases, we’re extinction prone.
I’m not one of the many, nor one of the few.
I’m one focused observer by nature’s design.

From Cotton Field to Prison

Why Black Men are in prison is no mystery.
No sociological study is needed.
No well-crafted survey can capture the pain
Of the Bitches who put them there. Could I refrain
From the use of brute force when my sense is not headed?
This drama is played out throughout history.

Sour notes can be read. They don’t have to be sung.
And to feign utter silence is way below par.
You say you want everything from your black man?
Any fool with a brain would have picked up and ran!
Why depend on some man to define who you are?
You treat him like a wasp then ask why he has stung.

Why not give up such talents as rolling your eyes
And that trick sliding head thing you’ve practiced so well?
It takes courage to deal with that knot in your face.
This is not about color and not about race.
It is easy to put any good man through hell.
Does it make any sense to applaud his demise?

Happy Forth!

Happy Forth! There’s a path to the dawn’s early light
From the twilight now smoke-filled in lands near and far.
The white plague is my nemesis. So is my race.
I attract rolling eyes from wherever I place
My attention. And my door will not be ajar.
I’ll be locked down and safe with my shutters closed tight.

Happy Forth! Carry onward, delirious fools!
Make your sudden loud noises mean what they’re worth.
Your bright blasted colors I won’t see tonight.
Been there-done that, my fellows, and I have the right
To block out all that mankind has done for this earth.
We’ve become nature’s enemies – not her best tools.

Let the frigging land breathe again! Now, that’s a thought.
Clear the air of sick news bites that fray at the nerves.
It’s our hate-spangled manner that’s destined to wave.
We could make the state tanner and then self-enslave.
In the end I recall that all living deserves
Every chance to diminish whatever is sought.

Happy Threeth!

Happy Threeth! What a third day of julie this year!
It begins with some fresh rain to loosen the slime
Of the breadth of humanity from the day past.
Wash away all the sick news and rancid forecast.
How about a New World Flood? I think that it’s time
For this Plague of Humanity to disappear.

Keep the ground nice and soggy… the air thick and damp
So a respite is forced on the kids for a day.
Why we simulate ordnance I understand.
It’s a species-wide death wish by nature’s demand.
Mother earth wants to excrete and flush it away.
She dislikes that her children treat her like a tramp.

Happy Threeth! It’s a pre-day for havoc untamed
In the streets – everywhere with bombs bursting in air.
It’s as festive a carnival cruise shipman’s show
As the prancing and drinking that goes on below.
On the whole, it’s a good thing. This life is a fair.
I do celebrate contrast and will not be blamed.

Just a Jimmy

Does the FBI know me? I speak enough mind
And I don’t care who sees it nor if they exist.
In a world of my own, did I plan it this way?
There may be not a world where one hears what I say.
I am often heartbroken and frequently pissed.
Are there others like me? Am I one of a kind?

I’m the jimmy – the one that will fiddle with things.
On occasion, I get some to work as they did.
There’s a voice deep within me that clearly cries out.
There’s a great deal more to me. Why should there be doubt?
I have nurtured this wee voice since I was a kid.
Since I’m old now, I’m ready to trade it for wings.

Just a jimmy – a lowlife – a half-assed half man
Who took no one’s advice nor did reap their rewards.
Now, not even in wisdom of age can I find
Someone else who is like me – someone of like mind.
When my brief time is done, I will move swiftly towards
The Beginning not winning where I once began.

The Floor of the Dumpster

What then of this Billowing Hatred in me
That is too far away from the peace that I seek?
I despise every human this sick world has spawned
And that does include me. Seems a new day has dawned.
I could get used to battle. I pine for the bleak.
I don’t care that I’m troubled. I could kill with glee.

I pretend that I like people. It’s not my way.
It’s a means of survival. I couldn’t get by
Without having to deal with some half-human swine.
Human kind is my insect. This should be a sign
That I should be well listened to. Wanna know why?
I would kill in a heartbeat. That Would make my day.

What has made me the Beast? One’s Black Bitch with a wig
And with eyes that speak volumes with each practiced roll.
Have I cast enough pearls to the pigs in my way?
Do I forge a path forward through utter dismay?
I must do what I can to take back my control.
I am God Damned Pissed Off, and I will not renege.