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Speak Your Consciousness

Be Thyself!

Satisfying World Hunger For Truth is at hand
By the shifting of powers to new ways and means
Of achieving more union. Intense is the pain
In the stomach collective after the insane
Inundation of falsehoods. Mendacious machines
In positions of leadership are to be canned.

We learn to keep our mouths shut when we are children
Sensing it may be safer. The fear of offense
Is sufficiently powerful as the censor
Of the truth of the heart that oneself can’t ignore.
I may rest in my silence but at great expense
To my sense of integrity. Weak I am then.

But the times, they be changing to something more real.
It had long been forgotten, but now truth returns.
Open to conversation, ourselves are transformed
In the space of acceptance where all hearts are warmed.
When we speak our true consciousness everyone learns.
Differences among folk we cannot conceal.

What people are responsive to is honesty.
So fed up with the bullshit, enough we have had.

No matter how we’re programmed, we sense energy
And go by our gut feelings. We may not agree,
But we may be moved and enlightened just a tad.
Our beliefs do not matter, we will come to see.


The Gravitational Inverse Of Pleasure

With my best understanding enclosed in a shell,
My pain is but its breaking. Even as the stone
Of the fruit must break so its heart may see the sun,
It must know pain. This is true of most everyone.
My heart, if kept in wonder by all that I’m shown
By my life’s daily miracles, in joy must dwell.

My pain is no less wonderous than is my joy.
My heart has its own seasons, and I must accept
Them as I do the same passing over my fields.
I embrace barren times as those bringing high yields.
I observe in serenity. No pain is kept
In the unconscious darkness where it may destroy.

Much of my pain is self-chosen. The physician
Within offers the bitter potion that will heal
My sick self through my winters of grief. I must trust
In the good doctor’s wisdom that will readjust.
Though in silent tranquility through my ordeal,
I partake of the remedy as the best plan.

His hand, though hard and heavy, I know beyond doubt,
Is guided by the tender hand of the unseen.
And the cup that he brings, though my lips it will burn,
Has been fashioned from clay. From the potter I learn
That it’s moistened with his sacred tears. My routine
Fluctuates as my mood does, but I’m not freaked out.

Happy With What I Do?

The Vocation of Being

The Workforce with its power is just not enough
To blow past the established wealth of the elite.
It would take innovation that most can’t afford,
So they work jobs that may pay well but leave them bored
To the depths of their souls. This kind of self-defeat
Ruthlessly sucks the life force. Despair cannot bluff.

There are two types of people. One are of a kind
Who feel safe in stability. Conservative,
They prefer stable income and steady workflow.
They are unlike the others whose passion to go
After what they love doing makes them creative
In their ways of risk management and peace of mind.

Judgement is not appropriate to cast upon
Those who find satisfaction in their comfort zone.
Circumstances dictate choices that can be made.
One can be happy in them or maybe afraid
That endured discontent the health cannot condone.
One may fret in seclusion and become withdrawn.

Some must go for the passion in all that they do.
Wasted energy on work that doesn’t feel good
Becomes dense and sclerotic. To be more alive
Is to trust in one’s true worth. The need to survive
Is by infinite intelligence understood.
  When it’s time to move on, always there’s something new.

Is Telepathy Real?

The Unapparent Connection

Self-contained in a ball of bone, Loctite on gears
In the prefrontal cortices of one and all
Keeps the thinking processes inferior to
Those beyond our existence. Yet there are those who
Can with others communicate like a phone call
But with no means apparent, or so it appears.

To believe this is true, one ought not take offense
To the programmed stupidity thoughts have become.
European influence has given too much
Importance to thinking. The true self we won’t touch,
Fearing that to most others we would appear dumb.
The more active the mind, the less there’s common sense.

It blocks communication, the rational mind,
Through the pure nonexistence, with others we know.
Everyone thinks they’re smart, and this gets in the way.
No one dares call me stupid. I’ll fuck with their day!
Yet I must overcome this in order to grow
To a deeper knowing of the state undefined.

Thought, the thin outer layer of something much bigger,
Can be trained to be silent. The innermost core
Connects to the nonphysical which is the lap
Of the whole of existence. We’re able to tap
Into infinite intelligence and much more
Than the mind can imagine. This has to occur.

Otherworldly insights from that which is beyond
May flood into the clockwork of rational thought.
That is its highest function – Be Still And Receive
And send out to all others. I firmly believe
That the time-gravity curve in which we are caught
Provides us means to infinitely correspond.

The Shadow System

Acts Of Invisibility

Ego knows not the shadow. It’s only in dreams
That it may become possible for them to meet.
The shadow is the blind spot that ego can’t see.
Consciousness of darkness is repressed completely.
Psychic mechanisms are difficult to cheat.
Living with someone unknown is just as it seems.

It is called the unconscious. Much trauma lives there
From experiences that come on with a shock
To the nerves of the system. It shapes the posture
Of the general attitude and the nature
Of one’s personal history. Every hard knock
Is absorbed by the shadow so grossly aware.

In the dream state, the shadow can make itself known
Through symbols or through imagery. Symbols can be
Easily deciphered. But the images are
Linked directly to myth which is broader by far.
All the experiences of humanity
Form a grand pool of consciousness science has shown.

The collective unconscious contains the spectrum
Of all human behavior throughout history.
It is through myth and archetypes truth is revealed
In the hope that the hurt of the psyche is healed.
We cannot well interpret what we cannot see.
But we now have clues as to where darkness comes from.

An Old Man’s Advice

Eyes Of Recorded History

Interestingly boring, the wisdom of age,
When one has but the patience to be enlightened
By someone of longevity, is worth the while.
Difficult life has been yet robust is his smile.
To the young of this world what the old recommend
Is to keep forging onward and fully engage.

His firs car was a Model A. Many first things,
Like the mule-driven ice wagon, and the ice man,
And the first jet airplane, all he was witness to.

That the world is against him he knows is not true.
There’s no reason for not being all that one can.
True contentment is what appreciation brings.

Having taught himself to read and write, he went on
To pursue a computer correspondence course.
He started a few businesses and authored some.
Once he lived in an old car. He has overcome
Obstacles to achievement. One need but indorse
One’s belief in oneself – a conclusion foregone.

Forge ahead. Do No Stop. And diminish your fear
To a point imperceptible. Young people are
The backbone of all nations. As future leaders,
Pessimism is useless. As madness occurs
Among those now decrepit, you’re wiser by far.
Be yourselves and take full charge. Your mission is clear.

Illusions Of Survival

Convoluted Conundra

Save the planet? Or screw it? Before we decide
Just a moment of silence everyone should take…
Not the grim kind reserved to honor famous dead,
While programmed thoughts of sorrow run loose in one’s head.
Thoughtlessness of real silence, and not the opaque,
Is reality’s essence and intimate guide.

All manner of illusion confusion does breed.
Is ‘reality’ spiritual or of mass?
Concepts, constructions of words, and complex theories
Are but well-crafted entities of brain feces.
Since it’s not an idea, we reach an impasse
When we try to describe it, so on we proceed.

Living means surviving from pre-birth ‘til the end
Of a process uncertain as time is concerned.
So we need time and ego as well as money.
These three are the most rigidly illusory.
There is no past or future that can be discerned
In the present eternal where one may ascend.

The real self and the ego are never the same
Yet most don’t understand that so cannot believe.
A crude representation of self is ego.
If one values clear thinking, this is good to know.
To let go of all thought about what we perceive
Is to be in the realness that has not a name.

Now is not a clock tick – a specific instant
Where the future turns into the past. Now is more
Than the pop of a cork. It’s the sound of the gong
That awakens and resets all that is made wrong
Through our acts of surviving and our striving for
The true sense of fulfillment that living may grant.

When I Die

At The Point of Return

How can there be an ending? The sun, when it sets,
Will again rise, and swiftly. This world I’ll not miss.
Don’t lament, or feel sorrow, or shed any tears.
Know that I am in joy as your grief disappears.
I’ll have not fallen into a monster’s abyss.
Knowing then love eternal, I’ll have no regrets.

As my carcass is lowered, please don’t say goodbye,
For I won’t be there hanging out. I’ll be set free.
But a curtain is grieving to the paradise
That exists just behind it where being is nice.
Beyond cosmos eternal is where I will be.
There’s no need for a full-scale parade when I die.

From the seed that is buried new life will arise,
Every day and forever. This also is true:
When the bucket is lowered down into the well
It comes back full of water. My wish is to quell
Any feelings of loss to the awfully few
Who may come to become witness to my demise.

Much of this is from Rumi. I messed with it some.
It retains his intent, though. At least I think so.
Seriously, his outlook shows deepness of heart.
My respect is for what his ideas impart
To this poet in training. To others I owe
Gratitude for my content from who much does come.

An Attractive Model

All The Comfort of Style

You add to any showroom your glamorous style.
You know that you’re attractive. Important to you
Is how you look to others. Beauty is success.
It is your full intention to charm and impress
Everyone who’s around you. Intelligent too,
You’re engaged and outspoken yet cool all the while.

You devote all your energies to whatever
Profession you partake of. Your best work allows
You to express yourself and meet people as well.
Fortunate were the times when there was much to sell
‘Till the new route bypassed you. This did not arouse
Any feelings of loss one might think would occur.

Your dear husband, Ramone, is a blessing indeed.
His decision to not ‘touch a classic’ was true
To your intrinsic elegance. Your sassiness,
Though, can detract from better traits that you possess.
Nonetheless, your persona and all that you do
Overall is outstanding. In grace you proceed.

Your magnificent bodywork is but paint deep.
But you know that intuitively, as you are
Capable of compassion and relating to
All your satisfied customers and others who
Have the pleasure of knowing you. You are by far
One who knows what is of value and what is cheap. 

Educated Delusion

Degredation Of Sheepskin

Socioeconomic conditions prevail
That are nowhere near perfect. The rich and the poor
Have a chasm between them a galaxy wide.
The world’s uneducated are lacking in pride.
If one has not a sheepskin then closed is the door
To a life of fulfillment. This is a sad tale.

Need it be this way always as always it’s been?
Social class structures are part of human nature.
We cannot get around that, although it’s been tried,
But with failure and bloodshed. The growing divide
Among people in this way does not have a cure
Short of total collapse and then starting again.

Working class pawns are uniformed in suit and tie.
The neck must be encircled to show ownership
Of one’s time and behavior for indentured pay.
Do I like doing what I must do everyday
To maintain my existence? I’ll button my lip
To avoid condescension and stick with a lie.

Educational systems are pawn factories.
In assembly line fashion, workers are produced.
When curricula match students’ abilities
And their natural aptitudes, then with much ease
They’ll absorb like sponges and boredom is reduced.
Educated Delusion is not expertise.



It would be nice if energy came in a can,
Yet it is the container and all that’s inside.
People find it refreshing indulging in drink
To help keep their firm bodies and minds in the pink.
But when negative thought forms are identified,
Then to rid the mind of them requires not a plan.

Thoughts consist of live energy. If they are ill,
They will drain the brain quickly, and toxins are made.
When bloodwork is examined, it’s evidenced there.
But to mind thoughts and feelings may lead to despair.
I cannot just stop thinking the thoughts that pervade
Every aspect of functioning free of my will.

If no plan nor a drink conquers thoughts negative,
What then is the solution? The firmware I run
Is the same everyone has. I can’t forcibly
Make it stop its confounding life successfully.
It is to my advantage to mess with it none.
It makes worse what is wrong, and it’s no way to live.

Separation is needed between me and all
That I’ve gathered through life, the body, and the mind.
All that indicates life, like my breath and heartbeat,
I must concentrate more on. The inner retreat
Where the self knows distinction is where I can find
Satisfying refreshment. It’s always my call.


Let It Go

Sympathetic the system of nerves is to stress.
Somewhere in all the business throughout the long day,
Things don’t catch up completely. Into fight or flight
I am kicked as I’m flustered by anything slight
So that comfort offered is taken the wrong way.
Feeling this way is something I need to address.

A technique called deep breathing is fairly well-known.
It involves, as it implies, taking in fresh air
And releasing it slowly enough to partake
Of the presence awakened for wellbeing’s sake.
That I can do it anytime and anywhere
Makes it ideal a remedy done while alone.

 Breathing deeply means slowly and with awareness
Of the air going places it had not before,
From my body’s perspective. It knows everything
That I’ve done to it since birth. Right now I can bring
My attention to its health, desires, and much more.
What could be a more wholesome and easy process?

Inhaling through the nose to the short count of five,
And then holding it there for a few seconds more,
Then exhaling completely is good exercise.
If I want to be more things along with just wise
Then I need not feel burnt out. Breathing can restore
The lost sense of myself as it keeps me alive.

Always Ready To Act

Willing and Capable

A most self-assured fourteen-year-old girl with the mind
Of an avid go getter, the jobs given you
Bring you intense experiences. You’re unique
As a fine baby sitter. Your handy technique,
Playing Mozart to nurture him, is but a clue
To your take on reality. You are refined.

 Your training and experience help you get through
Challenges that test stamina and reflexes.
With enthusiasm you will get the job done.
Even when you are fearful you seem to have fun.
You’ll hang in and keep things from falling to pieces.
No one knows that your ‘frantic’ except for a few.

Unprepared for the infant’s emerging powers,
An enigma named Syndrome, a dark character,
Came to be your replacement. His criminal past,
Unbeknownst to you, led to him taking charge fast.
It turns out he was lousy, for what did occur
Was as one would expect and what no one prefers.

Dedication and confidence are yours always.
Trusting your gift of powerful intuition,
You’ll succeed and be recognized for bravery,
Your resourcefulness, and responsibility.
When you reach full adulthood you will be someone
Whose work will be outstanding and worthy of praise.

Worth Repeating

Continuous Synchronicity

Crystalline is the clarity of word and deed,
And the thoughts and emotions preceding the two
When I’m in full alignment with all that I am.
And about what that all means, I don’t give a damn
As long as I enjoy everything that I do.
Big or small doesn’t matter, and neither does speed.

Feeling some limitation regarding the goal
Because steps must be taken before there’s success,
It’s best to be inspired from a space that feels good
That I set up initially. It’s understood
That to gather momentum I need to assess
Every step by the pleasure it brings to my soul.

I Just Want To Have Fun as the target I reach.
It is in the momentum fulfillment is found.
On the way is the purpose – Not reaching the end.
What I want is a sure thing, but I must transcend
Any hint of anxiety to which I’m bound.
Getting there by fun stages, I venerate each.

Having fun On My Way to my true heart’s desire,
I have proper perspective. Things fall into place
As if I can control them, and maybe I do.
Since the universe knows all, it knows of me too.
Savoring every morsel of its feeding grace,
I am free to enjoy all that needs to transpire.

No More Guilt

Emerge From The Shadow

Why am I in the shadows nowhere to be found
By the people I owe and to those I’ve done wrong?
Hidden well in my darkness, no one keeps in touch
With my world or my person. I ruminate much
On my defects of character which does prolong
The dark night of my soul. It’s a ship run aground.

This is rather depressing. Who tells me that I
Am an unworthy creature whose frequent misdeeds
And mistakes relegate me to those of a class
That can have no redemption nor half empty glass?
If I swallow that bullshit I’m stuck in the weeds
In a Twilight Zone episode hard to deny.

I can say that I’m human. It’s not a cop out.
I can reap what I’ve sown now, let go, and move on.
The emotion of guilt is destructive. It will,
If it ain’t dealt with initially, even kill.
Rather I intend fully to see the next dawn.
That my life can be salvaged I have not a doubt.

People don’t learn a thing if they don’t make mistakes.
Everyone is a screw-up at times in some way.
Insecurity laden, my comparisons
Are but useless and futile, except for the ones
That uplift and propel me through my useful day.
I deserve this, as all do, along with fair shakes.

Brave Blood

Strongly Principled

When Denahi’s first seen as an old and wise man
Telling stories to young ones, he is as he was
Until death claimed his brother. Good-natured was he.
Most determined and loving, He’d joke playfully.
His innate sense of humor did not take a pause.
He was one happy camper at one with his clan.

The demise of one brother brought on by a bear
Took a toll on his character. He became mean
And ruthless in demeanor. Vengeance was his goal.
In his bitter pursuit he became a dark soul.
His descent into madness was slow and obscene.
Anger grows into hatred and utter despair.

What had happened was this bear, provoked to a fight,
Killed the brother in anger. Indeed self-defense
Was the motive the bear had. The one who had died,
Now from spirit the sibling was able to guide
Denahi to some semblance of having some sense…
Not at first, but he used some spiritual might.

Turning brother to bear, what the spirit had done
Was to teach a firm lesson about forgiveness.
Animals are shamanic as brave people are.
The return to one’s old self is now a memoir.
Brother bears are not obvious… that is unless
One transcends dark emotion. Then peace has begun.

Karmic Lessons

Rabbit Hole Through Eternity

Rabbit holes condescend upon consciousness here
In the land of the living. Do I feel at home,
Unprepared and afflicted in survival ways?
Life so far has been difficult… nothing to praise
In terms of its significance. Dark caves I roam
For the lessons within me I may learn in fear.

The particular judgment to which I’m assigned
Has to do with the personal self and its deeds,
Whether done while enlightened or in deep despair.
In relations with others have I shown much care?
I have been quite the dipshit. My life now proceeds
Into its final chapter again undefined.

What on earth has it been like among human kind?
I’m a little preemptive by using past tense,
But real time is not linear as is on earth.
I’m already conceived and awaiting rebirth
In another contraption both heavy and dense.
If I took it or left it would anyone mind?

What I’m here to learn mostly is how to behave
With myself and all others in this rigid school.
So acceptance and gratitude are big for me.
It’s been tough all along, but at last I can see
How to transform defectiveness into a tool
To unlock my true value. And I must be brave.

Thank You

From The Universe To Earth And Back

Feeling that I’m entitled just doesn’t sit well
In my gut, if I’m truthful. I’m sorry for that.
Most sincerely I thank you wherever you are.
My own personal baggage displayed here by far
Is what most would consider repulsively flat.
One good dose of humility is a sweet smell.

I do need to say, “Thank You,” one hell of a lot
More than I do at present. The truth to be told
Is that things of significance I need have more
Of a deep sense of gratitude… certainly for
This unique opportunity. My life is gold
If I don’t go insane thinking that it’s a plot.

It is the greatest mantra or meaningful prayer.
Directness and simplicity make it perfect.
Harmony on the earth is worth my gratitude.
When things don’t go my way it’s not right to be rude.
All this world’s many people I love and respect.
It would behoove my damned self to act like I care.

So Thank You to the universe. That means you too
Who may be here or not. And Thank You to this earth
Nestled in loving providence. To be more kind,
Less afraid, and more open with clear thinking mind
Is all that I am given to strive for since birth.
Thank You, self, for the substance I offer to you.

Sly And Friendly

Altruistic and loyal, your unselfish acts
Transform the hearts of others. Your friendship is such
That it knows not an enemy who can’t become
A good friend and an ally by offering some
Honesty and authentic love which means as much
As having tons of fun and some time to relax.

Knowing what forever means, you are courageous
And will face any danger and offer support
In the way of affection. Both cunning and sweet,
You are carefree and lovable. None can defeat
Your mischief and wise antics, though you’re a good sport.
Strategies of compassion you’re apt to discuss.

Your devil-may-care nature dances with danger.
Fanciful is the partner until it is not.
Trouble may be the outcome, but you make it through
To the next wild adventure. From your point of view,
Fun and friendship are foremost. They matter a lot.
Boredom is the one thing that can ruffle your fur.

As you grow to adulthood affection you hold
For the ones you most care about. Never are you
Brought down by circumstances intense and adverse.
You enjoy no restrictions in your universe.
Loyalty in your friendship transcends what is true.
Your essence of resourcefulness shimmers like gold.

Transforming Form Identity

Stepping Out Of Illusion

Practice insures progress which leads to perfection.
Bringing myself into alignment with the now
Is an ongoing process from one moment to
Every next one that follows. The thing I must do
Is surrender my personal self and allow
The ‘no self’ to emerge without my objection.

It’s a powerful practice – spiritual too.
Bodies live their existence in relative fear
That somehow doom is eminent. Self and other
Become two points of conflict. Thought patterns occur
That encourage poor judgement. Thinking is not clear.
Frequently and but briefly, this method is true.

  Trapped in my form identity, often my view
Of the world and its people is fatally skewed.
The ego loves its enemies, thinking it needs
Strategies and defenses, so on it proceeds
Until psychic momentum of ill thought accrued
Culminates in calamity and the next shoe.

Opposing what is stronger, form identity
Fights against what is itself, unbeknownst to it.
When in time it is weakened its power subsides.
Connected to the vastness the true self provides,
I’ve no need to fight battles. Myself I submit
To the one more transcendent and truly form free.

A Wedding Of Excitement And Laughter

Delightful Duo

You are full of excitement, make friends easily,
And enjoy having fun with family and friends.
You have many fine talents. Enthusiasm
In all things that you do is delightful to some.
But to all you’re a service on which life depends.
When at any work, you perform proficiently.

You two work well together and have lots of fun,
Which are one and the same. Versatile you can be
In the use of resources to make things work out.
You believe in your magic. There isn’t a doubt
That the outcome is fortunate. Life, as you see,
Is a captain and mouse game that’s always begun.

Your adventures, bizarre and completely absurd,
Are like snippets of dreamscape adorned in nonsense.
The collective subconscious is the reservoir
For the means of escape through creation and more.
Therapeutic it is to watch foolish events
Where the good ones defy harm, as it is preferred.

Gifts of enduring love, universal appeal,
And your magnetic chemistry offer release
Of the buildup of tension through healthy laughter.
The captain of one’s steamboat, what e’er may occur,
Is the spirit within who’s acquainted with peace
And is always the one in control of the wheel.

Tough Decisions

The Tests Of Life

Many doors made to walk through have grown in the field
Of my conscious awareness. Which one will I choose?
They all are much too similar. Nothing is known
Of what lies beyond each, and it’s my choice alone.
If I enter the wrong one, how much might I lose?
From the heart the solution is always revealed.

Forty thousand or so specialized cells inside
The heart structure function like a neural network.
It is independent of the cranial brain.
It can feel and remember both pleasure and pain.
Not a single question put to it will it shirk
Unlike gray matter topside that may want to hide.

In two places events are recorded and stored –
In the brain and the heart simultaneously.
But the brain is bilateral. Black and white are
Its computed solutions. Much wiser by far
Is the heart’s ‘little brain’ which has proven to be
A source of good guidance that should not be ignored.

Touch your heart. Your awareness will quickly go there.
Feel as if it’s your home – the seat of existence.
Take a slow breath a few times. “You’re safe,” this tells you.
It’s a switch from the mental hoops you’re jumping through.
Thinking with the right organ is heart-centered sense.
It’s my pleasure providing this tidbit to share.

Heightened Awareness

Acute To Alarm

Fearing most other felines, Duchess is your friend.
Along with her three kittens, you form a tight bond.
That’s because you are special, courageous, and dear.
Heightened sense of awareness makes you prone to fear,
But when friends are in danger, you’re quick to respond
With remarkable courage. On you they depend.

Motivations of others you detect with ease
So that you can warn all of impending danger.
Your enhanced observation and resourcefulness
Are most helpful to those who may be in distress.
When your plans don’t work out the way you would prefer
You get flustered but rebound as if they were cheese.

You’re a mouse of refinement. Caring and polite,
Loyalty to the household is your contentment.
Most intense you can be when the situation
Calls for it, and your daring cannot be outdone.
Luxury and good manners properly accent
Your amicable nature easy to excite.

To remember the names of important allies
Is a challenge for you, yet you have other ways
Of completing the mission. Your natural sense
For the essence of life is a treasure immense.
Protection heroic earns you genuine praise.
You’re a persistent creature both gentle and wise.

What Is Love?

Knowing Of Wholeness

I’m in love with this earth just because she exists.
Tucked away in her own orbit, she is unique
Among all other bodies that circle our sun.
In some ways she’s an island – home to everyone.
Through her dance we have seasons. Her charm and mystique
Bring love to countless life forms. Her goodness persists.

Dependence on relationship leads to danger
Among earthbound inhabitants human of race.
To say, “I cannot live without you,” is to say,
“I can’t walk without your shoes.” This sort of display
Is both sick and mechanical, yet face to face,
Joy becomes a transaction so nonsequitur.

 Love has nothing to do with ‘somebody,’ indeed,
It is felt from within. Someone may be the cause,
But I am the one feeling on top of the world.
Each of us is a blossom. Through love it’s unfurled.
Love is meant to be shared, but some loving has flaws
Being that it loves hatred, world power, and greed.

So things like earth and country, the justice I knew
Between that time and now, and intangible hope
Are worthy of my loving. The civil unrest
Through the thaw of the cold war is putrid at best.
Our democracy has chosen the downward slope.
I can love it and keep it for my love is true.

The Slave

Distinction In Servitude

Karma built over lifetimes in lands far and near
To each one is a structure complex and diverse.
Many people have such, but for those who do not
Simple life is their blessing. They’re no hot to trot
For intrigue nor theater. Perhaps it’s a curse,
For their minds can be enslaved by systems of fear.

It’s called cause and effect. We each reap what we so.
So theatrical roles played are clear archetypes
Of the growing spectrum of human behavior.
Characters act out drama between rich and poor
Among other dichotomous dark stars and stripes.
Reenactment and curtain call restart the show.

Complete rectification for all earthly deeds
Can’t be known in one instance of experience.
The spiritual process always taking place
Can take one through despair to a rewarding grace.
Free will is in the asking devoid of pretense
In the moment’s salvation fulfillment of needs.

The unending drama of repeating patterns
That each one must experience can be altered
Or can continue unchanged with minimal gain
In the growth of the spirit. Life lived is in vain,
And the lost silver lining is all but absurd
So the whole system resets and nobody learns.

Youthful Feminine Leader

Goddess Becoming

Often you are affectionate. As the princess
Of your native encampment, your leadership style
Differs quite from your father’s, the imposing chief.
Yet you’re fearless and powerful beyond belief.
Creatively expressive, you lead with your smile.
Using silence to foil foes, your tribe you impress.

Feelings run deep within you. You’re feisty and proud.
Your actions convey clearly your heartfelt intent.
Quite adept as an artist, respect is bestowed
Upon you. The ancestral is yours to decode
And translate to transcendence for what is present.
With honor, devotion, and beauty you’re endowed.

Not afraid of adventure, danger is to you
Simply part of the process of doing what’s right.
You will fight for the life of the friend who’s in need.
Through the blast of the ill captain’s masculine screed
You will carry on steadfastly, willing to fight
In the light of the justice that you know as true.

Your friend Peter is fortunate as are those who
Are the closest to you. Dancing is your best way
To conjure celebration. Your charm and mystique
Radiate from your beauty and how well you speak
For your people and history. Bright is your day
When you’re in warm surroundings with those who love you.

Acts Of Faith

Absolute Belief

The illusion of separateness between me
And all others and everything gets in the way
Of my trusting the universe. It must be wise,
Much more so than I am with my limited eyes.
The Tao nourishes all things in consummate play.
Letting go of the ego, I may better see.

I’ve the need to relinquish my power façade
When I notice I’m up nights consumed in worry.
My decisions, well thought out, made under duress,
Yield calamitous outcomes and increasing stress.
Snap decisions made instantly happen to be
The right ones in the long run. Now isn’t that odd?

Faith enormous and heart moving cannot be blind
For the sight is beyond what the senses behold.
It’s a leap into wellness and feeling at ease
In the world that I’m one with. Its intent to please
I must know absolutely. What e’er may unfold,
When I see life correctly, is loving and kind.

To be one with the universe, trust that it will,
Through its infinite intellect, meet all my needs.
Treat it like it’s a dear friend whom I haven’t seen
For a really long time. Then the rapport between
Me and all that exists blossoms free of the weeds.
It and I are the same thing. This should make me chill.

Contented Old Timer

Used To A Mellow Life

You’re a trusty old blabbermouth. Absentminded
And a little too clumsy, yet most respectful,
You are loyal and sweet. As the prince to the frog,
One is apt to compare the master to the dog.
Sentimental you are and quite reliable.
Your phantom sense of smell keeps you pointed ahead.

You cannot be a follower. You need to lead.
The wellbeing of others is what motivates
And drives you to succeed. You are known to be brave
When you channel love’s energy. Those whom you save
Consider you their hero. Your kindness creates
Atmosphere for warm friendships that can’t but succeed.

Memories of your younger days sniffing out crime
And protecting the public from those who do harm
May consume you with passion. ‘Old Reliable’
Was the one you looked up to and who fill you full
Of the wisdom you have now. Your natural charm
Is how many will remember you throughout time.

The swamps of Louisiana aren’t for you now
That you’ve grown well accustomed to relative peace
Among good friends who love you. Faith in your instincts
Keeps your sharp senses agile to bypass the brinks
Of most certain disasters. Your joy must increase
Because of the true blessings of life you allow.


Effortless Alignment

What is successful living? Does it mean the same
For each and everyone upon earth now alive?
The answer is both yes and no depending on
What one’s meaning of life is. The phenomenon
Of the meaning of meaning’s proneness to contrive
Less than real things of value the ego does claim.

Resolutions for new starts begin with release
Of the past segment’s chaos. All my suffering
Is of either the body or the troubled mind.
Separation between them and me is most kind.
Meditation achieves that. Indeed it will bring
About certain relief and a feeling of peace.

Outside things that will happen I’m not shielded from.
But what goes on within me is worth giving more
Of my focused attention. My feeling at ease
Is a measure of joy – not a goal I must seize.
Ease and joy are equivalent, and keeping score
Reinforces what is and invites more to come.

What is eaten had life once. Should I feel respect
Since it is part of me now? With such I must treat
With appropriate reverence and gratitude.
It gave life as a blessing. Sacred is my food.
Harmonizing with nature can make the life sweet.
To the earth’s vast intelligence I must connect.

Incensitive Spirit

Salvation By Aroma

“It’s the Atmosphere, stupid!” Who speaks in this way
But political talking heads seen on TV?
Insulting one’s intelligence ain’t very nice.
But the gurus of India wouldn’t think twice
About teaching the ignorant how they should be.
But to heck with my ego. I’ll hear what they say.

Spaces indoors are filled with a blending of smells
Within energy structures that have an effect
On spiritual processes undertaken.
They may impede the method used to awaken.
When the air’s a bit funky, with all do respect,
Then proper ventilation refreshment compels.

Both the shape and size of the room are important.
That’s one whole other topic not right for right now.
Every detail has meaning for those so consumed
In the perfection of a room that is perfumed
With a powerful essence which will more allow
Meditation to go well. Who’d say that it can’t?

Replicating the outside and natural air
Filled with fragrance organic is what is achieved
By the use of fine incense or essential oils.
That which is not of nature essentially spoils
Atmospheric integrity… so unperceived.
Incense lifts up the spirit and sanctifies prayer.

The Fierce Defender

A Hero of Force

Things amazing happen when you focus your mind
On your goal. Much too smart and too capable, you
Can’t remain on the sidelines while doing nothing
When someone needs your help. Into action you’ll spring
As a ready defender. Everything you do
Is with force and intensity yet not maligned.

Your individuality you value most.
Concentration and wit are the tools that you use
As you’re mastering your innate abilities.
Though you can be invisible, everyone sees
Quite a striking young lady with progressive views.
In the missions assigned you, you’re fully engrossed.

You take responsibility for your powers
Given you for your purpose. Inherently strong,
Like a normal teenager, you manage your stress
In ways one would expect… nothing more; nothing less.
The added assignment of rectifying wrong
You accept with the honor that goodness confers.

You were shy, uncertain, and withdrawn at the start.
Upon getting a pep talk from mom, you became
Evidently more confident. And as you grow
Into ultimate brilliance, it’s good that we know
That, although you’re created, clearly you proclaim
Emergence of the feminine, youthful and smart.

Abundance Unhidden

Treasure Revealed

Everywhere there’s a treasure chest filled with desires
Open widely for access whenever I want.
Many of them are visible. Some are unseen,
But they’re noticed when I keep my vibration clean.
Any change in my path is a synchronous jaunt
Into worlds made unhidden as my heart requires.

Time indeed is irrelevant. This moment new
Is the one most important. Who I am right now
Is a different person from moments ago.
Looking back on that gone self can’t help me to grow
To my fullest potential. I then must allow
All the wealth of wellbeing that is overdue.

The most hugely significant things taking place,
Though they’re cosmic by nature, aren’t of much concern
To the average self. Yet if I start from there
It becomes a lot easier to be aware
Of all else that I have. I have no need to yearn
For what’s already given by infinite grace.

Examples of abundance to take notice of
Are things like warm encouragement from a close friend,
Or a word or idea that sparks creation,
Or a new way to tolerate having more fun.
The immense wealth I have I cannot comprehend.
The vibration most plentiful is that of love.

The Vegetable Vendor

Life In Service To Life

Every human being has a story to tell.
Being that we are human, the quest is to be.
Our life journeys of drama are food for ripe ears.
Those who’ve been being human for dozens of years
Offer tales of significance. Often carefree,
What they do for a living they do very well.

 A wise vendor of vegetables by nature
Is outgoing, kindhearted, and beaming with life.
Having not always been that way, something occurred
Where the life force within them, sufficiently stirred,
Was awakened completely. How they handle strife
Is to grow through the process that they may endure.

Knowing that we are mortal is something most take
With a grain of indifference. Yet it is true
That if we lived forever we’d grow more insane,
Acting out in all ways that yield utter disdain.
Somewhat sane we are now because we think things through,
Knowing our time is brief here. Safe choices we make.

So to live and to die mean exactly the same.
I can know that I’m living by all that I feel.
But I also am dying slowly day by day.
The process will complete one day. Life is this way.
Being conscious of mortality is for real.
Righteousness is in knowing that life is a game.

The Peace Of Familiar Surroundings

At Home At Home

You remember the good times as well as the bad,
And these memories influence choices made now.
You prefer the safety of familiar places
With your loved ones and all that your heart embraces.
Triumphs over your worst fears and troubles allow
Changes real to occur. You’re a noble comrade.

Courage, caring, commitment, and will-power are
Your most outstanding qualities. Protective of
Others in your surroundings, you are nurturing,
And the friendships you make are warm and enduring.
Everything that moves you is an effort of love.
In the ultimate search, no distance is too far.

Pessimistic you may seem. Loss never fits well,
But your determination to find what remains
Demonstrates dedication toward moving ahead
To the task in defiance of pain and bloodshed.
Letting go of the past will ensure you great gains.
You know you needn’t worry. In sureness you dwell.

Tragic are the conditions that change one’s life path
And the whole personality to the degree
That it’s turned inside out. ‘Funny,’ though you are teased,
You are good-natured enough not to be displeased.
Treacherous is the journey that will set you free
From your innermost nightmare and life’s aftermath.

Close To As It Seems

Dark Feathered Aloneness

Somewhere loosely called ‘out there’ is what I’m within.
Consciousness is a given. All else is a hope
That all beheld phenomena and beholder
Coexist and communicate as I’d prefer.
What I think I might know has no tangible scope
Nor reason to be offered. To none I am kin.

It’s one piss pocket portrait to paint for no pay.
Unacceptable remains odiferous art
And defects of character among the unknown
Foolishly seeking favor from that which is prone
To its own misperceiving of which I’m a part.
Yet I must remain truthful in my daily way.

No matter how presented, the world has moved on
From this craft that is ancient. No technique have I
To search engine the ocean with. Life that is there
Has no use for my gift. The free will not to care
I accept but with bitterness. I must rely
On the guidance of spirit lest my will begone.

Google Play is an option for those who love games
Rather than checking in on the journey of one
Who offers in the realist of time his true heart.
Perhaps after a good nap I’ll have a fresh start
On a day that can still be delightful and fun.
I will get myself noticed if my name ain’t James!


Being Ever Present

When the mind can be emptied, then full it is made
Of the loving awareness present here and now.
Mindfulness become industry is a good thing.
Educating the masses creates a wellspring
Of wisdom and kindheartedness as is the Tao.
Love is mother to presence, the real escapade.

The incorporating into daily routine
Principles of the Buddhist tradition is done
Through the myriad works of authors and masters.
Tuning into the body instantly transfers
Attention from destructive thoughts and to the one
Thing that can be controlled. It’s a gifted machine.

Loving kindness begins by my breathing it in,
Taking notice of sensations and surroundings,
Then exhaling the waste collected by the mind.
It’s an organ of value, but it’s not designed
For working in the present. Too often it brings
Misery through delusion, the ultimate sin.

Bringing loving awareness into the body
Is an easy enough process for peace of mind.
Perception without interference, judgment, or
Conceptualization can open me more
To the self undiscovered in whom I can find
All there is that I need to behave properly.

Conspiracy Spells?

Products of Paranoia

One leap out of reality into escape,
Where the answers to questions come packaged neatly,
Jagged pieces of many odd puzzles befit
An acceptable story for those of dim wit
And a weakness of will to the ill that they see
Like a dark witch’s spell seeking lost souls to rape.

Covert masters of chaos networked the world wide
Are the spell casters crafted to access the mind’s
Unprotected control centers, and with the skill
That can get wayward masses to go out and kill.
Just one sip from the cauldron effectively blinds
The hindsight of the conscience that is satisfied.

In the heart of the theorist what can be found
Can’t be known in clear detail for others to see.
But the madness in common – not shared by the whole –
Is about race and gender and total control
Over lives of all others. I may not agree
But the right to free will in this nation is sound.

Every creature earthbound knows conspiracy spells
Only pain and destruction upon whom it’s cast.
Now that we’re more divided, the old and the new
Amplify the dilemma. One thing that is true
Is that times that are past don’t come back and then last.
Why not lose your delusions and bid your farewells?

Space Preparedness

Evolving Ugly Earthism

It’s a troublesome world that should be left alone!
Until they have matured into one human race,
They’re a menacing madness that could well evolve
In space ‘exploration,’ when they can’t even solve
Issues with their own kind. It’s one hell of a place
That should not see expansion until they have grown.

They defile simple logic with complex ideals
To support any selfish improper intent
And to mask it with babble speak. Such are their laws.
Presently, as we see them, they are a lost cause.
We outnumber them greatly, so we could prevent
Galactic disturbance in the peace that it feels.

Not quite yet a team player, they have not a team
But a rat’s nest of cheaters who can’t get along
Let alone play a good game with others out here.
It’s because of their greed that they can’t tackle fear.
Their short history demonstrates where they went wrong,
And it has much to do with pride in the extreme.

The child is at the center, from its point of view,
Of the entire universe until it learns
That there are many like it. It took earth a while
Just to come to that truth. They’re insanely hostile
And prone to self-destruction. These are the concerns
That the Council of Cosmic Justice must work through.


Observance of Eternity

Elemental observance is of the machine
Made of flesh, mind, and spirit, and prone to record
All that happens to itself throughout its time here.
Situations and facts can be looked at in fear
When unclearly they’re seen and improperly stored.
Measuring the experience keeps the thoughts clean.

The dichotomous nature of this time and space
Is to place full awareness on curricula
Of concerns most appropriate, urgently so.
Taking note and assessing the best way to go
That makes sense and feels healthy is simply what the
Body needs to protect itself from crimes of race.

 The unending cycles of events to the eye
Of casual observance are given to teach
All there is in a nutshell as vast as the space
Between parts of the engine. To fully embrace
And appreciate cause and effect is to reach
For the wisest solution that one can live by.

Each of all beheld moments are given freely
From that which must be infinite. Current events
Can be peaceful and private as changes occur
That are more in alignment with what most prefer.
Each system has a gut. If used right, it prevents
Misinterpretation of what happens to be.

Mission Underground

A Mischievous Trio

Dedicated to mischief, this trio consists
Of a witch, a dead boy, and a handsome devil.
Halloween is their best time, for they trick or treat
The dark underground mission, secret and discrete.
Count on them to wreak havoc. For them, it’s a thrill.
They love messing with Christmas and all that exists.

Keeping secrets they do well, but they often break
Promises made because they had their fingers crossed.
Strategies of rebellion they use to reach goals.
The best mask that is worn is the one that extols
The true self in pure essence. No honor is lost
In pursuit of the mission. No chance will they take.

Boogie’s humorous henchmen, together always,
Sometimes get into arguments over small stuff.
Shock will solve disagreements quickly, if she can.
Being the most intelligent and not a man,
She believes she should lead, but she has not enough
Of an ego to overcome those she can’t praise.

What these three have in common is that they’re unique,
Individually and as one wicked team.
They are sharp and dependable for any job,
Like kidnapping or planning the next place to rob.
When it’s called for, they will go to any extreme
To complete the assignment with evil mystique.

The Incredible Mind

An Amazing Cosmic Machine

“Doing two things at once can’t be done,” say the ones
Dedicated to brain science. Contrary, though,
Is the knowledge that, in fact, there are people who,
Simultaneously, many things they can do.
Not that many exist now, but it goes to show
That the mind is incredible in how it runs.

 Intellect is only the translucent veneer
Of the much huger volume of intelligence
That makes us who we are evolutionally.
The reason that we dominate absolutely
Is that we’ve become competent, yet we lack sense.
Distinctions among parts of ourselves are not clear.

Separate are the centers for memory and
Those of perception, imagination, and sleep,
Among certain few others. And yoga practice
Is the best way to sort selves that otherwise piss
One another off often. Their battles aren’t cheap!
Living life inefficiently, we can’t expand.

We are made from the inside out. Our bodies know
How to make and maintain themselves. Not from outside
Does the inside gain access to all that it needs.
To exist as a living intelligence leads
To unopinionated pure function with pride.
Competence is our birthright. Someday it will show.

Re-Builder Crusader

Restorative Healer

She rebuilds fallen structures and societies.
The Kingdom of Atlantis is hers to defend.
Most perceptive and healing she often can be
With those within the homeland. Outsiders will see
Some whoop ass from this woman that they won’t transcend.
She’s a powerful packet of violent ease.

Endeavors that are most interesting to her
Are the ones bringing knowledge of history lost.
She absorbs what she studies with amazing speed.
This warrior princess is not one to concede.
One will know her lethality when she is crossed.
Reestablishing culture is what she’d prefer.

Mysteries are intriguing but oddly also
They infuriate her, so her truth is pursued
With the power she has to recover the past
To create a bright future and peace that may last
For untold generations in firm rectitude.
Wisdom she had been gathering since long ago.

Her vitality enlightens. With a kind heart,
She shows respect for all others generally.
Her appearance is youthful, but great is her age.
Having so long to practice her role upon stage,
She unravels enigmas others cannot see.
All Atlanteans with her she wants to take part.

Rama Or Krishna

Contingent Dicchotomy

Every civilization throughout history
Comes to be with much cruelty for its own while
Until laws are established and all people know
That one rule book, and one only, helps all to grow
Into unified consciousness. Therefore the style
Of the first leaders chosen was harsh as can be.

Each nation had a wild west or does so right now.
They all share the same basic conditions of need.
If people make their own laws, no one lives in peace.
Conflicting are intentions that lead to increase
In behavior uncivilized. Inherent greed
Lethally derelicts human nature somehow.

But after a nation becomes sovereign and whole
Styles of leadership alter. Now there are outlaws
Instead of simply citizens intending harm.
The societal structure will sound the alarm.
Now the job is maintaining the initial cause
That the people united assumed as their goal.

The rule book becomes flexible yet remains strong
So the wise leader uses it in not in harsh ways
But with cunning and conscience to then delegate
Distribution of justice. The will to create
Harmony among all, the wise leader obeys.
The beauty of a nation is that all belong.