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Directly From Source

That I Am

Can a person communicate with the divine
Directly just as if God were a dear old friend?
Yes one can. It’s been done throughout all history.
Anyone can converse with God and easily.
Through the practice of meditation you transcend
Negative mental constructs of errant design.

God broadcasts on a frequency which everyone
Can receive. It’s a matter of tuning into
The right signal. You must learn to quiet the mind.
In that silence a feeling of peace you will find.
Answers to questions will come easily to you.
You get progressively better once it’s begun.

If you’re full of the question then you cannot hear
The answer. They are two different frequencies.
At the same time you can’t keep both activated
Because a tug of war will have been created
In your consciousness. Handel the issue with ease.
Let the question be answered and don’t interfere.

Let the question rest within you only until
It is clarified then let the universe do
What it does so efficiently. You must believe
That you’re way more than worthy enough to receive
What you want to know. Meditation can help you
To relax and succumb to God’s provident will.

Momentum Convergence


Think a thought for about fourteen seconds and then
Another thought just like it will join it. If you
Keep on thinking then more thoughts will gather until
A huge convergence of your momentous thought will
Reach a point of combustion. This isn’t a new
Idea but it’s worth speaking of it again.

Law of Attraction is all about momentum
And the way that you’re feeling moment to moment.
You may introduce resistance into the mix
By thinking that you have a big problem to fix.
You control your creation one hundred percent
Without action or depending on an outcome.

As you focus you’re sitting by yourself and you’re
Contemplating something and you’re enjoying it.
You don’t offer resistance and you’re allowing
Provident forces of the universe to bring
Everything you want to you so you benefit
From a healthy vibration that’s vital and pure.

So when you’re in alignment with who you are you
Have the energy that creates worlds standing by
To fulfill all your wishes and as thoughts converge
Only good times and wonderful things will emerge.
A wellbeing explosion you cannot deny
Will occur as you’re practicing this point of view.

Get Your Answers Directly From YOU!

Your Inner Oracle

Questions I have about life and why I exist
Overcome me. I would like to communicate
With my inner being a bit more directly,
But nothing that I can understand comes to me.
Can I get answers without my having to wait?
There is no way that my questions can be dismissed.

Most subtly it must happen in the beginning.
I must be in alignment with it in order
To receive it. I am it, as far as I know,
But therein lies resistance. I have to let go
Of the question, which is not what I would prefer,
Yet it’s probably the answer to everything.

The vibration of the question is different
From that of the answer. I cannot concentrate
On the question forever. The answer will come
When I am ready for it. All emanates from
Being in a receptive and positive state.
I anticipate a spiritual event.

I’ll let it rest within me for a day or two.
Then I’ll unclutter my mind through meditation.
Having left the question much a thing of the past,
Inspiration is offered to me from the vast
Fund of infinite knowledge. How well I have done
In getting my answers from the source that is true!