Don’t Worry


Many people let life come at them and they just
Respond to it so if it’s something wanted they
Are delighted but if it’s not wanted they feel
Indignation and sometimes it’s hard to conceal.
Nothing much can get done when you’re feeling this way.
That there is a way out of your mess you must trust.

You have no control over your experience
At the moment but you’re supposed to have control
All the time. You create your own reality.
There’s no reason to wallow in your misery.
You must first take the time to again become whole.
Do not act when you feel that your life makes no sense.

You have an inner being who’s fully aware
Of your situation but has a perspective
That’s much different from yours. You can get to see
Your inner being’s version of how things should be.
It knows everything it takes so that you can live
An ecstatic life – one that is beyond compare.

What you want in this moment is some clarity
And relief from self-torment. You get to decide
To receive it right now or to stay in dismay.
In the long run things do always turn out your way.
In this moment find something to be satisfied
Much about and stay focused on it intently.

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