The Waste

The Expansion of Industrial Feces

That this earth has a death wish seems likely to be
Fundamental to science. A being’s hygiene
Must include healthy self-thoughts as well as clean air.
If I took in my own waste, it wouldn’t be fair
To myself nor to nature. It would be obscene.
Folks would ask what on earth is the matter with me.

If I felt self-destruction is the proper way
To get rid of my problems, I’d be called insane
By the same folk who think air pollution is part
Of the way things just are. Nothing close the heart
But complacent stagnation is to no one’s gain.
But the earth, in its sickness, will honor dismay.

There’s a load to get rid of. A purge of the soul
Of a planet infected with humanity
Is much needed, as psychic waste alters the mood,
When activity rampant is selfish and crude.
Does this earth have a conscience? It’s proven to me
By the fecal earth movement spun out of control.

That this place is a Being with conscious intent
And with guttural feelings of not Being well
Is something to consider since we are a part
Of its delicate stomach. We cause it to fart
In a good or a bad way, revealed by its smell.
Either way, it should spend no time breathing the scent.

The Vision

Eternal Point of View

I must see what I need to and not too much more
Than my ego can manage without going blind
To the feelings of people and what we all need
To initiate balance. The illness of greed
Has become epidemic. Those left far behind
In the rigorous rat race remain always poor.

By the thinnest of threads, many lives hang in hope
That the next meager paycheck will make some ends meet.
If something catastrophic occurs, it’s the end.
Misery deeply suffered one can’t comprehend.
Challenging is the struggle to remain upbeat.
One must do what one has to in order to cope.

What I see does disturb me. I am in the game,
But I’m not a big player. My life carries on
Day to day with a blessing once in a great while.
I don’t have a portfolio nor a lifestyle
Indicating I’m better. So could I be drawn
To a life of delusion and scant sense of shame?

Focus is on The Vision that we may evolve
In another direction than what appears now
As an unending resonance with fear and lack.
Those of us who are loving can never hold back
What we see as a future much better somehow.
Optimistic I feel and with fervent resolve.


Life Is Good

Flowers are perfect oracles. That which they teach
Is the nature of beauty conceived of the soul.
They exist with a consciousness not knowing why
Other creatures take notice and identify
Them as fully responsive to what makes them whole.
They can sense our attention regardless of speech.

Everything is connected. There is no real space.
The illusion of distance is for us to learn
How to see the reflection of all in the one.
As I come to appreciate that, I’ve begun
A new cycle of Thanksgiving with no concern
For what seems out of order or in a bad place.

Many things come to mind and much more through my heart
On this day I made wonderful by letting go
Of the past and the future. I’m grateful for now
Which is all that exists, and the grace I allow
Through the free choice of feeling will faithfully flow.
Thankful I am for knowing that I’m not apart.

Yet, apart from tradition, life happens each day.
Every new dawn recycles and presents a new
World of life to be grateful for. I am at ease
With the things that most matter. To focus on these
Is the wisest decision that I will come to.
Bounteously becoming I’ll take as my way.

Sweet Tooth

Irresistable Appeal

As true symbols of Venus, the goddess of love,
Little girls are most special in every nice way.
Little boys are sweet too, but they don’t have to be
In the business of beauty. Their counterparts see
Anything that is charming worth adequate play.
Mars and Venus connect them from way up above.

Everything made delightful is done by the touch
Of a fun-loving spirit to melt the cool heart.
Everyone enjoys sweet things. We freely indulge
With no worry that imbibing may cause a bulge.
Venus is about beauty, and all are a part
Of this life made a masterpiece gifted with much.

Life can be about pleasure. No conflict exists.
Perfect balance ensures there can only be peace.
Pleasant thoughts and good feelings are like precious jewels.
Therapeutic they are if they are viewed as tools
For preparing the negative for its release
As the urging of Venus graciously insists.

Venus is celebration of wisdom and grace
Bonded in the commitment of making all well
In the moment of magic in Venusian eyes
Where the warmth is expected. It’s not a surprise
To find sunshine abundant where spirit may dwell.
Simple are the aesthetics I care to embrace.


Deadliest of the Seven

In the life of pure spirit no need has the soul
To provide for its sustenance. Life is a breeze.
There’s no concept of distance or speed as is here
Where all substance is heavy and laden with fear.
All can manifest instantly what e’er they please.
There’s no need to find oneself because one is whole.

From that mystical paradise all enter earth
With subconscious impressions and faint memory
That will dissipate slowly in early childhood.
By the time we’re adults it is well understood
That this world is a harsh one and that we must be
Rational in our outlook to manage our birth.

We’re preprogrammed for pleasure. Our feeling sublime
In ourselves and with others comes naturally.
But in this world, resistance to all that feels great
Is weaved into the fabric defining this state
Of a learning existence where nothing is free
But the spirit within things that take up our time.

Student souls become weary and lost in their ways
Of achieving their balance. A feeling of lack
Overwhelms their sensations. The instinct to kill
We have learned from the animals, but with free will
That is guided by spirit, all can stay on track
And find peace and abundance through most of our days.

Clear And Concise

The Plain Truth

Messages now forthcoming are Clear And Concise.
In abject desperation true colors are shown
To be unpatriotic – even treasonous.
The great boil having been lanced now oozes with puss
More corrosive to justice than could have been known.
Through the absence of vigilance we’ve paid the price.

Bigotry can’t be buried or banished away
Like the ideal magician performs while on stage.
It exists underneath everything people are.
Always there will be present a deep racial scar
That divides this sick nation. We won’t turn the page,
And the incessant struggle is with us to stay.

Restoration to order from civil unrest
Can’t be taken for granted. The heated cold war
Of opposing opinions of equality
Rages on behind subtle cues fashioned to be
Condescending in nature. The right to ignore
Dignity in all people is strongly expressed.

Black and white is the picture. There’s color also,
But it is a distraction from how I should see
Given I’m in a war zone and not fully armed.
While in deep meditation my spirit is charmed.
As the quickness and clarity satisfies me,
I’m an adequate soldier with much to bestow.

The Self Undefined

That Which Has Not A Thought

Many selves that keep speaking as if they were one
Integration of consciousness broadcast to me
Things that I spend time thinking on. Then I’ll get lost
Making overall sense of them and at great cost
To the raw life experience. Can I get free
From the incessant chatter that never is done?

Were they people outside me and not in my mind
I would tell them to fuck themselves and go away.
Luxury of that kind, though, is not to be had.
Every thought, if not dimpled, is a hanging chad
In its quest for completion to honor the day
But the forgotten self is the one undefined.

Shutting down all the voices means stopping thinking
But to do that at will and be successful too
Is a mission most difficult. If I would try
To get perfectly quiet, I fear I would die
From complete lack of meaning, but that’s never true.
All selves come from one deeper self. It’s a good thing.

I must have some identity in this world real
And affixed to the rational. My thoughts provide
Constant misinformation about who I am
At the most basic level. Should I give a damn
That what precludes acceptance is going inside
Past the crowd to observance that all is ideal?

Inconvenient Civility

The Eternal Feuds Of Human Races

We are all but one species. It’s hard to believe,
As the ants, madly militant, fight to their deaths,
We’ve evolved to be like them in how we behave.
Those of uncommon countenance will this race save
From its fate of extinction. Now, take some deep breaths,
Weary worn-hearted warrior. You Misperceive!

Having all dealt with hatred, all know how it feels
To be hurt or to hurt others for worthless gain.
When there used to be kindness, a long time ago,
Folks would up do nice for those they didn’t know
Just for feces and giggles. This was not insane,
But a most loving complement to making deals.

Only those who belong to no race are immune
To this earthly existence. The world that they know
Is completely of spirit, yet when they were here,
They succumbed to illusions based on lack and fear
Just as all do while here so our spirits may grow
To superlative brilliance, which can’t happen soon.

This concise explanation suffices to be
But a rational patchwork of feelings combined
With a personal history alien to
That of all other humans. The work I must do
Is to be without prejudice fully inclined
To reach out to humanity if painfully.


The Wonderful World Within

I feel drained around people. Recharging is due.
Too much input from everywhere weakens the mind
And the spirit that feeds it. A time to relax
So the fluid subconscious can seep through the cracks
Of my hardened constructions should help me to find
Some relief in existence. I’ve heard this is true.

People broadcast two signals to all other souls.
One is conscious intent. The other is unknown
To the self who behaves while completely awake.
But the unconscious messages make no mistake
In revealing true motives not otherwise shown
But through keen observation that feeling controls.

Overload is a common occurrence these days
Where too much information impregnates the air.
Intermixed with the digital, signals of folk
Tell of horrendous stories that only evoke
The sensation of bloating. Were I not aware
Of its harm I’d be trapped in a world of malaise.

 Getting rid of the mental clutter that collects
And blends into the life stream is hopeful hygiene.
As all things need a cleaning, the psyche is one
That should get top priority ‘til the job’s done.
What I broadcast to others I want to be clean
Sensing clearly that this is what wellness expects.

The Wizard Of Odds

The Waning of the Reign

From the land of The Odds, recollection have I
That, were I not in Kansas, my life might improve.
If that still were the premise I’d follow each day –
To fly off to a next state that sees it my way –
Then all effort is focused on making that move.
If I stay here my spirit is likely to die.

But is that a bum story? I know I can be
In the lap of fulfillment of all my desires
Notwithstanding the torment that I misperceive.
That my magic is brighter I’m damned to believe.
Raging yet within me are those distant wildfires
On that stage where The People now clearly can see.

Frightfully ugly Odds can get in a few years
Of the reign of a wizard who curses this land.
Some would use the word, ‘treason,’ as truly it fits.
Justice may be eluded as karma permits.
There are some flying monkeys who now understand
That support for this wizard spell binds them in fears.

I had pulled back the curtain. Unlike the canine,
Seeing not a soul in there, with sense of smell lost,
The projection confused me. Relying on wit
For the sorting of truth from the blast of bullshit
Is obsessive/compulsive and too high a cost
To the human I can be when I’m feeling fine.

So, why do I keep writing? Do I fan the flames
On the stage where the image yet draws attention
By command through psychosis and cheap magic tricks?
No matter what is happening, I’ll get my fix
When expounding verbosely. My work won’t be done
‘Til my spirit releases all that ego claims.

Physical Attraction

A Law of Motion

Energies of attraction are of many kinds.
Norths and south poles of magnets are one example
Demonstrating connecting, opposing forces.
I am of the right mind to explore what this says
Of the vibes among people. Direct is the pull
Among those of one species by nature’s guidelines.

The waves, though they’re invisible, have an effect
That is seen in reality strict to the law.
Poles and souls that are unlike are made to attract.
With much to give each other, the pair form a pact
That is not always pleasant and absent of flaw.
Lessons taught to each other command soul respect.

Of the wavelengths and frequencies sent and received
Among all who, alive now, create the force field
Of the planet magnetic in so many ways,
Those of peace and enlightenment will create rays
Radiant with abundance. The hope to be healed
Of hateful hysteresis is better believed.

Also seen as electrons, our paths well-defined
On the substrate of sameness contingent to earth,
We traverse the same circuits to potential high
Then return to earth ground where, in essence, we die…
To re-enter the cycle upon a new birth.
To think in such a manner I’m deeply inclined.

Things Of Beauty

Sentient Artform

Everything has its season. It’s written in stone,
In scripture, and in nature – in fact, everywhere
That the mind perceives cycles and recurring themes.
Time to be wide awake or to wallow in dreams
Is assigned by the author whom one may compare
To oneself if divinity is to be known.

Beauty sings of relationship joyfully made
In the cool heat of passion and radiant bliss.
Overwhelming sensations define when it’s time
For the sharing of magical living sublime.
Punctuating eternity with a first kiss
Will ensure future meetings will not be delayed.

How life looks to the lone self is also a thing
That can be of great beauty. The law affects all
In the way that connectedness is the ideal
That makes real everything any self wants to feel.
Cultivating one’s season is not playing small.
Happiness in good measure is what it will bring.

With all acts of all kinds and always taking place
Among manifold cultures, all perform at will
To enhanced evolution of all that we are.
In a very short time we have come very far.
Beauty to the beholder is crafted by skill
Of the burning desire for living in grace.

Up In Here

Broadcast Entrapment

The air once was magnetic to such a degree
That signal saturation could only occur
Within just a few mindsets networked to program
A self-righteous society who gave a damn
For the concept of freedom To Be, as it were,
Anyone who they wanted indubitably.

In the air of technology digits replace
Every wavelength conceived. They’ve been banned from the sky.
Streams of data more powerful with intellect
Infiltrate every crevasse and cannot respect
Inundating communion. They won’t even try
Because binary business knows nothing of grace.

As the world’s populations continue to rise
Yet another replacement will handle the load
Of the need for more input from some soothing source.
What gets pumped into homes now all fully endorse
Through released information that people encode
With their habits of living as something else dies.

Up In Here is the homelife – not part of a wall
To be viewed like a window to reality.
Solitude in confinement yet breathing fresh air,
I am fed by my spirit which is not out there
In the wild west of intercourse. Wiser I’ll be
Having made the commitment to not playing small.

Consciousness Reexamined

The Eternally Occurring Revisitation

“Why does anything need to exist?” I inquire
In the torment of thinking that life must make sense.
It’s the one biggest question that can be explained.
There’s a mystical logic that must be maintained.
Consciousness is the First Cause and is the thing whence
All else came into being out of its desire.

Cumbersome are such concepts as infinity,
and eternity to my lost mind.

Time, I know, is illusion, but how can that be
Since my knowing depends on it so completely?
Consciousness can’t take boredom, so it is inclined
To creating diversions in its quest to be.

The Moment is a mental construct to be used
As the platform for reaching the understanding
Of the nature eternal existence commands.
Everything is of spirit, and being demands
Its freedom of expression above everything.
History is a clockwork to keep it amused.

What may seem to be happening as I observe
I can give not The Moment to judge either way
If what is is of essence that I can relate
To my best understanding. The world I create
Is the only one valid on this troubled day.
A break from all ‘reality’ I well deserve.

Be Aware Of Manipulations

Look Closer

Insecure is the feeling prevailing among
Citizens of the nation this election day.
The past four years have seemed like a decade or more.
The uncertainty comes from what happened before.
We expected an outcome that would go our way
But into utter darkness the country was flung.

Powerful the subconscious is in times of need.
All the human collective is at full alert
For the kinds of deception that keep taking place.
Is it fair to say that it is all about race?
It’s much more about feelings and how they get hurt
At the hands of the wicked few fettered by greed.

Powerful negative emotions harbor some.
Here and there may be skirmishes heated and raw
To the sense of civility most demonstrate.
The last time, I was saddened, but I didn’t hate.
So, there is a dichotomy. But for the law,
Rampant mayhem would ensue and all would succumb.

Being uncompromising and rigidly tied
To one’s choice ideology is not the way
To win friends and influence folks if that’s the goal.
Or perhaps some would rather retain the dark soul.
Either way, for the many, this is a bright day –
One in which we recover our national pride.

Emotional Life

The Drama of the Art

Personal, domestic, and emotional parts
Of the life come together harmoniously.
Integrated and at one with oneself, one can
Form relationships easily without a plan.
As a total person and speaking truthfully,
One may romance the master and win other’s hearts.

Approaching everything as if it were your mate
Is a good or a tragic thing depending on
Your technique and soul character. There can be bliss
Happily ever after the very first kiss.
From the wellspring of guidance through spirit is drawn
What is needed by each and both to make life great.

Give and take – the dichotomy each must engage
To maintain the commitment – is nurtured and learned
Through observing examples of wholesome living.
Acted out, then, they become most stimulating
In the quest for companionship. Love is not earned.
This common misperception evades center stage.

In the spotlight by night and the sunlight by day,
Being open and honest, emotions run deep,
So to keep them too well hidden cannot be wise.
Made a part of one’s realness are integral lies
That erode close encounters and renders them cheap.
Passionate we were meant to be while here at play.

Finding That Place

Profound Self-Awareness

Elusive qualities in abundance have you
Yet you don’t realize. You don’t appreciate
What you have, therefore you may doubt your worthiness.
But you have a strong spirit with which to address
Challenges existential. With love you create
A safe path that your sorrows and you can get through.

Self-awareness you have. Community plays
A big part in your inner growth and sense of pride
Through attack insurmountable to lesser souls.
Your lesson is that you are the one who controls
What input you accept and how you feel inside.
Perceptive and courageous, you do command praise.

Adopted quite unknowingly then rejected
For not looking like others look, life has been hard
But it has also been short. Your youth is your key
To remaining unfettered by what others see
With contempt and with eyes spiritually scarred.
You can sense there’s a bright future for you ahead.

Most intently you’re focused on Finding That Place
Where there are others like you and where you belong.
Perseverance brings heartbreak, but you carry on
As your hopefulness guides you to a brighter dawn
And the way that you look and sound never are wrong.
What had been lost, then found, is nature’s warm embrace.

Artistic Matters

Concern With Expression

To attract the attention of those who discern
Things of exquisite taste in the world around us,
One must do something different from all the rest.
Contrast, texture, bright color, and affect expressed
Is what’s unique and novel enough to discuss
And behold as a work of aesthetic concern.

Attracting circumstances most picture perfect
Is accomplished by going the uncharted way
To the creative spirit. Direct is the course
That the artist within you exists to endorse.
Beauty of the beholder is what’s on display.
Each comes half way in finding the means to connect.

Relations public and social facilitate
Wide exposure to beauty. Attention is ours
To the greatness of works of art plentiful here
When the eyes are made whole in the absence of fear.
Anyone who creates from the dust of the stars
Is endowed with the freedom to reach a high state.

Prominent are the figures who put out the best
In the eyes of beholders who are listened to
For their expert beholding of lesser value.
What is considered art, then, should give one a clue
As to which voice to listen to and what to do
To remain positive as spirit would suggest.

The Voiceless Orator


Proving yourself to be adventurous and strong,
You enjoy challenges reflecting who you are.
It’s your duty, your feel, to support those in need.
Motivated by love and honor, you proceed
With your most valiant efforts that none find bizarre.
Anywhere courage is shown is where you belong.

You don’t cherish loose morals. Focused you can be
On what is most important in the here and now.
Most aware of your intellect are those who know
Having seen your keen trickery. Wisdom you show
For the ignorant one who would call you a cow
And for all who bear witness with clear eyes to see.

You communicate perfectly well without speech
But with something much better – the best of horse sense
And a handful of rugged sounds. Gestures you use
To instruct or command but mostly to amuse.
In others you instill both strength and confidence.
Others value your wit and what you have to teach.

Loyal you are most deeply to your beloved friend.
Lasting bonds between kindred souls stronger become
Over time, through eternity, and far beyond
As each knows what is said the other will respond
To confirm the exchanging, never playing dumb
To a world most observant yet kind in the end.

A Marvelous Effect?

A Sight for the Sore Mind’s Eye

Oldest ways that don’t work well are hard to release
Since their roots have grown deeper than had been conceived.
I placate the delusion that I am a plant,
So pretending I can’t move is something I can’t
Do without some deception in what is perceived
As the present reality ceases to cease.

 How the fractal evolves do I not mind to see?
Only in my best daydreams does motion occur.
I can call that illusion committing no sin
But of day to day living where do I begin
To Be sense while within it as I would prefer?
If someone knows the answer, don’t notify me.

Normally my perceptions of reality
Are distorted sufficiently, so I’m aware
Of some things that some others may not easily.
The reverse is true also. Together all see
What no single one can, and the vision I share
Cluelessly of consciousness must satisfy me.

Joining with the collective while widely awake
Daunts the hell out of daylight wherever it’s shown.
Where within the abnormal my heart would reside,
Does exist still the need that I must feel the pride
That I feel is deserved? And do I speak alone
In a bubble unnoticed and for no one’s sake?

Love And Affection

True Bliss of the Heart

Dreams of Love And Affection for some are most real
All the time and forever through life unending.
Seeming like such a fairytale how can it be
Since it’s so incongruent with reality?
My confessions of ignorance are a wellspring
Of a fool’s tears of hindsight I cannot conceal.

Having known what warmth feels like, in total recall,
Strong connection to spirit is all that remains
Of what was made available right from the start
That I lost through obsession and under-sized heart.
Taught am I of the wonder that this world contains
That surpasses all else. In fact, evil is small.

Children are of our making. In them we take pride
And through them more responsible we must become.
Laboring is the loving through family ties
Integrated with others. Loved ones recognize
 That the moments we cherish make life more wholesome.
Nurturing tender feelings makes one warm inside.

In the home good relations with others begins.
Family is the center of the universe.
Galaxies people form across all the expanse.
Those of you who have family are our best chance
As one race of evolving beyond the perverse
And be absolved of our most original sins.

A Self-Assertive Mood

Taking Life On

Going best with a big head, a bigger ego
Brings a boost to self-confidence, vitality,
And feeling generally on top of the world.
When good luck is a knob that is righteously knurled
Every nice guy and gal who, assertive like me,
Shows the world what to look at and what it should know.

The influence is extremely favorable
That I have over others, and they over me.
Back and forth energy bounces and becomes more
Which maintains my position and keeps high my score.
Backing down is no option, so effectively
I can feign some stupidity yet I’m guileful.

Solving problems creatively is an instinct
That is used when it’s necessary to get done
What we all should be doing to make the world right.
I will rattle your cage, but don’t get too uptight.
I will finish whatever job I have begun.
Differences among us are rather distinct.

Without upsetting others to lethal degree
That may cause disillusion of relative peace,
One can usher awakening to a new dawn
Where the sharing of good is what life depends on
And the crafting of evil will greatly decrease.
Bursting out with excitement is simply a plea.

Scary Bear Daycare

Accomplished Yet Friendly

Driven by strong ambition to rise to the top
Of your chosen profession, your work excites you.
Progressive and accomplished, you love a fair game
Of friendly competition where there is no shame
In defeat. Being modest and laid-back, your view
Of the world is a stage with a happy backdrop.

Confidence is your credo. Tenacious and tough,
You are intimidating and proud to be so.
But you’re also sincere… quite in tune with insight
Enough so that you help others’ futures be bright.
Bred in you is dichotomy, and what you show
Is your best self to others. To you, that’s enough.

When your world is turned upside down, you can adjust
And take responsibility seriously.
Frightened by human babies, you handle them well.
You will sacrifice everything rather than sell
Yourself short on your keen sense of morality.
You are known to be someone most others can trust.

Learning from your encounters, for worse or better,
With creatures who are alien to all you know,
You can cultivate wisdom and share it with those
Whose mistaken beliefs they may blindly impose
Upon all of society. And as you grow
To spiritual fullness, good times shall occur.

A Satisfying Experience

Consumer Satisfaction

Deeply satisfying experiences are
Worth giving some acknowledgment. Kindness this way,
Will ensure that all future encounters will be
Customer service working most efficiently.
With more freedom and gusto in how people play,
Meaningfulness in living is not so bizarre.

 Personal and important are most of our needs
So the opportunity to make a good sell
Is presented most clearly to all who are sane.
Ignorance of the fact yields mediocre gain.
Sensitive and connected are those who do well
As the cycle of intercourse rightly proceeds.

Attracting abundance is made easier when
Value can be assessed and appreciated
In everything offered. Its rawness of worth
As perceived through my vision is rarified earth
Which can then be transformed into my daily bread.
The occurrence most gracious must happen again.

Each of us is both customer and company.
When we mingle with others we conduct business.
States of heightened expression of love and goodwill
Neutralize disillusionment. We may fulfill
Dreams of unending profit and glowing success
By remembering to be the best we can be.

Playful Matchmaker

Sophisticated Collaborative Talent

You take part in larger-than-life endeavors, and
With well-meaning intentions, you make yourself known
By simply keeping focused. The final outcome
Will be positive, long-lasting, and ripe for some
Entertaining calamity. Playfully prone
To tender ingenuity, proud is your stand.

 You’re a frisky old rascal and goofy as hell.
Having so many puppies, one would think that you
Would have more sense about you, but you prove folks wrong.
Confidently responsible, you get along
Well with others because it’s the right thing to do.
You are socially agile and integrate well.

Working equally well with others or alone,
You excel at collaboration and achieve
The fulfillment of wishes that you’ve taken on.
The task may be enormous, but you’re no moron.
Your friends are most supportive because they believe
You have leadership qualities and a backbone.

Playfulness is your pudding. Loyalty to fun
And commitment to caring are gifts that you share.
Mutual understanding means all can depend
On the help of all others to safely transcend
Perilous situations. Willingness to care
Is the means to enlightenment for everyone.

Imaginative Power

Mind As Messenger

Subtlety of expression and focused intent
Allow my best ideas to remain afloat.
Sailing on the horizon, the mind is at sea
In pursuit of whatever may satisfy me.
As I master illusion, the time I devote
To advancing in wisdom indeed is well spent.

Imaginative Power I generate.
The sensation of sea sickness I manage by
Concentrating on calmness and staying awake.
For the sake of the voyage, it’s one huge mistake
To be lulled into slumber while wondering why
Life has rudely forsaken my will to create.

Fogginess is an issue. With mind opened wide,
On some days, storm clouds gather. The sea becomes rough.
The imbalance unsettles me. After a while,
When things have settled down, then the light will beguile
My spirit damp and heavy with favor enough
To feel rejuvenated in unfettered pride.

Worlds of dreams and of spirit and realms of the deep
Inundate my subconscious. My fantasy brings
Fertileness to imaginative processes.
I enhance my aesthetics with relative ease.
While in touch with reality creative things
Of all kinds motivate me and keep me from sleep.


Insurmountable Joy

New beginnings in fashion cyclic and ornate
Are for people to celebrate good times ahead
That have now begun happening. Now is to cheer
In a loud enough manner to dissipate fear.
When the masses are ready to rise from the dead
Ways of old to rebirth, then there’s no time to wait.

I’m less likely to hold back a word that I write.
History is a fractal of which I’m a part.
Languages of all nations and peoples worldwide
Have our passion in common. Can that be denied
By the spirit that moves us to speak from the heart?
Hell has been brought upon us. The future is bright.

I receive impulses from within how I feel,
Who I am, and what keeps me still wanting to live
Quite in spite of the struggle to see the beauty
In the nature of ugliness so that I’ll be
In a place where I better can learn to forgive.
In this way I can go for the lofty ideal.

In the reconnecting to the theme central to
The awakened identity, one can embrace
The unknown with compassion by infinite grace.
To ensure the survival of our human race
Can we do without hatred? We’re in the right place
For a grand Celebration for what we’ve been through.

Taking A Stand

Individual Indignation

Convincing someone to get excited today
Is the mind’s occupation. It finds no relief
Until fire is ignited under someone’s ass.
…Or I could use it to create content of class.
May it show just the same force as my strong belief
In the freedom of speaking. Do hear what I say.

In no need for an argument, must I defend
My position with vigor, expecting defeat?
Vehemence is successful in love and in sport,
But regarding diplomacy, does it fall short
In achieving the purpose of hitting the street
(As it were) through my writing? All that must depend.

 But on what? …social standing and search engine rank?
I know not yet the network of earning my place
As my digital dick width is morbidly small.
Virtual is the nature of my own brick wall.
All of we who commune in a psychic embrace
Share the ill-expressed knowing. Our true selves we thank.

 With alertness, intent communication flows
As the intricate clockwork of all that takes place
In the vast world around me performs its own dance.
I can verbalize any bizarre circumstance
In aesthetic attunement to infinite grace
By providing what spirit through me must disclose.

Far From Difficult

Much Closer to Easy

Finding birds of one’s own feather, futile it seems,
While consumed in the earth, not having taken flight.
Is there anyone here in this sky besides me?
Well, of course there are. It’s just that I cannot see
Because they are in spirit immersed in pure light.
Selves with bodies attached are forsaken extremes.

Pleasant time I am having so far as I play
Through this day most fulfilled in my usual tasks.
Simply seeking perfection – a bit here and there
To take note, as I find it, what there is to share
With a world that will care is all that this self asks.
I will get what I long for in some other way.

It’s no time for job interviews. One rugged fart
I’ll reserve for a company. I’m on my own
Independently nurtured directly from Source.
Survival of the fittest
is done by brute force.

There’s just something about that I cannot condone.
Is it wise, in this case, that I fake well my part?

Discontent among others yet fresh in the mind
Is the challenge by choice that is easily made
Where awareness and free will let go and combine
In a newness of comfort. My mood is benign
In the presence of all else as I am portrayed
As one somewhat defeated and socially blind.

Taking It Easy

Basking In Simplicity

Difficult it is for me to feel any way
But completely at peace. The contentment I know
In this breathtaking moment I do wish would last
But reality feeds an uncertain broadcast.
My perceptive antenna receives overflow.
Hazardous transmissions lead my spirit astray.

My feelings are lighthearted. My nature is sweet.
It occurs maybe often, but now I’m aware
Of a purer vibration… perhaps of the soul.
When I’m bitter, my deeds can get out of control.
Windows of opportunity are rather rare.
I had better choose not to keep life incomplete.

I don’t feel much like working… except doing this.
It’s becomes more like leisure. Hoping it won’t show
Is not even an issue. Is anyone here?
Could it be that I’m just not a fucking Shakespeare?
Dandelions or dicks ether a person can blow
And to Hell with the latter! I’ll stay in my bliss.

Perseverance is effortless. Looking ahead
Or behind to past failures and foolish false starts
Is an exercise futile. As all are the same,
Everyone enjoys freedom. My infinite aim
Is to bask in my blindness as spirit imparts
All I need in this moment. I am not misled.

News From The Psyche

Subconscious Knowledge

Positive and creative is growth overall,
And my soul’s evolution I see as profound
With experience suited to draw my concern
To a life more rewarding. No longer I yearn
For what pleases most others and keeps them spellbound.
The emotions pervading me are nothing small.

Satisfaction I no longer have for suspense
Of a devious nature that’s meant to control
My free will and behavior to meet the soiled needs
Of the beast ever present whose most evil deeds
Are the acts of the devil who lives in each soul.
I can find fulfillment where it makes the most sense.

Logic and intuition become true allies.
As the News From The Psyche, presented to each,
Is absorbed and processed, much more understanding
  Of myself and of others is most exciting.
There’s no urgent conclusion that I need to reach.
Therein lies simple truth that could make me more wise.

Conscious workings of habits subconscious and firm
And the unconscious patterns that misrepresent
Who I am at my best, I spend much time on now.
Pre-reviewing of my colored life I allow
For those here now and in spirit with the intent
Simply to entertain folk and not make them squirm.

Completely Rebuilt

Bravely Flirtatious

Attracting others with my big, beautiful smile
Is a talent I live for. I like being blue.
It’s a color of coolness, which suits me quite well.
From all walks of life, people’s hearts I do impel
To rebuild in each moment a positive view.
It is useless to see life as one constant trial.

Delightful yet observant and brave I must be
In the heights of society. So well to do
Are the vehicles’ people that doubt I’ll fit in
Without losing my pride may do harm to my grin.
With much love and affection I can make it through
Regular maintenance keeps me running fear free.

My wellbeing increases my self-confidence
And helps keep up my youthfulness. Love at first glance
Is what I want to happen when I interact.
It’s important I make a terrific impact
Whether it’s by my own choice or if it’s by chance.
I’ll take life at face value and at my expense.

At expressing my love, I’m also very good.
My experiences have taught me to be kind
To the people I know and to cars on the way
To wherever they’re going throughout every day.
As my spirit awakens, I’m fully aligned,
And my purpose for being is well understood.

Dispassionate Diva

The Woman Scorned

Realistic she is and romantic as well.
Her experiences revolve mostly around
The important relationships she must sustain.
Partnerships she will manage for maximum gain.
Difficult circumstances often get her down.
She’s contempt for most men, and it’s easy to tell.

Courage and ingenuity are her best traits.
She has myriad others, but these are the ones
Where her strength and her will have the right to evolve.
Confidence and resourcefulness help her to solve
The most intricate puzzles. Her intellect stuns
All but those who respect her as honor dictates.

Must she be so seductive, deceptive, and cross
To feel loved and supported? She knows that’s not so.
Worldly wise yet enchanting, devotion is hers
To the welfare of others and all that occurs
Among those whom she cares for. She’s able to grow
Through selfless exploration and sensing no loss.

Happy endings in real worlds are purposely rare
Because it’s a hard schoolhouse. The soul must expend
Large amounts of its energy simply to be
A well-functioning unit. On earth one can see
But finite possibility, so to pretend
Compliments understanding and reason to care.

A Change Of Pace

Spiritual Realignment

What can I do today that is different from
What I’ve done for the march of days many gone past?
…Maybe nothing if doing is finite a thing.
Possibilities endless does my free will bring
To the instant eternal. By letting time last
There is much less about life I need overcome.

Am I bored with my daily routine in a way
That commands my attention most urgently so?
Or am I just a little disquieted now
While caught up in the atmosphere not knowing how
To address the sick feeling that I dare not show
Lest the backlash be lethal and loud a display?

Departure from convention need not cause me fear.
Spontaneity takes care of that with dispatch.
What is done while I’m being will change in some way
That is truly unique in the spirit of play.
I’m prepared not for finding an ugly mismatch
When the truth of what matters in life is made clear.

Unexpected events are a pleasant surprise
If I’m in the right spirit with mind open wide
To whatever may move me. The best Change Of Pace
Is a day without thinking at all about race
Nor of races upcoming, downgoing, or fried.
It’s a day to turn off shit and then become wise.

Made Sacred

Preserved In Perfection

The immortal archetypal reality
That perfect dedication to life must reveal
Displays wings of bright colors. Bodies pinned by darts,
What remains is the knowledge that killing imparts.
From the ocean of potential comes the ideal
Differentiation into that which shall be.

Sacred is the autumnal. It’s change is grotesque
In its confounded elegance, as it’s perceived.
Natural preservation The Season performs.
Human intellect masters the elusive swarms
Of its answers to questions. The goal, once achieved,
Is a tacky collection to sit on some desk.

 Self-assertion decreases in momentum when
The most colorful Season the cycle contains
Calls for forming collectives and strengthening bonds.
What we learn, when Made Sacred, the spirit responds
By becoming enlightened and loosening chains
That have been kept tight ever since Satan was ten.

What is fixed in perfection becomes then more whole.
The process is completion and moving ahead
Through the next cyclic phases. The instants left free
Will provide ample contrast the soul needs to see.
Life reaches full perfection before being dead.
 While alive the enormity evades control.

The Innovator

Weaver of Dreams

I may wake up one midnight and find all asleep.
Now, that would be unusual. Normal would be
To see their spirits hovering in the night sky
Dancing with one another with no reason why
That it feels most appropriate to all agree
To suspend all aggression that karma must reap.

If the dawn of the new day reveals things have changed
Into something more peaceful and much less intense
With inscrutable drama and ‘civil’ war fears,
Is it, then, an uncanny occasion for cheers?
Change comes only with intent of we who make sense.
We can play the game fairly and oust the deranged.

Beginning again on a new foundation of
Consciously assessed values, The Innovator
Within each of us beacons to all of like heart
To perform what is needed to make a new start.
With full light in our truth, we become Creator
Of the next generation conceived in pure love.

Sudden and unexpected hateful theatrics
Is the skill of the showman who cannot shine bright
Of his own incandescence because there is none.
Light reflected from others shows what we must shun.
All will soon come awake from this horrific night.
After time spent rejoicing, there’ll be much to fix.

Smoke And Mirrors

The Never Ending Illusion

Need one go to the devil or just sit in place
And observe what is happening on some device?
Satan has made his presence for those who believe
That personified evil will grant no reprieve
From the ongoing nightmare. It doesn’t think twice
All at once of supremacy for the white race.

Not perceived in the darkness and stale, misty haze
Is a stage even blacker. The psychic ink hole
Draws those near it into it. Their certain demise
Comes to everyone else but them not a surprise.
What is feared may be known is the hate in its soul
As expressed through its armies prepared for ‘last days.’

We can see not the drama in true light of day.
Everything made mysterious, all that is shown
Is appended illusion to make the shell game
Just a bit more spectacular – and there’s no shame.
Those who dare rewrite history, let it be known
That you, as the minority, won’t get your way.

Naïve are not the hated who manage their fear
On a day-to-day basis. The madness may come
Unexpectedly swiftly. My life is worth less
Since this demon stole office. I can’t second guess
What the wild have conspired by the beat of his drum.
Will I be any safer when this stage is clear?

Creative Centralization

Gathering the Harvest

Transmutation of fruits of experience past
Into realizations claims purpose like seed.
Eternal Creative Spirit Centered Within
Is fulfillment of consciousness. When to begin
A new cycle is always according to need
To repolarize energies caught in contrast.

New beginnings are cyclic. Each one that occurs
Is a part of the rhythm that everything makes.
The new order approaching is eagerly shared
By the tribe who are now more than fully prepared
To partake of the harvest. Excitement outbreaks
Shall erupt due to justice for our saboteurs.

Unsustainable cycles in time lose their strength
And will dampen completely when left to die out.
Ones that must be kept going are those that can grow
In the earth made abundant where freedom can flow.
Now, that milk-honey mixture does leave me some doubt.
It appears that it has much too great a wavelength.

 I’m not that big on dairy… but back to my point…
Those who share aspirations and see the same signs
Had begun joining forces toward something worthwhile
To ensure all return to a saner lifestyle
In a wholistic garden where spirit defines
The same care for our welfare nature does anoint.

Tiny Package Of Bigness

Heart Full Of Love

I must follow my heart to wherever it leads.
Others don’t always understand my cherished dream.
Much too idealistic I am for some folk.
But their doubts don’t dissuade me. My love is no joke.
It brightly radiates from my heart in a stream.
Being helpful to others is what on it feeds.

Proud I am to be gentle and wise in my ways.
My innate optimism and warmth is my light.
As spirits are uplifted in those I’m around
There is no satisfaction greater to be found.
With the troubles I may have, I’m given insight
Making sure I’m in love is how I spend my days.

Entertaining my guests of all kinds pleases me.
I appear torn and tattered and somewhat beat down.
Though I have had some struggle, that’s all in the past
Where it stays in control so the present can last.
I shall never become someone of great renown.
Song and dance I do offer absolutely free.

Expecting no reward for the good deeds I do,
I become overwhelmed by the bountiful grace
That I’d dreamed exists only in heaven above.
I’m astonished to witness responses to love.
When I meet with my true love there in outer space
From eternal fulfillment will be my new view.


…And The Word Is Made Spirit

Wise ones reveal their secrets to students intent
On achieving enlightenment. Knowledge received
Is a solid foundation upon which is built
A new world more awake and where less blood is spilt.
Those who seed the ideas of insight conceived
Have been long at experiencing our assent.

The illusion of descent is so hard to shake.
Yet there are proven techniques to help us along.
They involve a new mindset with heart open wide
To the peace that is possible if we decide
As a human community that all belong
And are equal in essence. So much is at stake.

‘When the pupil is ready, the Master appears.’
Many are the disguises that wisdom can take.
There’s uncanny assurance that light has occurred.
One magnificent sign is that spirit is stirred.
Life becomes a lot clearer and much less opaque.
Students who are not ready remain in their fears.

What matters is the Mastery – not the Master.
The art in the revealing is subtle yet strong.
The process is Transmission of beingness to
Those in search of solutions. Great is the breakthrough
That the soul will encounter in time not too long.
Is this not quite the way anyone would prefer?

Conquest Of Illusion

Getting Outside

In deafness to allurement by current turmoil
In the eye of disaster, the wise one is sent
Far beyond the illusion into deeper space.
What is needed is somewhere so one can erase
Tension pent up due to existential torment
And solutions consisting of rancid snake oil.

Spirit beacons the weary to find their release
Knowing that doing so is with difficulty.
While immersed, the illusion, with strength all its own,
Makes one feel disempowered. The heart turns to stone,
And while blind but to chaos, no hope can one see.
Vehicles of upliftment transport us to peace.

Sacred space omnipresent is reached by the soul
With attention unshaken by current events.
Much reconciliation is done from within,
And without the distraction, new starts can begin.
Sanity is one resource that this world prevents
From unlimited access, and such is its role.

Unwelcomed are intrusions that mock solitude
And perform acts unnatural, vile, and perverse
To one’s sense of self-worth and to feeling a part
Of a viable universe. Kindness of heart
Comes about by detaching oneself from the curse
And by keeping oneself in a positive mood.

Eager For Business

Always Ready and Able

Capable and supportive; intent yet carefree,
Busy beavers are special. They get the job done!
Unexpected rewards come through hard, honest work.
Their innate sense of duty means that they won’t shirk
From the biggest tasks ever. In fact, they have fun
In the business of being who they’re meant to be.

With the focus on one goal at one time alone,
Work is managed efficiently and with finesse.
Others may offer help. He accepts it with grace,
And he’ll reciprocate with a smile on his face.
Anyone he will help who he finds in distress.
His delightfully friendly nature is well known.

He’s at ease around strangers as well as with friends.
And his chosen vocation, seen in high regard,
Is a thing he’s most proud of. It certainly shows
As remarks from the creatures who know him disclose.
Being such a fine gentleman isn’t that hard
When one knows there are spiritual dividends.

A hard worker is wholesome. At one with the earth,
There can be no escaping nature’s providence.
The world has much more meaning, and life is success.
Nothing else but a cartoon begins to express
Basic tenets of living for we shy of sense.
Again, this is my pleasure, for all that I’m worth.


Holy Communion

Kindred spirits united around the campfire
Is a circle illumined but still insecure
In the light that is dawning. Yet hope remains strong
That a world can exist where all people belong.
Inspiration of new values sacred and pure
Fill the hearts of the young with transcendent desire.

‘Beaten paths are for beaten ones,’ it had been said
By one visionary just a few years ago.
In this truth, there is freedom to go one’s own way
Or to join a group effort. The part each can play
Is to pioneer peacefully but with gusto
To the wilds of the unknown that are just ahead.

The commune forms a chalice – a grail that receives
Inspiration creative from forces benign
And of infinite consciousness. Warm is the glow
Of the flicker reorganizing what we know
Toward a higher consensus where ideals align.
With one purpose united, no one misconceives.

Centralizing all issues, the fire draws us in.
The closeness of connection each one of us shares
With all other disciples of wisdom and light.
As this age is remembered as one most uptight,
We’ll be watching from spirit. And as for our heirs,
We’ll be guiding their work so healing can begin.

Soft Lights

Ethereal Magic

Feeling somewhat artistic yet dreamy this day,
Dealings unrealistic are meant to evolve
In the way that is natural. Sunlight is shade
In divinity’s shadow where heart is conveyed
As soft hues of contentment completely absolve
The most sin-laden soul so that it learns to pray.

Inspiration can manifest in many ways
During times of reflection on life while alone
With oneself and the spirit that dwells in us all.
For today all the big issues shall remain small.
The business of reality I will postpone
Until I find transcendental peace in my daze.

Daydreaming is a blessing that time must allow.
Inalienable is the right we possess
To explore with abandon our cherished ideal.
In a world only I control, deep wounds I’ll heal.
My return to the real world with much reduced stress
Will be one where I function the best I know how.

The imagination, timeless honored and vast,
Is the fertile condition for self to unfold.
A new sense of compassion and feeling less weight
Comes about through intent and the drive to create.
The eternal adventure is yet to be told
With immutable passion that I have amassed.

Mutual Expectations

Loving Contracts

Duty and obligation like paradise feel
When the two made to oneness will soon become more.
Mutual Expectations are those, who, in love,
Have in complete contentment. They function above
All the chaos and drama because what’s in store
Is a new life to cherish. Their faith is ideal.

Sober and realistic, the structure maintained
Does require much in effort. It’s all for the good
Of the family unit. The labor she knows
Is the anchor upon which stability grows.
 Powerful is the essence of her motherhood.
Her profoundness of image is left unexplained.

Realness in the relationship comes at a cost
That becomes an investment enabled to grow
To the peak of maturity and far beyond.
There is no force on earth that can sever this bond.
Nuclear is the unity that the two know.
What they know now is sacred and cannot be lost.

Becoming more responsible, like breathing air,
In an unconscious manner, defines drudgery.
When pure freshness is drawn from the atmosphere made
From the love grown between them, to all is displayed
An alternative backdrop that others may be
Reinvested in living and loving to care.

Practice In The Presence Of God

...Through the eyes of the innocent

From the earth God is distant. He cannot be reached.
Direct communication is viewed as evil.
The hijacking of bodies by demons some think
Is no worthwhile occurrence. The soul’s on the brink
Of eternal damnation. The myth does fulfill
Doctrines of separation that holy ones preach.

If divine intercession is all that can be
Then structure is erected to generate need
For a path to salvation. The message implied
Is Original Sickness. God’s grace is denied
To imperfect rule followers weak in their creed.
Blinding faith in the practice is no guarantee.

Ceremony transcendent confounds the belief
That we each are connected to God’s loving light.
Structure is of the cosmos – a perfect mobile.
Representative form exists but for a while
In the practice of worship in manner contrite.
Understanding of our purgatory is chief.

An old man with a scepter.. a censer, the child…
Artifacts to raise spirit are used in the faith
That worldwide congregations will fall into line.
Until eternal judgment we are by design
Too afraid of becoming a hell destined wraith.
Only through other humans are we reconciled?


Elegance in Social Grace

As the standards of excellence are for display
To perpetuate honor, slowly we evolve
Into creatures of spirit in touch with the earth.
Cultural is the ritual given much worth.
There remains, though, an inherent problem to solve
Since not all in the kingdom can have their own way.

Spirit foremost we are, yet while here in costume,
Acting out scripted roles from an encumbered past
Leads directly to discord and social unrest.
Why on earth would those of spirit want to protest?
Trickle down discontentment does fuel the outcast
Upon this smoke filled stage and without breathing room.

The profane and the sacred combine into one
Catastrophic enigma of leadership lost
In the sake of tradition’s enticing black hole
At the center of self as the means to control
Rights and freedoms of others at tremendous cost
To the growth of the kingdom far in the long run.

Formalism is meaningless and obsolete,
On the one hand, if guidance from spirit is nil.
Yet, the kingdom will break down if it’s not observed.
Structure and wise procedure may keep it preserved
Not by unconscious governance nor force of will
But by caring enough to condemn blind conceit.

Public Recognition

Rising Hope

Public service is honored upon the release
Of the good servant’s spirit from this world’s affairs.
They receive recognition for what they have done
Above and beyond duty with selfishness none.
Destiny, when fulfilled here, continues upstairs
(In a manner of speaking). They then work in peace.

Societal acknowledgement of work well done
For their deeds of endearment to courage unbound
Is deemed as most appropriate for paying due
To heroic achievement. The acts of a few
Who have fought the good fight in this harsh battleground
Will continue. The time for much growth has begun.

Archetypes that ensoul public office provide
Most unique frames of references to the heart
That can feel people’s voices and sense what we need
In apparent confusion. The work will proceed,
As had been long before planned, if I do my part
To become of their memory someone with pride.

Ever near to completion, the work we’re assigned
While exploring the lifespan, is passed on to those
Who’ve been shown strength and courage. It’s up to us now
To demand what is just, as our freedoms allow.
Democracy has been given a bloody nose.
Can one ever forget that unless one is blind?


Incorruptable Freedom

A young girl with a lamb on soft pillows of hay
Dressed in pink and blue jeans with a questioning smile
Is the purest of symbols of innocent grace.
In the nest of her destiny, giving embrace
To a friend of the same heart, time spent is worthwhile.
Culture benefits from watching children at play.

Many tests of existence may come. Well prepared
Is the one with support of the world at her back.
Need she worry the least about what is to come?
Or should she remain youthful and play somewhat dumb
Like the women who nurture her… People who lack
Ancient wisdom that long ago women once shared?

 Precious are the disciples whom we have ordained
In the midst of our interests and hopes and dreams
Of a better tomorrow for those living then.
Present times are what I pray won’t happen again.
Decency is the solvent to dissipate schemes
So that faith in a kinder world can be maintained.

There’s a strong bond between the young girl and the lamb.
Both indulge in simplicity. Nothing complex
Can the absence of strategy monopolize.
Honesty for its own sake does not win a prize.
Any other behavior no good one expects.
Knowing just how to be is to know who I am.

Resourcefulness And Patience

Demonstration of Masterful Control

When the need is to tame one’s vital energies,
The fulfillment of destiny is well in sight.
Truly aristocratic is one with complete
Dominion over wildness with power discrete.
Mastery of the ego is not done through might
But by wisdom of spirit with comfort and ease.

Pride exalted in status can have the effect
Of distracting the ego from what it must do
To maintain pure performance. Control can be lost
In the moment’s illusion and at severe cost
To the primary focus. Continuing through
Leaves onlookers suspicious in every respect.

Energy, when directed with firmness of touch
In a way most receptive and with kind intent,
Can produce, if by magic, behavior docile
In the wildest of beasts. Mystical is her style.
Unencumbered by rivalry, she will present
What the crowd wants to see. They’re enjoyment is much.

Fearless and most professional, risk is her game.
Skillfully it is managed, so safe is the play.
Seeming not much like work, she makes it look like fun.
Her spiritual prowess is second to none.
Archetypes of this type inherently portray
What it means to be female and honored by fame.