Group Integration

Positive Teamwok

Inculcating the feeling of teamwork among
Everyone is the challenge. Ego is the ball
That must be driven upward to a focal point
Where a circle receives it. The effort is joint
In the use of their skill to present it as small
In the large social context defined by the young.

Interestingly symbolic is the ball game.
The formation of one group acting as a whole
Is a process organic. One consciousness trains
The competitive spirit. No ego remains
Except one integrated to reaching one goal –
That of showing the world that we all are the same.

Cultural is emotional. More receptive
To the social collective and forces therein,
Girls appear more lighthearted and in it for fun.
There are rarely hard feelings when playing is done.
And no matter the victor both teams score the win.
They’re a stunning example of how we should live.

There’s no ‘life or death’ struggle. Of course there are those
Who would be the exception. Goodwill among friends
Cultivates a new truth. Glory can be time-shared.
Wholesome codes of behavior keep them well prepared.
If the team has key players, make them the team lens.
Character is the essence sorority shows.


Immitation Is Flattery

A pair in competition to show how folks live
Is a sight most delightful. To imitate those
Of flamboyant extravagance is to give praise
Of the prim of society. Fun are their ways
Of expressive enjoyment by means the clothes
Of historical culture. It’s transformative.

The rebirth of the spirit is not done alone
In a vacuous bubble. Others do partake
In conscious Emulation of life at its best.
Showing off one’s excitement is not a contest
But the conquest of boredom all for its own sake
And whatever affirms that, the heart must condone.

Glancing sideways to see how others may react
To our animate antics, we look for a sign
That assures that the audience is of fine taste.
Talent is something precious that one shouldn’t waste.
All are capable of a performance divine.
In benign utter kindness we have an impact.

People are egocentric. It’s not a bad thing
For without a keen sense of self one can’t survive.
Yet, we all need each other. So complex is pride
That we must look to spirit to act as our guide.
Often it wants to tell us to simply take five.
Emulation of spirit does good tidings bring.

Help Finding Home

A wise friend to the one who is lost

Lost from home in this ocean and not to be found
By members of my family nor all my friends,
I’m engaged in adventure, though it scares me some.
But there are wise and friendly ones to get help from.
Were there not such fine creatures whose kindness transcends
Selfishness, I’d be hopeless and misery bound.

I’m encouraged by now to keep my spirits high.
I’m determined to do all that I have to do
With a freshness of bravery and with new hope
That I’ll succeed assuredly if I can cope.
I will not give up trying. Wisdom I’ll accrue
On my way through this journey that I dignify.

Trust and friendship are golden as is family.
Lessons learned are a blessing. Within them are taught
What it means to be helpful to those who we meet.
We all share the same water. It’s best that we treat
One another in kindness with no payment sought.
Through the acts of others spirit helps me to see.

I seek my independence supported by those
Who I offer the same to in their freedom quest.
Life is ripe with adventure, yet if I get lost
I receive help abundantly without exhaust.
It’s refreshing to know that all needs are addressed
Well before they’re apparent. The wise spirit knows.

Mental Or Emotional?

The Two Sides Of The Coin

Things mental and emotional are much the same.
Heart and brain are each processors of energy
In electrical form. Each one has its own waves
That broadcast everywhere. How each center behaves
Is a matter of technique, and when they agree,
Inner peace and contentment the whole self can claim.

Wanting to be lighthearted occurs in the mind
Then the heart takes the signal and adds some intent
In response to the thought. Back and forth they converse
In the magnetic whirlpool that self may immerse
And become what is wanted one hundred percent.
Contemplating the process can make one more kind.

Socially integrated, I know where I’m strong
And where I need improvement. Wisdom I obtain
From wholesome integration of mind with the heart.
Either without the other have nil to impart
That can be of significant value or gain
In a world where we’ve no choice but to get along.

Willingness to cooperate makes the world go
In a way with less turmoil, yet pure evil will
Be contingent to living on this planet earth.
We can know as a species what is our true worth
When the mind and the heart are both quiet and still.
The two make for a winning team, I’m glad to know.

An Excursion Of Pleasure

A Spin Just For Fun

What is pleasure? My preconceived views are a blur
As I let it all happen. Then it can be known.
Movement is entertaining. Prepared for the ride,
I have no inhibitions. I’ve nothing to hide.
An Excursion Of Pleasure, though I’m fully grown,
Is a thing about life that should often occur.

Old experiences can start feeling brand new
When the young child within me is given release
And unlimited favor to nourish delight.
The aesthetics of fun is that it will excite
The disquieted spirit that it may know peace
Once again in the real world with too much to do.

Round and round go the cycles that I know so well.
Up and down does the mood swing, but it’s centered high
Above negative thresholds the adult lives in
Due to hazardous duty and pent up chagrin
Over ill perceived failures. The youth is not shy
When it comes to fulfillment. The child will excel.

Stimulation of spirit does more than can be
Well expressed by mere language, but it may effect
How words live out their meaning in brightness and hue.
Novel ways of arranging them I aim to do.
Practice leads to perfection. That’s what I expect.
Ultimate is the pleasure of being carefree.


Uncommon Loftiness

The more subtler aspects of the world around me
Become clear to my senses, and I’m more aware,
In this dream that I live, of what I need to do,
Which is just about nothing. So high is my view
That my carpet of soft clouds leaves me without care
But with new ways of dealing with all that I see.

In my dream I’m astonished, as any young child,
By the world and its makeup. How does it evolve
In the way that it does? How do I play a part?
Since I do ask these questions, have I an odd heart?
Life to me is a puzzle – one which I can solve
From a place without form so the mind can run wild.

Intuition is strong, and my insights are keen
While aloft and detached from the ruckus below.
Yet, connected securely to what is called real
Not much ever escapes me. Regret I’ll conceal
That the contrast exists. I’m not willing to show
What would then amplify what I know is obscene.

Highly active am I at a very slow pace.
Complementing my comfort and dreaming in peace,
My creative expression gets revitalized.
When I hit the page writing, I am not surprised
That I come up with good stuff that I hope won’t cease
Any time soon. Indeed, that would be a disgrace.

Unforeseen Man Effect

Unexpected Outcomes

Just a bit out of kilter with cause and effect,
I’m completely irrational. As I behave,
Unforeseen consequences betray my intent.
If I know what might happen why can’t that prevent
The chaos and calamity, as if I crave
Inconvenient surprises? I fail to expect.

Like a bolt of blue lightning, a flash of insight
To my head does a number on what was just thought.
Energized, then, the new ones branch far out of reach
Of my will to restrain them as well as my speech,
Out of fear that by some mind reader I’ll be caught.
I mean harm to no one, but does this make it right?

I can stretch a good sudden as if it were made
Of the silliest putty the mind can conceive.
With supreme elasticity instants expand
So that I can respect them as objects most grand
To the tale that a bone from a man became Eve.
To release me from bullshit, I’m on a crusade.

Arrogance does become me. I’ll not let it show.
Like all gentle young ladies I’ll fake a back seat.
Side effects of behaviors I will not express
Nor my number one purpose for being, unless
It will cause a disruption or maybe defeat
Of the primary cause of our failure to grow.

High Energy

The Low Inverse Of Matter

Energy fascinates me because it’s so high.
From where I am, it is a spectacular sight.
How to make it a feeling, my mind wants to know.
It and I, as a team, can put on a good show…
 Or a bad one if I do not know wrong from right.
Handled with proper caution, it’s worth a good try.

In the sky, on a stormy day, rain clouds converse.
When they do, sparks are seen, and their speaking is loud.
Power lines that hang over all civilized land
Transfer tons of high voltage to meet with demand
Of society’s needs. As much as we’re allowed,
We may know of this force. We cannot make things worse.

Energy that’s above us is also within.
The well-functioning body is a power plant
With its nerves as conductors. So much like machines
That we’re hooked on producing them by any means,
We apprentice magicians with wishes to grant,
Are, with regard to nature, on the verge of sin.

 Yet we need not be worried but could use a prayer.
What is basic in physics is not in our ways
Of behaving causing energy to be low
And the growth of the soul is unbearably slow.
All of life has potential to shock and amaze.
When it’s high is when I am most able to share.

Personal Growth

Desire For Independence and Physical Fulfillmemt

Personal is the nature of growth. On this day
Of my solar return to my moment of birth,
Recollections befall me, but so does relief
In the wisdom of knowing that my time is brief
As I contemplate how I’ve performed in this earth.
Have I been the topsoil or the difficult clay?

Having been fond of routine, in acquiescence
Of what I know is coming, I welcome the change
To a state without cycle wherein there is peace
From the struggle of growth. This moment I release
To existence eternal. My thoughts I’ll arrange
By emotional order. It could get intense.

Stronger I feel in many ways… others, not so.
I’ll accept the exchange as I do what I’ve done
To reflect divine light as a mirror while here.
Have I shown enough love, or have I lived in fear?
Accepting how I am now almost feels like fun
Like a game of prediction. The hell if I know!

A new cycle is started. In grace I evolve
And continue in service no dot at the end
Of this sentence means that I am not incomplete
While not here in the flesh with all hell to defeat
Even now my spirit has begun to ascend
Despite still having issues here I must resolve

In Blithesome Belligerence

Take Me Or Leave Me

Cheerfully I partake of my latent debut
Optimistically, I feel I’ll entertain.
And delight mostly everyone who’s come to see
What I must share in gratitude. But I must be
At my peak of performance and not under strain.
I’ll prepare, as I must. I am not overdue.

If I boast of a big vision but lack a plan
To make it a concrete reality, it will
Do myself an injustice… perhaps you as well.
On this stage and in costume I have truth to tell.
Given just enough skill to make you all sit still,
I will do but my best because it’s all I can.

Motivated to action by duty to be,
My excitement is focused on playing the role
Of the standard performer – a part of the team
Where support given mutually is the theme.
Arrogance nor extravagance is not the goal.
Through the act I’m empowered by all I can see.

It may feel like confinement if my pace is slow
Due to too much discernment and not enough drive.
May my need to be restless to some small degree
Feed my strongest intent to be totally free
Of behaviors that do not allow me to thrive.
What must Go On is surely something we all know.

In The Background

Emerging Patterns Behind the Scenes

Curtain Call is the climax. I’m part of the team.
Bringing forth entertainment is bred in my genes.
From the time I was young my desire to shine light
On spectacular talent felt perfectly right.
I prefer open stages (over the big screens)
Where I’m close to the action. My job is a dream.

 Working well with most others and honing my skill,
I believe seventh heaven is what I have found.
Happiness is attention to every detail
To enhance the performance. There’s no room to fail.
Service is my own fine act while In The Background.
I can feel the crowd’s pleasure. It gives me a thrill.

And along with that feeling of utter success
I have much admiration for we who provide
Entertainment to those more evolved with regard
To fine taste and aesthetics. My work isn’t hard.
Rather it’s fascinating. It gives me much pride
To be with wholesome people unfettered by stress.

  Thank God for all the artists. The world they mentor.
Archetypes acted out are life lessons to share
On a platter of silver. The ones who partake,
And in uncommon comfort, will dream while awake.
Other occupations exist but none compare
To the one, over time, I have come to adore.

Interpersonal Advancement

Sociodigital Integration

By the numbers we flourish. Each one is assigned
One when we begin working. For life it remains
The most important one. Social Security
Is the name that it goes by yet none can agree
As to what proper name it has. When one obtains
A most logical candidate, life will be kind.

Human beings are sociable naturally
In ideal situations and when in good health.
During times of calamity we can shift gears
Notwithstanding frustration and uncertain fears.
If life is a page turner, this reader by stealth
Is a part of the unfolding story to be.

Fascination with digits and technology
Comes from our need to manage population growth.
It’s by now human nature to move at light speed.
Only by keeping up can we truly succeed.
Heart and Mind the machine is of service to both.
It leaves us with more time for creativity.

Often life is impersonal and rather cold.
It may be misperception or it may be true.
It depends on the choice made. Whichever the case
There are limited options for our human race
To survive as a species and widen our view
That a more self-empowering story be told.

Breaking Free

The Age of Rebellion

Consciousness is a chamber. What more can be known?
With the larger world I have relationship some.
But, within the enclosure, myself, undefined,
Does not know its exterior nor its behind.
In the blind, all existence I must overcome.
I know not what is outside even when I’m shown.

I’ll get up enough gumption to get myself free
Of this cumbersome package that I must maintain.
In itself, it’s a self with insatiable needs.
Those of mine and the many configure my deeds.
Yet, still captive within self, I cannot explain
Why I can’t get my points across more easily.

Engaging the encasement, as one would suppose,
Is a bonafied function in which all partake.
If mine is incongruent or oddly oblique
It may be that a different freedom I seek
Where the borders of selfhood an overlap make
And the restricted ego can smell like a rose.

Social life has its constraining aspects as well
For within the group consciousness, self can get lost
And absorbed by those stronger of persuasive will.
Breaking Free of them both can be done when I’m still
And receptive to spirit no matter the cost
To the fearful exister with so much to tell.

What It All Means

Snapshot Of Infinity

Sensitive to the needs of the people around,
There’s no doubt I’m receptive… right now, anyway,
Of my own and of those who reside in deep space,
And those passed into spirit. I find it’s my place
Not to keep it unspoken. The fool would betray
Such caliber of instinct. The wise will expound.

Service Is Self-Expression. In ultimate grace,
I perceive inner knowing of what best to do
To provide a solution, or at least, support.
Friends and neighbors are irksome if I sell them short
With my fear-based vibration. No threat can ensue
When in kindness I act. Everyone I embrace.

What makes this world go ‘round is one obvious thing
That may be something totally different for
Each and every living conscious entity here.
How chromatic the fractal of need does appear
To awakened awareness eager to explore
The expanse of the cosmos. What joy it can bring.

We each have healing energy when we are well.
It’s a gift we exchange among all who we know.
Not concrete in its nature, its lasting effect
And its great subtle power command the respect
Of the wise and all willing to see goodness flow.
What It All Means is that in perfection we dwell.

Of Genuine Interest

"Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft"

Citizens of the universe, lend me your ears!
What Of Genuine Interest have I to say
To the galaxies and to the planets therein?
Let me pull out my list. Now, where do I begin?
I cannot start by uttering, “Have a nice day.”
That may come near the ending along with some cheers.

I’m concerned not about simply speaking my piece
Of the puzzle I’m fitting. I care about life
As it is on my earth. To be perfectly clear
Mine is one world confounded by hatred and fear.
Are there others out there who know more about strife?
Is there some way in heaven our sorrows may cease?

This is not a distress call. I’m just reaching out
In the blind. I know someone is able to hear,
And I will get your message when you do reply.
I will sense an odd feeling that I can’t deny,
And unlike any other it will be damned clear
To my alien nature with no sense of doubt.

Speaking not out of boredom nor desperate plea,
There’s no hint of ill motive nor notion oblique
To inspired understanding as I’m greeting you.
First Contacting is something I’m just thrilled to do.
Satisfaction in knowing is all that I seek,
And, in line with my purpose, I want more to see.


Uncrumpled Communication

Barnyard cats on a roof made of tin that is hot
Are two minds interlocked in a heated debate.
Exchanging my ideas with others can be
Sometimes not worth the bother. If we can’t agree
Then there’s no sense arguing until it’s too late
For civility. Then discord enters the plot.

Time and energy wasted in foolish chit-chat
Controversial in essence by nature is vain.
Egos value appearance. To put on a show
To tell others I meet with how much more I know
Is one sure way to end up among the insane
In a well padded lockup. There’s no need for that.

Difficulty in speaking my mind I have not
Yet I’m willing and open to hearing all sides
To a logical argument. Keep still the heart
I must do when I find that I’m taking full part
In communing with spirit. It faithfully guides
The encounter’s direction. This helps me a lot.

On my toes and alert all the time I can’t be.
Vigilance is a falsehood extracted from fear
Of the next conversation that threatens my peace.
I can’t keep myself quiet so I find release
In this thing that I’m doing that I find so dear.
Anyone who would argue cannot contact me.

Enlarging My Scope

Confident Self-Expression

Knowing where I should stand is to know where to sit
And to love what I’m doing as I’m resting there.
If I claim to be upright I may not stand tall
Next to almost all others. If I can recall
That uprightness is relative then I’m aware
Of a more refined justice to our benefit.

I like keeping my eyes open to everything
In the vastness around me without the debris.
An oil painting of real life shows nothing obscene
Unless shades of the fake life have made the heart mean.
Both portrayals prepare the observer to see
Which is preferable and what peace it may bring.

More decisively active I am when relieved
Of the clutter the lens catches due to high speed.
Slowing down is effective, but crap is still there
And should I magnify that, I’m blind with despair.
When it gets a good cleansing, my spirit is freed.
Wider vision becomes a dream fully achieved.

Much more focus on standing than feeling at ease
Inflicts harm on the body if it carries weight
That surpasses its limit. The need to reduce
The big buildup of baggage and vain self-abuse
Becomes evermore urgent in these times of hate.
Indeed, one has no one but oneself to appease.

A Pleasant Respite

Nature’s Peace

In the bliss of contentment away from the grind
There is time within moments to breathe in the air.
A wonderful sensation refreshes the soul.
Necessarily forgetting is not the goal
But to go to a calm place and become aware
Of the essence of life and how it is designed.

Entertainments, amusements, and things of that kind
Are diversional tactics to placate the pace
Of the rat race run riot. How rare the relief
From an eon of effort. Though it may be brief
Always there is the chance that some life you’ll replace.
Every human needs time to relax and unwind.

It need not be alone time, although it could be.
It is not about withdrawal from everyone
But about getting closer to dear mother earth
Through the inner connection that we’ve had from birth.
Human life is a clockwork of chaos homespun.
A respite is most pleasant. Who would not agree?

Expansive is the outlook. With generous heart
All the gifts one is blessed with are returned in kind
Through the heart back to nature by how we are healed
Of the wounds from our battles. What may be revealed
Is life’s ultimate meaning all clear in the mind…
Or if not then it serves as a decent jumpstart.

Growth Is Inevitable

Challenged to Grow Beyond Confines

Way beyond my resources I’m willing to reach
For the light that I’m after while grounded in place.
I may run into trouble every now and then.
Obstacles I encounter again and again
Offer life changing influence. Such is the case
For the nature of growth. It has lessons to teach.

Previous attitudes have placed me where I am
And the present ones lead me to where I must go.
On the path to fulfillment of my purpose here
All I need do is never to rely on fear
To resolve any issues if I am to grow.
Life is easier when I stick with the program.

Growth translates to abundance in my frame of mind
When the health of my spirit is lively and strong.
Otherwise it is painful and leads to defeat
Of the purpose of living. The threat of deceit
By the self is the reason that it will do wrong.
I’d prefer that I’m upright and outward inclined.

Leaps of faith are essential for moving along
On the journey for without them life would stand still.
Were that to happen to me my growing would cease.
I must persevere onward to further increase
What I have and enjoy by the way of good will.
As time has its way with me I’ll sing but its song.

A Day For A Daydream

Mesmerizing Allure

Fertile imagination with time to get lost
In a mystical daydream, my cares are on hold
Or have been fully transmuted to finer ones
That don’t give the stressed out mind a case of the runs.
The surreal simulation is fully controlled
From a place where there isn’t a need to accost.

Natural is my wanting fantastic relief
From the gross denser daydream and ugly nightmare
Taking place in reality. Psychic escape
Is a respite from rancor and ruling class rape
Of my sense of belonging. I’m wanted elsewhere
Far away from the turmoil and turbulent grief.

I am fascinated by mysterious things
Of ethereal substance that I can behold
Only in a more conscious state. So I must dream
To support and maintain a more loving life theme.
Synthesizing what I sense, my story is told
From a free flowing spirit as words become wings.

Spiritually insightful ideas come
To the self in a dream state not fully awake
To the too vivid detail the mundane reveals.
I must pay close attention to how the self feels
Then adjust the lucidity for a retake
On how this day turns out by the beat of my drum.

Big Picture

Desire For Growth And Expansion

Images that are too small can be magnified
To the size most agreeable to my belief
Of how big any picture can possibly be.
Finite imagination cannot let me see
Past the limits of selfhood, and time is now brief
As the Artist of all things has no need for pride.

Energy I still have for the things that move me
In exciting directions. But I must preserve
Some for keeping my focus sharp to the detail
While maintaining the view on the maximum scale
So I’ll see instantly when life throws me a curve.
In my twilight my sight is as clear as can be.

Luck is seemingly likely with infinite view
Of every possibility. Information
Of the insider’s nature would be but a curse
For the mind unrefined. Everything would get worse
As the self without wisdom is hugely undone.
Trees that make up the forest are part of the zoo.

Confidence with charisma and personal drive
Places one in the painting prepared to partake
Of the ever still movement reflected outward.
Seeing leads to believing that searching too hard
For the biggest of picture may lead to heartbreak.
Newer ways I can see things while I’m still alive.

In Charge

Commander In Chief

The portrait of a tyrant who thinks he is king
Is complete with an ego of shiny fool’s gold.
Everyone who works for him does so under stress.
Why he treats others badly is anyone’s guess.
He expects them to silently do as they’re told.
Warmth and loving compassion are just not his thing.

Everyone under his rule knows who is In Charge
Of dispensing delusion, darkness, and dismay.
When one is self-important and feels for no one
But oneself, then there’s much work that needs to be done
To redeem any virtue that was cast away.
Image is not an attribute meant to be large.

Lessons come to the student when he is in need
Of internal adjustment toward ethical ways.
They will range in severity according to
How well they are accepted. The thing one must do
Is identify teachers and give them due praise.
If perceived as the enemy, one can’t proceed.

The return to humanity comes with regard
To the interconnectedness felt among we
Who are all here a brief while in physical form.
When the heart has gone cold, only love makes it warm.
In the end, a new story the changed one will see.
If one stays as an animal, life remains hard.

Submergence Into Self

Deep Self-Analysis

Transient are some tensions that debilitate
And cause psychic confusion when one is alone.
They connect to the deeper ones if one is caught
In a whirlpool consisting of circular thought.
When it happens I sometimes feel cut to the bone
Where the matter, now marrow, becomes evil’s bait.

Convoluted emotions turn me inside out.
If I try to suppress them they grow even worse.
Intellect is a hamster’s wheel trying to still
Uncontrollable feelings. Yet it can’t fulfill
What it wants to so desperately. It’s a curse
To behold my submergence in utter self-doubt.

Sensitive are the issues that I have to face
At one time or another. Why do I delay
What I know is forthcoming? Though it causes pain
If I work my way through it, indeed I will gain
Needed healing and insight to show me the way
To a peaceful existence in God’s loving grace.

When in touch with the hidden aspects of my soul
Revelations significant to what I’ve done
In the past provide assurance I’ll come to know
The extent of the harm and the debt that I owe
To all whom I’ve mistreated forgetting not one.
While within the submergence I can become whole.

Up Your Base Chakra, Buddy!

Flagrant Freedom of Expression

Cosmic energy flows through the base of the brain
And the spine to the chakras then out to the nerves
So that we can fulfill our basic daily needs.
But the mind is drawn outward also, and this leads
But to mundane attainment. The body deserves
Alternation of current to stay somewhat sane.

We are much like bar magnets with positive ends
At the tops of our heads. The connection to God
Is made through the top organ. The base of the spine

Is our grounding to earth. We may reach the divine
Through techniques that are yogic. That we may be awed
By the raising of consciousness has dividends.

Selfishness, unawareness, and general fear
Pull the energy downward and drains it away.
But the mind draws it upward to higher ideals
Unless otherwise fettered by how pleasure feels
In our normal reality which will betray
Any trust in the unknown. What’s seen is what’s dear.

A force called Kundalini resides at the base
Of the spine. When awakened alignment occurs
  All throughout the nervous systems, then it will rise
Through the body’s main cable to open the eyes
Of the spirit to worlds it knows that it prefers.
Up Your Base Chakra, Buddy! Your heath do embrace.

The Socialite

Fine Tuning Social Networks

Can I find entertainment and offer the same
In a safe social setting with friends and the like?
With an eye on excitement I find what I need
And provide much to others. My spirit is freed
To commingle. Chords of harmony I do strike
With most elegant people of power and fame.

Infinite curiosity beacons my heart
To the wide world around me and all its affairs.
The magnificent nature of all that I see
Leaves me breathless and thankful. I’m willing to be
Of the fortunate few on the planet who cares
That the ongoing hatred may rip us apart.

We could use a coarse tuning in what we believe
As one human conglomerate group as a whole.
Ripe is now the occasion to search deep within
For our ultimate worth. Our original sin
Is the unfettered ego. It cripples the soul.
Nothing short of disaster can make us all grieve.

I’ll admit there’s not much that my lone heart can do
To address the hard issues that harm humankind.
I try not to be fearful but faithful to life.
Not at peace with the torment and resident strife,
I keep my mood above ground, and there I will find
And maintain a fresh outlook and friendliness too.

Heads In The Clouds

Foresight and Planning

The big picture is visible. Energized air
In the clouds of creation of concrete ideals
Speaks the image of foresight and firm long-range goals
Through the integral process that spirit controls.
The electrical nature immensely appeals
To the organization of which we all share.

Time for transacting business or big party fun
Is at best planned beforehand ahead of the storm
That will bring about changes in how we behave.
Eternally hypnotic, the alpha brain wave
Is the state of enlightenment and quite the norm
Among those who know two heads can work well as one.

Arrogance is a given as charge is displaced
Among opposite forces that must take their sides
To ensure that balance is the final result.
Difficult are our conflicts, but they catapult
Our spirits to the heights where pure genius abides
By whatever is wanted and firmly embraced.

“As above, so below” has been quoted by those
Who express correlation between the cosmos
And the actions of people, and places, and things.
One’s belief is irrelevant and often brings
About misunderstandings with those who are close.
Sometimes it’s best to withhold rather than expose.

Calm And Foresight

Peace With Self

Circumstances befall me, and I must take care
To ensure that I’m safe. Many people I meet
Everyday are delightful, yet some can behave
As if life has no meaning. The things that they crave
Are inadequate clutter for life incomplete.
Of the threat of infection I’m fully aware.

 Having matters work out that do need working out
Is addressed with some caution. I’m tempted to trust
Not only in perceptions but how the gut feels.
Like no other sensation, this keen one reveals
If encounters are shaky or if they’re robust.
All taken into context it leaves one no doubt.

Certain situations play right into my hand.
It does not happen often but often enough
That I’ll try reassessing what I’ve come to know
Hoping that in the long run my spirit will grow
To let go of the fear and much negative stuff.
Life can always get better as I understand.

Receiving recognition for accomplishment
Is a transitive tone of a texture untrue
To the spirit of giving freely from the heart.
I require Calm And Foresight to get a fresh start
By improving and blessing the work that I do.
When it comes to my writing, I do not relent.

Intricate Mental Work

Implementing The Psyche

The vast mind, while engaged with enormous detail,
Has its way with precision. Each intensive task
Is performed with great pleasure and relative ease.
The zone is of importance. The work is a breeze
With increased mental stamina in which to bask.
Excellent reputation cannot but prevail.

Seldom one will get restless in daily routine
If the mind is attuned just above the threshold
Of one’s common existence. Much work to be done
Rectifies any boredom, and it can be fun.
Well within the lobe frontal I mine precious gold.
When I’m doing so I have no cause to be mean.

Mentally stimulated by all that I see,
I run into some trouble every now and then.
That’s because I’m a Virgo… or maybe because
I bite off pieces too big to fit in my jaws.
Anyway I’ll regroup and start over again.
Nothing like mind intensive work does it for me.

Yet in humble commitment, all that I can do
To return what’s been given is my only goal.
Having given up needing like hell to be read,
I’ll keep on entertaining. Long after I’m dead
All that is left behind is a part of my soul.
The gift I have to offer is my point of view.

A Strong Will

Firm Competition

A Strong Will is the answer to getting things done
And attaining ambitions in tough man’s domain.
Compromises are useless and lead to defeat.
I’ll butt heads with most anyone I come to meet.
There is not a good battle from which I’d abstain.
And what is most exciting is that it’s all fun.

People play on their power to cause an effect
That is hugely dynamic in those they oppose.
Purposeful is their prowess at proving a point
That the gods of aggression would truly anoint.
Those who seek out a meaningful challenge are those
Of a spirit demanding the utmost respect.

With intent to shine brightly the energized soul
Will find much recognition while reaching great heights.
Confrontation of egos is not always good
But in spirit of sport and enhanced brotherhood
Those who do tangle ass are well within their rights.
The moment’s satisfaction is the only goal.

Independent authority, I must assume,
Is a wholesome expression of self in its prime.
The spiritual nature of interacting
With forces that will strengthen us is a good thing.
Willfulness in one’s being begets the sublime
In a world fascinating wherein we may bloom.

Seriously Thinking

Sorting Thorugh Thoughts

The concerns most important and front in my mind
Have to do with connection to something beyond.
Trivial are amusements. They pacify me
But for only the moment I care not to see
The picture that is larger. Therefore I respond
To life’s infinite chatter somewhat in the blind.

Making plans for the future is worth all my while
While the present prepares me for what is to come.
Buckling down is the mood that I seem to be in
But, to what is the issue. Where do I begin
Sorting out my connections and severing some
If they no longer serve nor engender a smile?

Discipline is an asset I treasure by now.
Concentration is better with coming of age
And the mind functions perfectly well. I’m surprised
That it is not declining. All would be advised
Not to be measured by some irreverent gauge.
Guidance from only spirit is what I allow.

People I find delightful are those who, with care,
Take the good things in life as divine providence.
What I find most fulfilling as life nears its end
Is the grace given to me, that I may extend
To the world with its troubles my own common sense
And the best way to do that, I find, is through prayer.

A Pleasure Trip

The Unusual Vacation

Foreign lands I know not of exist in the dreams
That I have yet to. So how could they then come true?
They need not be as real as the life that I face
While at home in the earth though it’s not my birthplace.
All things stranger than normal compete for my view
And my journey of pleasure is needless of schemes.

Artistic in its nature, the world at its worst
Inside out and reflected in dark matter well
Enough to seem quite real, all is meant to explore.
I can’t stand heavy sanded gazing from ashore
To that mystical somewhere apart from this hell.
I need no motivation nor am I coerced.

Do I want an encounter a third of some kind
Complete with all the drama that others so crave?
All that has been conceived of and all that could be
Is below anything that would satisfy me.
What is truly unknown is the quest of the brave…
Not that I’m all that daring; I’m just damned resigned.

Consciousness worth expanding must also deserve
The freedom of expressing its heartfelt desire.
Never should it be thwarted. It is the release
That fulfills the adventure and brings about peace.
And through self-exploration it can be made higher.
We are not meant to simply kick back and observe.

Narcissistic Wound

The Disgraceful Departure

Quite by now the pathetic will exit stage left.
What has been has been boring with news of the same
Tale of crime and deception. What’s now come at last
Is a time to recover from our troubled past.
One who’s run out of rage sees the coming end game
Still not knowing the nature of why he’s bereft.

The wound is to the image blown to grotesque size
And the sense of entitlement too can be seen
As a lethal life weapon to discharge at will
To whoever opposes the self-centered thrill
That romances the tyrant who is often mean.
Difficult is the healing of damaging lies.

Within normal behavior no dark choice was made
By the populous nation to fulfill the dream
Of one with mental illness and character flaws.
That he sees change is coming is cause for applause
And a party complete with some cake and ice cream.
I have suffered for years but now he is afraid.

Should I point out the symptoms or simply rejoice
In the upcoming let down about to take place?
I do not derive pleasure in seeing the pain
Of someone who has harmed me. There’s much more to gain
By observing life lessons that others must face.
Most mindsets and behaviors are altered by choice.

Goddess Pee Tea

Exotic Devotion

In the realm of The Goddess no human resides
Unless washed by the waters of infinite grace
Whereupon they become saturated in love.
They return to the earth plane in dampness thereof
To proclaim their allegiance and keep a straight face
Among those who, in dryness, avoid loving tides.

Giving guidance to mankind is nature’s last call
To the race in a rat race to spring its own trap
By devices most cheesy with dankness of smell
Like the one that’s maintained for the waste water well.
We’d eliminate dryness if we gave a crap
For magnificent moisture for one and for all.

We must get enough water if we’re to survive
And we must have it daily. There’s no other way
For the body to function at its proper peak.
To believe in The Goddess need one be a freak?
Or is that just a side effect meant to display
Her intent to format the internal hard drive?

Drinking pee from The Goddess sounds rather perverse.
Any context imaginable by the one
With no sense of abandon may be hard to see.
The Goddess has no body, so drinking her pee
Is some mystical weirdness extracted from fun
And presented in jest as a cognitive curse.

Where within all the bleakness does one find relief
From the damned daily deluge of drama deranged?
Dark delusions delivered do dampen our days.
Pretty soon we’ll be dancing and giving up praise.
May the power of pussy restore the estranged
Through the magic of wetness in female belief.

Conditioned By Habit

Fast Pased Life

Fast paced living demands a big chunk of the soul.
If it’s crammed in a briefcase, its size becomes small
Bits and pieces of lifetime blown clear from one’s own
Sense of self, and achievement gets way overblown.
Too much haste in one’s habits invites the brick wall
Surely to be encountered in reaching that goal.

I’m somewhat automatic and set in my ways
But my wavelength is greater as I come of age.
No longer in the rat race, I wear not a tie.
I’m no longer a slave that some outfit may buy.
I attend to my business at home in my cage
In a state of fulfillment through most of my days.

The more noble obsessions are those where the heart
Slows the passage of time so that more can bee seen
Of the good, bad, and ugly deeds willfully done
While alive on the planet. I bow to no one
But in deepest humility, in my routine
Is a prayer giving thanks that I play but a part.

I’m conditioned by habit as most people are.
We are creatures of such as has often been said.
And with moods and emotions, the fearful ego
Needs too much damned attention. This just goes to show
That, Conditioned By Habit, all will end up dead
For the sheer stress of living is none but bizarre.

The Appropriate Outlet

Emotional Conflict Resolution

Always getting in trouble and blaming it all
On the bad hand dealt to you, you sometimes forget
That your turbulent nature is most commonly
The denominator episodically.
Your behavior in public you often regret.
As an adult you feel that you’re hopeless and small.

Who is this speaking to me? This self knows no one
Who would lay out the truth to me in quite this way.
So perhaps it’s my conscience. That would fall in line
With how I would prefer to be – sane and benign
With who all I encounter in each brand new day.
I reflect the archetype of the bastard son.

The serene disposition subconscious in me
Is not calling the shots, and this should be the case.
With my conscious decisions I have some control
But when passion erupts from the depths of my soul
I become too impatient with my human race
And this self, made inclusive, would rather not be.

The Appropriate Outlet is limp to be found
In the objective everyday world. My release
Is in knowing that one does exist just for those
Who exude creativity but who oppose
Existential confinement. I may find my peace
Through the guidance of spirit which is the most sound.

Therapeutic Withdrawal

Inward Escape

If convincing someone that it’s not all that bad
Is the way of achieving fulfillment for some
Then the hope for that someone is in the relief
That withdrawal, though necessary, can be brief
If the time spent reveals what has made oneself glum.
In the end, it’s a choice that I make to be sad.

Magnified self-awareness in calm solitude
Guided by my own spirit connects me to all
Humankind and to nature. What more do I ask?
Perceived goodness or evil about the face mask
Is the fuel of the mass’ mindset that is small.
In repose of a viewpoint, have I become rude?

Nature is quite a puzzle. Mine is, as it were,
A one-of-a-kind jigsaw. The image is that
Of a lonely outsider – all pieces face up.
When the picture completes there’s more soul in my cup
And I know I am peaceful in my habitat.
I am no other game piece that I would prefer.

Yet, I am of this species. Its nature is mine.
All are interconnected through integral waves
Of social interaction and daily discourse.
They are also the source of much pain and remorse.
The awareness of when my involvement enslaves
Is when I take no action and seek the divine.

A Feeling Reset

Freshness of Positive Emotion

When we take time to nurture, our hearts are fulfilled
In a way that resets daily tension to nil.
Women do this most naturally, but it’s true
That when men become fathers they will do it too.
Giving love is a heart based emotional skill
Stronger ties with one’s spirit this pleasure will build.

We connect daily habits and rigid routine
With the blessings life offers. Our best hopes and dreams
Do reflect in the present. The spirit is free
To enjoy what today brings. The most we can be
In the moment of knowing can turn into streams
Of much love and affection never before seen.

A strong sense of belonging to what has been made
Viable and familiar comforts the soul
Of oneself and all others. Our spirits are high
On the process of caring with each heartfelt try.
There’s no fuss about reaching an ultimate goal
When, in truth, among loved ones, our hearts are conveyed.

Attitudes and reflections on what we hold dear
Are the optimum sustenance. Nothing comes close
To a healthy perspective in matters of heart.
Whether we are together or somewhat apart,
What ensures happiness is a generous dose
Of the love we’re withholding perhaps out of fear.

Keep It To Yourself

Inhibition of Emotional Release

Emotions, when unpleasant, can sever the soul
From connection to all that can give it relief.
When they’re kept to oneself loneliness creeps inside.
There is ample confusion that faith is denied
That things will start to improve. There is no belief
That something not accounted for can make one whole.

I could just cut them off if they cause so much grief
That I can’t function normally. Yet if I do
They will surface again in ways much more severe.
If I share them with someone then I might appear
To be hopelessly troubled. And it may be true.
I would hope that my suffering now will be brief.

It is tough to feel burdened, lonely, and depressed
When such feelings as joy and bliss memory holds.
No control do I have over things I once had,
And whatever life shows to me makes me more sad.
I do not have a stake in just how life unfolds.
For right now I have nothing but pain to digest.

The byproduct of waste is what I must release.
It becomes grossly toxic and causes distress
In the lower gut chakra. If I hold it in
I will suffer a breakdown. That would be a sin.
Psychic irregularity I must address
As it happens or else I will never know peace.

God’s Image

Beatific Essence

The nature of God’s Image nature cannot know.
There’s no viable context this world can provide
To show meaning and substance to be understood.
I see only the image of our humanhood
At abject disadvantage. The mind is denied
The omniscient knowing because it’s too slow.

I see life as conundra and death as release
From the lack of the image. To play along then
In the depth of confusion with those who are here
Is the ultimate circumstance to deal with fear
Of the unknown in living. I’m stuck once again
On its purpose, the knowing of which may bring peace.

So consumed with an image derived out of need
For complete understanding, do I stand alone?
Or are there many others who want to know more
Than what is being shown and why life is a chore?
Others may have their questions, but I have my own
And may not find the answers. Yet still I’ll proceed.

I would think that God’s Image reflected in me
Is one of sheer astonishment by what’s been made
To perceive its own selfhood and seek with delight
Every clue made available in the finite.
I’ll consider this one a most noble crusade
For the infinite wisdom that may set me free.

Spiritual Energy Burst

Body And Spirit

Larger patterns influence the smaller in ways
That enhance the mundane and accent it with flair
For at least a brief moment. The time is enough
To perceive in the dullness more colorful stuff.
It’s an energy burst for the spirit to share
With the ones who are closest to honor and praise.

Something new in the making is due to emerge.
My internal divisions are smoothed over now.
Inner harmony helps the outer self to be
In a state of wellbeing that others can see.
Accurate are reflections that demonstrate how
Energy manifests in a positive surge.

A strong feeling of purpose I have overall.
I connect to humanity much as always.
No necessity is there to doubt this is true.
In an instant my outlook on life becomes new.
A good boost to the spirit elicits my praise
As long as I am willing to answer its call.

Totally beneficial are times such as these
When I see more than clearly the sense my life makes
In the worldwide community. I can do more
Than I felt I was able to ever before.
Life is hard, but it also has its lucky breaks.
They exist for the wiser among us to seize.


Ominous Forces

It’s easy not to notice as feelings converge
And an ominous focus commands the free will.
One ignores the reality of common sense
And evades consequences at one’s own expense.
Devious is the deed that the will must fulfill.
There is no contemplating dismissing the urge.

Separating the truth from fiction can’t be done.
They are so interweaved that they present as one
Narrative of deception. The well laid out plan
Is the one most effective. Conniving began
As an innocent thing with ill will meant toward none.
Sinister are the acts perpetrated for fun.

All the world remains vulnerable in the eyes
That see all as a nuisance. All are made aware
That potential for evil to try out its hand
Is as vivid as ever. Who can reprimand
Predators in the darkness programmed to ensnare
Unsuspecting inhabitants lesser than wise?

The temptation upon us to cower in fear
Or pretend all is well is the weaker by far
Than the urge to take notice and not be asleep
Nor to be wrongly herded as ignorant sheep.
How things turn out depends on how conscious we are.
There can still be rejoicing in these times austere.

Needless Conflict

Epitome Of Bother

All I need is a good sense of self to get by.
Domination by others is my chief concern.
It disrupts my attention. My focus is lost
To the ones I’m attached to, and great is the cost
To the spirit within me. Not much do I earn
From the trouble and torment. I must wonder why.

How can I make my mark with the people I know
When they don’t bother listening and only speak?
I would have to upset them. That’s the only way
I can get other people to hear what I say.
I don’t need social standing. That’s not what I seek.
Useless Conflict with others is not a good show.

Getting points across gets in the way of my peace.
I can sense well when others project upon me
Their most selfish intentions like swords of command.
Perhaps if I were like them then I’d understand
Something of the wild ego I cannot now see.
But if I had this knowledge, my peace would then cease.

Out of step with most others, I do make my way
On the path I have chosen. The walk is not tense
Nor should others’ involvement cause me to lose pace
With the beat I’m attuned to. I do so by grace
Of pervasive existence wherein all makes sense.
It is what I rely on to get through my day.

Non-Standard Deviation

New Discoveries

Something new and exciting may happen today.
Although it can be planned, it can happen outright
By the grace of the universe. Take by the hand
The dear child who, within you, does well understand
That the future, by one’s choice, can always be bright.
Take a walk on a new path and laugh as you play.

Rigidness and disruption in daily routine
Is a given and will remain part of or best
And our worst laid out plans and the ones in between.
One deciphers a warning if senses are keen
To the sharp change in wholesomeness. One can invest
Time in fun and refreshment. The spirit comes clean.

Staying busy with projects I have going on
Provides ample excitement and perspective friends
Who I can get involved with to generate more
Things to do with still others. A healthy rapport
Do I have with most people. My spirit transcends
Any notion that in time it all will be gone.

Outrageous and original often with some,
I can find entertainment as well as provide
Much the same in return. Though it’s called quid pro quo
What I do causes me to develop and grow.
Newness is the elixir that throws open wide
The door to new adventure and wonder to come.

From Deep Below

Digestion of Thought

In the parts of the psyche where feelings digest
With my daily experience, what does occur
Will affect the thought process for better or worse.
Interactions with others I cannot rehearse.
Life should go ever smoothly as I would prefer.
Its significant challenge presents as a test.

Far along on my path I’d expect that with ease
Understanding would carry me through to the end.
Yet the path takes a beating and gets more complex
Although richer in content that living reflects.
A grotesque enough puzzle to not comprehend
Is a fanciful blessing bestowed to appease.

 Revelations impact and transform from within.
Feeling somewhat unsettled as peristalsis
Moves the matter of meaning, I’m in the best space
To assimilate living with wisdom and grace.
Who on earth would not cherish a life filled with bliss?
Going deeper within self is where to begin.

When I feel to extreme, then the proper release
Is through means that mix meaning with all that I feel.
It becomes beneficial to digestive health
To feed body and spirit. Wellness it the wealth
Necessary for freedom and worldwide appeal.
Within proper alignment I do find my peace.

Taking Stock

All That Needs To Be Done

Better health and vitality we all desire
Except those who, too weary, have strength to protest
Sanity and civility. I have a choice
In what I’m taking stock of. Do I add my voice
To the spewing of hatred or to all the rest
Or to neither for fear of grief that may transpire?

I cannot remain neutral. Because I’m alive
And assumed to be human, I must take a stand
As commanded by nature of the human kind.
There is no way to change the way I am designed.
Choosing one or the other, still I will expand
Toward the objective balance wherein I may thrive.

What supports my survival better than concern
That wellbeing, once foremost, has lost its value
Among our troubled species? I now get to choose
How these times and my living through them will infuse
Me with passion to act. If done so without clue
Then the consequences may be much more than stern.

Carry on with ambition. The usual way,
With focus not distractible, works like a charm.
Reassess what is freedom and change, if you must,
What still harbors delusion and tacit mistrust.
Taking Stock in your spirit cannot do you harm.
It can never deceive you nor lead you astray.


Gracefulness On The Trail

Not completely adrift, I do maintain control
Of the space that contains me. With comfort and ease
I traverse this dense level. If I recall how
Then I won’t be in touch with the eternal now.
In this sea of conundrum my life is a breeze
And its realness equates to the depth of my soul.

There is balance between needs and objective goals…
Between conscious and subconscious… feelings and mind.
Bathing in self-reflection allows for release
Into life psychic tension that robs me of peace.
Can instinctive reactions be those that are kind?
Who among us are worthy to take on such roles?

Like predicting the weather, the future is known
Just about as it’s happening. It can’t be done
Quite as we understand things in our current state.
Is there free will or are we commanded by fate?
It’s a mixture of both which makes life much more fun.
I’ll intuit the next move then go where I’m shown.

Life itself is fulfilling. What more do I need
Than a world to inhabit with those of my kind?
My complaining is useless but for lessons learned
Through the cumbersome process. When I am concerned
Only with what connects me to others, I find
That my creative spirit is rightfully freed.

Fleeing One’s Cage

Bored of Routine

If the cage is the body, then being set free
Means releasing completely all ties to the earth
And returning to spirit. It also can mean
Getting rid of old patterns and making things clean
In the mind and surroundings. What is of least worth
Must be let go of willingly and thoroughly.

As the pet bird is chosen, I enter this world
To examine its structure. The humans I meet
Offer much entertainment. I’d hope I do them.
If there is an imbalance who’s there to condemn
Either party’s injustice? I rise by the heat
Of lofty aspirations of swine as they’re pearled.

I must know all are caged birds. The humans we think
That are running about in and out of our lives
Are perceptive reflections of our higher selves.
With the wisdom of movement the free spirit delves
Into realms of enlightenment wherein it thrives.
Between freedom and bondage there is a strong link.

If my actions surprise me, do they others too?
I’ll assume that they do then judge them from afar
Long before manifesting them. Safe are we all
From the threat of self-slavery through the bird call.
In the midst of illusion, to know who we are

Is the challenge of honor from my higher view.

The World As It Is

Status Quo At Its Quota

Everything could be peachy. The world may be fine.
Is the turmoil and strife just an ugly backdrop
To provide a comparison of what it’s like
In a hell cast upon us by one evil Reich?
Could it be all we need is to tell it to stop?
I’ll awake from this nightmare to brilliant sunshine.

Feelings of deep inadequacy in my heart
Pull me down from a high place. The sorrow takes hold
For a short while, then vanishes clear from the mind
But still locked in my soul not a dream I can find
To wake up from. Yet one is about to unfold
And become the reality known from the start.

Sounding like a prediction, it’s none of the kind.
It’s a keen observation that spirit imparts
To my humble existence. One cannot be wrong
With the message of truth that will make again strong
What is left of our image and our broken hearts.
What we learn here are lessons to become refined.

 Unclear is how the drama will play to the crowd.
Volatile are the intricacies of free will.
Energy, though, is basic. Perception reveals
What it is that the bulk of our human race feels
About worldwide aggression and needing to kill.
I belong to a race in which I should be proud.

Adroitness Of Intercourse

Enhanced Social Interaction

In my contacts with others I see all the same
Attributes that I notice in myself, but they
Are arranged in a way different from my own.
When our sameness escapes me at times I am shown
Just a little more detail to cast doubt away.
Still I often forget to address them by name.

Getting things off the chest and out into the air
Is indeed therapeutic when timing is right.
When it’s not it’s a nightmare – a bloody wet dream.
When both are in alignment then peace is the theme
Of the coming together to spar with insight.
What we are of each other we’re willing to share.

Important discussions one-on-one can take place
Anytime they are needed. Neither can defer
What can grow into urgency before too long.
Within most of a sudden something has gone wrong.
Things can often return to the way that they were
When the two trust that discourse should be face-to-face.

Absolute is the pleasure of leaving the load
On the path to move onward to brighter frontiers.
It becomes but a burden to carry around.
Until I choose to drop it no peace will be found.
Coming to this conclusion has taken me years.
Some of it I had squandered while in stubborn mode.

Equal To The Occasion

Tooled for the Task

Confrontation with substance demanding brute force
Is the kind that builds character and depth of soul.
The occasion is frequent. A good livelihood
Is a thing to grab hold of. It is understood
That the work is much needed. Assuming the role
Of the matter transformer the world does endorse.

Some will keep their frustrations bottled up inside.
This may cause certain damage if there’s no outlet
That will serve equal justice. The cutting of steel
Can round out the aggression and make someone feel
Great relief in releasing the bodily threat.
Those who work the blue collar do so with much pride.

Jumping to some conclusions invites fallacy
But from premise to product a day on the job
Is straightforward and logical. Matter makes sense.
It is real to the feel. It offers no pretense
As compared to ideas that can often rob
The work ethical spirit of being carefree.

The earth can be intolerant but so am I.
When my job is to move it then it shall be done.
Well-prepared with the right tools and force of my will,
I include self-expression as part of my skill.
Equal To The Occasion no task do I shun.
And I don’t get uptight much. Perhaps this is why.