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Livid Liver Of Life

Arrhythmic Logic

Livid Liver Divided By One Over Life
Equals some kind of symbol. But don’t ask me now
What the hell it might stand for. It’s damned to make sense
If my wrath be the dearth of me. I’ll take offense
To any mathematics who cannot allow
The lost least of life livers who linger in strife.

So, I’m pissed off a lot. Any liver would be
In full-on agitation as numbers prevail
In the lives of all livers so lives loom in lack.
I’m so livid I’m prone to a liver attack.
My inverse multiplicative is doomed to fail
If I don’t get an answer immediately.

I’m an arrogant liver and often too proud
Of a life I’ve imagined but haven’t lived out.
Must I then mind the meaning of what I have lost?
When my math doesn’t add up who suffers the cost?
I intuit without any semblance of doubt
That my anger won’t fix things. That can’t be allowed.

Kind And Confident Heart

Mind Exalted By Heart

To all things there’s a season… I’ve heard that somewhere…
From The Byrds or the bible. I don’t recall which
But it doesn’t much matter. This day treats me well.
There are good and bad times and those of utter hell.
I should care that my mood is an on-and-off switch
And that life is an energy circuit affair.

Talk about your heart chakra… A Fountain is mine!
Rainbow colors and those that most times I can’t see
Overflow with such brilliance. The mind needs to chill
So the heart can recover, and nerves can be still.
When I’m well I show others how kind I can be.
I’ve a nurturing spirit when I’m feeling fine.

Energy is expansive and must find its way
To its destined releasing. Mine is to be free,
Not of difficult seasons I know that must come,
But of overreacting and then feeling glum.
I’ll remain optimistic as long as I see
There are cycles contingent that color each day.

A Close Look


From demands of the world, in the soul’s private place,
I have but to accomplish the comfort I seek
On the way to some healing. I value the need
To reveal what’s been hidden that I may proceed
Through unknown hibernation. Obliged to critique
What I’ve built up around me, I’ve myself to face.

At the twilight of midnight in some danger zone
Fear may be more than prevalent than close to home.
But it’s truly unknown. An invisible force
Maximizes uncertainty… and fear, of course.
Within crafted enigma my spirit doth roam
With eyes deep-rooted into all that can be known.

What is known is that nothing is firm except change.
Yet it’s hard to remember when strength to the knees
Disappears in an instant because of ill news
Of an infectious nature. This one is no ruse
But a rampant reminder that we can’t appease
But through worldwide commitment. This isn’t so strange.

Heart-Minded Mind/Heart

Wholesome Blending of Function

Mental discipline offers what feelings perceive
As the logical framework with which to adhere.
The emotions magnetic emit feeling rays
That the mind can respond to in its cyclic phase.
Interaction between them can mitigate fear
Or increase it depending on what I believe.

There are times when the mind needs to take a back seat
And let heart do some driving to get the point home.
Neither does double duty. They each take their turn
In response to the other. This way I can learn
How to handle the depressive aspect syndrome
In a manner creative and not too discrete.

Intercommunication, the romance between
Heart and mind, is a language of loving embrace
Of the goodness in all things as life may occur.
I’m relieved of the dubious need to prefer
Other than what is happened within time and space.
Heart and mind are, in essence, a spirit machine.

Wrapped Up

Welcome Home!

There are needs of the many. To those I must serve.
In performance of duty my loyalty lies
On the path I have chosen. For that I am proud.
Does it mean that my precious one I’ll not enshroud
With unending devotion? The look in her eyes
After long times away is what I do preserve.

It feels warm like a blanket… At least it once did.
Yet I still get that closeness from others like me
Who have fallen in love with impossible dreams
And from those whom I care for. Indeed my heart beams
With the strength of fulfillment. My firm memory
Of Good Order and Discipline cannot be hid.

I believe in my country. Its flag is my shield.
It protects my democracy more than is seen
On its battle-scarred surface and once virgin womb.
My commander in chief is a deal made with doom
So maintaining morale is most vital hygiene
As the soul of a nation is yet to be healed.

Continuous Dialogue

Necessary Constant Reflection

Either real or the image… How can I be both?
In this square, black and white world, I must remain calm
To the point of inaction. I want to lie down
On an other than a flat surface shy of a crown.
But a constant reflection sequesters my qualm
As it has much to do with spiritual growth.

Have I tried being upright? Indeed, have I failed
To speak softly and offer value to this world
Without hostile behavior toward those I perceive
As dispassionate nuisances who can’t believe
That an immature bastard whose life is unfurled
Can give more besides sorrow? My soul is unveiled.

But I can’t keep my mouth shut nor my fingers still.
Now, how’s that for preparedness for a bored game!
I’ll continue non-stopping my binary views
‘Til I reach total vision. What have I to lose?
Life review is a break in the fever of shame.
Better self-talk is possible through divine will.

Patient Purpose

Pleasure In Dilligence

Go Ahead! Just keep plugging. You’re doing fine work.
You have patience and diligence. You will succeed
At the piece that you’re crafting. It’s my guarantee
That you are a creator. It’s your destiny.
As you make way to stardom, I wish you Godspeed.
That I have been your teacher is but a proud perk.

Every good soldier artist knows how to wage war.
With divine earthy substance, it’s like making peace
With the power of nature while giving her praise.
Will the work that you do make your consciousness raise?
It will do that and offer a healthy release
Of most negative tension, ill spirit and more.

Productive and accomplished in all that you are,
You develop self-discipline. Every detail
Necessary for quality you take to heart.
I stand by in support with much love to impart
To a bright shining pupil. May wholeness prevail
On your path of endeavor. Your dreams do reach far.

Leader Of The Pack

An Outstanding Performance

When Brute Forced into action we act as one race
On one earth-ball of nature that circles its star.
Energetic and vigorous, some feel alive…
Enough so that they want to help others survive
As the people who aren’t feeling quite up to par
Have succumbed to a foe that puts us in our place.

We’ve been keeping our distance and staying at home
While the enemy silent proceeds at a pace
That we cannot keep up with. What leader have they
Who can launch an attack that we can’t keep at bay?
Could it be the same one that bestows loving grace
Upon each living essence in every genome?

Among all the world leaders who fight on our team,
There’s renewed competition for keeping us well.
But it has a new feeling. While taking its toll
On a chunk of our species, the bug control
Of what we have neglected. A good taste of hell
Does awaken us from our complacent daydream.

The Act Of Belonging

The Procession of Strength

Bravery in emoting could use a facelift
During both times of turmoil and those of relief
From the ills that befall us as one human race.
Will we turn back to nothingness without a trace
To be found after eons? All lifespans are brief
And each moment of sharing indeed is a gift.

Need one don bravery in the absence of fear?
In an ideal world, there’s little need for defense
Of our most fervent feelings. But This World Is Real.
As our hearts blend, we move toward the greater ideal.
We evolve as a species but at great expense
When only in disaster we know what is dear.

Sensitive to the needs of all others are we
If we’re willing to feel that. This talent also
Is a tool in our toolbox from our distant past.
We survived by belonging. No one was outcast.
It may be that we don’t have a long way to go
Toward some betterment. Knowing we’re one is the key.

Decisive Action

Cosmic Vision

Within matter particulate energy dwells.
It commands hiding places throughout special space
Measured in units so small they mess with the mind.
We’ve learned this complex truth because nature is kind
In its letting us think we’re a noteworthy race.
We’ve evolved to exact what past action foretells.

Living means acting firmly. I cannot sit still
Like the objects inanimate. I must engage
With the urge to comingle with folk of my kind.
Public places are barren now. Where can I find
Some relief from containment? Captive in my cage,
Psychic means of connection shall my wish fulfill.

 I feel more energetic as time passes by.
For its healthy release there are things to be done
That have long been neglected within and around
All that serves as my dwelling. I’m safer homebound
Where I act with intent more while still having fun.
Energy Is Creative! I need not know why.


High On Life

I have purpose to live even though I will die
When the time comes. Until then, I’ll keep flying high.
In the heat of confinement my soul is set free
To explore the uncharted adrift in the sea
That my life has created. New methods I’ll try
To maintain my suspension in eternal sky.

I’ll expect unexpected things ought to occur
And in each, opportunity is to be found.
Pleasure in being open to change in routine
Leaves no time left to sulk nor to treat others mean.
Rendered weightless, my spaceship cannot run aground.
There are no expectations that I must prefer.

My possessions release me from earthly concern.
Excellent in their grossness, they’ve played out their role.
Having shown me what’s possible, life is a sage.
I can say that I’m blessed with the wisdom of age.
My illusions of grandeur have ceased their control
Of my freedom of spirit. There’s much less to yearn.

Don’t Lose Heart

Overwhelming Impatience

Limitations need blasting. If I have my way
Then the whole world may benefit. Why can’t they see
That what I have to say, though not easy to hear,
Is of vital import? How do I commandeer
Due respect from all others? To listen to me
Seems an order that people don’t want to obey.

Well, that’s fine then. Don’t listen! I’ll still run my mouth
Like there’s no true beginning nor ending to speech.
Do I need to set boundaries? This self I claim
Is immune to attraction. Am I then to blame
For this feeling of failure for goals I can’t reach
And the reason relationships tend to go south?

Though I cannot lose heart having lived my life wrong
Still I must make atonement for sins of the past.
My own will and the wills of most others compete.
When To Be becomes battle, I need to retreat
To the truth of my heart by remaining steadfast
In my quest to connect through a voice clear and strong.

Critical Point

Nativity of Being

Bursting to culmination new essence is born
Into conscious awareness of what I can do
To maintain full alignment with earth and with sky.
Structures built have been organized not on the fly
To support my belonging so growth may ensue.
To the dictates of nature my actions are sworn.

Knowing nothing of hardship nor feelings of doom,
There’s no thing not of value in finding my place.
My surroundings reflect me in my humble life.
I know not of destruction nor feelings of strife
But I do know of progress and infinite grace.
Only that which is of goodness I must assume.

I’m prepared to move onward to what may occur.
Within structure I’m anchored in rich native earth.
Severe winds of destruction may be my demise.
There is comfort in knowing that everything dies.
Yet, there is no real dying. There’s only rebirth
Through the cycle when I will replant, as it were.

Crimson Crusade

Pandemic Desperation

In the realm of space-time there’s a means of support.
I’ll become incandescent in daily routine
Making it more fulfilling and true to my style.
Since I know that I must stay cooped up for a while,
It is best to review life. What does it all mean?
Is there truth to discover that I can’t distort?

I delight in seclusion. This natural state
Is by no means prerequisite to peace of mind.
There are no inhibitions in one’s private space.
And with time gone enigma, I’m put in my place
As we all learn some patience and how to be kind.
Confidence in endeavor is tempered by fate.

There are lessons to learn from the chaos at hand
And as old Mr. Roger’s dear mother did say:
‘In the midst of disaster, your most noble clue
Is to watch for the helpers and do what they do.’
Selfless service is always a cool way to pray.

It can be done remotely and need not be planned.

Embracing Responsibility

Indispensable Linkage

Comfort in isolation cannot take its toll
On the health of my spirit. This peace gives me strength
To look inward more deeply and make changes there.
I’m consumed in attention thus made more aware
Of the things of most value to keep at arm’s length
While the intangible ones I’ll lock in my soul.

Some relief from demands and the hardships I face
During times of more normalcy I can respect.
There’s a strong sense of duty inherent but calm.
There’s more time to reflect on the twenty third psalm.
Other times I had wasted in pampered neglect.
Linking arms becomes psychic a form of embrace.

Dealing with global setback, we can persevere
As we’re already doing while running in place.
We’ve become more straightforward. It’s balance we need
To release our sick infatuation with greed.
This is not the extinction of the human race
But a harsh call to consciousness rather than fear.

Cutting Losses

Invasive Desperation

The past issues that I’d hoped had drifted away
Have become ever-present. I see my rescue
As a help and a danger to my very life.
Inundated in turmoil while head deep in strife,
There’s no point in my expressing my point of view.
All the ears that would listen have much more to say.

Doubt when dealing with others is all that I know.
Much mistrust and discouragement hijacks my heart.
I detest my naivety more than my world
That remains in its state as my life is unfurled.
Does it matter or not then if I do take part
In the chaos and turmoil and go with the flow?

Are dreams meant to be hopeless for some certain few
With flamboyant ambitions completely immersed
In the harsh sea entropic? The salt that I taste
Is of once started projects that have gone to waste.
Can I go on insisting that I have been cursed,
Or can I forgo rescue and start something new?

Share The Day

Life Worth Recording

A great deal of affection is needed at times
When the world is afflicted with all that goes wrong
In the act of evolving and blending in well
With our own human nature. What’s cast a dark spell
On the ways of our living will not be here long
Though it will make us take a close look at our crimes.

When we’re sick we don’t know what to think of ourselves.
When we’re well, then our sense of compassion and love
Seems to take a back burner to business at hand.
Overlooking whatever we don’t understand,
We are left with relying on help from above.
It becomes academic wherein the soul delves.

 We can all live in harmony, or we cannot.
There’s no gray zone to play with. Lives are being lost
To the backlash of nature. Her lesson is clear
To all hearts that will open and ears that will hear.
Greed and selfish endeavor come at a great cost.
Simple fruits of the spirit, like love, can’t be bought.

Instant Infatuation

True Love

Inhibition releases its grasp on my heart.
Every brief interaction with those that I meet
Is exciting, harmonious and lots of fun.
If my life is a ballgame, I’ve scored a home run.
People offer no doubt that my kisses are sweet
So to share them with everyone is a fine art.

Social life is a blessing. I can entertain
And, in turn, be enamored with most everyone.
There is ease in relaxing the tension I feel
For the fear of expressing what I know is real.
Is there hope for the many of us who would shun
But a bit of affection? Why do we abstain?

I know that’s not my business. The paths we each take
Toward fulfillment, contentment and true peace of mind
Have uniqueness like fingerprints. None can be wrong
Since they indicate clearly where we can be strong
Enough to say, “Just Do It!” no act is unkind
When it’s done in sincerity and for love’s sake.

Dancing Through Darkness

Commitment To Grace

When the ego is wounded, what path does it take
Through the darkness it makes as if it were on stage?
And what manner of audience cares to behold
The beleaguered performance as it must unfold?
Being oneself is futile when fraught with outrage
For attempting to heal, then come fully awake.

Answers dare to elude me. In fear I withdraw
To a safe inhibition. Behavior is checked
While on point in the green room, at ease with the cast.
As I set foot on stage, all the world is aghast.
Can I face my own issues and give due respect
To the art in the drama with heart in the raw?

Might I then become wiser in grace as I dance
From left stage of the darkness toward heaven’s spotlight?
Can I know it’s a brief act and give it my best?
What if I knew the answer? I’d tell all the rest
Of the actors around me that I’ll be alright.
I would steal the performance if given the chance.

Fair Exchange

Enjoying Life's Pleassures

I’ll take life as it comes. Almost always it reads
Like a good classic novel. In elegant style
I’m content and benevolent to everyone.
I know nothing except that my life has begun
A brand new course correction. My newfound profile
Is one nestled in comfort and catered-to needs.

Optimistic and charming, I get along well
With resources and others who enter my sphere.
I assess opportunity at my own pace.
Cool, exotic adventure is mine to embrace.
I can make recreation a healthy career.
At jobs involving relaxing, I would excel.

There is nothing more proper and fitting for me
Than to live in magnificence now an again.
Moments are, as time measures them, grossly finite
Such that when we sense lack of them, with all our might
We attempt to secure them for other times when
It would be more convenient and distraction free.

I deserve my alignment. The care that I take
To ensure I remain there is given in grace
By a provident consciousness. I am a part
Of that image – the one of a generous heart.
The exchange is a fair one when I know my place
Within utter contentment prepared for my sake.

Independent Initiative

A Place In the Croud

Why don’t I take the next step toward what must be done
To stand out among many adrift in a cloud
Of unknown self-identity? Am I afraid
That it’s not my true purpose nor righteous crusade
To gain superstar status? To what I’m avowed
Is the urge to express well, if only to one.

Everything done is aimed at enlarging my sphere
Of what have become novel among the ideals
That I know have become me. The challenge to be
More proactive and high-minded is what I see
On my path that is destined by what it reveals
To the heart made courageous and mind become clear.

I alone must make action. I cannot depend
On the actions of others that I may be seen
As unique and authentic. I’ve no certain goal
But to do what fulfills me and brightens my soul.
When it comes to performing I’m still a bit green
Yet prepared for the soul within me to ascend.

Snares, Ordeals And Delusions

Elegant Ignorance

So at peace with delusion… So blind to the truth,
No one enters my safe world, chaotic in gloom.
It reflects what is outside, where there, it’s too much
For the inside to deal with. My soul is a crutch
As I limp through reality to certain doom.
Since to both worlds I cater, I’m rendered uncouth.

I am vulnerable to the moment I trust.
The more I try to focus, I sharpen the blur.
Should the image be useful, it may do me harm.
Nothing in me nor outside would sound an alarm.
And I don’t know which dimension I would prefer.
When I’m forced to decide, I do so in disgust.

Ego may play the victim as it sees demise
Of itself, so it plays every trick in the book
To create more and maintain its reason to be.
For the growth of the spirit, potential I see.
What divine feats of magic come with this outlook?
Precious fruits of the spirit I may realize.

Fun And Joy

Familial Bliss

Filled with pleasure and laughter, the moments we share
With the fruits of our most precious dreams reassure
That the blessings in life are more easy to find
With a lighthearted nature. We all are inclined
To express in our playfulness that which is pure.
Recreation in love is a family affair.

If the thought of attention grows into a need
Then enough time has passed for the action to call
What is closest to nature to light up the soul.
Doing what is most joyful will make oneself whole.
Any play worth the game will both soothe and enthrall.
All the world is a toy when the spirit is freed.

Celebrating high spirits, I’m vital and strong.
I’ll develop my creative prowess in tune
With the song of fulfillment that rings through my heart.
Hearts are interconnected and all are a part
Of a system that could keep us all quite immune
To disease, self-destruction and much that is wrong.

The Larger View

An Overview Effect

When the most comprehensive of views is required
Then I must become tolerant of other ways
That I don’t understand on the level mundane.
Insight breeds within foresight for maximum gain.
Need I walk on a tightrope to widen my gaze?
It is not necessary but may be desired.

I translate nervous tension from all that I feel
To the language of living in personal growth.
Life experience teaches more than can be known
To the person who lives it. Yet it has been shown
That a broader perspective avails me of both
A release of the tension and genuine zeal.

Understanding humanity is not the goal
But the means to an atmosphere lively and fun.
At a glance I see forest among all the trees.
All that I now behold puts my spirit at ease.
Does it mean that by now daily living is done?
All it means is that I have become much more whole.

Inspired Imperfection

Motley Rythms of Nature

In the realm of the physical, all that is made
Is by natural process. The force that controls
Every act of creation is sheer perfection
Yet that which is created invites detection
Of all that is imperfect. We temper our goals
With a sense of reality aptly portrayed.

One need not be uprooted to bear proper fruit.
Images of The Maker apparently seen
Through a wide spectrum of nearly infinite range
Can’t account for how good things can look rather strange.
But such things in comparison cause one to glean
A firm sense of acceptance, though not too acute.

May I take imperfection as part of the whole
Of the perfect existence of which I’m a part?
Every image is mental. Words that may ensue,
As the mind generates them, can render a view
That becomes more aesthetic and kind to the heart.
The perfection of nature is that of my soul.

Untried And True

Infiltration of Clarity

Why should I remain faceless among humankind
When my eyes have been opened to more of a view
Of a clearer reality? My breadth and scope
Has increased beyond any dependence on hope
That things just might improve instantly if I knew
How to fool laws of nature all with a sharp mind.

Intuition is powerful, original
And receptive to insight. My words flow with ease.
What is my inspiration? …The need to be more
Than I am now. I’m brighter than ever before.
I’m obliged to rejoicing at times such as these
So to cherish them would be my best rationale.

 New solutions to old problems come to me now.
Spontaneity highlights adventures that are
Stimulating and fruitful among wholesome friends.
The beginning of newness is where oldness ends.
Progressive in my thinking, I may reach as far
As the all-knowing spirit in me will allow.

A Sense Of Humor

Innocence in Folly

Optimistic and confident is how I feel
When the world snaps a picture. My life is sublime
With a mixture of humor in elegant grace
As the pureness within me is seen on my face.
When I sense the world calling I know it’s showtime.
I am gifted by nature with charm and appeal.

Hidden treasures exist to be easy to find
And to offer the most pleasure to all who see
That we’re all made of stardust… the scientists say.
We can use our own magic to brighten each day.
My day job is a cool one. It’s simply To Be.
If there’s more to be added, then it would be ‘kind.’

Life can tickle me silly, and I’ll let it show.
Through enhanced inspiration, my vision is grand.
Energy is creative and has a soft touch.
If we learn how to feel it, we can attain much.
Our most vivid horizons are made to expand
With a lighthearted nature and spirit aglow.

Mental Discipline

Intellectual Mastery

Mercury, the Winged Messenger, God rightly chose
To communicate quickly what creatures must know
About knowing stability through the clear mind.
Does it mean that this swift one may be disinclined
To intuitive insight? Ideas will flow.
As the mind becomes certain it learns to compose.

Simple focus in stasis while breathing in light
Through the Eye of the Third kind is practice gone good.
What I think about most things by now I know well.
Concentration is keen. An efficiency spell
Has been cast upon me as I knew that it would.
I absorb information much faster than sight.

Realistic and practical plans are my peace.
Pieces of good insurance that I may improve,
Thoughts and plans organized are of meaning to me.
I am blinded without them. With them I can see
That, when healthy, they can help me make the right move
During uncertain moments once hard to release.

Pro-Lifers For Death

Values In Conflict

A Hot Day for a Hanging with tea and some shade
Or a damned bitter cold one with no common sense
Is a day worth rejoicing our own Christian way.
We’re a large group. Hear what ignorance has to say.
What is chosen as scripture is for our defense.
If you’re bad You Should Die, for from God you have strayed.

Submerged in allegory, the bible inspects
The collective unconscious who knows what is right.
Mirroring human nature over centuries,
It’s a vast pool of answers arranged to appease
Those who haven’t been saved yet. Ours is a tough fight.
Any darkness within us the bible protects.

It was in the beginning as it should be now
That we be the police force of moral concern.
Life remains ever precious ‘til we decide death
Is what God has decided. With our dying breath
We continue to teach to all fools who would learn
How to judge and what actions should raise the eyebrow.

We choose life over death. Women must know their place
In this kingdom on earth. As the earth, she is made
To be plowed through and walked upon by everyone.
She must take it in stride just as God’s only son.
Turn the other vagina, and don’t be afraid.
The abuse you receive now is of Eve’s disgrace.

Every fetus brought forth is a function of man.
Created in God’s image, man knows what is best
For the seed he as planted in anyone’s land.
Pregnancies are all wanted because they’re man planned.
It is vital that our view is firmly expressed.
Living is much to die for. It’s how all began.

Amorous Ideation

Giving Love A Thought

A good time is worth having. I think it’s about
Wanting someone to play with for just a brief while…
Not to have and to hold in some meaningful way.
A nice guy who’d delight in some erotic play
And can do that creatively is quite my style.
I don’t feel self-indulgent… rather, most devout.

Love is like a vacation. This faraway land
Tucked serene in the cosmos is where I belong
While exploring my nature in physical form.
Superficial I’m not, yet I’ll stray from the norm.
What I feel is my heart, and that cannot be wrong.
In wholesome ideation my pleasure is planned.

Socially somewhat awkward but warm to the touch,
Overcoming objection is easy for me.
Love is, at once, an idea and something real.
Thoughtfulness kindly tempers the passion I feel
So that nothing but pure love is all that I see.
In my world of adventure I gain to learn much.

Making Discoveries

Productive Collaberation

We were born to make changes to things as they are.
It’s the way of evolving to that which is more
Than is presently possible. We take delight
In uncovering mysteries using insight
To decipher existence and what’s at its core.
Through experimentation, the heart reaches far.

I may seem a bit quirky, yet I am unique.
Not a crowd do I follow to get to my goal
For their efforts serve only to further their cause
Which is not mine, exactly. I seek no applause
As my work does fulfill me and render me whole
Even though it’s a wholeness that’s somewhat oblique.

Measured is the excitement missing in routine
That cannot have a purpose. Discoveries made
Through a series of moments, the heart records well.
Living is art and science. At both I excel
When within all the lab work my truth is conveyed.
Through contented commitment most breakthroughs are seen.

A Compulsive Quality

An Aesthetic Tenacity

When my feelings run deeply, I need to climb high
Where my spirit may take flight to survey the land.
From the passionate mountain goat to the eagle,
The process of transforming, to me, feels regal.
Emotions, when intense, can disrupt what was planned
But my world is a dull one if I remain shy.

I’ve the need to delve deeper into the unknown
Which is known to be part of my own history.
I don’t need to keep quiet about what I find.
If my voice is a beacon, then souls of like mind
May commune telepathic and most easily.
To fit in well with others, I can’t be alone.

Feeling much more magnetic than ever before,
I know equal and opposite forces exist
To compel and delight me to pregnant desire.
The seduction of happiness need not require
But the slightest of effort. The will to persist
In achieving fulfillment I cannot ignore.

Go Big

The Magic of Lucid Intent

By expecting the best, only good things can come.
There’s no toil to possess them. A breath of fresh air
Sets the process in motion to bring what I need
And with my best expression my spirit is freed.
Much good fortune and blessing is now mine to share.
I succumb to the beat of Big divine drum.

There’s increased optimism. A brighter outlook
Toward the realm of the mundane becomes part of me.
It may last for a Big while or only for now.
It depends on how much of God’s grace I allow
To infuse me with fortitude and eyes to see
All of life’s mystery as a wide open book.

Small successes are Big ones the moment I see
Each as part of the journey the body must take
So the spirit within me evolves at a pace
Most congruent with divinely provident grace.
There’s no such thing as failure as I come awake
To unknown possibilities offered to me.

Free-Spirited Loving

Sultry Social

Human love is expressive of passion consumed
In the heat of an instant that time can’t erode.
Some become nonjudgmental in their attitude
Toward uncommon encounters and how they are viewed.
We must all tread in truth and let that be the code
For our conscious behaviors. Can this be presumed?

Fascinating experiences to enjoy
Are the primary focus. Excitement is fuel
For the engine that nature has formed into soul.
When the mood is high-flying, there’s no other goal
But to flow with the beast’s private social whirlpool.
Elsewhere is but the animal one can’t employ.

More eccentric than frivolous, wavelengths of love,
Interspersed through the spectrum of visible light
That are not seen through common eyes, may integrate
With a resonant frequency to cancel hate
For a sweet sultry moment that could last all night.
There is nothing but fear that one can fall short of.

Perfect Balance

Static Precision

Perfect Balance between self and others takes place
When relationship with self remains paramount.
We are all parts in motion. A human mobile,
We’re suspended in destiny for a brief while.
The cycle, when completed, becomes our account
Of our flesh acrobatics within time and space.

Can I learn to be peaceful and more self-aware?
Ambience of surroundings that I now behold
Well acquaint me with patience and understanding.
I can deal with a challenge. It makes my heart sing
To do just as I feel as well as what I’m told.
With Mars trine to my Venus, I have not a care.

This one lasts for three days. I continue to write
But with heart now more open to letting things be
In the state of a stasis of harmonic grace
Ever ready for action to get face to face
With the infinite spirit sometimes known as me.
In recording these moments I take full delight.

Tacit Agreements

Natural Commerce

To the needs of the present my focus is drawn.
As I pay close attention to natural ties
To the infinite cosmos, relationships are
Blessed with true understanding. It cannot stray far
From the contracts apparent that no soul denies
Due to interdependence which life relies on.

Motivated by teamwork, to thrive is the goal.
Individual energy shares in exchange
For continual sharing in provident grace.
Connection with all parts each unit must embrace.
What cannot be of value one can’t prearrange
Nor can that which is unworthy blend with the whole.

Tacit are the agreements among everyone.
We refer to the golden rule if there’s a need
For the reiteration of what sets us free
To support one another most wholeheartedly.
Pleasure, when found in structure, can help all succeed
On the path toward fulfillment with ill will toward none.

Emotional Consequences

Uncertainty In Turst

With a sense of detachment, the rational mind,
Less affected by tension, must take ample care
Not to seem not compassionate. That’s hard to do
When the person you’re helping appears just as you.
Empathy and a willingness to come aware
Of another’s predicament is only kind.

Logic has consequences. The cost may be high
As the hot air of intellect. Feelings remain
In a well-controlled corner most safe and secure
From awkward situations that make one unsure.
There’s enough interaction to service each brain.
Mutual is the blessing exchanged eye to eye.

I can learn and appreciate beauty and joy
As it stands right before me in pure clarity.
Every inner and outer child knows about play.
We all excel at fun in a natural way
That gets thwarted when dealing with reality.
Both the mind and emotions we all can employ.

Making Yourself Clear

Burn Through To Clarity

Optimistic oration performed ear to ear
Generates burn through pieces. Revealing what’s true
Is the purpose of speaking what’s on the clear mind.
When the pieces fit well we can see what’s behind
Any obstructive surface to give us a view
Of the brightness abundant that all hearts hold dear.

To translate air apparent to simple green earth
Is to enlarge and focus. Each function is done
In magnificent mindfulness of better sight
That the vision of clarity will make aright
My intention to speak in a way everyone
Can engage with the puzzle and give it some worth.

I do not choose my words well. Rather, they choose me.
Having been here before I am, I am at ease
In accepting their governance. I become wise
As to how verbal structures can surprise the eyes.
May this work be a blessing to those who would seize
Alternate understanding and new ways to see.

Intense Encounters

Anger of the Sky

Willingness to engage with the forces that be
When one has not the weaponry would be insane.
Why then do people do that? Indeed, why am I
Often times throughout life not willing to comply
With the will of establishment? There’s naught to gain
Even if the mad battle is won easily.

People act like machinery that just won’t work
The way I think they should. They’re a pain in the ass.
I’ll do best to avoid folks while I’m in this state
Lest I break out the monkey wrench and channel hate.
Machines too oft’ malfunction, but this too shall pass
Like foul gas from the orifice that wears a smirk.

The place under one’s skin can be put up for rent
By the landowner only. None else are involved
In my own misperceptions and ways that I feel.
In the blind heat of passion I can’t see what’s real.
Difficult situations are hardly resolved
In an air of contempt and with hostile intent.

At Ease With A Simple Self

Lucid Youth

Selves are vastly complex things designed to behave
With the freedom of spirit to know their desire
On an intimate level. Sometimes they get lost
In expressive minutia for fame at great cost
To the self’s sense of purpose. The spirit on fire
For the height that ignites it is what all selves crave.

Should I go for the gusto of leaping my way
Through the clouds of my consciousness without a care
For affairs of the real world for just a short while?
What’s become reminiscent of some ancient smile
Can be changed in an instant with one simple prayer
For some ease in existing to accent each day.

What supports what is simple is elegant ease
In between mundane moments when time can stand still.
As I age I become more childlike in my ways
Complete with temper tantrums that no self can praise.
If I’m due for a time out, that would be a thrill.
There’s no mental authority I need to please.

Integral Support

Earthly Providence

When I’m feeling upbeat I know I have support
From a world made prepared for my every ascent.
Expanding my horizons, opportunities
To climb higher, I manifest with greater ease.
Social recognition may highlight each event
But I’ll not be entrapped by motives of that sort.

I feel much optimism. This time is sublime.
My domestic and daily routines run smoothly.
I’m in touch with the feminine from a male space.
What could be more enthralling! The scent of pure grace
Is the essence of living, as far as I see.
Integral in its manner, life sanctifies time.

Life is not always lofty. The times may be hard
As they punctuate sequence and give it contrast.
So, this time I will cherish and log it here well
Where the imperfect memory cannot dispel
Having felt such support. And I know it won’t last.
When the message is taken, there’s no disregard.

An Inward Glimpse

When I take a glimpse inward what there do I find?
This old self is an eyesore, I humbly confess.
I appear to most others as one would expect
But to me I’m perfection become incorrect
In my firmest behaviors. My life seems a mess.
Facing such a bleak sight one might wish I were blind.

While not seeing while living, one banks on the hope
That the mask of illusion that culture provides
Will maintain inner blindness as something benign.
Accepting my reality, I must align
With the truth that will free me. The spirit abides
In the clearness of vision wherein I can cope.

Looking inward is healthy. Some part of a while
On a regular basis I must look within.
Episodes of entanglements highlight my past.
What I may do tomorrow is just a forecast.
What occurs in the present is where to begin
A new lease upon living without the denial.

Mutual Reinforcement

Strength in the Common Goal

Art and technology work together to make
Sturdy structures of beauty. This building I wear
Is constructed of feeling and rational thought.
Does one precede the other, or are they both caught
Quantum struck into nowness where time is a tear
In the fabric of consciousness while wide awake?

There can be much relief in the planning of things
Far enough in advance and with ample detail
Of the project’s beginning to guarantee you’ll
Not appear as a bumbling incompetent fool.
If I’m built well, I’ll be much less likely to fail.
As the parts work together, contentment it brings.

The building is completed a little each day.
Reinforcing the dwelling to make it secure,
The convergence of talent for ample support
Redefines my aesthetics. And should I fall short
While engaging the process, still I can be sure
That the forces of nature won’t blow me away.

Take A Break


Take full comfort in knowing your place on the earth
Is prepared in advance of your humble debut.
Barrow time is expressive. Creation is fun.
Making time to relax cannot be overdone.
Take a well-deserved break from the work that you do.
It is up to you only to value your worth.

Be romantic and playful with your given time.
By directing the drama you set yourself free
From the things that cause stress and do harm to the health.
Taking care of oneself is the key to true wealth.
What could be more important to you than to be
In a state of contentment? It’s truly sublime.

You work hard at your living and making ends meet.
To maintain your alignment with all that you are
Is of ultimate value in playing your part
In the world’s evolution. The beat of your heart
Satisfies as the timepiece efficient by far
To the humdrum machine of the cherished elite.

The Charmer

Graceful Command And Control

Pre-perceiving her nature, the beast, made aware
Of a comforting spirit, will flow to her lead.
For within the reflection two souls intertwine.
Consciousness is of caring wherein love will shine.
In the heat of compassion both spirits are freed
From the will to be separate and not a pair.

Gracefulness is The Charmer. Her delicate touch
Is the essence of masterful feminine reign.
Mighty forces are tamed not by brutal control
But by interconnection achieved through each soul.
What it takes is a Charmer to win a campaign
Not a white male Russianlican. We’ve had too much!

Can we stand resolution of our lethal flaws?
That will take much evolving. Perhaps centuries
Will have passed before humans have learned how to love
On a wide enough scale that no one is above
Any other. Until such time, honor’s trustees,
In the form of fine women, shall tame that which was.

An Infectious Good Mood

Enticement To Joy

Being friendly feels good! Who would argue with that?
With a provident outlook life is a surprise
Like an unopened gift from benevolent Source
Blessing each newborn moment with brilliant life force.
As the light of my soul radiates through my eyes
There is seldom an issue I need to combat.

Naturally I’m outgoing. That I effervesce
At an infinite frequency makes every day
An exciting adventure. To share my good will
Is the only goal in this life I need fulfill.
With my smile I offer to the world my bouquet.
I have nothing but love in my heart to express.

My desires become magical as they come true
In my blissful observance of all that takes place
In the life I’ve created. The joy that I know
Is more than enough to make my heart overflow.
My will is to infect all with positive grace.
May the ease be a widespread and refreshing flu.

Scattered Mind

Spatial Consciousness

Reaching far beyond limits imposed by space/time,
Scattered parts of the mind that I thought were my own
All belong to the cosmos. They’re mine to behold,
But a few at a time only. And, as I’m told,
No mind can outdo nature… at least not alone
While entrapped in an other than sound paradigm.

Speed control done remotely by sentient life force
That exists of no substance but with firm intent
Has by now animated me to frequencies
High enough that my problems are solved with more ease.
If I could just remain here adrift in content
For the rest of my living, that I would endorse.

Restlessness in my clutter knows static release
Through the interconnections unconsciously made
In a mood of acceptance of things as they are.
Anywhere in the universe can’t be too far
From the place where I feel that my thoughts are betrayed
By a sense of untidiness. Therein lies peace.

High In My Balloon

Colorful Sky

The subconscious, when active, is filled with hot air
That expands the container and offers a lift
To the heart become heavy and laden with lack.
Feeling oddly, emotions cannot hold me back
From attainment of height. This strange mood is a gift
Of ethereal substance far beyond compare.

There’s potential for danger. I’m more open to
Outside energies and influences quite strong
Moving me to wherever. The air has its way.
While adrift, I’ll maneuver as if hard at play.
There may be some deception. The ride could go wrong
But it’s part of a process that I must go through.

Fantasies are fulfilling while playing their role.
They enforce demarcation between altitudes
That are higher and lower. Supporting the need
For the kind of upliftment where spirit is freed,
Lofty dreams are the essence of brief interludes
With the heart of eternity’s infinite soul.

How The Matter Is Treated

The Matter of Mind

One whole mind over matter divided by heart
Equals clarity, peace and a spirit of love.
Infinite are the pieces that I try to fit
Into that which is not a container. Though it
Is confined to the finite and limits thereof,
I can give up the struggle and see a new start.

For a bit of an instant this flesh form I take.
I become the reflection of all that I see.
A big screen is before me. Upon it appears
Massive configurations of hopes, dreams and fears.
This unprovable vision is reality
For all intents and purposes and goodness sake.

How The Matter Is Treated is all up to me.
Advice can come from many. The best is from Source
Which is found in the moment of quiet when all
That is too much to handle can seem rather small.
There’s no harm to my ego if love I endorse.
Matter comes forth from spirit, and that is the key.

Letting Go Of The Arrow

Karmic Direction

As I pull on the arrow’s tail, I can’t let go.
I am not the best archer. The nodes of the moon
Form the bow. The arrow’s head is the direction
I must shoot for so that karmic justice be done.
What I’ve gained over lifetimes appears as a boon
But it’s that which is opposite I need to know.

When I signed up for service from eternity
In the essence of spirit, all selves were aligned.
Cosmic citizenship was a part of the deal.
It became necessary to see, think and feel.
But, for soul growth, I need to be much more inclined
To make peace with my comfort zone but completely.

For me, that means that I must let go of the mind
And attend more to foolishness and having fun.
I can’t just hold the arrow. My arm will get weak.
I must aim to let go for the peace that I seek
And in doing so, evolution has begun
For this imperfect being who could be more kind.