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‘Ain’t Mis-Physishin’


No pending lawsuits; no fall from grace
I’ll be straight up and right in your face
‘Ain’t mis-physishin,’ I’m wishin’ good health for you.

I’m not a fisherman who can’t catch a fish
I’m not a musician who hates to musish
‘Ain’t mis-physishin,’ my mission is tried and true

I won’t prescript you with no reason why
I won’t inject you unless you might die
‘Ain’t mis-physishin,’ permission shall be my cue

I get enough sleep; my libido’s in check
My heart will not pound if I gaze down your neck
I’m big on privacy; I won’t tell a soul
Of your bad breath or massive malignant mole
‘Ain’t mis-physishin,’ contrition is mine if I do

My work is my practice; I learn as I go
My patients are teachers; there’s a lot I should know
‘Ain’t mis-physishin,’ your condition is up to you.

Spurious Spatial Speculation

Spurious Spatial Speculation

The body is an unmanned probe
Remotely controlled by the realest self
Made from the substance of what is explored
It encounters another so as not to get bored
Expressive of meaning like a book on a shelf
But paper thin like an onion skinned robe

The body makes sense of alien ground
It does so engaging the self that is ‘local
That self is the ego. Its purpose, in fact,
Is to translate the true self with intent intact
Within range the command module then becomes vocal
Relishing in new terrain it has found

Since there’s no one inside – just a window to Home
We lock onto signals that traverse our space
When Eye meets with Eye a connection is made
In Heaven with counterparts proud and well-played
We flood here en masse to partake of this place
With robotic abandon we are destined to roam

So, where in this puzzle does ‘Houston’ fit in?
Is Mission Control where we go when we die?
To some, it’s a mystery; to others, a known
Yet it matters to ego whose true colors are shown
When caught loving earth life and flying high
Despite this world’s gravity as it wears others thin.