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Lock your gaze on these glasses.  Now, what do you see?
Occipital lobules cajole in a dance
As the mind conjures meaning and fashions belief.
Is smegmatical messaging giving you grief?
If it were would your suffering earn you the chance
To dispense with all stale memes and set yourself free?

The glass, when half empty, is also half full.
Yet if uttered out loudly some ears would then perk.
The reason for this is there’s judgement involved.
When looked at it one way, it’s said one’s evolved.
When looked at the other, it’s said one’s a jerk.
This ‘assessment of attitude’ trick is pure bull!

There is contrast in life; it’s by nature’s design.
It is good to have vantage points less than ideal,
As they generate outlooks that make ourselves grow.
If we didn’t have bad days, then how would we know
How to deal with desire and carve out what’s real?
The glass is half yours, and it’s also half mine.

Complex of Inhibition

I can’t come to see you because I’m not there.
I know we do plan to meet often; it’s true,
But the fact that I’m not where you are anytime
Keeps defeating our meeting – a fool’s paradigm.
If I could just be there to be there with you
Then there’d be not an issue to craft and declare.

I suppose that I could just get up and go,
Heading in the direction to where you now are,
But, my goodness, the thought of not being there still
Does confound me quite deeply and stifles my will
To go any further.  I’m not up to par
For going and knowing not when to say no.

So, help me, dear friend.  Can I be there with you?
It’s not that I’m coy, or can’t find my way.
It’s just that I’m daft and deficient as some
Who can’t find a motive to best overcome
The inertia of living our lives come what may.
In a dance with resistance, my life becomes new.

America the Mutable

Oh beautiful for friendly skies
Kept safe as best we can
For politics and sports combined
So folks know there’s a plan
America! America! God has His eye on thee
As entertainment fills the air
From sea to raging sea

Oh beautiful for points of view
That show our colors well
For arrogance and much ado
What good is there to tell?
America! America… A frontier yet today
Performers swing inside the ring
And grimace as they play

Oh beautiful for lethal blows
And shots below the belt
As spirits reach the lowest lows
That ever had been felt
America! America! Don’t keep God up your sleeve
We can do good in brotherhood
The world will then believe

Oh beautiful for front row seats
At lively staged events
For caucuses and campaign feats
And polls that make no sense
My love for you is bitter sweet; by happenstance, I’m here
And when November comes around
I’ll vote and have no fear

Smart Assed Robin

I watched a robin after
an early morning rain
others dug for worms… bugs
this lucky one nabbed a baby
snake.  Such a battle so
long the bird has won
head sheared off
tucked away sound
the bird stares at me
another while
as if to say
“Yeah, I ate the son of a bitch; what’s it to ya?”