Speak Your Consciousness

Be Thyself!

Satisfying World Hunger For Truth is at hand
By the shifting of powers to new ways and means
Of achieving more union. Intense is the pain
In the stomach collective after the insane
Inundation of falsehoods. Mendacious machines
In positions of leadership are to be canned.

We learn to keep our mouths shut when we are children
Sensing it may be safer. The fear of offense
Is sufficiently powerful as the censor
Of the truth of the heart that oneself can’t ignore.
I may rest in my silence but at great expense
To my sense of integrity. Weak I am then.

But the times, they be changing to something more real.
It had long been forgotten, but now truth returns.
Open to conversation, ourselves are transformed
In the space of acceptance where all hearts are warmed.
When we speak our true consciousness everyone learns.
Differences among folk we cannot conceal.

What people are responsive to is honesty.
So fed up with the bullshit, enough we have had.

No matter how we’re programmed, we sense energy
And go by our gut feelings. We may not agree,
But we may be moved and enlightened just a tad.
Or beliefs do not matter, we will come to see.

Happy With What I Do?

The Vocation of Being

The Workforce with its power is just not enough
To blow past the established wealth of the elite.
It would take innovation that most can’t afford,
So they work jobs that may pay well but leave them bored
To the depths of their souls. This kind of self-defeat
Ruthlessly sucks the life force. Despair cannot bluff.

There are two types of people. One are of a kind
Who feel safe in stability. Conservative,
They prefer stable income and steady workflow.
They are unlike the others whose passion to go
After what they love doing makes them creative
In their ways of risk management and peace of mind.

Judgement is not appropriate to cast upon
Those who find satisfaction in their comfort zone.
Circumstances dictate choices that can be made.
One can be happy in them or maybe afraid
That endured discontent the health cannot condone.
One may fret in seclusion and become withdrawn.

Some must go for the passion in all that they do.
Wasted energy on work that doesn’t feel good
Becomes dense and sclerotic. To be more alive
Is to trust in one’s true worth. The need to survive
Is by infinite intelligence understood.
  When it’s time to move on, always there’s something new.

The Shadow System

Acts Of Invisibility

Ego knows not the shadow. It’s only in dreams
That it may become possible for them to meet.
The shadow is the blind spot that ego can’t see.
Consciousness of darkness is repressed completely.
Psychic mechanisms are difficult to cheat.
Living with someone unknown is just as it seems.

It is called the unconscious. Much trauma lives there
From experiences that come on with a shock
To the nerves of the system. It shapes the posture
Of the general attitude and the nature
Of one’s personal history. Every hard knock
Is absorbed by the shadow so grossly aware.

In the dream state, the shadow can make itself known
Through symbols or through imagery. Symbols can be
Easily deciphered. But the images are
Linked directly to myth which is broader by far.
All the experiences of humanity
Form a grand pool of consciousness science has shown.

The collective unconscious contains the spectrum
Of all human behavior throughout history.
It is through myth and archetypes truth is revealed
In the hope that the hurt of the psyche is healed.
We cannot well interpret what we cannot see.
But we now have clues as to where darkness comes from.

Educated Delusion

Degredation Of Sheepskin

Socioeconomic conditions prevail
That are nowhere near perfect. The rich and the poor
Have a chasm between them a galaxy wide.
The world’s uneducated are lacking in pride.
If one has not a sheepskin then closed is the door
To a life of fulfillment. This is a sad tale.

Need it be this way always as always it’s been?
Social class structures are part of human nature.
We cannot get around that, although it’s been tried,
But with failure and bloodshed. The growing divide
Among people in this way does not have a cure
Short of total collapse and then starting again.

Working class pawns are uniformed in suit and tie.
The neck must be encircled to show ownership
Of one’s time and behavior for indentured pay.
Do I like doing what I must do everyday
To maintain my existence? I’ll button my lip
To avoid condescension and stick with a lie.

Educational systems are pawn factories.
In assembly line fashion, workers are produced.
When curricula match students’ abilities
And their natural aptitudes, then with much ease
They’ll absorb like sponges and boredom is reduced.
Educated Delusion is not expertise.



It would be nice if energy came in a can,
Yet it is the container and all that’s inside.
People find it refreshing indulging in drink
To help keep their firm bodies and minds in the pink.
But when negative thought forms are identified,
Then to rid the mind of them requires not a plan.

Thoughts consist of live energy. If they are ill,
They will drain the brain quickly, and toxins are made.
When bloodwork is examined, it’s evidenced there.
But to mind thoughts and feelings may lead to despair.
I cannot just stop thinking the thoughts that pervade
Every aspect of functioning free of my will.

If no plan nor a drink conquers thoughts negative,
What then is the solution? The firmware I run
Is the same everyone has. I can’t forcibly
Make it stop its confounding life successfully.
It is to my advantage to mess with it none.
It makes worse what is wrong, and it’s no way to live.

Separation is needed between me and all
That I’ve gathered through life, the body, and the mind.
All that indicates life, like my breath and heartbeat,
I must concentrate more on. The inner retreat
Where the self knows distinction is where I can find
Satisfying refreshment. It’s always my call.


Let It Go

Sympathetic the system of nerves is to stress.
Somewhere in all the business throughout the long day,
Things don’t catch up completely. Into fight or flight
I am kicked as I’m flustered by anything slight
So that comfort offered is taken the wrong way.
Feeling this way is something I need to address.

A technique called deep breathing is fairly well-known.
It involves, as it implies, taking in fresh air
And releasing it slowly enough to partake
Of the presence awakened for wellbeing’s sake.
That I can do it anytime and anywhere
Makes it ideal a remedy done while alone.

 Breathing deeply means slowly and with awareness
Of the air going places it had not before,
From my body’s perspective. It knows everything
That I’ve done to it since birth. Right now I can bring
My attention to its health, desires, and much more.
What could be a more wholesome and easy process?

Inhaling through the nose to the short count of five,
And then holding it there for a few seconds more,
Then exhaling completely is good exercise.
If I want to be more things along with just wise
Then I need not feel burnt out. Breathing can restore
The lost sense of myself as it keeps me alive.

Always Ready To Act

Willing and Capable

A most self-assured fourteen-year-old girl with the mind
Of an avid go getter, the jobs given you
Bring you intense experiences. You’re unique
As a fine baby sitter. Your handy technique,
Playing Mozart to nurture him, is but a clue
To your take on reality. You are refined.

 Your training and experience help you get through
Challenges that test stamina and reflexes.
With enthusiasm you will get the job done.
Even when you are fearful you seem to have fun.
You’ll hang in and keep things from falling to pieces.
No one knows that your ‘frantic’ except for a few.

Unprepared for the infant’s emerging powers,
An enigma named Syndrome, a dark character,
Came to be your replacement. His criminal past,
Unbeknownst to you, led to him taking charge fast.
It turns out he was lousy, for what did occur
Was as one would expect and what no one prefers.

Dedication and confidence are yours always.
Trusting your gift of powerful intuition,
You’ll succeed and be recognized for bravery,
Your resourcefulness, and responsibility.
When you reach full adulthood you will be someone
Whose work will be outstanding and worthy of praise.

Worth Repeating

Continuous Synchronicity

Crystalline is the clarity of word and deed,
And the thoughts and emotions preceding the two
When I’m in full alignment with all that I am.
And about what that all means, I don’t give a damn
As long as I enjoy everything that I do.
Big or small doesn’t matter, and neither does speed.

Feeling some limitation regarding the goal
Because steps must be taken before there’s success,
It’s best to be inspired from a space that feels good
That I set up initially. It’s understood
That to gather momentum I need to assess
Every step by the pleasure it brings to my soul.

I Just Want To Have Fun as the target I reach.
It is in the momentum fulfillment is found.
On the way is the purpose – Not reaching the end.
What I want is a sure thing, but I must transcend
Any hint of anxiety to which I’m bound.
Getting there by fun stages, I venerate each.

Having fun On My Way to my true heart’s desire,
I have proper perspective. Things fall into place
As if I can control them, and maybe I do.
Since the universe knows all, it knows of me too.
Savoring every morsel of its feeding grace,
I am free to enjoy all that needs to transpire.

No More Guilt

Emerge From The Shadow

Why am I in the shadows nowhere to be found
By the people I owe and to those I’ve done wrong?
Hidden well in my darkness, no one keeps in touch
With my world or my person. I ruminate much
On my defects of character which does prolong
The dark night of my soul. It’s a ship run aground.

This is rather depressing. Who tells me that I
Am an unworthy creature whose frequent misdeeds
And mistakes relegate me to those of a class
That can have no redemption nor half empty glass?
If I swallow that bullshit I’m stuck in the weeds
In a Twilight Zone episode hard to deny.

I can say that I’m human. It’s not a cop out.
I can reap what I’ve sown now, let go, and move on.
The emotion of guilt is destructive. It will,
If it ain’t dealt with initially, even kill.
Rather I intend fully to see the next dawn.
That my life can be salvaged I have not a doubt.

People don’t learn a thing if they don’t make mistakes.
Everyone is a screw-up at times in some way.
Insecurity laden, my comparisons
Are but useless and futile, except for the ones
That uplift and propel me through my useful day.
I deserve this, as all do, along with fair shakes.

Sly And Friendly

Altruistic and loyal, your unselfish acts
Transform the hearts of others. Your friendship is such
That it knows not an enemy who can’t become
A good friend and an ally by offering some
Honesty and authentic love which means as much
As having tons of fun and some time to relax.

Knowing what forever means, you are courageous
And will face any danger and offer support
In the way of affection. Both cunning and sweet,
You are carefree and lovable. None can defeat
Your mischief and wise antics, though you’re a good sport.
Strategies of compassion you’re apt to discuss.

Your devil-may-care nature dances with danger.
Fanciful is the partner until it is not.
Trouble may be the outcome, but you make it through
To the next wild adventure. From your point of view,
Fun and friendship are foremost. They matter a lot.
Boredom is the one thing that can ruffle your fur.

As you grow to adulthood affection you hold
For the ones you most care about. Never are you
Brought down by circumstances intense and adverse.
You enjoy no restrictions in your universe.
Loyalty in your friendship transcends what is true.
Your essence of resourcefulness shimmers like gold.

Tough Decisions

The Tests Of Life

Many doors made to walk through have grown in the field
Of my conscious awareness. Which one will I choose?
They all are much too similar. Nothing is known
Of what lies beyond each, and it’s my choice alone.
If I enter the wrong one, how much might I lose?
From the heart the solution is always revealed.

Forty thousand or so specialized cells inside
The heart structure function like a neural network.
It is independent of the cranial brain.
It can feel and remember both pleasure and pain.
Not a single question put to it will it shirk
Unlike gray matter topside that may want to hide.

In two places events are recorded and stored –
In the brain and the heart simultaneously.
But the brain is bilateral. Black and white are
Its computed solutions. Much wiser by far
Is the heart’s ‘little brain’ which has proven to be
A source of good guidance that should not be ignored.

Touch your heart. Your awareness will quickly go there.
Feel as if it’s your home – the seat of existence.
Take a slow breath a few times. “You’re safe,” this tells you.
It’s a switch from the mental hoops you’re jumping through.
Thinking with the right organ is heart-centered sense.
It’s my pleasure providing this tidbit to share.

Heightened Awareness

Acute To Alarm

Fearing most other felines, Duchess is your friend.
Along with her three kittens, you form a tight bond.
That’s because you are special, courageous, and dear.
Heightened sense of awareness makes you prone to fear,
But when friends are in danger, you’re quick to respond
With remarkable courage. On you they depend.

Motivations of others you detect with ease
So that you can warn all of impending danger.
Your enhanced observation and resourcefulness
Are most helpful to those who may be in distress.
When your plans don’t work out the way you would prefer
You get flustered but rebound as if they were cheese.

You’re a mouse of refinement. Caring and polite,
Loyalty to the household is your contentment.
Most intense you can be when the situation
Calls for it, and your daring cannot be outdone.
Luxury and good manners properly accent
Your amicable nature easy to excite.

To remember the names of important allies
Is a challenge for you, yet you have other ways
Of completing the mission. Your natural sense
For the essence of life is a treasure immense.
Protection heroic earns you genuine praise.
You’re a persistent creature both gentle and wise.

Conspiracy Spells?

Products of Paranoia

One leap out of reality into escape,
Where the answers to questions come packaged neatly,
Jagged pieces of many odd puzzles befit
An acceptable story for those of dim wit
And a weakness of will to the ill that they see
Like a dark witch’s spell seeking lost souls to rape.

Covert masters of chaos networked the world wide
Are the spell casters crafted to access the mind’s
Unprotected control centers, and with the skill
That can get wayward masses to go out and kill.
Just one sip from the cauldron effectively blinds
The hindsight of the conscience that is satisfied.

In the heart of the theorist what can be found
Can’t be known in clear detail for others to see.
But the madness in common – not shared by the whole –
Is about race and gender and total control
Over lives of all others. I may not agree
But the right to free will in this nation is sound.

Every creature earthbound knows conspiracy spells
Only pain and destruction upon whom it’s cast.
Now that we’re more divided, the old and the new
Amplify the dilemma. One thing that is true
Is that times that are past don’t come back and then last.
Why not lose your delusions and bid your farewells?

Space Preparedness

Evolving Ugly Earthism

It’s a troublesome world that should be left alone!
Until they have matured into one human race,
They’re a menacing madness that could well evolve
In space ‘exploration,’ when they can’t even solve
Issues with their own kind. It’s one hell of a place
That should not see expansion until they have grown.

They defile simple logic with complex ideals
To support any selfish improper intent
And to mask it with babble speak. Such are their laws.
Presently, as we see them, they are a lost cause.
We outnumber them greatly, so we could prevent
Galactic disturbance in the peace that it feels.

Not quite yet a team player, they have not a team
But a rat’s nest of cheaters who can’t get along
Let alone play a good game with others out here.
It’s because of their greed that they can’t tackle fear.
Their short history demonstrates where they went wrong,
And it has much to do with pride in the extreme.

The child is at the center, from its point of view,
Of the entire universe until it learns
That there are many like it. It took earth a while
Just to come to that truth. They’re insanely hostile
And prone to self-destruction. These are the concerns
That the Council of Cosmic Justice must work through.

Rama Or Krishna

Contingent Dicchotomy

Every civilization throughout history
Comes to be with much cruelty for its own while
Until laws are established and all people know
That one rule book, and one only, helps all to grow
Into unified consciousness. Therefore the style
Of the first leaders chosen was harsh as can be.

Each nation had a wild west or does so right now.
They all share the same basic conditions of need.
If people make their own laws, no one lives in peace.
Conflicting are intentions that lead to increase
In behavior uncivilized. Inherent greed
Lethally derelicts human nature somehow.

But after a nation becomes sovereign and whole
Styles of leadership alter. Now there are outlaws
Instead of simply citizens intending harm.
The societal structure will sound the alarm.
Now the job is maintaining the initial cause
That the people united assumed as their goal.

The rule book becomes flexible yet remains strong
So the wise leader uses it in not in harsh ways
But with cunning and conscience to then delegate
Distribution of justice. The will to create
Harmony among all, the wise leader obeys.
The beauty of a nation is that all belong.

Lucky Numbers

Numeric Alignment

Eternal perfect timing’s divine interlock
Is the structure contained within each living cell.
Our awareness of particles make them behave
As if they’re being watched. Hell… they might even wave.
Wearing dark matter mittens, our story they tell
By the notice we take to the digital clock.

 When you say, “You’re my favorite” to every tree
That you meet on your path, it puts you in a place
Where you are most receptive to reassurance
That this world has your back in any circumstance.
Seeing repeating numbers are sings of its grace,
Which it has quite a bit of, yet seldom we see.

Components cooperative always gathered
And reserved for your access in perfect timing
You can bet are the workings of intent divine.
In supreme providence it will give you a sign
At particular moments that are meant to bring
Relaxation in trusting in goodness conferred.

I need not be the orchestrator of it all.
Indeed that isn’t possible. I’ll rendezvous
With the life that is due me with each noticing
Of timing synchronistic. If not a big thing
Then the coincidental is simply woo-woo,
And perhaps a good sundial is right for the wall.

A Most Charming Enigma

The Tenacious Achiever

Your beauty is traditional. Most expressive,
You’ll refuse to reveal yourself to anyone
But the creatures enamored by your cleverness.
Always pertly competitive, you see success
As an ongoing challenge that’s ever begun.
With daring and tenacity is how you live.

Your actions do much more than the words that you speak.
Observing others’ actions you do quietly.
Your experiences are quite unparalleled.
Loyalty to your master is never withheld.
Your delightful intelligence helps all to see
Strategies for the living of life at its peak.

Taking people on wild rides you do with the skill
Of a mystical tour guide of wonders untold.
Playing games in enchanted lands gives you access
To the wisdom of ages whereby you impress
Anyone who’s aboard you by what may unfold
In the realm of excitement and magical thrill.

Human-like are your qualities. Having been made
By a sorcerer wizard along with siblings
To assist worthy masters, you have found your place
Among those who consider you part of their race.
In the end a true friendship is what it all brings.
We applaud your magnificent service crusade.

With Creative Abandon

The Subjective Inventor

Self-proclaimed evil genius, the king of chaos,
Like a pig in a mud pit, is happy to be
So immersed in invention he may disregard
Its full impact on others. He works too damned hard
At perfecting creations most illegally.
Anyone who works with him knows that he’s the boss.

Loathing all limitations to getting things done,
He’s intent and unstoppable. That’s just his way
Of processing momentum become negative.
Each of us has our reason why we want to live.
Unrestrained in this manner, no law he’ll obey.
All the trouble he causes he does so for fun.

Voracious is his appetite. His addictions
To performing experiments, wreaking havoc,
And engaging in anarchy nourish his pride.
Yet he does have a soft heart somewhere deep inside
When he isn’t at work and is off the time clock.
Those who would pique his interest are chosen ones.

What had made him so ruthless is oddly unknown.
Capable of transforming his mutative strain
To benign interactions and harmless mischief,
He refers to himself in third person as if
There’s a binary issue regarding his brain.
What he does for a living most cannot condone.

A Class Act

An Able Performer

Everyone loves a circus act. One done with class
By an able performer surely is the best.
As the mantis magician delivers his act
While on stage, there are many bugs’ lives he’ll impact.
His methods are his secret and cannot be guessed.
Audiences react by applauding en masse.

With his pride and self-confidence he’ll disregard
Others’ fickle opinions and stay flying high.
He’s a master of drama and special effects
Of a visual nature that other insects
Find aesthetic and exciting. Wisdom is why
He can captivate others without trying hard.

Rationale of his closest ones keeps him on track.
That he reach his potential is but guaranteed.
Dedicated he is and with strong conviction
To perfecting his style, His work is never done.
Those entranced know that he’s of a different breed.
Excellence is his nature not needing feedback.

Up his sleeve there is nothing. It’s all in the mind
That can reach into others and change how they see
What is not right before them and make it look real.
Magic is the revealing of all we conceal
Through our practiced perceptions. To plant a rock tree
Is an act that I feel is somewhat undefined.

Team Designer

With Critical Taste

Making costumes for heroes with super powers
Is a job taken seriously yet with grace,
Which she seems to show sometimes, but not quite enough
For the ones who work with her. They think she’s too tough
On herself and on them. She takes charge of her space.
She’s the best at what she does… just as she prefers.

Talented yet demanding, her will to create
Is uncommonly focused. Her work is her pride.
Successful and eccentric, she shows some concern
For the ones that she cares for. They may then discern
A sense of her humanity somewhere inside
The well-structured persona so rigid and straight.

Heroes throughout the universe and a few gods
Are among her best clientele. Her work is known
And admired by the many who offer her praise
For her magical costumes that work well most days.
Self-assured in her brilliance, she does hold her own
In her world of excitement against all the odds.

An acclaimed Team Designer, and one of the best,
Confidence she’s acquainted with intimately.
One would not want to cross her for fear of her wrath.
Most courageous heroes wouldn’t dare cross her path.
Nothing short of perfection is what people see
In a woman with whom most others are impressed.

Home Is Where The Toilet Is

Hearth Of The Waste

When the bowels need to move there’s no solace like home.
Anywhere else but there is profusely obscene.
Public places provided for people at large
Are a blessing. They help anyone to take charge
Of the business of flushing the full colon clean.
When the call comes, you don’t want a forest to roam.

But at home is the perfect place and much preferred
By most humans. It’s simply a matter of taste.
For some creatures the great halls of congress are fine.
Only those like them would call their actions benign.
Animals of this nature who speak with their waste
Reenact racist sentiment and without word.

I keep my shit in one place. It isn’t out there
Where the public may smell it. It’s not that I’m shy.
There’s no place like the toilet for madness and hate.
If folks did this in private their shit would be straight.
If they call themselves human then one must ask why
They see life from the toilet and don’t seem to care.

 Where the heart is is home. I know that beyond doubt.
Like my home and most others’, it’s where love is born.
And from there it is nurtured so that people grow
To certain understandings. Some acts are below
Those of civilized humans, and only forewarn  
Of the odor among all with feces to tout.

In The Interest Of Service

The Habitual Being

The trustworthy old gentleman practiced and sure
Is an asset most treasured by the family.
When the Madame requires him to write up a will
He’ll rely on his expertise and awesome skill
To provide what is needed most desperately.
She is lucky to have found someone who’s mature.

Both discrete and provocative, odd are his ways
Of conducting most business. His good memory
And attention to detail are masterful tools.
Not committed to following all of the rules,
He commands a uniqueness others clearly see.
His professional nature is worthy of praise.

Blessed with able longevity and a kind heart,
Not a task he surrenders to feelings of lack.
Staying forever young both in heart and in mind
And without conscious effort means that he’s refined
So he will not engage with people talking smack.
It’s a waste of his time because they’re not as smart.

Competent as a lawyer, he knows that laughter
And a fun-loving attitude go a long way
In maintaining commitment that brilliantly shines
Through the cracks of establishment and redefines
The way work can get done so there’s more time to play
In the way nature meant and how he would prefer.

The Magnetic State

The Mood of Attraction

I can’t be a mixed bag of conflicting desires
If I want to get something that I’m striving for.
Intermixing of scattered vibrations only
Make an energy field that’s as weak as can be.
When I focus intently it can bring me more
Than an iron core embraced by a few layers of wires.

So this Law of Attraction, as I understand,
Is an infinite vortex that processes all
The requests that are made, whether foolish or wise,
Of we creatures on earth. What this clearly implies
Is that what happens to me is truly my call.
Consciousness, by free will, will contract or expand.

Tuning to a high frequency in how I feel
Puts me in just the right place where I can attract
What I want most. Deliberately I create
What comes into my life. Nothing happens by fate.
Vagueness doesn’t quite get it. I must be exact
In my most conscious asking. Then it becomes real.

 This is not how things are now. More practice I need…
But why not put some words down? It gives them some strength.
They become a reminder to prod me along
The life path that I tread having done right and wrong
By alignment or not with a righteous wavelength.
Perfection within progress is how I’ll proceed.

Remembering Spaciousness

The Expansion of Awareness

Am I spacious? Or have I not much room to grow
To my fullest potential while earth is my home?
It’s a question I must ask. It’s like a check-in
With the spirit within, wherein I can begin
Creating a new landscape where it’s free to roam.
I am sure that the answer can never be no.

Spaciousness is the essence of my awareness.
The mind is a container for all that I know
Through the processes of reason and memory.
Out of reach is the view that the third eye can see.
It can help with the sorting out and letting go
Of my obsessive thoughts which cause me undue stress.

Before asking the question, did something occur
That may have been upsetting to some part of me?
If it’s so, then a little space opens where I
Can distribute the discomfort yet not deny
Expressing to the one diplomatically
How I feel, and importantly, what I prefer.

No matter how important my worldly things are
To my health and survival, the time that I spend
Becoming more spacious in my daily affairs
Is my number one duty. The best of me cares
That my progress continues and that I transcend
Situations I foolishly make too bizarre.

Only The Best

Choosy Lady

I like things nice and fancy. I’ll do what it takes
To ensure that I’m noticed by most everyone.
Charm and sophistication are tools that I use
To gain access to others of high-minded views.
Independent and lively, I get a lot done
As my elegant artistic passion awakes.

Yet I’m also quite sensible. If you’re in need
Of advice for advancement in society,
I can help you immensely in finding your way
To success and contentment as soon as today.
Confidence I’m acquainted with, as you can see.
Simply put, I’m a study in thought, word, and deed.

Some folks can’t be kept waiting. I’m no different.
Feistiness and a lesson may be the result.
Time is always of essence to those of good taste.
Every moment is precious. There are none to waste
At the pleasure of others. It is an insult
To my spirit and free will to change the event.

Knowing my strengths and weaknesses helps me to be
A more conscious creation designed to create
More abundance of niceness wherever I go.
Since there is good within me, I want it to show
Through behavior that indicates my life is great
With the ones that I know and love wholeheartedly.

Subconscious Sabotage

Sub-Surface Self-Undoing

When I try to maintain presence throughout the day,
My subconscious need for superiority
Sabotages my progress. As an example,
People anxious around me when I am peaceful
I resent with a passion. Yet if they were me,
I’d expect warmth and kindness. Why am I this way?

Is this normal among people? Am I unique?
Or is my nagging issue not of importance
To the general public? Were I not aware
That I’m asking these questions, then would it be fair
To say that I’m unconscious in living by chance
That the mind will provide me the answers I seek?

I’m aware of awareness of being aware
Of my mental creations, then cunningly so,
Mind reenters and hijacks the presence I’d gained
And creates a new story wherein I’m restrained
In its falsified structure. It’s good that I know
How the mind plays its tricks and tries to keep me there.

To not know that I know not that I am asleep
Is to live in confusion and utter chaos
Within stories created from subconscious fears.
Many problems are caused by what’s between my ears.
If I simply observe it all, there’ll be no loss.
To remain not awakened, the price isn’t cheap.

Simple Pleasures

Sensual Comforts

Those who honor The Pooh perhaps have less to do
With their time than the average person these days.
Life becomes convoluted in every detail.
We must face daily duties and onward prevail.
Is the creature imagined worth all of this praise
For fat happy stupidity in point of view?

Sensual in demeanor, the earth is his home.
All he does is hunt ‘hunny’ (He’s not been to school).
Days are filled with much comfort and some adventure.
He may rub folks the wrong way, but his heart is pure
As the gold that he cherishes. Somewhat the fool,
He relies on the bliss of his carefree syndrome.

Satisfying his cravings is what he does best.
Having no inclination toward being too rushed,
He gets what he is after, though usually,
He ends up in some trouble that he cannot see
Ever coming his dumb way. Rarely is he crushed
By resulting resentment that may be expressed.

Yet he’s thoughtful and loyal to creatures he knows.
Being uncomplicated, warmhearted, and true
To the one he’s at one with earns him special grace
In the mindsets of many who gladly embrace
Anything that reminds them there’s nothing to do
But to go for the gusto after a nice doze.

Seeing Beauty In Everything

All The Universe Is A Masterpiece

Beauty is of the feminine. People are both
In one physical package, yet one becomes more
Than the other. Unbalanced is nature’s odd ways
As perceived through the mind’s eye which can offer praise
For the dominant handedness of us. Therefore,
Everyone has some feminine to enhance growth.

Masculine is of beauty that it may behold
With emotional pleasure. It seeks to impress
Its intent and desire for the object wanted
To the thing and all noticing. Unconscious dread
Of failure in the process causes no distress.
Beauty is the encounter that’s meant to unfold.

We start out with the sense perceived life. As children,
Everything is of beauty. Our reality,
Without words to assign things, is pure awareness.
We are so filled with wonder the need to express
Is suspense made eternal. The world that we see
Is of utter connectedness time and again.

Focusing on the small things we do every day
Can lead us to the presence that makes life a dream.
The big things are just fine, too, if they fit in well
With our homemade reality wherein we dwell.
Addiction to technology is an extreme
Among many unhealthy. All lead us astray.

There are rose colored glasses that alter the mind
And can act as strong doorways through which one may peek
Deeper into awareness of utter presence.
Capable we are of creating such events
By the nature of consciousness. That which we seek
Is alignment with nature and all humankind.

Overcoming Suffering

Mostly a Matter of Mind

Constant shots of I Love You direct to the head
Where the heart is an image that needs special care
In resolving the problems the mind recreates
Is one kind of addiction among human fates.
Suffering is the byproduct all creatures bear
From birth into existence until they are dead.

A huge bit of my suffering is of the mind,
As it is with most people. Alone it can make
A big deal of a small thing, then all will go wrong.
If my positive thinking were stunningly strong,
It may cause enough shifting that I may awake
To the knowing that obstacles are rather kind.

Other problems of living I cannot control,
As they come from the outside, or seemingly so.
People dying and illness are common to all.
We encounter the big things as well as the small.
It is necessary for all creatures to grow
Through the difficult challenges to make them whole.

Thinking can’t offer freedom from having to face
Obstacles on my cherished path, Do I create
Every damned thing that happens? It’s irrelevant!
I can accept that I create just the moment
With detachment from judgment in absence of weight.
Optional is most suffering that I embrace.

Controlling Reactive Behavior

Working With The Inner Beast

From the state of New Kansas where now I reside,
Having not moved while sleeping to some other land,
I cry out to the sane ones who we’ve left behind
Back on earth with the freedom to not be aligned
With the plan of sedition. Must I understand
That my worst dreaded nightmare is courted with pride?

I’m already reactive… explosive at times
In a world that is normal, and I do my best
To remember to honor the sickness and learn
To predict the ill onset of heated concern
From a space of awareness and thus put to rest
Any kind of intention resulting in crimes.

What a lawful prescription for seizing control
Of reactive behavior! Like losing one’s bowels
At the push of a button some have access to,
I cannot let the circumstance render me blue.
The behavior red-neck-like of white men with scowls
Complements the tri-color scheme burnt in my soul.

Not quite like the Jim Jones effect, this one with ease
Has achieved mass hypnosis. But folks come half way
And some quite a bit further to highlight their hate.
Pre-convinced, they are moved to an ecstatic state
By the arrogant loser who must save their day
And be forever tied to their leader’s feces.

I must remember one thing. That is to be cool
Amid seeming collapse of my world as I know.
Justified is my panic and utter heartache.
Commonality is like the bite of a snake
To its own tail. Not knowing the cause of its woe,
It must then play the role of the flamboyant fool.

Evolving Through Difficulty

Getting Through the Storm

How to strengthen the body is commonly known.
It is only through exercise that it can grow.
We give it difficulty, and it will endure
Our determined intention. The work will insure
That the life force within us continues to flow,
Which it won’t when we’re too stuck in our comfort zone.

Discipline trains the body. The pain that it takes
It does so with the knowledge contained in each cell
That a change is expected that will benefit
The whole person immensely. So it will permit
Treatment helpfully difficult and perform well.
Energy is created. The spirit awakes.

If my life is too easy, I may not evolve
Into one who is conscious of turbulent seas
That were once calm and peaceful not too long ago
And that will return to that state. If I can know
That a consciousness strengthened allows me the ease
To address any crisis, then I know resolve.

Along with difficulties contingent to life
As a physical human, we conjure our own
Consciously and unconsciously by how we feel,
And our thoughts and behaviors. No life is ideal
But this one that is mine for a while has been shown
A life-saving technique for the handling of strife.

The Better Leader?

The Critical Political

There’s a need for mnemonics in binary states
Where the currents recycling between the two parts
Change electoral motion force by the decree
Of the law made in earnest. No physics degree
Is required for the knowing that warms bitter hearts.
We but need to remember that we own our fates.

Components are opponents according to law.
Inductive and capacitive, each plays the role
Of exchanger of resources and energy,
Yet their styles differ greatly as common folk see.
Current is as to voltage as heart is to soul.
Deeds of those lost in office are due to come raw.

Current stands for our input. Voltage is pressure
That we put on our leaders to do what is right
By the rule of democracy, as it should be.
The big difference between AC and DC
Is the faith in connection that must improve sight,
And to be re-reminded is but to endure.

Enter ELI, the ICE man, a figment faithful
From the pit of absurdity to the rescue
 Of a species uncommon. When our wants and needs
Lead the push to fulfillment, the nation succeeds
As an integral circuit. It’s long overdue.
From eyes blinded, it’s now time to cast away wool.

Dealing With Conflicting Thoughts

The Constant Chatter Within

How they twitter like cages that have no one there
Yet each squawks a perspective of how things may be.
Of the patterns familiar to humankind
That of conflicting thoughts chattering in the mind
Is the one most destructive to vitality
As it is the root cause of feelings of despair.

Is the issue to figure out which one is right?
After all, with so many, there has to be one
Most assured to provide me the answer I need.
They pretend to be helpful so that they may feed
On my fullest attention. They can offer none
But continuous bird poop in lieu of insight.

Practical in its purpose, the movement of thought
Yields solutions to problems of daily routine.
It cannot provide comfort in times of distress,
And at best it can lead one to mundane success.
Entities become radical are but obscene
And a poor source of wisdom. True guides they are not.

Can I not listen to them and just be Aware
That they are things in cages with something to say?
From a place of Observance I can choose not to
Get caught up in the crosstalk. Instead I can view
Them as nothing important. Then they can’t betray
Consciousness in the moment where there’s not a care.

The Beauty Of War

Grace In the Battle

A sincere thing is battle, for all human rights
Must be tested for worthiness when the time comes.
Complex themes reoccurring throughout history
Share the same basic premise – the will to be free
From the freedoms of others to beat silent drums
To the march of pure evil that hatred incites.

And as war becomes civil, to know where I stand
Is imprinted within me for others to see.
With the speed of the bullet flash judgment is made.
It provides enough fodder to fuel the crusade
Of righteous insurrection. How else could it be
For the most first world nation prepared to disband?

Branching off like viruses that seek a new host,
Tribes will conquer lands occupied with no remorse.
It is of our best nature to do others harm
So that all have a healthy respect for alarm.
Independence from mother lands brought on by force
Is the strength and the weakness that threatens us most.

We become the medusa for no one to see
In its purest of essence. The turning to stone
Of those looking directly into our dark soul
Is the fear insurmountable. As a black hole
In the heart of the human collective, we own
The perfected aesthetic of our bigotry.

The Movement

The Cost of Consumption

Constantly human bowels move, yet under duress,
Suspended animation can often occur,
Where in unforeseen corners some stuff will get stuck.
If you have work to do you are shit out of luck.
Delicate is the system that runs with a purr
Until something affects its momentous success.

It becomes then an issue not easily solved
Due to complex connection to feelings and such.
Drugs will simply brute force stuff to be on its way
But if they become habit the gut will betray
Its own God given mission which doesn’t leave much
For the one agonized with no one else involved.

The path for all The Movement, amazingly long,
Has evolved, since we’re upright, to one tangled mess.
What becomes convoluted needs delicate care
Because guttural feelings originate there.
To facilitate movement all need to express
What is felt at gut level. Is this sounding wrong?

So our thoughts and our feelings can affect the flow.
Indirectly their waves become heterodyned
With motion undulating along the canal.
Positive emotions will boost up its morale.
Our concern for The Movement offers humankind
Greater chance for survival for all that we know.

Curriculum Of Joy

The Fresh Wisdom of Youth

Loving so much the art of improvisation,
You’re at home in your happy world of make-believe.
Creative and original, you are intense.
Powerfully able at creating suspense,
Fun and play of all kinds you easily conceive.
Every new day that dawns is a celebration.

Those in your private circle love and adore you
You attract those like-minded who share interest
In unbridled expression of joyfulness for
Being young and resourceful. The world you explore
Is supportive and kind and one that is impressed
By your spirited nature and all that you do.

Treating your toys with kindness and warm loving care,
They have grown to respect you and honor your needs.
Whether they be imagined or solid and real,
Entities existential reflect how you feel
About life and toward others. Your graciousness feeds
Inspiration to those whom you have made aware.

You’ll become a great actress when you come of age.
Wholesomeness of your spirit ensures your success.
Any field of endeavor you choose will be fine.
When you know you are special your trueness will shine.
All the goodness that you have you cannot repress.
The gift you offer others is how to engage.

Organizing And Planning

Putting Life In Order

Disinclined to the frivolous and the mundane,
Close attention to responsibilities comes
With an ease of performance. While getting things done
I get much satisfaction. It feels much like fun.
No matter the workload, I leave no zero sums,
And I’ll stay bright and upbeat for maximum gain.

Duties and obligations, imagined or real,
Are the framework of living and earning my keep
In a world fascinating. So full of wonder
Is my life that there is no other I’d prefer.
I am thankful right now for the blessings I’ll reap
In the course of my business. My life is ideal.

Discipline and work ethic are properly sound.
Personal and professional success achieved
Is the goal that I work toward a little each day.
The more I can accomplish, the more I can play.
Setbacks and disappointments are always perceived
As the small cost of business and nothing profound.

Organizing And Planning time must be valued,
And, with deliberation, strategically,
I can get what I’m after. Each day is well spent
Creating something of value I can present
To a world who supports all that I need to be
Of magnificent service in sheer gratitude.

Together Strong

Strength of Gentleness

Your presence is most powerful, yet tenderness
Is you most treasured asset. Both loyal and brave,
People in your life love you and value your gifts
Of humor and altruism. Your heart uplifts
Those who feel they’ve no hope and nothing left to save.
Kindness to all who know you is what you express.

Gentleness is an attitude solid and strong.
All rely on your firmness and clearness of view.
Natural is your wisdom for looking ahead
To the wiser solution. Indeed, you are bred
For positions of leadership. All that you do
Brings about peace and harmony, laughter, and song.

Dinosaurs live a long time. They get to be old
Like the trees and the mountains. The earth was their home
For a while ‘til they vanished. When they do return
Will they have much to teach us? What lessons we learn
From what we conjure through our creative syndrome
Are available to us, and they are pure gold.

Respectful and heroic, your will to survive
And give service to others in true selflessness
Brings to you much fulfillment as others receive
Reassurance there’s always reason to believe
In the power of goodness to heal and to bless
Every creature on earth who is willing to strive.


Don’t Go Back To Sleep.

Certain unspoken differences among us
Along with reservations – the product of fear,
Are retained in the psyche yet transmitted out.
Anyone who receives them can know without doubt
That signal infidelity is more than clear
In the faulty emitter. Is it worth the fuss?

When communicating while cooperating,
Sensitivities dormant may surface and cause
Instant misunderstanding if words are released.
As potential for tension is greatly increased,
Each unto the other will showcase all their flaws.
All who gather want to see who takes the first swing.

Some of us are mind readers. In fact, we all are.
It’s pathetically dormant in most. That is why
Faith is all that we have when extending our trust.
The glass mind that holds hatred can hardly adjust
To the tune of humanity. Rather, they’d die
Than make peace with the past and its butt ugly scar.

Why we speak the unspeakable in dark of night
Only with certain others or maybe alone
Is no secret to anyone. Should it be said?
Or should minds remain locked so that evil may spread?
Neither choice is acceptable, and it’s unknown
When we will have evolved in a way that is right.

An Adventurous Spirit

Idealistically Headstrong

You risk everything you know. The dreams you pursue
Bring about transformation total and complete.
Headstrong and quite artistic, the thing you long for
Is far different from what had once been your core.
Yours are intense emotions that know no defeat.
Others warn you of hazards, but you follow through.

With the voice of an angel and mystical charm,
Creatures outside the palace walls are your best friends.
Your sweet singing, daydreaming, and adventuring
Coalesce in a powerful potion to bring
All that you most desire. Your intention transcends
Obstacles in your path and all that may do harm.

You take full responsibility for your acts
Even if they cause problems. Sincere and contrite,
Arguments you can handle. You diplomacy
In heated situations comes naturally.
Selflessness and compassion you offer despite
The antagonistic who have only raw facts.

Emergence into this world from life under sea
Takes phenomenal courage. Within the unknown
Is the chance for disaster or true happiness.
Feeling free in the comfort of heaven’s caress,
Happily ever after and not near a throne,
You have chosen adventure, and all must agree.

A Glutton For Calamity

The Food of Life

Simple pleasures in living, like toasting mushrooms,
Being loyal and supportive, and eating good food,
Make living satisfying demonstrably so.
Your cheerful disposition you’re honored to show
To your close friends and family. Faith is renewed
In kindheartedness as your example assumes.

A sincere confidante, you rodent overweight
Fulfill need for encouragement. You’re most impressed
By uncommon abilities in others seen.
Your acknowledgement of them is fairly routine.
Tolerance is a virtue that can manifest
Fresh insights and creations to mitigate hate.

Some ideas you may not at all first comprehend.
That makes not a big difference. You persevere,
Trusting knowledge will come in the time that it takes
For the soul to recover from fearful outbreaks.
It takes not long for your best self to reappear.
In the long run, you always remain a dear friend.

Your calamitous capers by passion are fed.
From beginning to end, each one as it unfolds,
Is a lesson suggestive of keeping carefree
And appreciative in the highest degree.
You may not know completely what your future holds
But always you have reason for looking ahead.

A Pleasant Time

Peace And Harmony

Memories of my childhood, as time takes its toll
On my humble existence, come frequently now.
Luckily, most are pleasant. I long for those times.
Mine before me were victims of horrendous crimes
Against non-white humanity. Can I know how
History of my troubled race can make me whole?

No, it can’t. It’s a drama that will see no end
Through lifetimes of evolving yet at a snail’s pace.
Generations will gather the wheat with the chaff
From the ones come before them. This odd epitaph
Is inscribed in behavior that none should embrace.
It remains something experts cannot comprehend.

Being with others is proper social hygiene…
At least way back some time ago… I can’t recall.
But I do know what I’ve known since I don’t know when
That A Pleasant Time surely will come once again.
Expectation, this turn around, is far from small.
Common sense shall instruct us to keep the shit clean.

To hang out and relax with family and friends
Is tradition most sacred, time honored, and true
To the heart’s recollection of love and of peace.
I look forward to seeing world morale increase.
I have one urgent duty, and I’ll follow through.
Blocks to my memories only action transcends.

Lazy Efficiency

Observent Relazation

How can someone get so much work done while asleep
Or awake in a lucid daydream of his own?
Moving at a much slower pace there’s more to see.
Relaxed and yet observant in activity,
In times of desperation his wisdom is shown.
Laid back in his persona, his feelings run deep.

No one would dare outdwarf him. Eternally small,
His perceptions of things taking place around him
Are more vividly clearer than on average.
His conclusions are prophetic. So, he’ll engage
With the folks around him, knowing chances are slim
That he might misinform them. That would be his fall.

A dream life most profound and simplicity are
His most outstanding talents. The comfort in peace
He knows infinitely well. His humble advice
Is to honor the rhythms of your flesh device
And to use them to your advantage to release
Pent up tension so that it cannot leave a scar.

Always weary and droopy-eyed most would assess
To be core to his nature. Not absent of mind,
Sound and true is his logic. He makes the most sense
Of the sequestered seven. He takes no offense
To what others say of him. He’d rather be kind.
Sleeping is one thing he cannot do to excess.

Getting Through

Breaking Through to the Point

What nature of congestion defines Getting Through,
Meaning there’s nothing visible to my intent
To make sense and deliver truth where it must go?
Solid form can’t exist unless I get to know
How I best can dissolve it and not circumvent
My established path forward. What else can I do?

Well, I could buy into the myth that there’s a wall
Blocking me from advancement and simply turn back
Due to lack of self-confidence and something more
That is extremely hard to access at its core.
Giving up means accepting societal flack.
Sufficient it is to make one feel rather small.

Another option would be to go believing
Still that there’s a big obstacle right in the way.
So, prepared for collision, but shy a helmet,
Severe damage is eminent, to one’s regret.
Traumatized and reluctant is how one may stay.
Misfortune with this choice cannot be surprising.

With reasoned objectivity and focused thought
I can get where I’m going. The path is made clear
By directing awareness beyond what is real.
Entities nonexistent beget not ordeal.
Breaking out of my old ways is not done in fear.
I select which life lessons I need to be taught.

Little Lady

Artistically Spirited

Most artistic and regal, this spirited one
Loves attention. In public she wants to be seen
As a poised and proud lady with special talents.
Her imagination gives her self-confidence.
She is destined in this way to some day be queen.
Emulating role models is easily done.

She may be somewhat prissy and like a spoiled brat
But we all have our issues. She’s not yet of age.
Tattling on her brothers when things don’t go her way
Makes good sense in the moment. It’s all but fair play.
Knowing how to win fights well, her charm she’ll engage.
She’s a super-sized package for one little cat.

A hopeless romantic and daydreamer at heart,
Frequently she is lost sighing deeply in thought.
She appears to be too carefree and danger prone
Since she’s had little practice standing on her own.
Rarely does anything really get her distraught.
With her head in the clouds she performs her best part.

Certain she can help you to show others you know
How wonderful you are is her magical gift
Offered to anyone who’s in need of esteem
The depletion of which is a horror extreme.
Relying on her ability to uplift
In the real world or fiction is the way to go.


The Act of Survival

Who I am and my purpose for being on earth
Is the knowledge received pondering while alone.
Exploration of oneself brings strength to the soul,
But to reach out to others in love is the goal.
Others’ selves are as mine, as true science has shown,
And the ways we are different calls for our mirth.

People coming together to act as one force
Is an ideal outdated. Inundated so
With obtuse innuendo, The Dream is on hold
‘Til the general cleansing about to unfold.
 In Cooperation, and with all that we know,
We’ll return to some governance most can endorse.

Ancient systems dissolving are those of perverse
Patriarchal imperial supremacy…
And, of course, that means white men. The colored ones are
To be kept in their places, which are very far
From the levels reserved for the powers that be
In control of perceptions and making life worse.

We The People United and ready for change
Have ourselves to believe in. Each one is a voice
Come of age in seclusion, now ready to shout
With a loudness invincible and little doubt
That our rights aren’t for barter or proxy by choice.
Madness had become normal. It’s now more than strange.

Too More Than Few

Mutiplicitavely Imaginagive

Merry twins dancing gleefully awkward of grace
Can perform for their guests by fulfilling their minds
Need to chase after wild geese that weren’t meant to fly
But to vanish completely. They’ll give it a try
Having been animated by tricks of all kinds.
Existential excitement they’re willing to face.

These imaginative, fun, and expansive two
See delight as a service. Their duty to call
Is sounded almost instantly upon request.
Making life a continuous gamely contest
Between them, among others, and any at all,
Is the way they always come up with something new.

Mundane talk is made pleasant with intricate care.
One can notice that logic has taken a leap
In another direction. Affection is theirs
For those who become trapped in their silly affairs.
As they move about swiftly, they make their horns beep.
Most annoyingly jolly, they’ve too much to share.

Life is made up of stories. The ones that we tell
To others who’ve no choice but to listen in pain
Are the most effective as teachers of free will.
Ain’t it odd that real people have mastered this skill?
Expect not I an answer. It would be insane
As the one who is asking knows perfectly well.

Father And Son

Parentally Accomplished

Out-of-the-ordinary experiences
Are the kind between father and chip off the block
Of an ace among chickens. Upright and sincere,
Older one guides with wisdom to mitigate fear
In the little one who causes others to squawk
And devolve into chaos and foolish choices.

Learning to be responsible from an expert
Who is close and available blesses the two.
Giving each to the other the means to relate
Is the bliss of existence as feelings conflate
So that misunderstanding cannot continue
Even as Oakey Oaks is at highest alert.

Creatures hatch their insanity all on their own
With the least effort spent and unconsciously so.
Inappropriate coalescing psychoses
Form a viral contagion of lethal disease.
Trusting when there’s no reason to helps us to grow
Into kinder folk as good example is shown.

Taking life as it comes at one time at a day
In the firmness of knowing in what I believe
Is a worthwhile endeavor. Encounters occur
That may not be what I at my best would prefer.
It may be natural for me to misconceive
But to also engage it with little dismay.

Law Of The Jungle

Protective Wisdom

Fun-loving and protective, lighthearted, and kind,
He’s someone to rely on. Persistent and strong,
He will follow no orders. He’ll teach what he knows
To all who will take interest. What he bestows
Is the wisdom of living one’s life like a song.
Taking only what’s needed ensures peace of mind.

When great deeds are remembered in this jungle vast,
One name will stand above all – our friend called, Baloo.
One who knows so much freedom is charming in ways
That make sense of simplicity. Seeking no praise,
He accepts it most humbly, as his heart is true
To the heartbeat of nature, relaxed and steadfast.

Jungle beats and jazz music are special delights.
They remind us that we each are part of the score
Of magnificent music composed by Supreme
Consciousness Omnipresent. This real jungle dream.
When lived fully awakened, can offer much more.
One may not find contentment in reaching great heights.

‘Jungle Bum’ some would call him. He takes no offense.
Being firm in his selfhood, selfless he can be.
When danger is apparent, without thinking twice,
Ferocious he becomes and in true sacrifice.
Most of life should be spent hanging out leisurely.
Energy is preserved with the least of expense.

Making Things Clear

The Bliss Of Intellectual Calamity

What I need is wide open blue magical sky.
My pink engines are revved up and ready to go
To the heights of excitement for reaching my dream.
In my world above chaos my reign is supreme.
In the vastness of space I’m the only ego.
The unknown locked within me I must satisfy.

To do that, there’s no effort. Abundance of fuel
I can always rely on. What I keep inside
Is for me to examine and process alone.
Then it can be expressed well, and I may atone
For unkindly behavior in ultimate pride.
The alternative is to remain as a fool.

The unconscious compulsions and habits ingrained
In the whole of my being, I have access to
When I’m deep in seclusion. But staying too long
Would do harm. Isolation in essence is wrong.
To share love with others is the right thing to do.
Delving into my dream world cannot be restrained.

Awareness psychological of the content
Of the fertile subconscious is worth taking flight.
Channeling higher sources is possible there.
Wisdom through intuition surpasses compare.
And what is of most value I’ll bring to daylight.
I am much better off having made the ascent.