The Beauty Of War

Grace In the Battle

A sincere thing is battle, for all human rights
Must be tested for worthiness when the time comes.
Complex themes reoccurring throughout history
Share the same basic premise – the will to be free
From the freedoms of others to beat silent drums
To the march of pure evil that hatred incites.

And as war becomes civil, to know where I stand
Is imprinted within me for others to see.
With the speed of the bullet flash judgment is made.
It provides enough fodder to fuel the crusade
Of righteous insurrection. How else could it be
For the most first world nation prepared to disband?

Branching off like viruses that seek a new host,
Tribes will conquer lands occupied with no remorse.
It is of our best nature to do others harm
So that all have a healthy respect for alarm.
Independence from mother lands brought on by force
Is the strength and the weakness that threatens us most.

We become the medusa for no one to see
In its purest of essence. The turning to stone
Of those looking directly into our dark soul
Is the fear insurmountable. As a black hole
In the heart of the human collective, we own
The perfected aesthetic of our bigotry.

The Movement

The Cost of Consumption

Constantly human bowels move, yet under duress,
Suspended animation can often occur,
Where in unforeseen corners some stuff will get stuck.
If you have work to do you are shit out of luck.
Delicate is the system that runs with a purr
Until something affects its momentous success.

It becomes then an issue not easily solved
Due to complex connection to feelings and such.
Drugs will simply brute force stuff to be on its way
But if they become habit the gut will betray
Its own God given mission which doesn’t leave much
For the one agonized with no one else involved.

The path for all The Movement, amazingly long,
Has evolved, since we’re upright, to one tangled mess.
What becomes convoluted needs delicate care
Because guttural feelings originate there.
To facilitate movement all need to express
What is felt at gut level. Is this sounding wrong?

So our thoughts and our feelings can affect the flow.
Indirectly their waves become heterodyned
With motion undulating along the canal.
Positive emotions will boost up its morale.
Our concern for The Movement offers humankind
Greater chance for survival for all that we know.

Curriculum Of Joy

The Fresh Wisdom of Youth

Loving so much the art of improvisation,
You’re at home in your happy world of make-believe.
Creative and original, you are intense.
Powerfully able at creating suspense,
Fun and play of all kinds you easily conceive.
Every new day that dawns is a celebration.

Those in your private circle love and adore you
You attract those like-minded who share interest
In unbridled expression of joyfulness for
Being young and resourceful. The world you explore
Is supportive and kind and one that is impressed
By your spirited nature and all that you do.

Treating your toys with kindness and warm loving care,
They have grown to respect you and honor your needs.
Whether they be imagined or solid and real,
Entities existential reflect how you feel
About life and toward others. Your graciousness feeds
Inspiration to those whom you have made aware.

You’ll become a great actress when you come of age.
Wholesomeness of your spirit ensures your success.
Any field of endeavor you choose will be fine.
When you know you are special your trueness will shine.
All the goodness that you have you cannot repress.
The gift you offer others is how to engage.

Organizing And Planning

Putting Life In Order

Disinclined to the frivolous and the mundane,
Close attention to responsibilities comes
With an ease of performance. While getting things done
I get much satisfaction. It feels much like fun.
No matter the workload, I leave no zero sums,
And I’ll stay bright and upbeat for maximum gain.

Duties and obligations, imagined or real,
Are the framework of living and earning my keep
In a world fascinating. So full of wonder
Is my life that there is no other I’d prefer.
I am thankful right now for the blessings I’ll reap
In the course of my business. My life is ideal.

Discipline and work ethic are properly sound.
Personal and professional success achieved
Is the goal that I work toward a little each day.
The more I can accomplish, the more I can play.
Setbacks and disappointments are always perceived
As the small cost of business and nothing profound.

Organizing And Planning time must be valued,
And, with deliberation, strategically,
I can get what I’m after. Each day is well spent
Creating something of value I can present
To a world who supports all that I need to be
Of magnificent service in sheer gratitude.

Together Strong

Strength of Gentleness

Your presence is most powerful, yet tenderness
Is you most treasured asset. Both loyal and brave,
People in your life love you and value your gifts
Of humor and altruism. Your heart uplifts
Those who feel they’ve no hope and nothing left to save.
Kindness to all who know you is what you express.

Gentleness is an attitude solid and strong.
All rely on your firmness and clearness of view.
Natural is your wisdom for looking ahead
To the wiser solution. Indeed, you are bred
For positions of leadership. All that you do
Brings about peace and harmony, laughter, and song.

Dinosaurs live a long time. They get to be old
Like the trees and the mountains. The earth was their home
For a while ‘til they vanished. When they do return
Will they have much to teach us? What lessons we learn
From what we conjure through our creative syndrome
Are available to us, and they are pure gold.

Respectful and heroic, your will to survive
And give service to others in true selflessness
Brings to you much fulfillment as others receive
Reassurance there’s always reason to believe
In the power of goodness to heal and to bless
Every creature on earth who is willing to strive.


Don’t Go Back To Sleep.

Certain unspoken differences among us
Along with reservations – the product of fear,
Are retained in the psyche yet transmitted out.
Anyone who receives them can know without doubt
That signal infidelity is more than clear
In the faulty emitter. Is it worth the fuss?

When communicating while cooperating,
Sensitivities dormant may surface and cause
Instant misunderstanding if words are released.
As potential for tension is greatly increased,
Each unto the other will showcase all their flaws.
All who gather want to see who takes the first swing.

Some of us are mind readers. In fact, we all are.
It’s pathetically dormant in most. That is why
Faith is all that we have when extending our trust.
The glass mind that holds hatred can hardly adjust
To the tune of humanity. Rather, they’d die
Than make peace with the past and its butt ugly scar.

Why we speak the unspeakable in dark of night
Only with certain others or maybe alone
Is no secret to anyone. Should it be said?
Or should minds remain locked so that evil may spread?
Neither choice is acceptable, and it’s unknown
When we will have evolved in a way that is right.

An Adventurous Spirit

Idealistically Headstrong

You risk everything you know. The dreams you pursue
Bring about transformation total and complete.
Headstrong and quite artistic, the thing you long for
Is far different from what had once been your core.
Yours are intense emotions that know no defeat.
Others warn you of hazards, but you follow through.

With the voice of an angel and mystical charm,
Creatures outside the palace walls are your best friends.
Your sweet singing, daydreaming, and adventuring
Coalesce in a powerful potion to bring
All that you most desire. Your intention transcends
Obstacles in your path and all that may do harm.

You take full responsibility for your acts
Even if they cause problems. Sincere and contrite,
Arguments you can handle. You diplomacy
In heated situations comes naturally.
Selflessness and compassion you offer despite
The antagonistic who have only raw facts.

Emergence into this world from life under sea
Takes phenomenal courage. Within the unknown
Is the chance for disaster or true happiness.
Feeling free in the comfort of heaven’s caress,
Happily ever after and not near a throne,
You have chosen adventure, and all must agree.

A Glutton For Calamity

The Food of Life

Simple pleasures in living, like toasting mushrooms,
Being loyal and supportive, and eating good food,
Make living satisfying demonstrably so.
Your cheerful disposition you’re honored to show
To your close friends and family. Faith is renewed
In kindheartedness as your example assumes.

A sincere confidante, you rodent overweight
Fulfill need for encouragement. You’re most impressed
By uncommon abilities in others seen.
Your acknowledgement of them is fairly routine.
Tolerance is a virtue that can manifest
Fresh insights and creations to mitigate hate.

Some ideas you may not at all first comprehend.
That makes not a big difference. You persevere,
Trusting knowledge will come in the time that it takes
For the soul to recover from fearful outbreaks.
It takes not long for your best self to reappear.
In the long run, you always remain a dear friend.

Your calamitous capers by passion are fed.
From beginning to end, each one as it unfolds,
Is a lesson suggestive of keeping carefree
And appreciative in the highest degree.
You may not know completely what your future holds
But always you have reason for looking ahead.

A Pleasant Time

Peace And Harmony

Memories of my childhood, as time takes its toll
On my humble existence, come frequently now.
Luckily, most are pleasant. I long for those times.
Mine before me were victims of horrendous crimes
Against non-white humanity. Can I know how
History of my troubled race can make me whole?

No, it can’t. It’s a drama that will see no end
Through lifetimes of evolving yet at a snail’s pace.
Generations will gather the wheat with the chaff
From the ones come before them. This odd epitaph
Is inscribed in behavior that none should embrace.
It remains something experts cannot comprehend.

Being with others is proper social hygiene…
At least way back some time ago… I can’t recall.
But I do know what I’ve known since I don’t know when
That A Pleasant Time surely will come once again.
Expectation, this turn around, is far from small.
Common sense shall instruct us to keep the shit clean.

To hang out and relax with family and friends
Is tradition most sacred, time honored, and true
To the heart’s recollection of love and of peace.
I look forward to seeing world morale increase.
I have one urgent duty, and I’ll follow through.
Blocks to my memories only action transcends.

Lazy Efficiency

Observent Relazation

How can someone get so much work done while asleep
Or awake in a lucid daydream of his own?
Moving at a much slower pace there’s more to see.
Relaxed and yet observant in activity,
In times of desperation his wisdom is shown.
Laid back in his persona, his feelings run deep.

No one would dare outdwarf him. Eternally small,
His perceptions of things taking place around him
Are more vividly clearer than on average.
His conclusions are prophetic. So, he’ll engage
With the folks around him, knowing chances are slim
That he might misinform them. That would be his fall.

A dream life most profound and simplicity are
His most outstanding talents. The comfort in peace
He knows infinitely well. His humble advice
Is to honor the rhythms of your flesh device
And to use them to your advantage to release
Pent up tension so that it cannot leave a scar.

Always weary and droopy-eyed most would assess
To be core to his nature. Not absent of mind,
Sound and true is his logic. He makes the most sense
Of the sequestered seven. He takes no offense
To what others say of him. He’d rather be kind.
Sleeping is one thing he cannot do to excess.

Getting Through

Breaking Through to the Point

What nature of congestion defines Getting Through,
Meaning there’s nothing visible to my intent
To make sense and deliver truth where it must go?
Solid form can’t exist unless I get to know
How I best can dissolve it and not circumvent
My established path forward. What else can I do?

Well, I could buy into the myth that there’s a wall
Blocking me from advancement and simply turn back
Due to lack of self-confidence and something more
That is extremely hard to access at its core.
Giving up means accepting societal flack.
Sufficient it is to make one feel rather small.

Another option would be to go believing
Still that there’s a big obstacle right in the way.
So, prepared for collision, but shy a helmet,
Severe damage is eminent, to one’s regret.
Traumatized and reluctant is how one may stay.
Misfortune with this choice cannot be surprising.

With reasoned objectivity and focused thought
I can get where I’m going. The path is made clear
By directing awareness beyond what is real.
Entities nonexistent beget not ordeal.
Breaking out of my old ways is not done in fear.
I select which life lessons I need to be taught.

Little Lady

Artistically Spirited

Most artistic and regal, this spirited one
Loves attention. In public she wants to be seen
As a poised and proud lady with special talents.
Her imagination gives her self-confidence.
She is destined in this way to some day be queen.
Emulating role models is easily done.

She may be somewhat prissy and like a spoiled brat
But we all have our issues. She’s not yet of age.
Tattling on her brothers when things don’t go her way
Makes good sense in the moment. It’s all but fair play.
Knowing how to win fights well, her charm she’ll engage.
She’s a super-sized package for one little cat.

A hopeless romantic and daydreamer at heart,
Frequently she is lost sighing deeply in thought.
She appears to be too carefree and danger prone
Since she’s had little practice standing on her own.
Rarely does anything really get her distraught.
With her head in the clouds she performs her best part.

Certain she can help you to show others you know
How wonderful you are is her magical gift
Offered to anyone who’s in need of esteem
The depletion of which is a horror extreme.
Relying on her ability to uplift
In the real world or fiction is the way to go.


The Act of Survival

Who I am and my purpose for being on earth
Is the knowledge received pondering while alone.
Exploration of oneself brings strength to the soul,
But to reach out to others in love is the goal.
Others’ selves are as mine, as true science has shown,
And the ways we are different calls for our mirth.

People coming together to act as one force
Is an ideal outdated. Inundated so
With obtuse innuendo, The Dream is on hold
‘Til the general cleansing about to unfold.
 In Cooperation, and with all that we know,
We’ll return to some governance most can endorse.

Ancient systems dissolving are those of perverse
Patriarchal imperial supremacy…
And, of course, that means white men. The colored ones are
To be kept in their places, which are very far
From the levels reserved for the powers that be
In control of perceptions and making life worse.

We The People United and ready for change
Have ourselves to believe in. Each one is a voice
Come of age in seclusion, now ready to shout
With a loudness invincible and little doubt
That our rights aren’t for barter or proxy by choice.
Madness had become normal. It’s now more than strange.

Too More Than Few

Mutiplicitavely Imaginagive

Merry twins dancing gleefully awkward of grace
Can perform for their guests by fulfilling their minds
Need to chase after wild geese that weren’t meant to fly
But to vanish completely. They’ll give it a try
Having been animated by tricks of all kinds.
Existential excitement they’re willing to face.

These imaginative, fun, and expansive two
See delight as a service. Their duty to call
Is sounded almost instantly upon request.
Making life a continuous gamely contest
Between them, among others, and any at all,
Is the way they always come up with something new.

Mundane talk is made pleasant with intricate care.
One can notice that logic has taken a leap
In another direction. Affection is theirs
For those who become trapped in their silly affairs.
As they move about swiftly, they make their horns beep.
Most annoyingly jolly, they’ve too much to share.

Life is made up of stories. The ones that we tell
To others who’ve no choice but to listen in pain
Are the most effective as teachers of free will.
Ain’t it odd that real people have mastered this skill?
Expect not I an answer. It would be insane
As the one who is asking knows perfectly well.

Father And Son

Parentally Accomplished

Out-of-the-ordinary experiences
Are the kind between father and chip off the block
Of an ace among chickens. Upright and sincere,
Older one guides with wisdom to mitigate fear
In the little one who causes others to squawk
And devolve into chaos and foolish choices.

Learning to be responsible from an expert
Who is close and available blesses the two.
Giving each to the other the means to relate
Is the bliss of existence as feelings conflate
So that misunderstanding cannot continue
Even as Oakey Oaks is at highest alert.

Creatures hatch their insanity all on their own
With the least effort spent and unconsciously so.
Inappropriate coalescing psychoses
Form a viral contagion of lethal disease.
Trusting when there’s no reason to helps us to grow
Into kinder folk as good example is shown.

Taking life as it comes at one time at a day
In the firmness of knowing in what I believe
Is a worthwhile endeavor. Encounters occur
That may not be what I at my best would prefer.
It may be natural for me to misconceive
But to also engage it with little dismay.

Law Of The Jungle

Protective Wisdom

Fun-loving and protective, lighthearted, and kind,
He’s someone to rely on. Persistent and strong,
He will follow no orders. He’ll teach what he knows
To all who will take interest. What he bestows
Is the wisdom of living one’s life like a song.
Taking only what’s needed ensures peace of mind.

When great deeds are remembered in this jungle vast,
One name will stand above all – our friend called, Baloo.
One who knows so much freedom is charming in ways
That make sense of simplicity. Seeking no praise,
He accepts it most humbly, as his heart is true
To the heartbeat of nature, relaxed and steadfast.

Jungle beats and jazz music are special delights.
They remind us that we each are part of the score
Of magnificent music composed by Supreme
Consciousness Omnipresent. This real jungle dream.
When lived fully awakened, can offer much more.
One may not find contentment in reaching great heights.

‘Jungle Bum’ some would call him. He takes no offense.
Being firm in his selfhood, selfless he can be.
When danger is apparent, without thinking twice,
Ferocious he becomes and in true sacrifice.
Most of life should be spent hanging out leisurely.
Energy is preserved with the least of expense.

Making Things Clear

The Bliss Of Intellectual Calamity

What I need is wide open blue magical sky.
My pink engines are revved up and ready to go
To the heights of excitement for reaching my dream.
In my world above chaos my reign is supreme.
In the vastness of space I’m the only ego.
The unknown locked within me I must satisfy.

To do that, there’s no effort. Abundance of fuel
I can always rely on. What I keep inside
Is for me to examine and process alone.
Then it can be expressed well, and I may atone
For unkindly behavior in ultimate pride.
The alternative is to remain as a fool.

The unconscious compulsions and habits ingrained
In the whole of my being, I have access to
When I’m deep in seclusion. But staying too long
Would do harm. Isolation in essence is wrong.
To share love with others is the right thing to do.
Delving into my dream world cannot be restrained.

Awareness psychological of the content
Of the fertile subconscious is worth taking flight.
Channeling higher sources is possible there.
Wisdom through intuition surpasses compare.
And what is of most value I’ll bring to daylight.
I am much better off having made the ascent.

Sweet Yet Explosive

...Lethal Flowers In Her Hair

Normally I’m a sweetheart. Just ask my boyfriend.
He and I share our feelings and get along well.
But I’m quite my own person. You can’t do me wrong.
Among others who love me is where I belong.
My workplace is a dream world where I can excel.
People often misjudge how much I comprehend.

I may throw quite the hissy fit when I’m upset.
It happens only rarely, but then I calm down.
In a matter of minutes my old self returns.
I notice folks’ reactions and quell their concerns
By assuring them that I’m the best gal around.
Sometimes I rattle cages. I have no regret.

My most expressive quality is my live hair.
They perceive my emotions and then act them out.
I believe they are conscious. I wish them no harm.
Often true to my nature, they have special charm.
If I teach them some manners I may gain some clout
In my world of adventure where I’m a fair scare.

Confidently creative, I’m rather unique.
Everyone has some issue. No one is immune
To the ills of our natures, for better or worse.
For some it’s a good teacher – for others, a curse.
Exercising of free will can never impugn
One who’s love is abundant though somewhat oblique.

On All Levels

The Heart of the Measure

Simple horizontality can get perverse.
Logic dictates that from left to right we must read.
We are taught that perpendicular to the ground
Is the vertical axis where success is found
To be all that there is to life. Now what we need
Is a change in perception to undo the curse.

Remedies are like assholes in need of repair
From incessant abuse from all powers that be
For the same crap that evil uses to entice
Human souls into darkness all for the right price.
Healing can be accomplished. But can we agree
Not to disagree hatefully? Or is this rare?

Emotions become rattled. Each day passes by
With no change to the nightmare nor to the disease
Eating us as a nation. We’re at this again.
Civil war ideation among deranged men
Is a resident terror that everyone sees
As a recurring pattern. The question is, Why?

But the answer is deeper. We have not the tools
For the faulty machinery between our ears
And throughout our brief history – Even before…
Who knows when the shit started? Need we go to war
And just get it all over with? It is our fears
That perpetuate evil. Indeed we are fools.

Banking On Skill

An Amicable Wit

Watching people fulfills me. Like cash in the bank,
I observe my surroundings. I’ll invest my wit
And most warm-hearted charm for the highest return.
The message I deliver is of high concern.
To good humor and honesty I must commit.
As my value increases, I have all to thank.

Being part of a group fully satisfies me.
When the chance to take charge occurs, I can’t be shy.
Dedicated and intelligent a leader
I can be when it’s needed. My friends all concur.
Friendship I know is one gift that money can’t buy.
Curiosity blesses my heart with esprit.

 I enjoy my wisecracking as do all my friends.
My pal, Mister Potato Head and I perform
Like a fine comic duo. We make a great team.
We come into the picture when things get extreme
To the point where it becomes a toy fecal storm.
Being more than resourceful earns high dividends.

Technological genius my friends rely on
And I’m proud to give service when called to do so.
Nothing much can upset me to where I will break
And be mixed with my assets in pieces. Forsake
Will I not what I’m worth with an improper show.
  That I’m fortunate is a conclusion forgone.

On The Lookout

Perfection of View

On The Lookout for others with whom I may find
Growth and comfort through contacts, at times, I am lost
Between rocks and hard places. I can give and take
In contingent humility. All I forsake
Is the ego’s production of psychic exhaust
And the fear that has kept me from being more kind.

When cocooned in aloneness, self-study and growth
Of the eternal spirit can be focused on
With and ease of intensity. With other folk
My attention, drawn outward, goodwill does evoke.
What appears to be sunset could also be dawn
And it makes not a difference. I enjoy both.

On The Lookout for opportunities galore
In the distant horizon and right where I am,
Hopefulness is the feeling. A breath of fresh air
Taken in with reflection keeps one more aware
In each moment that life can feel like an exam…
…Which it is, but with guidance, I’ll earn a high score.

 Benefits can be personal. My reaching out
To that which is uncertain requires special guts
Corrugated by wisdom from all that I’ve learned
Through my fund of experience. I’m most concerned
Simply with being human without going nuts
In the hazardous process. Do I harbor doubt?

Deuteragonist’s Destiny

Distressed Damsel Determined

Disadvantages come with advantages great.
Resolute and spontaneous I need to be.
Realizing ambitions is easy enough,
And with determination, life shall not be tough.
I’ll achieve what I’m after eventually.
Out of duty I operate, and it’s by fate.

I am bright like most women. Aesthetics for me
Is attunement to all of the beauty life holds
And to share that with others quite in my own way.
If someone tries to change me, I’ll mess with their day.
Courage I have to get through whatever unfolds.
Evoking it from others sets my spirit free.

Independent, rebellious… indeed, I’m headstrong.
Like my father, The Sultan, I must obligate
Too much of myself, but unlike him, I am free
From unjust and outdated laws made to keep me
An object in captivity to violate.
Unrestrained among others is where I belong.

Putting up with no nonsense, I know what is right
And what feels most appropriate to my welfare.
Too much sheltered life suffocates and leaves me weak.
What becomes of my selfhood if I’m to be meek
To the ills of tradition? I’m fully aware
Of my destiny’s calling. It’s well within sight.


Portrait of Nurturing Leadership

This one’s for all the assholes who’ve skipped a few grades
Not because you are gifted but because you’re not
Of the mindset to mess with. So they pass you on
To the next set of teachers. You ignorant spawn
Of the brain dead not neutered who cannot be taught
What respect for one’s name is induce my tirades.

Ka-Ma-La. It’s three syllables and only three.
First you have to keep that the most clear in your minds.
Each one of the three syllables has two letters.
All three have the same vowel sound. No other occurs.
Now, this has to make sense to your simple behinds
But if not, go to your children for inquiry.

I’m fed up with the bullshit. Why fucking with names
People find so delightful and cute, I can’t see.
Every time her name’s mentioned, much time must be spent
To play, “I’m not sure…” The cheap shots I most resent.
A new way to insult her is just not for me.
I find no depth with people who play these sick games.

Just because it’s not Mary, or Sally, or Grace,
And it don’t sound American you choose child’s play
Acting like it’s so foreign and utterly strange.
Before true peace can happen, Your shit needs to change.
Fuck with My Name. I Dare You! And have a nice day.
As you relearn your language inform all your race.

Agent Of Petulance

Business The Hut

When things need to get done is when I’m at my best
…Or my worst depending on which team you work for.
Keep your business in order as I do my own
Which is yours and all others’. I’m best left alone.
Any kind of behavior I simply abhor.
If you happen to be nice, well… I’m not impressed.

There’s one right way to do things. All others are wrong
And a meaning to method that paperwork makes
Is all that I adhere to. My hard earned success
Is a study in torment at cleaning up mess
And chastising anyone for making mistakes.
Keep your nose to the grindstone and we’ll get along.

Empathy I have somewhere. It’s locked in a place
In a top secret chamber so others can’t reach.
This is for my protection. My guard, if left down,
May cause me to get silly and invert my frown.
I’m the Agent Of Petulance. I’m here to teach
Discipline in a manner unfettered by grace.

Secret Agents need cover, as all monsters do.
If your organization has not a code name,
You may be violating your right to exist
Then I’d have to demand that you cease and desist
In the newest york minute with no hint of shame.
Always watching… Always…I’ve much work to tend to.

Creative Self-Expression

Provocative Personality

Do proceed with your decadent self, I insist!
For if not, all the world will not know of your name.
Be completely assertive in how you perform.
Take the stage if you want to depart from the norm.
You have people’s attention. Success you will claim
As the prize for your efforts. Be by the world kissed!

Feeling quite warm and friendly and light on my feet
In the midst of my projects and gadgets galore,
Totally I’m excited. Just give me some space
To inform and delight you. The look on my face
Says it all, and I intend to give you much more
Than you think could be possible. This ain’t conceit.

Consciousness of appearance is highly maintained.
Making my good impression is first and foremost
So that you’ll get to view me as fully prepared
And profoundly professional. Confidence shared
For a meeting enlightening as we’re engrossed
In unique entertainment is easily gained.

 Creative Self-Expression is freedom to be
Unrestrained and inspired by the passion within
To communicate meaning in every which way.
Infinite is the power in what people say.
Knowing that I have value is where to begin
Brushing up on my act so that others may see.

Personal Advancement

The Game of the Line (of work)

Feeling good about people is something most rare
To those who are forsaken and cannot belong.
I do have mental illness, as many these days.
Fortunately, I manage in creative ways
To ensure my connection with others is strong.
Self-uncertainty certainly leads to despair.

Seeking out others like me or any at all
Is a notion disquieting. I’d rather not
Unless I can be sure I’m not seen as needy.
I don’t know what that term means, so I disagree

That the cost of companionship should be a lot.
When alone, I’m the right size. With others, I’m small.

Life has been a slow train wreck. I keep moving on
To some point in the distance. The drag slows me down.
To myself, I’m no danger… nor to anyone
As my chance for Advancement is gone by and done
Yet somehow I’m not wearing that ugly a frown
And the judgments of others I feed not upon.

Everything must be Personal. Friendship is based
On goodwill and commitment toward making it grow.
Confidence in myself to be open and free
Among uncertain others does still evade me.
Finding faith in my fellow I cannot forego.
All my fears about people will have to be faced.

An Eager Mind

A Thirst for Answers

There are so many questions to find answers to.
So, my purpose must be, then, to figure things out
And to share what I find with the people I know.
Is this not the true process for knowledge to grow
So that all benefit and are left with no doubt
That enlightenment is a wise thing to pursue?

Naturally, An Eager Mind draws attention
Of others who find what I ask interesting
Enough so that they offer feedback in return.
Those of like mind communicate with due concern
For respecting the good that the meeting can bring
To the thought generation already begun.

Willingness to be honest and clear in one’s speech
Goes a long way in socializing with intent
To inspire conversation of certain value.
The potential for optimum oneness of view
Is the only basis on which all will consent.
The most productive meeting is well within reach.

Making my good impression should not be the goal.
Volatile is the attitude ego maintains
In the need to express itself. It can be tamed.
The alternative could be for it to be shamed
Into self-recognition. The challenge remains
To express with integrity and self-control.


Extreme Focus

We rely on Precision. An accurate plan
Executed with caution is necessary
To put on a performance that kisses the sky.
What comes naturally to some, others won’t try.
Focused thought and sharp reflexes ultimately
Keep things all in alignment across the sky span.

Precision allows one to be perfectly clear,
Direct, and most articulate in word and deed.
Life depends on how well people communicate.
Honesty of intention cannot but create
The best atmosphere known. Things can happen with speed
In the absence of doubt and untethered to fear.

When expressing a viewpoint, like flying a jet,
The big picture is vital, but so is detail.
No one person can see all. With effort combined
Interacting in form keeps the purpose aligned
And when added to Godspeed success will prevail.
Entertainment spectacular is what we get.

Discipline is the clockwork that makes it a breeze.
Critical in our thinking, we analyze flaws
And correct them quickly before they can do harm.
Audiences applaud those who exhibit charm.
We eliminate briefly the number one cause
Of doubtful expectations and psychic unease.

A Perfect Balance

The Whole Always Contains Its Parts

People get what they need through the gift of exchange.
What each one has to offer, the other receives,
Making meeting time profitable for both sides.
Mutual is the gift that good discourse provides.
Diplomatic relations, each party believes,
Will ensure that the pact neither one will estrange.

 The abrasive, pugnacious, and quick to the draw
May communicate wildly. The pieces missing
From the puzzle of intent cannot be fulfilled
Due to tension engendered when something is willed.
Social skills can be mastered simply by being
Interested in making nice and without flaw.

In this world there’s perfection right before our eyes.
Yet within the small picture of what is perceived
To be absolute realness, it’s normal to see
Every wrong nonexistent. The challenge to be
In perpetual balance cannot be relieved
Nor can it be forfeited until the soul dies.

Deeper are the connections made with a pure heart.
Give and take is a process where trust can take root
And grow slowly, unencumbered by self-defeat.
The perfection of balance, by nature, is sweet.
Skillfulness in attaining the low hanging fruit
One develops with practice. It is a fine art.

Unconventional Insight

Unfettered Uniqueness

Anywhere I can be, and it just pleases me
To be free among friends and without any cares.
Getting too much attention, for me, can’t be done.
I enjoy friendly banter and drumming up fun.
Kind and thoughtful of others, I am one who shares
All I have with self-confidence in high degree.

Did I mention I’m cleaver? I entertain well…
Not that I have a talent for singing and dance.
But I do have charisma. My wit is my pride
When I know I’ve a big heart that beats warm inside.
Those who find themselves caught in a dire circumstance
Can depend on my insight, I’m happy to tell.

Having spent my life with my head stuck in the sand
Digging tunnels and needing so much to belong
To a friendlier colony, I’ve found new life
Among those who can at least find mirth in their strife.
Focusing on the positive makes it more strong.
Creatures living above ground seem to understand.

“Hakuna Matata” is the faith I live by.
It is based on no hassles and kindness to all.
At times thoughtless and self-centered I seem to some.
Levity is my credo. It does overcome
What in essence can be made into something small.
In life’s brief animation, on glee I’ll rely.

Socially Self Aware

Confidence Of Character

Nowadays we are witty. Self-confidence beams
From the pits of our pistons. My being aware
Of the ways of society is not a gift.
It comes standard in all models. Made to uplift,
My performance, I hope, tells you how much I care
For the welfare of others. I drive for their dreams.

Playful, smart, and perceptive, I don’t miss a chance
To chill out with some good friends and take some time off.
Busy-ness is no bother, but too much is bad
For the health of the engine. I need not go mad
Nor engage in behavior at which folk would scoff.
You’ll get much more than you see upon your first glance.

Many miles in the fast lane have taken no toll
On my fun loving nature. It’s given me strength
To face up to the future and leave far behind
Disillusion and worry. To oneself be kind
Then be fully prepared to go to any length
To give oneself to others. It makes the soul whole.

Feel the wind as your driving. Breathe in the fresh air
And exhale all the drama skid marking your way
To a fresh new adventure. But do watch your speed.
It need not be excessive. In time we are freed
From the hassles that fester and foul up the day.
Maintenance periodic remains the best care.

Excitable Eccentric

Unstable Genius

Characters with their complex behaviors reflect
Archetypal concurrence among the elite
Professorial preaching. The artist conveys
What are textbook portrayals of aberrant ways
Some may act due to illness that they would then treat
With a name on their spectrum of vain disrespect.

Is it fair that they do that? Or is it a thing
That all humans engage in? What is to be gained
By dissecting the psyche in search of wild nits
In the folds of our fallacies? Fast on the fritz,
Saner minds in compliance remain preordained
To fixation on judgment and what it can bring.

I maintain that the zany are fit to be tied,
Then untied and protected from classical scorn.
I don’t think that I am one. No knot have I felt
But the one in my stomach where feelings are dealt
With unique understanding that may prove to warn
That my place on the spectrum I may want to hide.

Ineffective I am at maintaining control
Of a face that won’t straighten to save its own skin.
Yet there is manic justice for those of a kind
Proud and wildly eccentric of deed and of mind.
No one need be concerned for the shape that I’m in.
Redefining absurdity may be my goal.

Cultured Nurturance

Elegance In Caring

Public Image is vital. I want to be seen
In the best light as possible. So I behave
In a manner respectable. I am polite
To all whom I encounter. I don’t like to fight,
But I’ll stand up for justice. And I can be brave
If my friends become threatened. I’ll get downright mean.

My idealistic outlook can earn me flack
From the ones that I know who are more down to earth
But they soon come to realize that my success
In the worldly arena is because I bless
Everyone in my presence with warmhearted mirth.
They respect me because they know I have their back.

I enjoy creature comforts. Material things
Can be thought of as evil to those with no need
To appreciate beauty in all that exists
In its fractal diversity. This world consists
Of those who are more loving and those filled with greed.
I’m not intimidated when I’m before kings.

I’m called aristocratic among the elite.
I’m an elegant lady to whom life is grand.
Being sweet and delightful is easy for me.
In the lap of nobility, somewhat carefree,
Frequently I’m obliged to take luck by the hand.
And, as such, rarely ever do I see defeat.

Agency Advocate

Enigmatic Assistance

He remains confidential and private to all
But the most enigmatic of creatures unknown.
No one knows much about him. A government man,
He’s been working since civilization began,
And his matter-of-factness cuts right to the bone.
For The Agency, this man is always on call.

Sensible and proficient in every detail,
He can be sympathetic, in difficult times,
When mayhem and disorder take over our wills.
As an able detective his service fulfills
Those who venerate safety and justice for crimes.
Evil cannot escape when he’s dead on its trail.

So, respect he enjoys among community.
Realizing his import in daily affairs,
They rely on his honest, straightforward approach
To resolving tough issues as fear may encroach
Upon sensible discourse. They see that he cares
For the welfare of others and with loyalty.

Advocates of The Agency help me get through.
Sinister are the workings profusely afoot.
For the sake of projection we take what is real
To produce entertainment to match the ideal.
For a fresh understanding I’m never hard put.
Always open I am to what more I could do.

Wonder Boy

With the Greatest of Ease

When an excellent student is taught how to fly
By someone who knows how to, the sky is a place
Full of wonder unending, and life is a dream.
Foreign lands are attractive and sometimes extreme.
But it’s worth all the trouble. The danger I face
 Makes me strong in the long run. My wisdom is why.

I remain ever youthful. The folk that I know,
Having countenance similar, never grow old.
So, how can such a young boy be thought of as wise?
It may be that the answer comes as a surprise.
Keep your spirit aloft. Don’t let your heart grow cold,
And seek out all the best ways in which you may grow.

Prim and proper I am. And as others see me
At my best, I’m respected. They know I can lead
Any group with profound courtesy of intent.
Righteousness is the reason that I represent
Every right to be carefree and absent of need
To be other than oneself is destined to be.

Homecoming celebration with joyous fanfare
Is a fair expectation. By magic I live
In a world unencumbered by fear of the dream.
One can’t be creative if life looks like a scheme.
All creatures have uniqueness and kindness to give.
What I care about mostly is what I’ve to share.

Petulant Of Persona

Fire Starter

Easily there is conflict to find everywhere.
For the one who is looking, potential is ripe
For creating a firestorm so hate can be heard
And felt deep in the soul. When emotions are stirred
By complex fabrications and poorly brewed hype
Then the crowd agitated acts out in despair.

Everyone with an ego, in one of two ways
It can be used – in fear, or in doing some good.
It is by choice we each find a path to engage.
Acrid actors are destined to burn down the stage
In irrational outrage. Like dry kindling wood
Those who choose to burn hot will set themselves ablaze.

Idleness fuels distractions of heated content.
Reinforcing delusion delights by the day
And by night, holy terror is set to be laid.
Under cover of darkness hate crime will be paid
To unfortunate ones who they’ve deemed as their prey.
There’s no getting through to those who live to foment.

What they do in their day jobs is just a backdrop
And a means of survival… not quite a career.
Simple minds, meager lifestyles, and bigotry are
Attributes of the ones who rip open the scar
With an insane agenda to elevate fear
To a thing to be proud of. How soon will it stop?

The Small Print

The Mechanics Of Sight

Traveling through the circuits etched into the land,
We bipedal electrons meet up now and then.
We compete with light speed as the paths that we make
Become ever more tiny. There’s less time to take
To behold the components once more, then again,
And to seek out new pathways that may be more grand.

Mentally I am restless. I can’t concentrate
When I feel that my speed has severely slowed down.
I appear to move backwards, against the main flow.
Measurement indicates nothing new I should know.
This may prove that my senses may cause some to frown
And to want me to transfer from our solid state.

I remain optimistic no matter my speed.
Particles I’m acquainted with give me support
Throughout all of the journey if I so decide.
Forsaken they can’t be nor can they be denied
Their most vital existence. They rarely fall short
Of providing me insight and will to proceed.

I can deal with The Small Print better at a pace
That is kind to my comfort. I’ll then clearly read
What has been overwritten. Decipher I must
To recover and maintain an overall trust
In the network I’m part of. Assessment may lead
To my firmly believing I’m not in a race.

Taking The First Step

Greater Awarness of Balance Issues

Feeling wildly affectionate, I find my way
On the path to more pleasure directly ahead.
With my fun loving nature, my take on most things
Is about how much happiness and good it brings.
People like what I’m doing. They’re interested
In each step of my journey. I’m not led astray.

Starting fresh from a clean slate, no harm do I see
In this wide world around me. I need not beware
Of the negative forces that I sense exist.
 I get ample immunity when I am kissed.
I’m responsive to others in how much they care
Greatly for my wellbeing. My life is carefree.

 My work is staying balanced and following through
In the forward direction. Sometimes I may fall
Then get up and start over. No one takes offense.
Since there is no destruction, there is no expense
For the knowing that I cannot forever crawl.
Looking down, I have learned, is the wrong thing to do.

I meet my obligations with ease. I have none
But to continue being all that I can be.
The first step I have taken. The love that I find
Is immensely supportive, refreshing, and kind.
It allows me to walk with the firm guarantee
That a life fascinating has truly begun.

Persuasive Forces

The Poison Of Gossip

Clues are ripe for the picking effortlessly so
One need not even reach. They just find their right place
In the frail mental basket that leaks in the sea
Of the fertile subconscious half full of spilt tea.
The alarm must be sounded to wake up our race
Toward the war of extinction. Here’s what you must know:

Conquerors of the world all throughout history
(…The one white men are used to) had pearly white skin.
Therefore we are superior and we should rule.
May all others beneath us become our footstool.
We know killing off niggers is no mortal sin
And when we’re all united, most lethal we’ll be.

Getting to the false bottom in any dark well
Must be done in pure blindness. The blackness obscures
Bits of truth that may be caught adrift in the wake
Of the current of restlessness. What is at stake
Is our mistake supremacy. Hatred ensures
That we’re not of the kind to do lynchings and tell.

The profoundly effective ideology
Doesn’t have all that much to cause harm on its own.
What it takes is repeating and keep it hot.
Tension must not die out ‘til we get what we ought.
While embroiled in the struggle, you are not alone.
All we morbid souls earthbound were meant to agree.

Under The Carpet

Where Secrets Are Swept

Pleasant conversation and congenial discourse
Among others escapes me. I’m low at my game.
Difficult and contentious and sometimes profane
With most others, I seldom have something to gain.
I’m swept Under The Carpet and fettered with shame.
For the things I have said I’m consumed with remorse.

It may be that I rub others quite the wrong way.
I may show my affection yet some would recoil
Thinking I may be threatening. I’m out of line
When I feel I’ve done nothing and everything’s fine.
What is true to my nature can cause much turmoil.
Should I keep to myself and have nothing to say?

Sometimes I’m hypersensitive and I may lack
The required mental discipline for social play.
No one needs to remind me when I am this way
But they do and aggressively to my dismay.
Delicate is my dance somewhat like a ballet.
If I do rather poorly I’m prone to attack.

Reasoning becomes secondary to my peace
Which is clearly ass backwards. So what I must do
To ensure readjustment is to play along
As if I understand things. How could I go wrong?
Where I find myself swept I may find yet a clue
To escape this rut so that my charm may increase.

To Your Advantage

Recognition Of The Lucky Brake

What has power to influence what kind of luck
One would hope to encounter? Or should one ask Who?
Is it one supreme consciousness from which comes all
That can be known or unknown but by divine call?
Either way, here’s a shout out for all that you do
To support my existence. I rarely get stuck.

As I make fresh connections in new surroundings
Opportunity infiltrates into the air
That becomes a strong current propelling me to
Whatever I imagine. Your wishes come true
As do mine. My advantage is just that I care
Less about lavish lifestyles of wannabe kings.

Love and beauty are foremost in mind and in heart
And it helps to have good taste. The choices I make
Affect not only me but the whole world at large.
Not a single day ends until I’ve taken charge
Of my crumb from the cheese chunk while fully awake.
Acting as nature guides me, I’m playing my part.

Willingness to reach compromise is a fine trait
Among earth’s many creatures. How all get along
Is by cooperating, mostly – not by war.
History keeps account of the bloodshed and gore.
Memorizing and exalting hell is damned wrong!
All it does is rekindle the torches of hate.

Handling The Trivia

Clarity of Perception

Constant thought with no action gets not a thing done
Yet the mindless behaviors are second nature
To the first, which is duty to order and class.
Processing all the small stuff leads not to impasse
But to digesting as much as one can endure
For the oddest of reasons – simply to have fun.

With most paperwork cleared from the part of my desk
That was once right before me, it’s time to relax.
When the business of being belittles the soul
Self-inspired entertainment will render it whole
Once again. When I’m capable of kinder acts
I am then strong enough to avoid the grotesque.

If to showcase one’s skills among community
Generates friends and colleagues, then let it be known
That we each come with talents. Some think they’re from God.
Most of them are familiar, and some are quite odd.
Networking yields connections one can’t make alone
Since we’re not telepathic, at least presently.

Information superfluous flows through the field
Of the fertile awareness which is consciousness
For the purpose of practice and mental hygiene.
As I’m Handling The Trivia much more is seen
Of what is most important for me to express.
Somewhere in the assessment much truth is revealed.

Uncomfortable Questions

Reactive Thinking

When a black man is shot seven times in the back
Is it only good luck for the bigoted ones?
Is collateral benefit granted also
To the yet uninfected who witness a show
Of extreme force unwarranted? Have police guns
Replaced nooses in essence as legal attack?

Bias is a continuum. Slow in its growth
Over decades of nurturing, what is believed
Is what’s impressed upon us from those we’re around.
Folks don’t just up and act out. We tend to expound
On our internal programming. What is perceived
Is too much for the shrunken heart. Hate becomes oath.

How greater is reality over the tales
Interwoven in consciousness carelessly led
Into playing it small in the ultimate game?
Questions to many answers befall us in shame.
Ignorance is pandemic in that it’s widespread.
Is it hard to predict which allegiance prevails?

By which part of the problem do I feel enslaved
As I watch others like me because of my race
Become victims of violence from angry men?
What’s been ripped from my heart, can I have it again?
There are so many questions others will not face
Nor myself anymore lest I’m rendered depraved.


Dullness Intolerant

Social duties bisect me. Myself I’m beside
With the head of a chicken yet firmly attached
To the lifestyle prevailing. I make long-range plans
As do all other creatures of finite lifespans.
Any right course of action is perfectly matched
With a foolish behavior. I’ll take it in stride.

Basic needs of the ego are met everyday
By prioritization of mundane affairs.
In an orderly manner I’d like to behave.
Though I worry that I may become my own slave
Or the one of another, my better half cares
That my part in life’s puzzle will fit the right way.

Clear, objective decisions I make now and then.
The predictable cycle is but to observe.
Simply being aware of when fog settles in
Is the soul best discouraged from committing sin.
I can choose to be wholesome if I grab the nerve
That I had in the past and will have once again.

When I’m lost, my profession can suffer a blow.
I may lose my connection and purpose to be.
I become my own product that’s worthy of sale
When I’m found through the struggle. Then I must prevail
On my path somewhat Half-Cocked but most willingly
  Open-minded to learning much more than I know.

Fair Weather

An Easy Change In Attitude

There are wounds that don’t heal as time marches along.
Certain ‘weather conditions’ retrigger the pain
That can never be absolutely forgotten.
Inner youngsters are part of all women and men.
When the child is amused, there’s some healing to gain.
Nourishment, when exciting, will keep the kid strong.

Children hurt feel that hurting is perfectly fine
As a kind of existence for making sense of.
Whether nurtured within or inflicted upon
Others for entertainment, the true self has gone
By the way of the fearful instead of by love
But with proper attention the young one will shine.

Light is shown on the wound when the weather is fair
And the bright world around offers choice to no end
To remain in seclusion or dare to behold
Opportunity’s presence and not to be sold
On the lack of fulfillment. The need to transcend
The perceived incompleteness is what we all share.

An environment richly supportive is one
Where the spirit is emptied of its psychic waste.
I create such a space by what I choose to know
About inclement weather, its worry and woe,
And by knowing what climates are not to my taste.
Life is often enriching, delightful and fun.

Speaking Your Mind

Single Point Transmission

The mind rarely stops speaking in its conscious state.
All the incessant chatter assumes a threshold
Below signal intelligence. Thought we transmit
And receive among others is altered a bit
By the moment’s analysis. If truth be told
What is felt at the gut level carries more weight.

I get off on the frequency I can maintain
In profuse propagation of testimony
To my earthly existence. For this, I am one
Of the many who, like me, respect what is done
In expression of being absolutely free
To engage in discussion for everyone’s gain.

Seeking not resolution, my primary aim
Is to move mental structures to ever new states
So that thought generation can rightly occur.
Our humanity prospers by how we infer
From the clearly straightforward as social primates
How in all the diversity we’re much the same.

Problem solving is done, and creatively so,
Through the mind’s interaction with other like souls.
When we talk about ways we can all get along
And come to firm agreement of what’s right from wrong
We may find the achievement of our lofty goals
With the least of our effort. Have we far to go?

Well Prepared For The Journey

Extreme Self-Reliance

A long journey must be prepared for in advance.
Basic needs are assessed to engage what is known
To be not kind to most travelers. Yet there are
Noble beasts of the desert who walk very far
With the greatest of ease and no frigging smartphone.
Handling hot sandy climates is no song and dance.

A living organism able to sustain
Itself most independently of its terrain
Is the camel in essence… a symbol of strength
And reliance on self to go to any length
To enforce its resources to maximize gain
Even though it is awkward and has a pea brain.

Carrying in itself exactly what it needs
For the journey’s survival, the wise creature takes
Full advantage of what nature alone provides.
What I feed to myself not another decides.
Time is offered for taking significant breaks.
There’s no need for my getting there at break neck speeds.

I relinquish the bondage of where I am now
By releasing the fear of the present unknown.
Having made the decision, what’s holding me back
Is the feeling that there is still something I lack
  In the way of consumption. In time I am shown
All there is that’s awaiting that I must allow.

The Magician

Dilligent Work

Turning spirit to matter or lead into gold –
Not producing live animals from a top hat –
Is the craft of the wizard or witch. With finesse,
The Magician has no need to fool or impress
Random crowds for sensation. That’s not where it’s at
For the manipulator of wisdom of old.

  We affect the environment each in our way
By knowing who we are and what we’re here to do.
Some of us take to science, others to the arts.
Choice and determination is where it all starts.
Intellectual discipline to follow through
All but guarantees joy, and the work feels like play.

Sense of duty to serve and ambition to dive
Into life’s grandest mysteries keeps one in touch
With the infinite cosmos which we know is real.
And its treasures of secrets it wants to reveal
To all who, in all truthfulness, want it that much.
We can take full advantage while we are alive.

The meticulous painstaking architect sees
Beyond structure and substance to what’s at the core
Of the fruit of enigma. Consciousness will rise
To the level of intent the wise one applies.
One becomes saturated while going for more
Pieces of the big puzzle with prowess and ease.

Introduction To The Noose

Integral Control of the Soul

Thirteen cards has a quarter deck made of four suits.
Diamonds, spades, hearts, and clubs form a motley wardrobe
That will integrate hate into our poker game.
Straighter faces, though evil, appear to be tame.
History of our ugliness we fear to probe.
We now see reemergence of our founding roots.

Two of four suits are black, and the others are red.
Private checkerboard patterns persist in our minds
Through the heart’s misperception of how things should be.
Violent is the behavior of those who aren’t free
From their own inner demons and hurts of all kinds.
One who thinks of the noose wishes some black one dead.

Every suit has its ‘face’ cards. The ones at the top
Of societal structure take pride in great wealth
While the numbered remainder remain unfulfilled
And the worst in the deck are the faceless unskilled
Who will die before others because of ill health.
Money placates the pain, but it can’t make it stop.

Thirteen colonies became the United States.
Numbers are of significance when hands are dealt
In the dark of deception to keep others bound
By the systems of terror. How bitter the sound
Of the loud mental chanting that hits below belt.
Every nation shows off through the people it hates.

A Foggy Day

Imaginative Potential

No one can but deny its intoxic control.
In a New-York-like minute it plummets the mood
To the depths of delusion and utter dismay.
Misty haze is a menace in anyone’s day.
Brightness is the reality, but it’s subdued
By the faint transient presence that withers the soul.

Clarity – not confusion is what I’d prefer
All the time if It’s possible. It’s more than that.
Knowing that there’s a filter between me and light
And that soon it will vanish, I’m felling alright.
Fogginess is akin to the idle chitchat
In the mind pre-programmed for despair, as it were.

Lucidness in my seeing comes after my thought
And the active discernment that needs to take place
In my conscious awareness, and how it all feels.
Frequent flight into folly most often reveals
Any fault with my vision. I warmly embrace
What the day has in store that has not yet been bought.

Over-idealization of the mundane
Can rarely be a problem. A mind open wide
To the heart’s inner calling and hearable voice
Is one firmly believing it makes its own choice.
I cannot let the weather perform as my guide,
Nor the gloom heir apparent among the insane.