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Wichita Madman

Wichita Madman

I am a madman on this earth plane
Yet I came knowing how
To play this game of life
And to live more in the ‘now’

Somehow I missed the point completely
I can’t figure out why
So, this Wichita Madman
Does take to the sky

You say I need some kind of therapy
I say, ‘Go take a hike’
‘Cause if you mess with me
You’ll find we’re much alike

We are not singing in the sunshine
We are not dancing in the rain
But this Wichita Madman
Will never complain

It seems I’ve found the right Vibration
One that suits me just fine
I know what’s yours is yours
And I know what’s mine is mine

Next tornado leaving Kansas
I’ll be yellow brick bound
In the land of the little folk
With their emerald green town