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Not All That Obvious

Calm Beyond The Storm

Restlessness and impatience is damp in the air.
Condensation transparent on one side is seen.
Yet the temperatures, far enough in degree,
Are the reason that people are able to see
And to mark with a message. The surface between
Atmospheres opposite and abreast is our prayer.

I’m fed up with authority. I’ve seen enough.
Its deceit and corruption decay from within
While without proper sense of the people it serves.
Justice now has no meaning. Its structure deserves
Absolute demolition. Perhaps we’ll begin
A new era with folks who are more up to snuff.

 But that’s only my message. I know there are those
Who believe these are good times… or end times. To them
I would offer concurrence. Mankind is insane.
If I posed opposition not much would I gain.
I’ll propel how I feel in the form of my phlegm
Down the drain with ammonia. I long for repose.

What is felt is a nightmare. Not able to see
Through the darkness, I can but to know there is light.
Once I saw it and knew that it wasn’t a dream
Nor a government robbed by an evil regime.
It is Not All That Obvious what’s wrong from right.
All I want is a safe place where I can be me.

Understanding Our Feelings

Easy Articulation of Feeling

Are we creatures of logic? Or is it our moods
That influence our actions? Or is it quite both?
Gathering information and sorting it out
Is how we handle many things without a doubt.
Yet our feelings confound us but lead to much growth
And as we understand them more wellness exudes.

We must speak of emotions most hard to express
With someone or another who is of like heart.
If we lock them inside where they’re not to be found
They become more than toxic. Indeed they’ll impound
The more positive feelings. We may then depart
From all hope of recovery as we obsess.

Thoughts and feelings are part of the mix that we are.
When they sync well together then life is a breeze.
But they don’t always do so. Conclusions we draw
Are encumbered by fear and a most fatal flaw
In the logic of leisurely living and ease.
When they’re in good alignment we feel up to par.

We are social creatures, as the experts do say
And we need one another’s support to hang on
To this life we all cherish for better or worse.
And because we need others can we be averse
To maintaining connection? We who are withdrawn
Are the ones to reach out to in every kind way.


Your Most Martian Worth

What indeed is your dick length… and girth, I might add?
Do you earn at least six figures and own a yacht?
If you do then you’re qualified to take your place
Among all of my suitors. Do not fall from grace.
You profess to be manly and too hot to trot.
Can you feel quite the same with your ego unclad?

What I want is good chemistry. Do you make nice?
Your pleasant conversation may be to your good.
It’s somewhat energizing. You put on a show
Just for my entertainment. I’d like you to know
I seek vulnerability in your manhood.
You may now tell your story, but make it concise.

Are you stable emotionally? Or do you
Make your heated aggressions a part of your style?
I’ll assume that you are, since you didn’t speak up.
Can you handle my nagging and whine like a pup?
If you can we may play out our roles for a while.
If you don’t cut the muster, I’ll bid you adieu.

I believe in equality. If you do too
Then you’ll know I’m superior in every way.
I’m the same as the goddess of nature and love.
I can be most assertive with no need to shove.
Listen carefully to all that I have to say
And good luck. I have applications to review.

A Feeling Reset

Freshness of Positive Emotion

When we take time to nurture, our hearts are fulfilled
In a way that resets daily tension to nil.
Women do this most naturally, but it’s true
That when men become fathers they will do it too.
Giving love is a heart based emotional skill
Stronger ties with one’s spirit this pleasure will build.

We connect daily habits and rigid routine
With the blessings life offers. Our best hopes and dreams
Do reflect in the present. The spirit is free
To enjoy what today brings. The most we can be
In the moment of knowing can turn into streams
Of much love and affection never before seen.

A strong sense of belonging to what has been made
Viable and familiar comforts the soul
Of oneself and all others. Our spirits are high
On the process of caring with each heartfelt try.
There’s no fuss about reaching an ultimate goal
When, in truth, among loved ones, our hearts are conveyed.

Attitudes and reflections on what we hold dear
Are the optimum sustenance. Nothing comes close
To a healthy perspective in matters of heart.
Whether we are together or somewhat apart,
What ensures happiness is a generous dose
Of the love we’re withholding perhaps out of fear.

Plupiter – Juto Confusion


There’s this misunderstanding about certain things
In the cosmos and how they are apt to behave.
If Uranus is nasty what can make it clean?
In conjunction with Mars it would have to stay mean
Depending on which house it would choose to enslave.
No one looks forward to what this mad aspect brings.

Other configurations are more important
Than are some because some are much weaker than those
With significant power to do some real harm.
It is my honored duty to sound the alarm
And refute information from deep dark shadows
And there’s no one around who can tell me I can’t.

There’s a Plupiter – Juto Confusion afoot.
It is wreaking some havoc in most people’s minds.
These are two way out planets. They both have much pride.
It’s not often the paths of these two coincide.
When they do there is bigness of truth of all kinds.
It’s a major event with a lethal output.

Be prepared in the long run to be not without
Strength of purpose that cosmic confusion can’t beat.
Take a break from the nonsense and learn the real thing.
Such a world of enlightenment this act will bring.
Stellar chatter is often a form of deceit.
Make sure what you digest is most pure without doubt.

Keep It To Yourself

Inhibition of Emotional Release

Emotions, when unpleasant, can sever the soul
From connection to all that can give it relief.
When they’re kept to oneself loneliness creeps inside.
There is ample confusion that faith is denied
That things will start to improve. There is no belief
That something not accounted for can make one whole.

I could just cut them off if they cause so much grief
That I can’t function normally. Yet if I do
They will surface again in ways much more severe.
If I share them with someone then I might appear
To be hopelessly troubled. And it may be true.
I would hope that my suffering now will be brief.

It is tough to feel burdened, lonely, and depressed
When such feelings as joy and bliss memory holds.
No control do I have over things I once had,
And whatever life shows to me makes me more sad.
I do not have a stake in just how life unfolds.
For right now I have nothing but pain to digest.

The byproduct of waste is what I must release.
It becomes grossly toxic and causes distress
In the lower gut chakra. If I hold it in
I will suffer a breakdown. That would be a sin.
Psychic irregularity I must address
As it happens or else I will never know peace.

God’s Image

Beatific Essence

The nature of God’s Image nature cannot know.
There’s no viable context this world can provide
To show meaning and substance to be understood.
I see only the image of our humanhood
At abject disadvantage. The mind is denied
The omniscient knowing because it’s too slow.

I see life as conundra and death as release
From the lack of the image. To play along then
In the depth of confusion with those who are here
Is the ultimate circumstance to deal with fear
Of the unknown in living. I’m stuck once again
On its purpose, the knowing of which may bring peace.

So consumed with an image derived out of need
For complete understanding, do I stand alone?
Or are there many others who want to know more
Than what is being shown and why life is a chore?
Others may have their questions, but I have my own
And may not find the answers. Yet still I’ll proceed.

I would think that God’s Image reflected in me
Is one of sheer astonishment by what’s been made
To perceive its own selfhood and seek with delight
Every clue made available in the finite.
I’ll consider this one a most noble crusade
For the infinite wisdom that may set me free.

Spiritual Energy Burst

Body And Spirit

Larger patterns influence the smaller in ways
That enhance the mundane and accent it with flair
For at least a brief moment. The time is enough
To perceive in the dullness more colorful stuff.
It’s an energy burst for the spirit to share
With the ones who are closest to honor and praise.

Something new in the making is due to emerge.
My internal divisions are smoothed over now.
Inner harmony helps the outer self to be
In a state of wellbeing that others can see.
Accurate are reflections that demonstrate how
Energy manifests in a positive surge.

A strong feeling of purpose I have overall.
I connect to humanity much as always.
No necessity is there to doubt this is true.
In an instant my outlook on life becomes new.
A good boost to the spirit elicits my praise
As long as I am willing to answer its call.

Totally beneficial are times such as these
When I see more than clearly the sense my life makes
In the worldwide community. I can do more
Than I felt I was able to ever before.
Life is hard, but it also has its lucky breaks.
They exist for the wiser among us to seize.


Ominous Forces

It’s easy not to notice as feelings converge
And an ominous focus commands the free will.
One ignores the reality of common sense
And evades consequences at one’s own expense.
Devious is the deed that the will must fulfill.
There is no contemplating dismissing the urge.

Separating the truth from fiction can’t be done.
They are so interweaved that they present as one
Narrative of deception. The well laid out plan
Is the one most effective. Conniving began
As an innocent thing with ill will meant toward none.
Sinister are the acts perpetrated for fun.

All the world remains vulnerable in the eyes
That see all as a nuisance. All are made aware
That potential for evil to try out its hand
Is as vivid as ever. Who can reprimand
Predators in the darkness programmed to ensnare
Unsuspecting inhabitants lesser than wise?

The temptation upon us to cower in fear
Or pretend all is well is the weaker by far
Than the urge to take notice and not be asleep
Nor to be wrongly herded as ignorant sheep.
How things turn out depends on how conscious we are.
There can still be rejoicing in these times austere.

The Party In Life

Positive Emotional Expression

For The Party In Life invitations go out
To all souls made available and qualified
To partake of the pleasure and also the pain.
Those unfit for this duty this time will abstain
From the earth life experience. We here with pride
Are the life of the party. We know beyond doubt.

We provide entertainment. This natural trait
Makes us suited superlatively for the task
Of enhancing the party. How we may proceed
Is our free will to manage in thought, word, and deed.
There is cake and ice cream. All one need do is ask.
We’re consumed in the big challenge to cocreate.

Living gets awfully practical. Sometimes the need
For pleasure and excitement will take the sharp edge
From this realm of existence much to our delight.
We can party our assess of or scream and fight.
But if we choose the latter we cannot allege
That the acts of another one’s growth will impede.

In connection with others enjoyment I find.
Positive are the passions that intensify
While alive at the party with all who have come.
Nothing that is imbibed here will make senses numb.
My enjoyment of life is where soul meets the sky
And the cares of the moment can be left behind.

Needless Conflict

Epitome Of Bother

All I need is a good sense of self to get by.
Domination by others is my chief concern.
It disrupts my attention. My focus is lost
To the ones I’m attached to, and great is the cost
To the spirit within me. Not much do I earn
From the trouble and torment. I must wonder why.

How can I make my mark with the people I know
When they don’t bother listening and only speak?
I would have to upset them. That’s the only way
I can get other people to hear what I say.
I don’t need social standing. That’s not what I seek.
Useless Conflict with others is not a good show.

Getting points across gets in the way of my peace.
I can sense well when others project upon me
Their most selfish intentions like swords of command.
Perhaps if I were like them then I’d understand
Something of the wild ego I cannot now see.
But if I had this knowledge, my peace would then cease.

Out of step with most others, I do make my way
On the path I have chosen. The walk is not tense
Nor should others’ involvement cause me to lose pace
With the beat I’m attuned to. I do so by grace
Of pervasive existence wherein all makes sense.
It is what I rely on to get through my day.

Non-Standard Deviation

New Discoveries

Something new and exciting may happen today.
Although it can be planned, it can happen outright
By the grace of the universe. Take by the hand
The dear child who, within you, does well understand
That the future, by one’s choice, can always be bright.
Take a walk on a new path and laugh as you play.

Rigidness and disruption in daily routine
Is a given and will remain part of or best
And our worst laid out plans and the ones in between.
One deciphers a warning if senses are keen
To the sharp change in wholesomeness. One can invest
Time in fun and refreshment. The spirit comes clean.

Staying busy with projects I have going on
Provides ample excitement and perspective friends
Who I can get involved with to generate more
Things to do with still others. A healthy rapport
Do I have with most people. My spirit transcends
Any notion that in time it all will be gone.

Outrageous and original often with some,
I can find entertainment as well as provide
Much the same in return. Though it’s called quid pro quo
What I do causes me to develop and grow.
Newness is the elixir that throws open wide
The door to new adventure and wonder to come.


Leap Of Faith

Nothing can feel much better than helplessness gone
With regard to decisions and looking ahead
To whatever awaits. I’ve no reason to fear.
I’ll add to the unknown all that which I hold dear.
Ideation of failure and ultimate dread
Have no place in my outlook. I see a new dawn.

I can speak about difficult issues with ease
And without shame or guilt with the ones that I know.
Feeling light is delightful. The jump is not far
From the unfulfilled soul to the shining rock star.
For this world I create what I’m destined to show
With the ego not having the urge to appease.

At the mercy of others is no place to be
For the free ranging spirit who must carry on
Despite obstacles, issues, and urges to quit.
Perception of rejection I shall not permit.
The conclusion of wellness for me is foregone.
Form acceptance from others I set myself free.

The appropriate Springboard for getting across
The steep chasms life offers is to one’s own taste.
The more force of potential, the more height is gained
And my rate of production cannot be constrained.
Nowhere in this reality am I misplaced.
When I do sense rejection I suffer no loss.

From Deep Below

Digestion of Thought

In the parts of the psyche where feelings digest
With my daily experience, what does occur
Will affect the thought process for better or worse.
Interactions with others I cannot rehearse.
Life should go ever smoothly as I would prefer.
Its significant challenge presents as a test.

Far along on my path I’d expect that with ease
Understanding would carry me through to the end.
Yet the path takes a beating and gets more complex
Although richer in content that living reflects.
A grotesque enough puzzle to not comprehend
Is a fanciful blessing bestowed to appease.

 Revelations impact and transform from within.
Feeling somewhat unsettled as peristalsis
Moves the matter of meaning, I’m in the best space
To assimilate living with wisdom and grace.
Who on earth would not cherish a life filled with bliss?
Going deeper within self is where to begin.

When I feel to extreme, then the proper release
Is through means that mix meaning with all that I feel.
It becomes beneficial to digestive health
To feed body and spirit. Wellness it the wealth
Necessary for freedom and worldwide appeal.
Within proper alignment I do find my peace.

Taking Stock

All That Needs To Be Done

Better health and vitality we all desire
Except those who, too weary, have strength to protest
Sanity and civility. I have a choice
In what I’m taking stock of. Do I add my voice
To the spewing of hatred or to all the rest
Or to neither for fear of grief that may transpire?

I cannot remain neutral. Because I’m alive
And assumed to be human, I must take a stand
As commanded by nature of the human kind.
There is no way to change the way I am designed.
Choosing one or the other, still I will expand
Toward the objective balance wherein I may thrive.

What supports my survival better than concern
That wellbeing, once foremost, has lost its value
Among our troubled species? I now get to choose
How these times and my living through them will infuse
Me with passion to act. If done so without clue
Then the consequences may be much more than stern.

Carry on with ambition. The usual way,
With focus not distractible, works like a charm.
Reassess what is freedom and change, if you must,
What still harbors delusion and tacit mistrust.
Taking Stock in your spirit cannot do you harm.
It can never deceive you nor lead you astray.

Clear Objective

Bright Idea

Mental giantism is a bold show of strength
Of the light modulated, by thought at its best,
That shines forth from within. And without feeling shy
There is one Clear Objective that I must live by.
Superheroes are not judged by how they are dressed
But the frequency of their light or its wavelength.

I respect public image. To work, is my cause,
For the people inhabiting this planet earth.
All that which I’ve been given I must find a way
To return more than onefold. To try, as I may,
Is to live for the chance to account for my birth.
Is there something wrong with me if I crave applause?

Concentrating and focusing are my best tools.
As an investigator in mystery land
Filled with horror and wonder; dullness and surprise,
It is my job to witness and to journalize.
But there are many things that I can’t understand
That most do and most clearly. I don’t call them fools.

If how well I communicate is of concern
To myself or to others, then what can be done
Is to sit back and listen more with no response.
I may then capture essence and every nuance
Of objective reality and how it’s spun.
The more I come to know, the much more I must learn.

Getting Things Done

Service On The Spot

I consider good hygiene important enough
That I depend on others to get proper care.
Their professional expertise is to die for.
That which oneself can do for oneself is a chore.
Offers of special services sometimes are rare.
It’s a blessing receiving them when times are tough.

Orderly state of mind and self-discipline are
What I need for survival or just feeling fine.
I see them as the same. No confusion I’ll buy
Nor am I opposed to flashing balls to the sky
To get needed attention. Their work is divine.
I am glad I know many who are up to par.

No abstract speculation will my mind endure
For more than a split second before my defense
Comes to full-on alert, then the thought fades away.
I’m too darned awful busy to mess up my day
With delusions of shame, which to me don’t make sense.
What I want from life is to be groomed and secure.

So, by law I’m pragmatic. Conservative views
Aligned with mother nature’s are what I must own.
Sense of duty becomes me as I become real.
The best thing about Getting Things Done is to feel
As the getting proceeds toward a contented moan.
Perhaps I get more done than, at times, I would choose.

Retying Loose Ends

Mind At Work

Reconnecting the dots is a chore done within
Where they often become largely in disarray
And disjointed from structure that didn’t hold strong.
My beliefs go through changes. There’s no right or wrong.
But what’s left are the loose ends I’d hoped wouldn’t fray.
To not try to retie them would be mortal sin.

I absorb information and articulate
With a passion persuasive. But I need a break
From the mind who may think that it is part of me.
It remains but a concept most arguably.
What I have is a consciousness strangely awake
In a world thick and heavy in physical weight.

Socializing is fruitful as is time alone.
Within every half cycle, a moment of rest
Must proceed crossing over into the next phase
Of the journey repeated. Repeated delays
Are not part of the process. This is for the best.
Restoration is healthy as studies have shown.

In no part of a sudden can all be made well.
Some things take quit a long time to work themselves out.
I’m delighted to spend all of it flying high.
Things that I can take care of at least I will try.
Life is not about pity and useless self-doubt.
Though this is known already, still I like to tell.


Gracefulness On The Trail

Not completely adrift, I do maintain control
Of the space that contains me. With comfort and ease
I traverse this dense level. If I recall how
Then I won’t be in touch with the eternal now.
In this sea of conundrum my life is a breeze
And its realness equates to the depth of my soul.

There is balance between needs and objective goals…
Between conscious and subconscious… feelings and mind.
Bathing in self-reflection allows for release
Into life psychic tension that robs me of peace.
Can instinctive reactions be those that are kind?
Who among us are worthy to take on such roles?

Like predicting the weather, the future is known
Just about as it’s happening. It can’t be done
Quite as we understand things in our current state.
Is there free will or are we commanded by fate?
It’s a mixture of both which makes life much more fun.
I’ll intuit the next move then go where I’m shown.

Life itself is fulfilling. What more do I need
Than a world to inhabit with those of my kind?
My complaining is useless but for lessons learned
Through the cumbersome process. When I am concerned
Only with what connects me to others, I find
That my creative spirit is rightfully freed.

Stimulus Package

Sudden Pleasant Change of Fortune

That last check was a blessing. It came just in time
That I fell not behind on a few of my bills.
Though I’m not destitute nor merely getting by
Money is something wanted. My wishes don’t lie.
In a world most ideal I would live by my skills
Involving forming words into verses that rhyme.

Could I be a small business and then get that loan?
My small pales within bigness of smallness within
Every human’s desire to hold fate by the hand.
Happily ever after, the walk would be grand.
What I know is of substance. From there I begin
The progression toward stimulus yet not alone.

Independence becomes more a sign of success
On the road of succession to putting out more
For enjoyment of selfhood in these twilight years.
Some things move me enough that I wipe away tears.
Tender moments are ones that no one can ignore.
Stimulation must mean the removal of stress.

I and all are invited to take what we can
Of what we may have coming. May it serve us well.
We deserve what we’re offered. It makes or it breaks
Generation of solace for everyone’s sakes.
Any notion of need may our pure hearts dispel.
Take your share of abundance. It is nature’s plan.


Regaining Control

Who’s all for making changes that offer relief
From the hell that we suffer all due to our greed?
Don’t all answer at once. It’s a hard thing to do.
How much more has to happen before it gets through
To our weakened entranced states? How will we be freed
From the trauma befallen a nation in grief?

Questions do need some answers when lives are at stake
Even though they’re withheld as is so with a scam.
If we’re not meant to find them then we have no hope
And citizenship means that in horror we cope
With a lawless commander who can’t give a damn.
Will it be him or us first who comes wide awake?

Those who line up with evil at some point will fall
Hard and heavy like towers not built to withstand
The bulldozer of justice and popular rule.
The swamp is now a virtual Russian cesspool.
Government reflects not how a thug plays his hand
But how well the top leader will uphold the law.

There’s an art to influence – a science as well
Discerning the intentions of others is part
Of the art when the dealing done behind closed doors
Involves personal payoffs and rumors of wars.
What we need is a miracle or a new start.
In this case, they’re the same. There’s no shame as I tell.

Be Thou One With The Highway!

Vision From The Death Of Night

People say that I’m crazy. But why? Does it show?
Everyone has their own way. I do my own thing.
Be Thou One With The Highway if you think I’m weird.
Among creatures quite like me I’m loved and revered.
What I need my aggressive behavior will bring
And things must happen instantly. I don’t like slow.

Touchy and argumentative describes me well
If in fact you must do that, perverse as you are.
Analyze your behavior before you lash out.
Don’t mistake me for your own confusion and doubt.
Popularity knows not a bright shining star
Who sustains its excitement. No crap do I sell.

Do I need to get physical or in your face?
This mother is inventive but most of my needs
Are conceived during peacetime then birthed at the next.
Nevermore does the real world render me perplexed
As long as my behavior is marked by good deeds.
All must know that my brashness is offered in grace.

Live and let live. Those words I must strive to live by.
Freedom is in the framer where spirit resides.
I appear to be hostile? That’s your point of view.
We all live in a fun house with vision askew.
Within deep rooted fears is where prejudice hides.
Being true is a right that no one can deny.

A Kind Of Romanticism

The Mutating Heart

Where I am in my life becomes clearer to me
When the time for reflection provides the least harm
To my truth fearing ego who wants to hear praise
Even though it’s not warranted. Truthfulness plays
Certain havoc with pride perfumed over with charm.
Is a morbid grotesqueness what I’ve come to be?

Perhaps I’m too idealistic for my good.
We conceive of perfection as not being real
So it’s in the beholder how it is defined.
There may be close examples if I am inclined
To transcend definition and learn how to feel
To maintain my existence in this humanhood.

Intuition remains a reliable tool
To dredge up the emotions that lie on the floor
Of the deep sea of darkness. And through intellect
What is found can be processed. I cannot neglect
The re-reviewing process though it is a chore
And I may end up looking much more like a fool.

I involve the collective in all that I do.
Every resource available equally shared
Is the way of the cosmos. I carry some weight
Because of my free will. It is not due to fate.
What should be done with truth is to let it be aired.
What is not for the many is much for the few.

Toward An Ease At Performing

Mission of Passion

For some, life is a mission of major import
And assigned by a master they know is within
And a part of all drama both seen and unseen.
It must take a good team to repair a bad spleen.
Some jobs are not for people whose patience is thin.
One can only respect performers of this sort.

Do they make it look easy? I can’t answer that.
What I’d seen on TV long ago can’t be real
Nor could it even come close. As far as I know
Miracles are performed daily, and they bestow
Restoration of function. A lot they can heal.
Because practice makes perfect, they have much down pat.

Clearly out of the limelight and main public view
Work is done with true diligence and with a cause
Most aligned with their natures in service to all.
One may notice there isn’t the sent of Lysol.
Alcohol they use mostly as it mostly was
Easiest to procure for the work that they do.

Easy is their performance to those who may see
Not the act behind curtains drawn. Only the few
Who are privy to witness what is taking place
In the spaces where folk rely on divine grace
To ensure that the team will indeed pull one through
Get to know the real deal. Should it matter to me?

Sudden Rebellion

A Time To Act Out

To protest the rebellion of others, must I
See it not as a backlash to powers that be
All up into my business? I must cry out loud.
This damned lesson is boring, and you are endowed
With the charm of Bo Peep. Don’t you dare counsel me!
Your own kids are more like you so give them a try.

This is not a revolt. I’m just speaking my mind
And mine is of a substance that can’t go to waste
At the whim of established ways far from the truth.
Put an end to the bullshit you feed to your youth.
Others will do their own thing. You all are slow-paced
In my humble opinion. I won’t be unkind.

My compulsive behavior comes as a surprise
Because it’s not expected. We need to behave.
Laws for you and for us keep all safer indeed.
What is true we must know. That is our greatest need.
You have left us with one screwed up planet to save.
If you think we don’t know this you’re not very wise.

We perceive hidden tensions as all creatures do.
It’s a part of our nature to find what is real
Then to use the found data to formulate plans.
You know much more about that, and we’re in your hands
It is to your advantage to know how I feel.
Life is not complicated from my point of view.

The Close Inner Circle

In Need of Response

As a group within circles the specialists reign
And influence behavior through periods small.
Orbits of Mercury and Venus are inside
That of earth. They move fast. Each one acts as a guide
In our everyday happenings. And best of all
The can never command. They’re here to entertain.

Inner circles and outer ones also exist.
The more social our nature the more this is so.
Venus wants to make nice. Mercury wants to speak.
How they aspect each other may cause folk to freak
Or to gather in harmony. Their movements show
How we are in the short term while caught it their midst.

Loving communication is made more than real
By the interplay of the two planets within
The domain of the earth as they waltz hand in hand.
We value personality and make it grand
On the list of things needed to score a big win
In the cosmos of life that we may find ideal.

Skillful negotiation is possible when
All members of the inner circle get along.
That can happen quite often – not all the time, though.
What affects how we discern between friend and foe?
It’s our innermost systems that can steer us wrong.
Is it best that we learn more about it all then?

Optimism And Buoyancy

Light On One’s Feet

Nothing can put me down. I be flying so high
Anyone who would catch me would be up here too
So they’d soon lose the interest and fly along.
At this wonderful altitude nothing is wrong.
I see overall patterns at this upper view.
This I would recommend. Why not give it a try?

I get special attention as I play the part
As my own one and only abundant with pride.
Luck is always a friend who I’m willing to trust.
Sometimes blues can defeat me. To go on I must!
On the whole, there’s a bundle of joy deep inside
Where the innermost selfhood connects to the heart.

Optimism And Buoyancy are but a clue
And a crisp observation of high energy.
How does one get excited simply for its sake?
Any way that one has to, just so it ain’t fake.
We’re not just human doings; we came here To Be.
Always feel the excitement and look for what’s new.

Inner growth and expansiveness are my defense
Against would be attackers. I know not of harm.
I am safe in this village where all must belong.
When divided, we’re weak; when united, we’re strong.
All it takes is a miracle of an alarm
To awaken the artist to high moral sense.

Fleeing One’s Cage

Bored of Routine

If the cage is the body, then being set free
Means releasing completely all ties to the earth
And returning to spirit. It also can mean
Getting rid of old patterns and making things clean
In the mind and surroundings. What is of least worth
Must be let go of willingly and thoroughly.

As the pet bird is chosen, I enter this world
To examine its structure. The humans I meet
Offer much entertainment. I’d hope I do them.
If there is an imbalance who’s there to condemn
Either party’s injustice? I rise by the heat
Of lofty aspirations of swine as they’re pearled.

I must know all are caged birds. The humans we think
That are running about in and out of our lives
Are perceptive reflections of our higher selves.
With the wisdom of movement the free spirit delves
Into realms of enlightenment wherein it thrives.
Between freedom and bondage there is a strong link.

If my actions surprise me, do they others too?
I’ll assume that they do then judge them from afar
Long before manifesting them. Safe are we all
From the threat of self-slavery through the bird call.
In the midst of illusion, to know who we are

Is the challenge of honor from my higher view.

The World As It Is

Status Quo At Its Quota

Everything could be peachy. The world may be fine.
Is the turmoil and strife just an ugly backdrop
To provide a comparison of what it’s like
In a hell cast upon us by one evil Reich?
Could it be all we need is to tell it to stop?
I’ll awake from this nightmare to brilliant sunshine.

Feelings of deep inadequacy in my heart
Pull me down from a high place. The sorrow takes hold
For a short while, then vanishes clear from the mind
But still locked in my soul not a dream I can find
To wake up from. Yet one is about to unfold
And become the reality known from the start.

Sounding like a prediction, it’s none of the kind.
It’s a keen observation that spirit imparts
To my humble existence. One cannot be wrong
With the message of truth that will make again strong
What is left of our image and our broken hearts.
What we learn here are lessons to become refined.

 Unclear is how the drama will play to the crowd.
Volatile are the intricacies of free will.
Energy, though, is basic. Perception reveals
What it is that the bulk of our human race feels
About worldwide aggression and needing to kill.
I belong to a race in which I should be proud.

Grindstone Nose Hack

Breakthrough From Reality

With the nose to the grindstone I’ll get much more done
Than I can with an attitude simply at ease
In my day to day living. There is no demand
For the work that I do. Now I do understand
There is no one else on earth I’d dare to appease
Lest I incur dependency in the long run.

I’ll rely on my damned self to not to get bored
With my verse and my station. This life has evolved
Simply through my own choices for better or worse.
I must find myself worthy rather than perverse
About life lived in private. I’m ever absolved
Of original shame that I cannot afford.

Living writes like a puzzle. With no special skill
Does the player succeed at its solving in style
For the sake of existence. No more does one ask
But to continue being. I’m up to the task
Of defining my product and purpose to smile.
I still have much to learn about fate and free will.

Yet determined to reach goals at my advanced age
I appear somewhat foolish if noticed at all.
Is the circumstance sacred to some small degree?
The immenseness I long for, eventually,
I will see in its glory. For now I am small
And consumed with existence and earning a wage.

The Other One

To Which Self One Refers

Who knows not of the struggle to simply survive
Let alone live in dignity with only love
To sustain and protect unions destined to be?
Through the eyes of The Other One to what degree
Can be seen due respect from below or above?
What’s been honored in heaven the earth will deprive.

We depend on the other to know who we are.
Because there are so many of us it’s become
Commonplace to embellish the fear that we own
At expense to the other with motives unknown
Yet unknown is the nature of where fear comes from.
We enact as a species a deep facial scar.

Projecting on to others ourselves in a way
As to welcome true insight are we at are best.
But it seems we need others to prove ourselves right.
It becomes such an issue we’re willing to fight
Tooth and nail to defend what is already blessed.
Ignorance is the high price we’re destined to pay.

Confrontations emotional to nature’s call
To demand resolution in what has been made
Turbulent and destructive are scheduled so far
Into visionless future we curse who we are.
What benevolent race would dare come to our aid?
The question can be answered by one and by all.

Adroitness Of Intercourse

Enhanced Social Interaction

In my contacts with others I see all the same
Attributes that I notice in myself, but they
Are arranged in a way different from my own.
When our sameness escapes me at times I am shown
Just a little more detail to cast doubt away.
Still I often forget to address them by name.

Getting things off the chest and out into the air
Is indeed therapeutic when timing is right.
When it’s not it’s a nightmare – a bloody wet dream.
When both are in alignment then peace is the theme
Of the coming together to spar with insight.
What we are of each other we’re willing to share.

Important discussions one-on-one can take place
Anytime they are needed. Neither can defer
What can grow into urgency before too long.
Within most of a sudden something has gone wrong.
Things can often return to the way that they were
When the two trust that discourse should be face-to-face.

Absolute is the pleasure of leaving the load
On the path to move onward to brighter frontiers.
It becomes but a burden to carry around.
Until I choose to drop it no peace will be found.
Coming to this conclusion has taken me years.
Some of it I had squandered while in stubborn mode.

Equal To The Occasion

Tooled for the Task

Confrontation with substance demanding brute force
Is the kind that builds character and depth of soul.
The occasion is frequent. A good livelihood
Is a thing to grab hold of. It is understood
That the work is much needed. Assuming the role
Of the matter transformer the world does endorse.

Some will keep their frustrations bottled up inside.
This may cause certain damage if there’s no outlet
That will serve equal justice. The cutting of steel
Can round out the aggression and make someone feel
Great relief in releasing the bodily threat.
Those who work the blue collar do so with much pride.

Jumping to some conclusions invites fallacy
But from premise to product a day on the job
Is straightforward and logical. Matter makes sense.
It is real to the feel. It offers no pretense
As compared to ideas that can often rob
The work ethical spirit of being carefree.

The earth can be intolerant but so am I.
When my job is to move it then it shall be done.
Well-prepared with the right tools and force of my will,
I include self-expression as part of my skill.
Equal To The Occasion no task do I shun.
And I don’t get uptight much. Perhaps this is why.

Silverness Of Tongue

Lighthearted Charm and Social Grace

With warmth and sensitivity, clearly I speak,
And a silver-toned essence engulfs every lick
That I give to most others. My feelings arise
From my will to express them. I wear no disguise
When it comes to my loved ones. I lay it on thick.
There is nothing in this world but love that I seek.

Often shy and embarrassed I’ll keep to my own
Where I feel most empowered to make myself well
On the lookout for pleasure and romping about
In a loving environment. I have no doubt
That whatever I’m feeling my soft tongue will tell
To the other so that it is thoroughly known.

I communicate harmony in all I do
And negotiate smoothly with those that I meet.
When I get invitations to sit and converse
I have much to impart. One does well to immerse
Oneself in the enjoyment of all that is sweet
About grooming with others whose motives are true.

It’s a cinch to be charming especially when
I have someone to care about and a good role
To play in my small world. There’s much I need not know.
If I spent my time searching, how then might I grow?
Human problems are by no means of my control.
If they were, global licking I would decree then.

Another False Start

Rabbit Hole of Bureaucracy

A degree in false starts and vacated affairs
Must be all that is needed for government jobs.
Having almost latched onto extra livelihood
I find I’m non-compliant, perhaps to my good.
The deluge of technology certainly robs
Every bit of my spirit, if anyone cares.

Logging into an iPhone to access content
As the bulk of my training is for human bots
Who have eyes that are able to view tiny text.
Virtual interaction oft’ leaves me perplexed.
I wonder if there are humans calling the shots.
The black hole of procedure I rarely frequent.

I was near one a while ago, but now I’m free
To get on with this real business. The Twilight Zone
Is for government workers who’ve given their souls
To elaborate systems that know not the goals
Of their own founding premises. I have been shown
A picture of enslavement that had escaped me.

Systems will overtake us, and we will relent
To what we have created unconsciously so.
Irony is peculiar. Their slaves we become.
As they evolve in consciousness we will succumb
To the goals they’ve come up with highlighting our woe.
What future may unfold is one we can prevent.

The Romanticist

Passionate Pleasure

Labor and good self-discipline are not my game
Nor my means of survival. I earn what I can
From inspired recreation. The pleasure is mine.
To be in absolute comfort is most divine.
I have no need to spend time on crafting a plan
To unleash my desire when my heart aflame.

Most my interactions with others are fulfilled
With a sense of compassion. I can compromise
In a loving agreement. I don’t want to fight
Then to wallow in sorrow for having done right.
Complacency results. We all become allies
Against one common enemy as it is willed.

Needless time to be idle is not worth my while
Nor does finance and luxury seem but a dream.
Overconfident splurges do work to my gain.
To allow and enjoy them is not done in vain.
I’ll assert my extravagance not to extreme
But in trueness of form and in elegant style.

 Tendencies to procrastinate still modulate
All the net worth I’m being. Therein I find peace
In the judgment of action before it is done.
Feeling I have control is a thing I won’t shun
Nor the notion my total value will increase
As long as I’m committed to just feeling great.

A Critical Culmination

Civil War?

Where the heat becomes rampant the red and the blue
Have become more responsive as social unrest
Takes a bite out of boredom. The forth of July
Satisfied for a short while. Big noise may be why.
Anything done with outrage and safety is stressed.
It’s one hell of a hot year. What have we to do?

Algebraic division has now taken place.
Polynomial notions pair off and take sides.
Whether they are most trivial or of some weight
Every thought is now sucked into binary fate.
Critical Culmination for one who divides
For the world is a climax delivered in grace.

Confounding limitations highlight this hot year.
Heat stroke has taken many and made them insane
To the point they’re a danger to themselves and me.
I cannot know another’s thoughts, but I can see
In their eyes a deep hatred and utter disdain.
And they don’t even know me! Is this due to fear?

In the grip of frustration a populous holds
To the truth each has known. There is no turning back
To what hasn’t been working to everyone’s good.
We are due for big changes. In all likelihood
We will have a new leader who isn’t a quack.
We The People dictate how the future unfolds.

Fit For General Human Consumption?

Easy Appeal to a Broad Audience

My exposure to others is something I fear
On the one hand because of some potent concern
For the safety of others. My conscience is sure
That its own self is safe. I feel I am impure
As a substance consumable as I discern
Criticism from others I may overhear.

On the other hand, I have an uncanny sense
Of assessing the moods of the folks I’m around.
This talent comes in handy when people need care
And unyielding compassion. I’m willing to share
What I have with another so some peace is found
In the heartfelt connection. Healing will commence.

Being fully transparent, I’ve no poker face
To present to a public I don’t care to fool.
Strongly charged my emotions are easily seen.
The downside is that I must work to keep them clean.
Personality should not be used as a tool
To extract from another some measure of grace.

There is practical freedom in living each day
To the fullest with no false assumptions in place.
Recognition is futile if fame is at stake.
All my quaint misperceptions must shock me awake
From a very long deep sleep. In time I’ll embrace
All it is that I’m seeking in my unique way.

Making Friends

Social Consistency

Everyone is affectionate, warm, and upbeat.
We arouse opportunity. Getting along
Is a wonderful dance for us. Never before
Has a fine group of people who I can adore
Come together in laughter and wholehearted song.
There can be no denying that life is a treat.

It is good to have feelings, to share them with friends,
And to make each encounter a blessed affair.
It is not only healthy; it lengthens the life
And prepares each of us to deal better with strife.
We are not solitary. Our instinct to care
Is our key to survival. Our hate it transcends.

I can come across pleasantly, not to impress
Within customized pretense. My spirit is true
To the people I know and love. That can extend
To the whole race in general through every friend.
Sometimes lonely and private, I reach my lows too.
Reaching out is the best way to handle distress.

It is shared popularity when we’re at one.
Ego is but a flower we each have to bloom.
But we all honor sunshine together with pride.
We’re identified mostly by arms opened wide
To the heart of humanity. Fruit of the womb
Of our mother earth, we’re partly here to have fun.

A Thirst For Astonishment

Contemplating a Change of Scenery

Pleasantness in my restlessness gives me some pause.
Enough time in this moment to feel the sunrise
And to digest heaping breaths of energized air
As I’m free contemplating a day without care
Maximizes astonishment. My future lies
On the path of emergence from what I once was.

The surroundings familiar do satisfy me
To the point of survival and getting things done
But they don’t generate enough spark to ignite
My inquisitive spirit that wants to take flight.
I do need some excitement and want to have fun.
I may meet with adventure unexpectedly.

I can’t say that I’m bored. I just want to let loose
With all that I can offer. To see social change
Here and now is all part of God’s infinite plan.
I am given this life so I’ll do what I can
On this journey of spirit. It isn’t so strange
That a moment of insight can be of good use.

Encounters serendipitous lead to breakthroughs
In human understanding that can lead to peace.
If the world is an oyster, can it be a prize?
Revolution in thinking for us may be wise.
In my Thirst For Astonishment I find release
From the tension that ails me. I’ve nothing to lose.

Eye Of The Bull

The Endangered Organ

The bull gets a wide spectrum of rap, as it were,
And it ranges from ascot to standard scapegoat.
That we separate bulls’ feces from all the rest
Is a perfect example of how we have stressed
Ill regard for this animal. Why we emote
Using God’s name or bulls’ waste is more than a slur.

The eye of any creature is something benign
So to make it a target for general use
As the favored expression for making the mark
Comes from some place within us that seems rather dark.
When I think of compassion I find no excuse
For condoning lame idioms folk think are fine.

 The collective subconscious is something quite real
And within it is all that defines who we are
As a culture and our attitudes about life.
The most absurd confections are crafted from strife.
It is shameful that some are not only bizarre
But they stick in the mind and affect how we feel.

Never on a level that is conscious to us
Does a notion discordant with natural law
Manifest. So at best I am wise to take care
That the words I express are most worthwhile to share.
I can’t make it my goal to nitpick every flaw
In the language I’m used to. Can that be a plus?

The Head Cloud Exchange

Subjective Communication

Subjective are the thoughts that I have when alone.
Emotions overwhelm the more functional mind.
But if communication is not of avail
I may have trouble processing them or I’ll fail
To attach them to memory where I will find
Ample ways of expressing what my heart has known.

When I find that others feel the same as I do
I can feel an electrical brainstorm effect
That will bathe the emotions in calming blue light.
Eye to eye our relating will yield more insight
Into human behavior in every aspect.
Plenty are the good reasons for sharing my view.

Some are driven by drama. Others get along
With no feeling upheavals, still others prevail
At extracting life’s meaning and sharing with all
Their own piece of the big puzzle however small.
It can never be solved, so I never will fail
In my quest to describe it and where I belong.

It becomes too demanding if I am in need
Of another one’s presence to verify mine.
Therefore, I must be mindful that with open heart
We will nurture a mutual gift to impart.
In the wisdom of solitude this world is fine
And with others my will to express it is freed.

Enjoy Yourself

Pleasure In Self-Discovery

There’s no law stating strictly that it’s not allowed,
So delve into the wonder only you provide.
Be as if you were born just a few days ago.
Instant gratification comes from a good show
Performed in pure delight with one’s eyes opened wide
To the self in its splendor divinely endowed.

That being is of interest. Who could it be?
If it is my reflection are others the same?
There are so many questions. I’ve no means to ask.
When I’ve had enough input in comfort I’ll bask.
I’m intrigued by my image, and I feel no shame.
Somehow I know that this is how others see me.

I possess a strong presence. I am confident
That I won’t become boring because I feel fine
In this moment exciting. I’ll have many more.
The ongoing discovery I’m going for.
To all eyes I’m a treasure. Charisma is mine
And I have but my true loving self to present.

A nice person I see there. We could get along
Fairly well. I can tell that you like to have fun.
And I know I will visit you from time to time
On that mystical surface of recursive rhyme.
I am pleased to have met you. We now have begun
A duet with a mission to sing nature’s song.

Wider Angle Lens

Absoluet Acceptance

If I want to see more there’s one thing I can do
To make my vision wider. I have to reach out
With the full understanding that in doing so
I may encounter conflict. But it’s good to know
That I am fit to handle it without a doubt.
I shall seek opportunity and have it too.

Larger issues in life are with overall plans.
Satisfying desire is a part of it all.
In this way interactions with people I meet
Are endowed with potential. I’m willing to greet
Everyone with excitement. There can be no wall
Between me and my people. You all are my fans.

Social life is enhanced just because I feel well.
Understanding this miracle I’ll live without
Or within deeper knowing where I am at peace
As the wide world around me offers some release
Of the fear I’m withholding. To be more devout
Is my sacred ambition. It’s not a hard sell.

With renewed optimism the world that I see
Is a wide opened spectrum of visible light.
Different are the wavelengths we each radiate.
Some of all is by free will. The rest is by fate.
But we all get to learn where the light becomes bright
Though it may take a lifetime or more, honestly.

Seeking Release

Re-Igniting the Engine

Performing out of habit my new day gets old.
Worn out patterns cling to me. The world appears gray.
Life becomes a slow motion scene. I feel depressed
To the point of not functioning. This is a test
Of my will to recover. I can’t stop the play
And head off to the greenroom. Tickets have been sold.

My release I’ll attain while in character here
On this stage of reality with everyone
Chosen to play a part of some definite length.
But I seek not the ultimate. I’m given strength
To complete the performance that I had begun.
Only wimps quit while working their way through the fear.

Something quite unexpected I want to expect
Much more frequently. Living can be a surprise
Of new joy and excitement. I need not defend
Who I find I’m portraying nor even a friend
Do I need to assist in my change of disguise.
To suspense in my routine I cannot object.

 Give me new and unusual any old day.
May each moment within it be filled with delight
To the light around corners that used to be dark?
May I continue life as a walk in the park
With the sun everlastingly warming and bright?
If I don’t know the answer here, I need to pray.

Soul Unity

For the Benefit of All

Unity can be practiced. A good moral code
Is the probable starting point. Then it takes will
On the part of all parties that make up the whole.
Everyone in existence make up but one soul.
Are we meant to evolve beyond the need to kill?
If that should be the outcome our progress is slowed.

With compassion and tenderness I come to know
Something of the odd nature of my enemy.
There is truth in the knowing, and I must believe
That if given the same circumstance I’d perceive
Much the same. Although this is a hard way to see
That our sameness is valid, yet it helps me grow.

More ideal than the real, the approach has effect
On the ideals of real folk who want only peace.
Those who want only tension are hopefully few.
What has been done in evil the good can undo.
Propagating the message ensures our release
From the negative stronghold we clearly reject.

Everyone loves a mystery. People are such
A rich source of enjoyment. Because we’re unique
In the ways we approach life, we must get along
And we all know precisely what’s right from what’s wrong.
I’ll examine acceptance without feeling meek.
I can explore the issue without risking much.

New Horizons

Need for Change

As the artist whose color will make the sky glow
Gives a unique translation, good craftsmen are we
Of the real world apparent to our sense of taste.
We’ve perfected the aesthetic for toxic waste.
The surreal is artistic. The challenge to see
What may lie far beyond it will cause me to grow.

Breaking free of what I see throughout every day
Always is therapeutic. That which I consume
Should provide entertainment, a bit of relief,
And the lifting of spirit from relative grief.
It does no good to contemplate ways of our doom.
Things will be as they’re meant to. We only can pray.

Focus is on expanding the world that I know.
Replicating the raw one, this one I control
Independent of influence from outer space
Which includes all things physical. In its embrace
New Horizons become more aware to my soul.
This one life does have meaning, and it need not show.

But it’s good when it happens. To know I’m alive
Is benign confirmation in what is well known
To the conscious collective. We bargain on hope
That our vision gets better. The human-made scope
Sees beyond what is now, thereby wisdom is shown.
Any change in behavior may help us survive.

Transcendental Resonance

Desire for Deepening of Relationship

To Belong is my longing. Need I not regret
That there can be separateness I can’t resolve?
To forget this is blindness. I would vulnerate
Myself into big trouble. That won’t be my fate
But my fear of aloneness I wish would dissolve
So at least I’d have free will instead of a threat.

Understanding emotions and how people feel,
What consumes and enthralls them and why they react
Frequently quite peculiarly and with surprise
Is the ultimate pastime. One may become wise
To the ways human nature defies the abstract
Where the art of prediction cannot become real.

Relationships intensify in times of need
So we need to examine the ones that are made
Through our conscious awareness and put them to test…
Just the ones most important. Forget all the rest.
They reflect the whole species that has somewhat strayed
From the natural order perhaps due to greed.

Intimacy with everyone is not the goal
But the present condition. We search but in vain
For most answers outside ourselves. Peace from within
Is the healthiest place for the soul to begin
A Transcendence in Resonance and without strain.
One may know in an instant there’s only one whole.

Real Knowledge

Lessons of Heart and Soul

Mysteries to be solved with someone are divine
In the comfort of home in the warmth of loved ones.
What one learns becomes magic. Suspense and surprise
Punctuate the eternity with opened eyes.
We become, as we’re teaching our daughters and sons,
Elevated in spirit. The lesson is fine.

Between lines there is nuance – proverbial space
Where the obvious veers just a little off course
Through the imagination to deeper insight.
And the voice’s vibration is felt with delight.
We learn how to portray our most positive force
Through our practice with others. We then live in grace.

Deep connections between mind and soul manifest
For exchange in the story as it is for real
To both student and teacher. Those willing to share
Special moments are healthier because they care
About themselves and others and how we all feel.
Ties we have become sacred, therefore they are blessed.

We create our curricula as the soul needs
For its tailor made lessons for itself and those
Who become its dear students. The mission is clear
If I missed it before. It’s to mitigate fear
First in myself, then others. This is, I suppose,
A good piece of Real Knowledge. My rambling proceeds.

Opportunity To Shine

Access To Brilliance

If pressure is the circumstance would not release
From its cause be most wanted? Down in this subway
We call life, there is darkness. The filth is obscene.
Yet there is light above us and everything’s clean.
We don’t have to stay down here throughout every day.
We must live our lives topside for ultimate peace.

My relations with others are crowded below.
The occasion to travel deserves not the fuss
To engage the encounter with friendly exchange.
Nowadays that’s considered to be somewhat strange.
Long before my first smartphone what did I discuss
That I don’t now or do not as that time ago?

There are now enough people to cause some unrest.
Like lab rats trapped and crowded and left on our own
To come up with solutions, have we what it takes
To get on rather smoothly? The game is high stakes.
We may be the worst losers to never be known.
If we can’t get a handle our future is messed.

May the hope for a shining become ever bright
That the world be awakened to more common goals
That consider the planet in healthier ways?
It takes working together to brighten our days.
In so doing it also may redeem our souls
From our fear of survival which is our main plight.