The Power Of Will

The Audacity Of Belief

Challenging obsolescent patterns or order
Is a thing most important. But how is this done?
Relentless are the forces of powers at play
To maintain the condition of utter dismay.
There are but few defenses. What if there were none?
Hell would then become normal as some would prefer.

But there has been an answer well within our reach.
Slumber had taken over a long time ago.
An awakening process is now taking place.
We’ve been struggling for eons with issues of race,
Yet with all of that drama, to nurture the woe
Is the choice that too many are willing to preach.

With the onset of healing I am given hope
That belief in the conscience may come back in style.
Sounding clearly nostalgic, I long for the days
When our neighbors worldwide would regard us with praise.
More will come that still more there will be to revile
As supporters consider the best place to grope.

Transformation is eminent. Change is secure
As the mode of expression of things human made.
Our fragile institutions need some overhaul.
Though the task must be done, it indeed isn’t small.
Everyone with a conscience will need to persuade
All who are on the fence that they’re surely unsure.

Excitable Eccentric

Unstable Genius

Characters with their complex behaviors reflect
Archetypal concurrence among the elite
Professorial preaching. The artist conveys
What are textbook portrayals of aberrant ways
Some may act due to illness that they would then treat
With a name on their spectrum of vain disrespect.

Is it fair that they do that? Or is it a thing
That all humans engage in? What is to be gained
By dissecting the psyche in search of wild nits
In the folds of our fallacies? Fast on the fritz,
Saner minds in compliance remain preordained
To fixation on judgment and what it can bring.

I maintain that the zany are fit to be tied,
Then untied and protected from classical scorn.
I don’t think that I am one. No knot have I felt
But the one in my stomach where feelings are dealt
With unique understanding that may prove to warn
That my place on the spectrum I may want to hide.

Ineffective I am at maintaining control
Of a face that won’t straighten to save its own skin.
Yet there is manic justice for those of a kind
Proud and wildly eccentric of deed and of mind.
No one need be concerned for the shape that I’m in.
Redefining absurdity may be my goal.


Elegance in Social Grace

As the standards of excellence are for display
To perpetuate honor, slowly we evolve
Into creatures of spirit in touch with the earth.
Cultural is the ritual given much worth.
There remains, though, an inherent problem to solve
Since not all in the kingdom can have their own way.

Spirit foremost we are, yet while here in costume,
Acting out scripted roles from an encumbered past
Leads directly to discord and social unrest.
Why on earth would those of spirit want to protest?
Trickle down discontentment does fuel the outcast
Upon this smoke filled stage and without breathing room.

The profane and the sacred combine into one
Catastrophic enigma of leadership lost
In the sake of tradition’s enticing black hole
At the center of self as the means to control
Rights and freedoms of others at tremendous cost
To the growth of the kingdom far in the long run.

Formalism is meaningless and obsolete,
On the one hand, if guidance from spirit is nil.
Yet, the kingdom will break down if it’s not observed.
Structure and wise procedure may keep it preserved
Not by unconscious governance nor force of will
But by caring enough to condemn blind conceit.

Cultured Nurturance

Elegance In Caring

Public Image is vital. I want to be seen
In the best light as possible. So I behave
In a manner respectable. I am polite
To all whom I encounter. I don’t like to fight,
But I’ll stand up for justice. And I can be brave
If my friends become threatened. I’ll get downright mean.

My idealistic outlook can earn me flack
From the ones that I know who are more down to earth
But they soon come to realize that my success
In the worldly arena is because I bless
Everyone in my presence with warmhearted mirth.
They respect me because they know I have their back.

I enjoy creature comforts. Material things
Can be thought of as evil to those with no need
To appreciate beauty in all that exists
In its fractal diversity. This world consists
Of those who are more loving and those filled with greed.
I’m not intimidated when I’m before kings.

I’m called aristocratic among the elite.
I’m an elegant lady to whom life is grand.
Being sweet and delightful is easy for me.
In the lap of nobility, somewhat carefree,
Frequently I’m obliged to take luck by the hand.
And, as such, rarely ever do I see defeat.

Public Recognition

Rising Hope

Public service is honored upon the release
Of the good servant’s spirit from this world’s affairs.
They receive recognition for what they have done
Above and beyond duty with selfishness none.
Destiny, when fulfilled here, continues upstairs
(In a manner of speaking). They then work in peace.

Societal acknowledgement of work well done
For their deeds of endearment to courage unbound
Is deemed as most appropriate for paying due
To heroic achievement. The acts of a few
Who have fought the good fight in this harsh battleground
Will continue. The time for much growth has begun.

Archetypes that ensoul public office provide
Most unique frames of references to the heart
That can feel people’s voices and sense what we need
In apparent confusion. The work will proceed,
As had been long before planned, if I do my part
To become of their memory someone with pride.

Ever near to completion, the work we’re assigned
While exploring the lifespan, is passed on to those
Who’ve been shown strength and courage. It’s up to us now
To demand what is just, as our freedoms allow.
Democracy has been given a bloody nose.
Can one ever forget that unless one is blind?

Agency Advocate

Enigmatic Assistance

He remains confidential and private to all
But the most enigmatic of creatures unknown.
No one knows much about him. A government man,
He’s been working since civilization began,
And his matter-of-factness cuts right to the bone.
For The Agency, this man is always on call.

Sensible and proficient in every detail,
He can be sympathetic, in difficult times,
When mayhem and disorder take over our wills.
As an able detective his service fulfills
Those who venerate safety and justice for crimes.
Evil cannot escape when he’s dead on its trail.

So, respect he enjoys among community.
Realizing his import in daily affairs,
They rely on his honest, straightforward approach
To resolving tough issues as fear may encroach
Upon sensible discourse. They see that he cares
For the welfare of others and with loyalty.

Advocates of The Agency help me get through.
Sinister are the workings profusely afoot.
For the sake of projection we take what is real
To produce entertainment to match the idea.
For a fresh understanding I’m never hard put.
Always open I am to what more I could do.


Incorruptable Freedom

A young girl with a lamb on soft pillows of hay
Dressed in pink and blue jeans with a questioning smile
Is the purest of symbols of innocent grace.
In the nest of her destiny, giving embrace
To a friend of the same heart, time spent is worthwhile.
Culture benefits from watching children at play.

Many tests of existence may come. Well prepared
Is the one with support of the world at her back.
Need she worry the least about what is to come?
Or should she remain youthful and play somewhat dumb
Like the women who nurture her… People who lack
Ancient wisdom that long ago women once shared?

 Precious are the disciples whom we have ordained
In the midst of our interests and hopes and dreams
Of a better tomorrow for those living then.
Present times are what I pray won’t happen again.
Decency is the solvent to dissipate schemes
So that faith in a kinder world can be maintained.

There’s a strong bond between the young girl and the lamb.
Both indulge in simplicity. Nothing complex
Can the absence of strategy monopolize.
Honesty for its own sake does not win a prize.
Any other behavior no good one expects.
Knowing just how to be is to know who I am.

Wonder Boy

With the Greatest of Ease

When an excellent student is taught how to fly
By someone who knows how to, the sky is a place
Full of wonder unending, and life is a dream.
Foreign lands are attractive and sometimes extreme.
But it’s worth all the trouble. The danger I face
 Makes me strong in the long run. My wisdom is why.

I remain ever youthful. The folk that I know,
Having countenance similar, never grow old.
So, how can such a young boy be thought of as wise?
It may be that the answer comes as a surprise.
Keep your spirit aloft. Don’t let your heart grow cold,
And seek out all the best ways in which you may grow.

Prim and proper I am. And as others see me
At my best, I’m respected. They know I can lead
Any group with profound courtesy of intent.
Righteousness is the reason that I represent
Every right to be carefree and absent of need
To be other than oneself is destined to be.

Homecoming celebration with joyous fanfare
Is a fair expectation. By magic I live
In a world unencumbered by fear of the dream.
One can’t be creative if life looks like a scheme.
All creatures have uniqueness and kindness to give.
What I care about mostly is what I’ve to share.

Resourcefulness And Patience

Demonstration of Masterful Control

When the need is to tame one’s vital energies,
The fulfillment of destiny is well in sight.
Truly aristocratic is one with complete
Dominion over wildness with power discrete.
Mastery of the ego is not done through might
But by wisdom of spirit with comfort and ease.

Pride exalted in status can have the effect
Of distracting the ego from what it must do
To maintain pure performance. Control can be lost
In the moment’s illusion and at severe cost
To the primary focus. Continuing through
Leaves onlookers suspicious in every respect.

Energy, when directed with firmness of touch
In a way most receptive and with kind intent,
Can produce, if by magic, behavior docile
In the wildest of beasts. Mystical is her style.
Unencumbered by rivalry, she will present
What the crowd wants to see. They’re enjoyment is much.

Fearless and most professional, risk is her game.
Skillfully it is managed, so safe is the play.
Seeming not much like work, she makes it look like fun.
Her spiritual prowess is second to none.
Archetypes of this type inherently portray
What it means to be female and honored by fame.

The Good Doctor

A Pillar of Society

One connected to earth’s energy is most wise
And a positive influence in people’s lives.
Her responsible nature comforts and protects.
Everyone whom she services love and respects
Her knowledge and benevolence. Each of us thrives.
Respect for Mother Nature she’ll always advise.

Keeping folk fit and healthy comes naturally
To the one who gives counsel. The warmth of her heart
Brings about inspiration to all in much need
Of a boost to the spirit. Her job is to lead.
No one can disagree that she plays well her part
In our world’s evolution. That’s easy to see.

Well-known in the community, she knows her place
Which is right at the center of all our affairs.
Striking up a good friendship with folk about town
Provides just the right medicine for one who’s down.
We appreciate greatly a doctor who cares
For the welfare of others with loving embrace.

There are some unsung heroes who like it that way.
They prefer not to be in the blinding starlight.
Rather they proceed casually and with pride
Among their local public. The Will To Provide
In the spirit of love makes one’s vision more bright.
Character is what good leaders often display.


Righteous Royalty

Ritual is of spirit. Spiritual, then,
Is the spirit of ritual and divine right.
Our ancestral achievements are our coat of arms.
Images are symbolic when taken as charms
That bestow noble blessing. Freedom is a fight
That must be fought in earnest lest we fail again.

Most exalted in character, royalty comes
With elongated history of noble rule.
Open winged and protected, no one is outside.
Integration of egos solidifies pride
In one effort united. A blended whirlpool
Of the best of our talents is what beats our drums.

Higher Office in spirit directs what I know
In my past, all the pain that I’ve caused out of fear.
As compared to my good deeds, I can think of none.
But I sense I’m not hopeless, and my work ain’t done.
I’ll pay off karma faster as I remain here.
I reflect well my nation, so how can I glow?

Leadership is genetic. The whole human race
Has its lifeforce at stake in how we get along.
Anyone can be human. The stretch is minute.
One who rules by the heart is profoundly astute
In the ways of The People who then are made strong.
It is not without wonder that I know my place.

One’s Own Master

Gentle, Optimistic, Heroic

Life itself is a festival, and we’re all fools.
In this world, both the ugly and beautiful are
Subject to the same laws nature dictates to all.
One who suffers the plight of the village oddball
Need remember only that others are not far
From becoming enlightened for breaking those rules.

Consider the word, ‘Master.’ It smells of two things
And two only. One’s fragrance is that of a rose
As it implies someone of superior skill
At a cherished obsession, and life is a thrill.
But the other odor is a threat to the nose.
Slavery is the stench, and bad karma it brings.

People do seem to know that deep down in their souls.
Empathy is another thing most humans share.
Only monsters without hearts will put on a show
To inflict their own ugliness and psychic woe
Upon those whom they envy for wanting to care
For others besides themselves and their worldly goals.

I must know I’m the master of my own free will.
Impressions forced upon me by society
I cannot let control me. My ultimate dream
Is to help others with issues of self-esteem.
Sacred sense of my circumstance sanctifies me.
I know that I am loved here. That much does fulfill.

Totalization Of Purpose And Effort

No Turning Back

Heading off to a new world or one far away,
Total cooperation is need among
All, regardless of how much one is able to.
Each puts forth their best effort to see the trek through
To its awesome completion. When dry of the tongue
Then the will becomes something the flesh can’t betray.

It is linking up consciousnesses in series
That works best for the journey. The energies are
Also well integrated. An ordered sequence
Of events then repeated makes natural sense.
So immense is the distance, yet it isn’t far
From the dream that is present that everyone sees.

 Something Better is what the adventurous heart
Seeks in resolute fervor. The drive to move on
Keeps the spirit uplifted. And in its best place,
It enhances the flesh with a loving embrace
Always it’s an enlightening phenomenon.
The ending of the story is but a new start.

Promised Lands are abundant, and each is the one
Someone must be attracted to. Family and
Wholesome friends are a blessing to cadence each day
Of the otherwise arduous in a kind way.
Leave the known for the unknown is what has been planned
And with nothing to guide but the next rising sun.

Everyone Has A Voice

Trust in your worthiness to speak.

Everyone has a wonderful song in their heart…
Even those with a weak voice and those hurt by hate.
Those who can sing a good song are here to uplift
Anyone who is down. Your own voice is a gift
To be shared with the world. You are not here by fate.
Each of us is unique, and we all play a part.

 You may know of my story. We toys all agree
That helping one another is the only way.
There’s no other alternative but to make fear
Our main source of fulfillment. Why live the austere
When we’re all here to cherish those with whom we play?
If your squeaker is broken I’m the one to see.

Toys of flesh live in turmoil. In times of distress,
Only those without honor would let it go on.
But, in fact, toys have rights… even ones who have souls.
Sing a song of excitement and one that cajoles
Every fiber of life to look toward the new dawn.
There’s no reason to stress. Just engage the process.

I am nervous by nature, but I do maintain
There are times best for speaking out with a loud voice
In a manner most unified as is our strength.
Those who hold us hostage will go to any length
To keep hope in a stranglehold There is no choice
But to do what is needed to rid us of pain.

Group Integration

Positive Teamwok

Inculcating the feeling of teamwork among
Everyone is the challenge. Ego is the ball
That must be driven upward to a focal point
Where a circle receives it. The effort is joint
In the use of their skill to present it as small
In the large social context defined by the young.

Interestingly symbolic is the ball game.
The formation of one group acting as a whole
Is a process organic. One consciousness trains
The competitive spirit. No ego remains
Except one integrated to reaching one goal –
That of showing the world that we all are the same.

Cultural is emotional. More receptive
To the social collective and forces therein,
Girls appear more lighthearted and in it for fun.
There are rarely hard feelings when playing is done.
And no matter the victor both teams score the win.
They’re a stunning example of how we should live.

There’s no ‘life or death’ struggle. Of course there are those
Who would be the exception. Goodwill among friends
Cultivates a new truth. Glory can be time-shared.
Wholesome codes of behavior keep them well prepared.
If the team has key players, make them the team lens.
Character is the essence sorority shows.

Cleaning Up

Untidy Tasks

There’s not one thing more hairy than one fat-assed bear
With the mind of an infant who looks like a clown.
He’s become a big problem whom I must engage
In some manner effective, albeit with rage.
He’s by now an attraction to folks from uptown.
They should pay me commission for all that I care.

Normally, I keep track of what takes place at home.
A buffoon of a house guest makes poor furniture.
A big furry fat butt in my window could sneeze
Then my whole house would reek of honey processed cheese.
Infected by calamity, I need a cure
From the toxic effect of the Screw Bear syndrome.

I can be rather nasty when I lose my cool
With this dim witted dipshit from La-la Lowland.
I must maintain composure with my dickhead guest

Even though, in my mind, he’s a two ended pest.
The best end, nonexistent, is what I can’t stand.
It would be hard to make this jerk feel like a fool.

I may sound a bit harsh. I’ve had all I can take
Of this bear’s belly bullshit. Help this creature needs
Of the kind I can’t offer if you get my drift.
What I need is someone with a rugged forklift
I have grown to hate much that on which the thing feeds.
I suppose things could get worse if he were a snake.


Immitation Is Flattery

A pair in competition to show how folks live
Is a sight most delightful. To imitate those
Of flamboyant extravagance is to give praise
Of the prim of society. Fun are their ways
Of expressive enjoyment by means the clothes
Of historical culture. It’s transformative.

The rebirth of the spirit is not done alone
In a vacuous bubble. Others do partake
In conscious Emulation of life at its best.
Showing off one’s excitement is not a contest
But the conquest of boredom all for its own sake
And whatever affirms that, the heart must condone.

Glancing sideways to see how others may react
To our animate antics, we look for a sign
That assures that the audience is of fine taste.
Talent is something precious that one shouldn’t waste.
All are capable of a performance divine.
In benign utter kindness we have an impact.

People are egocentric. It’s not a bad thing
For without a keen sense of self one can’t survive.
Yet, we all need each other. So complex is pride
That we must look to spirit to act as our guide.
Often it wants to tell us to simply take five.
Emulation of spirit does good tidings bring.

Help Finding Home

A wise friend to the one who is lost

Lost from home in this ocean and not to be found
By members of my family nor all my friends,
I’m engaged in adventure, though it scares me some.
But there are wise and friendly ones to get help from.
Were there not such fine creatures whose kindness transcends
Selfishness, I’d be hopeless and misery bound.

I’m encouraged by now to keep my spirits high.
I’m determined to do all that I have to do
With a freshness of bravery and with new hope
That I’ll succeed assuredly if I can cope.
I will not give up trying. Wisdom I’ll accrue
On my way through this journey that I dignify.

Trust and friendship are golden as is family.
Lessons learned are a blessing. Within them are taught
What it means to be helpful to those who we meet.
We all share the same water. It’s best that we treat
One another in kindness with no payment sought.
Through the acts of others spirit helps me to see.

I seek my independence supported by those
Who I offer the same to in their freedom quest.
Life is ripe with adventure, yet if I get lost
I receive help abundantly without exhaust.
It’s refreshing to know that all needs are addressed
Well before they’re apparent. The wise spirit knows.

Mental Or Emotional?

The Two Sides Of The Coin

Things mental and emotional are much the same.
Heart and brain are each processors of energy
In electrical form. Each one has its own waves
That broadcast everywhere. How each center behaves
Is a matter of technique, and when they agree,
Inner peace and contentment the whole self can claim.

Wanting to be lighthearted occurs in the mind
Then the heart takes the signal and adds some intent
In response to the thought. Back and forth they converse
In the magnetic whirlpool that self may immerse
And become what is wanted one hundred percent.
Contemplating the process can make one more kind.

Socially integrated, I know where I’m strong
And where I need improvement. Wisdom I obtain
From wholesome integration of mind with the heart.
Either without the other have nil to impart
That can be of significant value or gain
In a world where we’ve no choice but to get along.

Willingness to cooperate makes the world go
In a way with less turmoil, yet pure evil will
Be contingent to living on this planet earth.
We can know as a species what is our true worth
When the mind and the heart are both quiet and still.
The two make for a winning team, I’m glad to know.

An Excursion Of Pleasure

A Spin Just For Fun

What is pleasure? My preconceived views are a blur
As I let it all happen. Then it can be known.
Movement is entertaining. Prepared for the ride,
I have no inhibitions. I’ve nothing to hide.
An Excursion Of Pleasure, though I’m fully grown,
Is a thing about life that should often occur.

Old experiences can start feeling brand new
When the young child within me is given release
And unlimited favor to nourish delight.
The aesthetics of fun is that it will excite
The disquieted spirit that it may know peace
Once again in the real world with too much to do.

Round and round go the cycles that I know so well.
Up and down does the mood swing, but it’s centered high
Above negative thresholds the adult lives in
Due to hazardous duty and pent up chagrin
Over ill perceived failures. The youth is not shy
When it comes to fulfillment. The child will excel.

Stimulation of spirit does more than can be
Well expressed by mere language, but it may effect
How words live out their meaning in brightness and hue.
Novel ways of arranging them I aim to do.
Practice leads to perfection. That’s what I expect.
Ultimate is the pleasure of being carefree.

Petulant Of Persona

Fire Starter

Easily there is conflict to find everywhere.
For the one who is looking, potential is ripe
For creating a firestorm so hate can be heard
And felt deep in the soul. When emotions are stirred
By complex fabrications and poorly brewed hype
Then the crowd agitated acts out in despair.

Everyone with an ego, in one of two ways
It can be used – in fear, or in doing some good.
It is by choice we each find a path to engage.
Acrid actors are destined to burn down the stage
In irrational outrage. Like dry kindling wood
Those who choose to burn hot will set themselves ablaze.

Idleness fuels distractions of heated content.
Reinforcing delusion delights by the day
And by night, holy terror is set to be laid.
Under cover of darkness hate crime will be paid
To unfortunate ones who they’ve deemed as their prey.
There’s no getting through to those who live to foment.

What they do in their day jobs is just a backdrop
And a means of survival… not quite a career.
Simple minds, meager lifestyles, and bigotry are
Attributes of the ones who rip open the scar
With an insane agenda to elevate fear
To a thing to be proud of. How soon will it stop?


Uncommon Loftiness

The more subtler aspects of the world around me
Become clear to my senses, and I’m more aware,
In this dream that I live, of what I need to do,
Which is just about nothing. So high is my view
That my carpet of soft clouds leaves me without care
But with new ways of dealing with all that I see.

In my dream I’m astonished, as any young child,
By the world and its makeup. How does it evolve
In the way that it does? How do I play a part?
Since I do ask these questions, have I an odd heart?
Life to me is a puzzle – one which I can solve
From a place without form so the mind can run wild.

Intuition is strong, and my insights are keen
While aloft and detached from the ruckus below.
Yet, connected securely to what is called real
Not much ever escapes me. Regret I’ll conceal
That the contrast exists. I’m not willing to show
What would then amplify what I know is obscene.

Highly active am I at a very slow pace.
Complementing my comfort and dreaming in peace,
My creative expression gets revitalized.
When I hit the page writing, I am not surprised
That I come up with good stuff that I hope won’t cease
Any time soon. Indeed, that would be a disgrace.

Unforeseen Man Effect

Unexpected Outcomes

Just a bit out of kilter with cause and effect,
I’m completely irrational. As I behave,
Unforeseen consequences betray my intent.
If I know what might happen why can’t that prevent
The chaos and calamity, as if I crave
Inconvenient surprises? I fail to expect.

Like a bolt of blue lightning, a flash of insight
To my head does a number on what was just thought.
Energized, then, the new ones branch far out of reach
Of my will to restrain them as well as my speech,
Out of fear that by some mind reader I’ll be caught.
I mean harm to no one, but does this make it right?

I can stretch a good sudden as if it were made
Of the silliest putty the mind can conceive.
With supreme elasticity instants expand
So that I can respect them as objects most grand
To the tale that a bone from a man became Eve.
To release me from bullshit, I’m on a crusade.

Arrogance does become me. I’ll not let it show.
Like all gentle young ladies I’ll fake a back seat.
Side effects of behaviors I will not express
Nor my number one purpose for being, unless
It will cause a disruption or maybe defeat
Of the primary cause of our failure to grow.

Mothers Of Civilization

Infinite Mother

What is known as heretical is to believe
In reality rather than male fairy tales.
Temples, churches, and synagogues lead all astray
By insisting that women have weak roles to play
In the scheme of existence. The fiction prevails.
We know not of divinity so we deceive.

Revenge served through deception for eons of years
Is the wave of oppression transmitted worldwide.
When programmed not to question the slightest of bull,
Consciousness on the large scale is injected full
Of contempt for the feminine to boost male pride.
Threats of psychic damnation exacerbate fears.

 Man emerges from woman and not the reverse.
Holy books are a menace to natural law
And perverse in their imagery. Faith that is blind
Is the hostage of sanity and when combined
With the need for ‘salvation,’ in hope we withdraw
To the alien conscience as life becomes worse.

What man brings to the table woman puts to use
To perform her pure magic. This act is divine!
But she’s called the receptacle of the man’s seed
Which is not gold but data spewed out of raw need
To connect with the woman… or else, sit and whine.
Woman Is The Damned Table able to produce.

The Small Print

The Mechanics Of Sight

Traveling through the circuits etched into the land,
We bipedal electrons meet up now and then.
We compete with light speed as the paths that we make
Become ever more tiny. There’s less time to take
To behold the components once more, then again,
And to seek out new pathways that may be more grand.

Mentally I am restless. I can’t concentrate
When I feel that my speed has severely slowed down.
I appear to move backwards, against the main flow.
Measurement indicates nothing new I should know.
This may prove that my senses may cause some to frown
And to want me to transfer from our solid state.

I remain optimistic no matter my speed.
Particles I’m acquainted with give me support
Throughout all of the journey if I so decide.
Forsaken they can’t be nor can they be denied
Their most vital existence. They rarely fall short
Of providing me insight and will to proceed.

I can deal with The Small Print better at a pace
That is kind to my comfort. I’ll then clearly read
What has been overwritten. Decipher I must
To recover and maintain an overall trust
In the network I’m part of. Assessment may lead
To my firmly believing I’m not in a race.

High Energy

The Low Inverse Of Matter

Energy fascinates me because it’s so high.
From where I am, it is a spectacular sight.
How to make it a feeling, my mind wants to know.
It and I, as a team, can put on a good show…
 Or a bad one if I do not know wrong from right.
Handled with proper caution, it’s worth a good try.

In the sky, on a stormy day, rain clouds converse.
When they do, sparks are seen, and their speaking is loud.
Power lines that hang over all civilized land
Transfer tons of high voltage to meet with demand
Of society’s needs. As much as we’re allowed,
We may know of this force. We cannot make things worse.

Energy that’s above us is also within.
The well-functioning body is a power plant
With its nerves as conductors. So much like machines
That we’re hooked on producing them by any means,
We apprentice magicians with wishes to grant,
Are, with regard to nature, on the verge of sin.

 Yet we need not be worried but could use a prayer.
What is basic in physics is not in our ways
Of behaving causing energy to be low
And the growth of the soul is unbearably slow.
All of life has potential to shock and amaze.
When it’s high is when I am most able to share.

Personal Growth

Desire For Independence and Physical Fulfillmemt

Personal is the nature of growth. On this day
Of my solar return to my moment of birth,
Recollections befall me, but so does relief
In the wisdom of knowing that my time is brief
As I contemplate how I’ve performed in this earth.
Have I been the topsoil or the difficult clay?

Having been fond of routine, in acquiescence
Of what I know is coming, I welcome the change
To a state without cycle wherein there is peace
From the struggle of growth. This moment I release
To existence eternal. My thoughts I’ll arrange
By emotional order. It could get intense.

Stronger I feel in many ways… others, not so.
I’ll accept the exchange as I do what I’ve done
To reflect divine light as a mirror while here.
Have I shown enough love, or have I lived in fear?
Accepting how I am now almost feels like fun
Like a game of prediction. The hell if I know!

A new cycle is started. In grace I evolve
And continue in service no dot at the end
Of this sentence means that I am not incomplete
While not here in the flesh with all hell to defeat
Even now my spirit has begun to ascend
Despite still having issues here I must resolve

In Blithesome Belligerence

Take Me Or Leave Me

Cheerfully I partake of my latent debut
Optimistically, I feel I’ll entertain.
And delight mostly everyone who’s come to see
What I must share in gratitude. But I must be
At my peak of performance and not under strain.
I’ll prepare, as I must. I am not overdue.

If I boast of a big vision but lack a plan
To make it a concrete reality, it will
Do myself an injustice… perhaps you as well.
On this stage and in costume I have truth to tell.
Given just enough skill to make you all sit still,
I will do but my best because it’s all I can.

Motivated to action by duty to be,
My excitement is focused on playing the role
Of the standard performer – a part of the team
Where support given mutually is the theme.
Arrogance nor extravagance is not the goal.
Through the act I’m empowered by all I can see.

It may feel like confinement if my pace is slow
Due to too much discernment and not enough drive.
May my need to be restless to some small degree
Feed my strongest intent to be totally free
Of behaviors that do not allow me to thrive.
What must Go On is surely something we all know.

Taking The First Step

Greater Awarness of Balance Issues

Feeling wildly affectionate, I find my way
On the path to more pleasure directly ahead.
With my fun loving nature, my take on most things
Is about how much happiness and good it brings.
People like what I’m doing. They’re interested
In each step of my journey. I’m not led astray.

Starting fresh from a clean slate, no harm do I see
In this wide world around me. I need not beware
Of the negative forces that I sense exist.
 I get ample immunity when I am kissed.
I’m responsive to others in how much they care
Greatly for my wellbeing. My life is carefree.

 My work is staying balanced and following through
In the forward direction. Sometimes I may fall
Then get up and start over. No one takes offense.
Since there is no destruction, there is no expense
For the knowing that I cannot forever crawl.
Looking down, I have learned, is the wrong thing to do.

I meet my obligations with ease. I have none
But to continue being all that I can be.
The first step I have taken. The love that I find
Is immensely supportive, refreshing, and kind.
It allows me to walk with the firm guarantee
That a life fascinating has truly begun.

Justice Matters

Emergence of the Feminine

It will all soon be over. Injustice has reigned
For what seems like forever. Salvation is near.
What we have been experiencing for so long
Is not right. We The People together are strong.
Governance by the implementation of fear
Is a proven disaster where strife is sustained.

We all know Justice Matters. For granted we take
That those in higher office abide by the law.
History indicates that we’re vain and naïve
To our own human nature. We want to believe
That our leaders elected are absent of flaw.
After this big mistake we are widely awake.

Brilliant women of power no longer sit still
And submissive to colleagues. The change taking place
Will play out rather nicely for citizens all.
We as individuals will stop feeling small
And unworthy if we are not of the white race.
Leadership is the nature of feminine skill.

A collection of women on Fifth Avenue
Could grab him by the balls. I would not do a thing
Except cheer with excitement for all the abused.
And the crime of the grabbers is widely excused
In the spirit of freedom from one lame dick king.
He who needs a good groping shall soon get his due.

Beliefs And Prejudices

Examine Your Attitudes

Thoughts are swayed by my moods… or maybe the reverse.
Finding out exactly how I feel about both
My ideas and emotions would be to my good.
My subconscious compulsions may be understood
If I come to conclusions that lead to my growth.
Then the time spent is worthwhile. Nothing becomes worse.

One would think it most impossible to root out
The collection of prejudices that have been
Built up over a lifetime. But if it is tried
There is truth universal that can’t be denied.
It may be hard to do in a world ruled by men.
The emergence of women is now beyond doubt.

“Get in touch with your feelings.” I’ve heard that before.
Had it made enough sense then as it does today?
 “Keep your head on your shoulders.” …because up the ass
Represents what we stand for? A house made of glass
From which to hurl hypocrisy. Is this our way?
Times of change for the better we cannot ignore.

 The alignment of mind and heart helps with the task
Of releasing the blockage to natural peace.
As assessment is made through commingling of each.
Happiness and enlightenment is within reach.
If I have such an outlook, will all problems cease?
Surely not, but at least, I’ve the gumption to ask.

Persuasive Forces

The Poison Of Gossip

Clues are ripe for the picking effortlessly so
One need not even reach. They just find their right place
In the frail mental basket that leaks in the sea
Of the fertile subconscious half full of spilt tea.
The alarm must be sounded to wake up our race
Toward the war of extinction. Here’s what you must know:

Conquerors of the world all throughout history
(…The one white men are used to) had pearly white skin.
Therefore we are superior and we should rule.
May all others beneath us become our footstool.
We know killing off niggers is no mortal sin
And when we’re all united, most lethal we’ll be.

Getting to the false bottom in any dark well
Must be done in pure blindness. The blackness obscures
Bits of truth that may be caught adrift in the wake
Of the current of restlessness. What is at stake
Is our mistake supremacy. Hatred ensures
That we’re not of the kind to do lynchings and tell.

The profoundly effective ideology
Doesn’t have all that much to cause harm on its own.
What it takes is repeating and keep it hot.
Tension must not die out ‘til we get what we ought.
While embroiled in the struggle, you are not alone.
All we morbid souls earthbound were meant to agree.

In The Background

Emerging Patterns Behind the Scenes

Curtain Call is the climax. I’m part of the team.
Bringing forth entertainment is bred in my genes.
From the time I was young my desire to shine light
On spectacular talent felt perfectly right.
I prefer open stages (over the big screens)
Where I’m close to the action. My job is a dream.

 Working well with most others and honing my skill,
I believe seventh heaven is what I have found.
Happiness is attention to every detail
To enhance the performance. There’s no room to fail.
Service is my own fine act while In The Background.
I can feel the crowd’s pleasure. It gives me a thrill.

And along with that feeling of utter success
I have much admiration for we who provide
Entertainment to those more evolved with regard
To fine taste and aesthetics. My work isn’t hard.
Rather it’s fascinating. It gives me much pride
To be with wholesome people unfettered by stress.

  Thank God for all the artists. The world they mentor.
Archetypes acted out are life lessons to share
On a platter of silver. The ones who partake,
And in uncommon comfort, will dream while awake.
Other occupations exist but none compare
To the one, over time, I have come to adore.

Interpersonal Advancement

Sociodigital Integration

By the numbers we flourish. Each one is assigned
One when we begin working. For life it remains
The most important one. Social Security
Is the name that it goes by yet none can agree
As to what proper name it has. When one obtains
A most logical candidate, life will be kind.

Human beings are sociable naturally
In ideal situations and when in good health.
During times of calamity we can shift gears
Notwithstanding frustration and uncertain fears.
If life is a page turner, this reader by stealth
Is a part of the unfolding story to be.

Fascination with digits and technology
Comes from our need to manage population growth.
It’s by now human nature to move at light speed.
Only by keeping up can we truly succeed.
Heart and Mind the machine is of service to both.
It leaves us with more time for creativity.

Often life is impersonal and rather cold.
It may be misperception or it may be true.
It depends on the choice made. Whichever the case
There are limited options for our human race
To survive as a species and widen our view
That a more self-empowering story be told.

Breaking Free

The Age of Rebellion

Consciousness is a chamber. What more can be known?
With the larger world I have relationship some.
But, within the enclosure, myself, undefined,
Does not know its exterior nor its behind.
In the blind, all existence I must overcome.
I know not what is outside even when I’m shown.

I’ll get up enough gumption to get myself free
Of this cumbersome package that I must maintain.
In itself, it’s a self with insatiable needs.
Those of mine and the many configure my deeds.
Yet, still captive within self, I cannot explain
Why I can’t get my points across more easily.

Engaging the encasement, as one would suppose,
Is a bonafied function in which all partake.
If mine is incongruent or oddly oblique
It may be that a different freedom I seek
Where the borders of selfhood an overlap make
And the restricted ego can smell like a rose.

Social life has its constraining aspects as well
For within the group consciousness, self can get lost
And absorbed by those stronger of persuasive will.
Breaking Free of them both can be done when I’m still
And receptive to spirit no matter the cost
To the fearful exister with so much to tell.

Cruising For Bruising

In The Mood For Battle

Punching bags are for sissies. I want to kick ass!
With my words and with muscle of might I command
Anyone of you who thinks you can take me on.
I believe in commotion. Pleasantry begone!
The fine Art of the Bruise is what I understand
And my cruising for just that is par for my class.

When fueled up on conspiracy and the right news
All the hatred within me, like wildfires out west,
Uncontrollably burns. And with billowing smoke
I inflict irritation… enough to provoke
Armageddon or some homegrown fishing conquest.
I am easy for fascist dictators to use.

Intellect I have not, yet I’m sharp and direct
With sclerotic opinions, half-truths, and plain lies.
I’ll convince a few people that I have some wit
All with outrageous theories and heated bullshit.
I’ll admit not that my biggest fear are the wise.
My brute force doesn’t phase them. It has no effect.

To intimidate others I take the fine lead
Of the word’s perfect model. Stagnation of heart
In a cesspool of selfishness dictates to me
Through his high public office just what I must see.
In my humble opinion, the man is quite smart.
His suggestion to act out is all that I need.

Too Astringent Of Thought

Difficulty Thinking Clearly

“Get your dick out of neutral and into high gear,”
Says the brain to the monkey who lives down below.

But it gets the wrong message and wants to jerk off
With its prehensile tail. Who on earth wouldn’t scoff?
The miscommunication causes oneself woe.
Nothing but instant messaging mitigates fear.

Mental activity is the run of the day.
It may run my ass ragged but not so my head
Which resembles a helmet when I’m in the mood.
More nonsensical content may make me less rude
To all creatures within me. There’s not enough said
In dick-headed delightfulness in a weird way.

Tolerant of a tickling, an outrageous nerve
Is the hair up the opening into the heart.
Expectations are futile and vain with regard
To erecting meat noodle and keeping it hard.
This is good stuff to know. Take it from an old fart
Who’s had more of his share of madness to observe.

 How lukewarm a reception awaits the debut
Of a fool in a fun house unfettered by shame?
Distorted mirror images do reveal some
Of the astringent nature I must overcome.
Masturbating the mind is a time honored game
One can play privately or right out in plain view.

What It All Means

Snapshot Of Infinity

Sensitive to the needs of the people around,
There’s no doubt I’m receptive… right now, anyway,
Of my own and of those who reside in deep space,
And those passed into spirit. I find it’s my place
Not to keep it unspoken. The fool would betray
Such caliber of instinct. The wise will expound.

Service Is Self-Expression. In ultimate grace,
I perceive inner knowing of what best to do
To provide a solution, or at least, support.
Friends and neighbors are irksome if I sell them short
With my fear-based vibration. No threat can ensue
When in kindness I act. Everyone I embrace.

What makes this world go ‘round is one obvious thing
That may be something totally different for
Each and every living conscious entity here.
How chromatic the fractal of need does appear
To awakened awareness eager to explore
The expanse of the cosmos. What joy it can bring.

We each have healing energy when we are well.
It’s a gift we exchange among all who we know.
Not concrete in its nature, its lasting effect
And its great subtle power command the respect
Of the wise and all willing to see goodness flow.
What It All Means is that in perfection we dwell.

Of Genuine Interest

"Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft"

Citizens of the universe, lend me your ears!
What Of Genuine Interest have I to say
To the galaxies and to the planets therein?
Let me pull out my list. Now, where do I begin?
I cannot start by uttering, “Have a nice day.”
That may come near the ending along with some cheers.

I’m concerned not about simply speaking my piece
Of the puzzle I’m fitting. I care about life
As it is on my earth. To be perfectly clear
Mine is one world confounded by hatred and fear.
Are there others out there who know more about strife?
Is there some way in heaven our sorrows may cease?

This is not a distress call. I’m just reaching out
In the blind. I know someone is able to hear,
And I will get your message when you do reply.
I will sense an odd feeling that I can’t deny,
And unlike any other it will be damned clear
To my alien nature with no sense of doubt.

Speaking not out of boredom nor desperate plea,
There’s no hint of ill motive nor notion oblique
To inspired understanding as I’m greeting you.
First Contacting is something I’m just thrilled to do.
Satisfaction in knowing is all that I seek,
And, in line with my purpose, I want more to see.


Uncrumpled Communication

Barnyard cats on a roof made of tin that is hot
Are two minds interlocked in a heated debate.
Exchanging my ideas with others can be
Sometimes not worth the bother. If we can’t agree
Then there’s no sense arguing until it’s too late
For civility. Then discord enters the plot.

Time and energy wasted in foolish chit-chat
Controversial in essence by nature is vain.
Egos value appearance. To put on a show
To tell others I meet with how much more I know
Is one sure way to end up among the insane
In a well padded lockup. There’s no need for that.

Difficulty in speaking my mind I have not
Yet I’m willing and open to hearing all sides
To a logical argument. Keep still the heart
I must do when I find that I’m taking full part
In communing with spirit. It faithfully guides
The encounter’s direction. This helps me a lot.

On my toes and alert all the time I can’t be.
Vigilance is a falsehood extracted from fear
Of the next conversation that threatens my peace.
I can’t keep myself quiet so I find release
In this thing that I’m doing that I find so dear.
Anyone who would argue cannot contact me.

Enlarging My Scope

Confident Self-Expression

Knowing where I should stand is to know where to sit
And to love what I’m doing as I’m resting there.
If I claim to be upright I may not stand tall
Next to almost all others. If I can recall
That uprightness is relative then I’m aware
Of a more refined justice to our benefit.

I like keeping my eyes open to everything
In the vastness around me without the debris.
An oil painting of real life shows nothing obscene
Unless shades of the fake life have made the heart mean.
Both portrayals prepare the observer to see
Which is preferable and what peace it may bring.

More decisively active I am when relieved
Of the clutter the lens catches due to high speed.
Slowing down is effective, but crap is still there
And should I magnify that, I’m blind with despair.
When it gets a good cleansing, my spirit is freed.
Wider vision becomes a dream fully achieved.

Much more focus on standing than feeling at ease
Inflicts harm on the body if it carries weight
That surpasses its limit. The need to reduce
The big buildup of baggage and vain self-abuse
Becomes evermore urgent in these times of hate.
Indeed, one has no one but oneself to appease.

A Pleasant Respite

Nature’s Peace

In the bliss of contentment away from the grind
There is time within moments to breathe in the air.
A wonderful sensation refreshes the soul.
Necessarily forgetting is not the goal
But to go to a calm place and become aware
Of the essence of life and how it is designed.

Entertainments, amusements, and things of that kind
Are diversional tactics to placate the pace
Of the rat race run riot. How rare the relief
From an eon of effort. Though it may be brief
Always there is the chance that some life you’ll replace.
Every human needs time to relax and unwind.

It need not be alone time, although it could be.
It is not about withdrawal from everyone
But about getting closer to dear mother earth
Through the inner connection that we’ve had from birth.
Human life is a clockwork of chaos homespun.
A respite is most pleasant. Who would not agree?

Expansive is the outlook. With generous heart
All the gifts one is blessed with are returned in kind
Through the heart back to nature by how we are healed
Of the wounds from our battles. What may be revealed
Is life’s ultimate meaning all clear in the mind…
Or if not then it serves as a decent jumpstart.

Too Hot To Trot

Enhanced Desire

A bare chested young man on a horse is a sight
For those eyes seeking service to more body parts.
In the heat of adventure, the he-man aware
Fully of all his assets, will show some with care
Not to incite a pussy fight or break the hearts
Of the many whose passion he’s prone to ignite.

Let the horse do the trotting, The man is too hot.
It’s a bother. Besides, it would be a disgrace
To be walking the beast when control must be shown.
It gets wet the young ladies and gets them to moan
While engaged in a fantasy dripping in place.
Should he keep a shirt handy to soak up the spot?

  Aggressive is his nature yet soft to the touch
So that with the right female good sex can take place.
If she is strong and healthy and has proper genes
They’ll commence copulation by various means.
It’s the means nature uses to maintain our race.
Her control supersedes his by so more than much.

He must strut for some action as male creatures do.
The performance is judged and assessment is made
As to aesthetic value and genuine worth.
Being that we have dominion over the earth
What could be more exciting a hot escapade
Than to banish the urge to reinvent the screw.

Under The Carpet

Where Secrets Are Swept

Pleasant conversation and congenial discourse
Among others escapes me. I’m low at my game.
Difficult and contentious and sometimes profane
With most others, I seldom have something to gain.
I’m swept Under The Carpet and fettered with shame.
For the things I have said I’m consumed with remorse.

It may be that I rub others quite the wrong way.
I may show my affection yet some would recoil
Thinking I may be threatening. I’m out of line
When I feel I’ve done nothing and everything’s fine.
What is true to my nature can cause much turmoil.
Should I keep to myself and have nothing to say?

Sometimes I’m hypersensitive and I may lack
The required mental discipline for social play.
No one needs to remind me when I am this way
But they do and aggressively to my dismay.
Delicate is my dance somewhat like a ballet.
If I do rather poorly I’m prone to attack.

Reasoning becomes secondary to my peace
Which is clearly ass backwards. So what I must do
To ensure readjustment is to play along
As if I understand things. How could I go wrong?
Where I find myself swept I may find yet a clue
To escape this rut so that my charm may increase.

Growth Is Inevitable

Challenged to Grow Beyond Confines

Way beyond my resources I’m willing to reach
For the light that I’m after while grounded in place.
I may run into trouble every now and then.
Obstacles I encounter again and again
Offer life changing influence. Such is the case
For the nature of growth. It has lessons to teach.

Previous attitudes have placed me where I am
And the present ones lead me to where I must go.
On the path to fulfillment of my purpose here
All I need do is never to rely on fear
To resolve any issues if I am to grow.
Life is easier when I stick with the program.

Growth translates to abundance in my frame of mind
When the health of my spirit is lively and strong.
Otherwise it is painful and leads to defeat
Of the purpose of living. The threat of deceit
By the self is the reason that it will do wrong.
I’d prefer that I’m upright and outward inclined.

Leaps of faith are essential for moving along
On the journey for without them life would stand still.
Were that to happen to me my growing would cease.
I must persevere onward to further increase
What I have and enjoy by the way of good will.
As time has its way with me I’ll sing but its song.

Repair Works

Wanting Power To Make Changes

Any system quite broken by constant abuse
Everyday for a long time needs urgent repair.
People eager and qualified to do just that
Now prepare for the challenge of moral combat.
Their support is akin to the rockets with glare
That we haven’t had sight of since hell was let loose.

Radical are the changes that need to be made
To malfunctioning structures that have been in place
For too long and were implemented from abroad.
History will devote much to this era’s fraud
Running foot loose and rampant. What utter disgrace
Is a sodomized country consumed by charade.

When in contact with criminals folk become ill
And receptive to logic that elevates crime
To a complex fecality meant to portray
Every act as benign. What a price they must pay
For the harm done to so many in a short time.
What will be returned to us is our civil will.

Time for digging beneath the fake surface has come.
Fairly soon the illusion dissolves into dust.
And the focus on issues of human concern
Elevates the Repair Works that we may return
To a functioning freedom in genuine trust
That we’ll never return to what we’ve survived from.

A Day For A Daydream

Mesmerizing Allure

Fertile imagination with time to get lost
In a mystical daydream, my cares are on hold
Or have been fully transmuted to finer ones
That don’t give the stressed out mind a case of the runs.
The surreal simulation is fully controlled
From a place where there isn’t a need to accost.

Natural is my wanting fantastic relief
From the gross denser daydream and ugly nightmare
Taking place in reality. Psychic escape
Is a respite from rancor and ruling class rape
Of my sense of belonging. I’m wanted elsewhere
Far away from the turmoil and turbulent grief.

I am fascinated by mysterious things
Of ethereal substance that I can behold
Only in a more conscious state. So I must dream
To support and maintain a more loving life theme.
Synthesizing what I sense, my story is told
From a free flowing spirit as words become wings.

Spiritually insightful ideas come
To the self in a dream state not fully awake
To the too vivid detail the mundane reveals.
I must pay close attention to how the self feels
Then adjust the lucidity for a retake
On how this day turns out by the beat of my drum.

To Your Advantage

Recognition Of The Lucky Brake

What has power to influence what kind of luck
One would hope to encounter? Or should one ask Who?
Is it one supreme consciousness from which comes all
That can be known or unknown but by divine call?
Either way, here’s a shout out for all that you do
To support my existence. I rarely get stuck.

As I make fresh connections in new surroundings
Opportunity infiltrates into the air
That becomes a strong current propelling me to
Whatever I imagine. Your wishes come true
As do mine. My advantage is just that I care
Less about lavish lifestyles of wannabe kings.

Love and beauty are foremost in mind and in heart
And it helps to have good taste. The choices I make
Affect not only me but the whole world at large.
Not a single day ends until I’ve taken charge
Of my crumb from the cheese chunk while fully awake.
Acting as nature guides me, I’m playing my part.

Willingness to reach compromise is a fine trait
Among earth’s many creatures. How all get along
Is by cooperating, mostly – not by war.
History keeps account of the bloodshed and gore.
Memorizing and exalting hell is damned wrong!
All it does is rekindle the torches of hate.

Handling The Trivia

Clarity of Perception

Constant thought with no action gets not a thing done
Yet the mindless behaviors are second nature
To the first, which is duty to order and class.
Processing all the small stuff leads not to impasse
But to digesting as much as one can endure
For the oddest of reasons – simply to have fun.

With most paperwork cleared from the part of my desk
That was once right before me, it’s time to relax.
When the business of being belittles the soul
Self-inspired entertainment will render it whole
Once again. When I’m capable of kinder acts
I am then strong enough to avoid the grotesque.

If to showcase one’s skills among community
Generates friends and colleagues, then let it be known
That we each come with talents. Some think they’re from God.
Most of them are familiar, and some are quite odd.
Networking yields connections one can’t make alone
Since we’re not telepathic, at least presently.

Information superfluous flows through the field
Of the fertile awareness which is consciousness
For the purpose of practice and mental hygiene.
As I’m Handling The Trivia much more is seen
Of what is most important for me to express.
Somewhere in the assessment much truth is revealed.

Business Communication

Social Intercourse

Social life and community all taking place
In a healthy environment under fine rule
Is inherently well. The business it creates
Is a boon to the welfare of all fifty states.
When the nation is no longer run by a fool
We’ll be free once again but with hell to erase.

Approaching one’s authorities to seek a raise
Brings a chill to the mindset. What leadership shows
Now is that only by deception one achieves
While within the subconscious the true self receives
Information contrary to what an ass knows
From a selfish commercial that gushes false praise.

Important is communication among we
With the threat to our voices approaching head on.
Will there be a collision between wrong and right?
What we can do is speak to our full heart’s delight
About what can take place when the asshole is gone.
Resurrection is eminent as it should be.

Notwithstanding my status and station, I’m armed
To the teeth with an intellect sharper than most,
And with some understanding of how evil works
When allowed to run rampant among ruling jerks,
And a passion for living a life I can toast
In a land where democracy cannot be harmed.