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The Story Of Abundance

Raining Cash

I can tell a new story if the one I tell
Isn’t truly uplifting. I’m energized by
Telling one that’s exciting about abundance.
I’ll speak of it whenever I’m given the chance
Or I’ll just simply take it. I’ll talk about why
Having lots of money would do me very well.

It’s fun to imagine huge amounts of money
Flowing to me. I understand that with practice
I’ll control my vibration so that I’ll receive
What I want. I know that it’s easy to achieve
An alignment that’s close to the state of pure bliss.
Money then is connected to this energy.

Like the air that I breathe money goes in and out.
My desire draws it in and my ease of thought lets
It flow out – in and out – and always easily.
This is part of my rich never ending story.
Currently I have very limited assets
But I will become wealthy. I have not a doubt.

I’m aware of the absolute correlation
Between what I think and feel about money and
What is happening in my life experience.
I love knowing that I receive strong evidence
That of my point of attraction I have command.
Nothing can interfere with my expectation.

Let Go Of What Is

The Unfulfilled Present

My life has a dark cloud over it. I perceive
That it follows me everywhere. My money woes
Overwhelm me. I can’t find an easy way out
Of my troubles. My future is fettered in doubt.
I’m in this dilemma constantly, and it shows
That I lack in my ability to receive.

It’s a horrible story. Even though it’s true,
To stay focused upon it does me little good.
I create more of what I give attention to.
The old story can only lead to something new
If the laws of the universe are understood
To be functioning in everything that I do.

The new and improved version of my own story
Can include anything that I feel should be there.
If I’m stuck in the same old beliefs by habit,
Then my authoring will be of no benefit
In changing my vibration from that of despair.
A cooperative component I must be.

‘What is’ has no real meaning, in fact, it is past.
Each moment is a new one. The more I let go
Of the negative feelings, the more I allow
Inspiration and insight to tell me just how
To proceed on my journey. I most want to know
How to make wonderful moments in my life last.

New Story

Life Conjuring

Money is as available as all the air
I can breathe. I do like breathing it in and out.
It is fun to imagine a lot of money
Flowing to me. I daydream of it blissfully.
In my space of creating there’s no room for doubt.
What I think about money I do so with care.

I’m the creator of my own reality.
I see how my feeling about money affects
How much comes to me. I’m happy to understand
That, with practice, I’ll be able to take command
Of my attitude. I become one who expects
Many magnificent things to happen to me.

I can tell by the way I’m feeling whether I
Am focused on abundance or on its absence.
Confident I am that in time I will align
My thinking with abundance. I will do just fine.
Money has to flow into my experience
If I’m ready to have it. Some laws do apply.

It’s not necessary for me to understand
Other people’s perspectives. I find alignment
In my own thoughts and feelings about abundance.
I am one who is able to fully finance
My desire by expecting the wanted event
To evolve. My New Story is as I have planned.