The Missing Piece

The Grossly Obvious Absence

Lately I’ve been feeling that something wants to change.
It was driving me crazy that I didn’t know
What on earth that would look like and what I must do
To help shape things the way I want. I have no clue
As to how it will unfold. I’m confident though
That my dream will become real. Now does this sound strange?

As I stand in my wholeness in full resonance
With who I am and revel in what’s taking place
In my day to day living, I can recognize
Changes making their way to me. Thus it is wise
To remain optimistic. The challenge I face
Is that it ain’t that easy although it makes sense.

Deliberate Creation sounds so wonderful,
But like most heavy duty tools one must take care
In its safe operation. It takes self-control
To ignore the way things are, but my weary soul
Must find something that works. I would consider prayer
Does it have to be painful to sort through the bull?

I become a cooperative component
When I lose the resistance of my awareness
Of the way I don’t want things. It’s rather tricky
To focus on specifics, but being happy
Guarantees my connection and total access
To the ever available grace of content.

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