Positive Expectation

The Winning Alignment

You want to help the world be a wonderful place.
The better your life is the more you want that for
Everyone in the whole world. So far all is true.
The point of least resistance is your only clue
To the life that you want, special blessings, and more.
Positive Expectation is your certain grace.

You can’t vibrate for someone else. You can only
Live your life and control your point of attraction.
You can influence others through the clarity
Of your shining example that others can see.
With a cleaner vibration it can all be fun.
You control what you think and let how things are be.

Thinking thoughts that you don’t want to turn into things
Is a scourge of a habit. You know that by now.
Meditation or sleep will stop the momentum
Of a thought that is negative. You overcome
By changing its direction. This way you allow
The divine puppet master to pull at your strings.

Let the control that you seek be only about
Controlling your own Positive Expectation.
Then your point of attraction you control as well.

You know that there are places where you mustn’t dwell.
The whole universe is in cooperation
With your total wellbeing. Harbor not a doubt.

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