Re-Builder Crusader

Restorative Healer

She rebuilds fallen structures and societies.
The Kingdom of Atlantis is hers to defend.
Most perceptive and healing she often can be
With those within the homeland. Outsiders will see
Some whoop ass from this woman that they won’t transcend.
She’s a powerful packet of violent ease.

Endeavors that are most interesting to her
Are the ones bringing knowledge of history lost.
She absorbs what she studies with amazing speed.
This warrior princess is not one to concede.
One will know her lethality when she is crossed.
Reestablishing culture is what she’d prefer.

Mysteries are intriguing but oddly also
They infuriate her, so her truth is pursued
With the power she has to recover the past
To create a bright future and peace that may last
For untold generations in firm rectitude.
Wisdom she had been gathering since long ago.

Her vitality enlightens. With a kind heart,
She shows respect for all others generally.
Her appearance is youthful, but great is her age.
Having so long to practice her role upon stage,
She unravels enigmas others cannot see.
All Atlanteans with her she wants to take part.

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