Thank You

From The Universe To Earth And Back

Feeling that I’m entitled just doesn’t sit well
In my gut, if I’m truthful. I’m sorry for that.
Most sincerely I thank you wherever you are.
My own personal baggage displayed here by far
Is what most would consider repulsively flat.
One good dose of humility is a sweet smell.

I do need to say, “Thank You,” one hell of a lot
More than I do at present. The truth to be told
Is that things of significance I need have more
Of a deep sense of gratitude… certainly for
This unique opportunity. My life is gold
If I don’t go insane thinking that it’s a plot.

It is the greatest mantra or meaningful prayer.
Directness and simplicity make it perfect.
Harmony on the earth is worth my gratitude.
When things don’t go my way it’s not right to be rude.
All this world’s many people I love and respect.
It would behoove my damned self to act like I care.

So Thank You to the universe. That means you too
Who may be here or not. And Thank You to this earth
Nestled in loving providence. To be more kind,
Less afraid, and more open with clear thinking mind
Is all that I am given to strive for since birth.
Thank You, self, for the substance I offer to you.

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