Always Ready To Act

Willing and Capable

A most self-assured fourteen-year-old girl with the mind
Of an avid go getter, the jobs given you
Bring you intense experiences. You’re unique
As a fine baby sitter. Your handy technique,
Playing Mozart to nurture him, is but a clue
To your take on reality. You are refined.

 Your training and experience help you get through
Challenges that test stamina and reflexes.
With enthusiasm you will get the job done.
Even when you are fearful you seem to have fun.
You’ll hang in and keep things from falling to pieces.
No one knows that your ‘frantic’ except for a few.

Unprepared for the infant’s emerging powers,
An enigma named Syndrome, a dark character,
Came to be your replacement. His criminal past,
Unbeknownst to you, led to him taking charge fast.
It turns out he was lousy, for what did occur
Was as one would expect and what no one prefers.

Dedication and confidence are yours always.
Trusting your gift of powerful intuition,
You’ll succeed and be recognized for bravery,
Your resourcefulness, and responsibility.
When you reach full adulthood you will be someone
Whose work will be outstanding and worthy of praise.

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