Tough Decisions

The Tests Of Life

Many doors made to walk through have grown in the field
Of my conscious awareness. Which one will I choose?
They all are much too similar. Nothing is known
Of what lies beyond each, and it’s my choice alone.
If I enter the wrong one, how much might I lose?
From the heart the solution is always revealed.

Forty thousand or so specialized cells inside
The heart structure function like a neural network.
It is independent of the cranial brain.
It can feel and remember both pleasure and pain.
Not a single question put to it will it shirk
Unlike gray matter topside that may want to hide.

In two places events are recorded and stored –
In the brain and the heart simultaneously.
But the brain is bilateral. Black and white are
Its computed solutions. Much wiser by far
Is the heart’s ‘little brain’ which has proven to be
A source of good guidance that should not be ignored.

Touch your heart. Your awareness will quickly go there.
Feel as if it’s your home – the seat of existence.
Take a slow breath a few times. “You’re safe,” this tells you.
It’s a switch from the mental hoops you’re jumping through.
Thinking with the right organ is heart-centered sense.
It’s my pleasure providing this tidbit to share.

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