Worth Repeating

Continuous Synchronicity

Crystalline is the clarity of word and deed,
And the thoughts and emotions preceding the two
When I’m in full alignment with all that I am.
And about what that all means, I don’t give a damn
As long as I enjoy everything that I do.
Big or small doesn’t matter, and neither does speed.

Feeling some limitation regarding the goal
Because steps must be taken before there’s success,
It’s best to be inspired from a space that feels good
That I set up initially. It’s understood
That to gather momentum I need to assess
Every step by the pleasure it brings to my soul.

I Just Want To Have Fun as the target I reach.
It is in the momentum fulfillment is found.
On the way is the purpose – Not reaching the end.
What I want is a sure thing, but I must transcend
Any hint of anxiety to which I’m bound.
Getting there by fun stages, I venerate each.

Having fun On My Way to my true heart’s desire,
I have proper perspective. Things fall into place
As if I can control them, and maybe I do.
Since the universe knows all, it knows of me too.
Savoring every morsel of its feeding grace,
I am free to enjoy all that needs to transpire.

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