Transforming Form Identity

Stepping Out Of Illusion

Practice insures progress which leads to perfection.
Bringing myself into alignment with the now
Is an ongoing process from one moment to
Every next one that follows. The thing I must do
Is surrender my personal self and allow
The ‘no self’ to emerge without my objection.

It’s a powerful practice – spiritual too.
Bodies live their existence in relative fear
That somehow doom is eminent. Self and other
Become two points of conflict. Thought patterns occur
That encourage poor judgement. Thinking is not clear.
Frequently and but briefly, this method is true.

  Trapped in my form identity, often my view
Of the world and its people is fatally skewed.
The ego loves its enemies, thinking it needs
Strategies and defenses, so on it proceeds
Until psychic momentum of ill thought accrued
Culminates in calamity and the next shoe.

Opposing what is stronger, form identity
Fights against what is itself, unbeknownst to it.
When in time it is weakened its power subsides.
Connected to the vastness the true self provides,
I’ve no need to fight battles. Myself I submit
To the one more transcendent and truly form free.

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