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It Will Come When You Relax


The first thing that will happen when you choose to chill
Is that you will feel better. This is a good thing
Because it means that you’re releasing resistance.
As a consequence you have a much better chance
Of the things you want to begin manifesting.
Clarity enters into the mind that is still.

Surely you know it’s coming. Why not rendezvous
With the feeling of having it right here and now?
This way you will enhance the manifestation.
When you focus on the overall sensation
Of your having it then you begin to allow
What you want to easily make its way to you.

The emotional manifestation is the
Most significant because you can right away
Feel delighted and worthy of what you’ve asked for.
It’s the feeling of having it you most adore.
Think about it as if you were a child at play.
Make of your dream a magnificent fantasy.

As you stand where you are now and look toward where
You are going who cares where your are here and now?
It can’t matter once you’ve created momentum
For the thing you want to eventually come.
What you need do is simply decide to allow
What you want to be an emotional affair.

The Emotional Journey

Sheer Bliss

What you want can be found wherever you are and
When you look where you are for it ‘til you begin
To show it to yourself, now you’ve the potential
To find it in other places. What you want shall
Happen for you. You’ll see your life as a big win.
Of your fantastic journey you’ll take full command.

Don’t take action before you’ve lined up energy.
Things will work out much harder for you if you do.
Take The Emotional Journey first and you will
Allow all that is necessary to fulfill
Your desire. The only thing that’s required of you
Is your intention to live your life happily.

How you feel indicates your point of attraction.
Focusing on it consciously helps you to be
More able to control it so visualize
What you want in much detail and it would be wise
To avoid any kind of negativity.
This will lead to your ultimate satisfaction.

You’ve so much leverage in the time that you spend
Meditating, daydreaming, and making lists of
Positive aspects about your life rather than
Bitching and complaining. You must know that you can
In any given moment get yourself above
Where and how you are now. On this you can depend.

A Newfound Resolution

Outdoor Life

You’re a leading edge creator here to explore
The contrast that life offers. Without it you would
Not be able to draw any good conclusions
About your journey. You harbor no illusions
Regarding your effectiveness and as you should
You stay focused upon only things you adore.

That which is like unto itself is drawn you know
And that there’s a vibrational reality.
When you see what you don’t want you make what you do
A vibrational reality that’s as true
As the physical thing that it will come to be.
You have the power within you to make it so.

You have access to infinite intelligence.
Your vortex of creation is identified
By this provident consciousness who is aware
Of every single wish you have and who takes care
Of your needs. The whole universe is on your side.
This wonderful assurance comes at no expense.

Everything has been lined up – the people, places,
And perfect situations. The question is where
Are you in this big picture. Your answer must be
That you always seek ways to live life happily.
In this way you will be taking maximum care
Of yourself and of all that you heart embraces.

Talk About What You Want

Verbal Bubbles

Talk only about what you want – not what you don’t.
That’s a given but many people fall into
The self-undoing habit of talking about
What they don’t want. Be more conscious of what comes out
Of your mouth about what you want. It’s up to you
To speak loudly your passion because others won’t.

They’re all lined up. It’s all about many engines
On the track pulling in opposite directions.
You get nowhere and you’re wasting your energy.
Speak only of the way that you want things to be.
Let it resonate throughout the mind’s reflections.
See the world and your life through a positive lens.

You will never ever really be satisfied
With something less than what you want so let it be
What you want then line up with it. Watch what happens
When you do so. The most evolved part of you spends
All its time helping you to live more happily.
You can look upon it as your happiness guide.

You’ve released enough resistance. Let your desire
Gain momentum. Give undivided attention
To your purpose and how you feel along the way.
Be aware that there’s power in all that you say
To the universe. Not beyond comprehension
Is the notion that anything you can acquire.

The Only Missing Component

Colorful Puzzle

A newfound resolution can be yours to make.
Since you’re going to explore contrast while you’re here
In this time space reality it’s valid for
You to see vividly what you don’t want. The core
Of your wanting is feeling it to make it clear
To the subconscious mind which is always awake.

In the moment you see something you don’t want you
To the universe send a rocket of desire
Then all that is nonphysical takes it from there
And you can tune yourself to become more aware
Of the blessings and happy times as they transpire.
It’s about time to line up with what’s coming due.

Everything’s been amassed. The right people, places,
And events are all worked out. The question is, Where
Are you in this equation? Are you The Only
Missing Component?
Are you vibrationally

Matching up with what you want? How much do you care
For the things that your inner being embraces?

Allow yourself the pleasure of trusting in the
Universe to deliver. Relax and let go
Of the need to control things. Exercise some hope
In your wanting. The universe will not say nope
To your asking so you can ask it to bestow
Many blessings upon you immediately.

Too Much Distraction?


The onslaught of technology leaves in its wake
Generations of people with nothing to do
But respond to society through devices.
Confusion may be one of the highest prices
To be paid for connection. Your attention to
All the input can sometimes be a big mistake.

Are there times when distraction can be a good thing?
Yes. When you’re not lined up with your inner being
Then distraction is helpful. It takes you away
From the thing that is causing you stress and dismay.
See the way that you inner being is seeing.
Clarity will result from your refocusing.

So instead of calling it distraction, call it
Being focused when it feels delightful to you.
If you’re lined up with your inner being, focus.
If you’re not then distract yourself. Give an a-plus
To yourself for having done what you need to do
To stay mentally and spiritually fit.

Not too far off your course can distractions take you
If you’re conscious of how each is making you feel.
If it doesn’t feel wholesome, then leave it alone.
You can rely on what forever has been known
To be most beneficial and most ideal.
Focusing is something you can happily do.