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The Emotional Journey

Sheer Bliss

What you want can be found wherever you are and
When you look where you are for it ‘til you begin
To show it to yourself, now you’ve the potential
To find it in other places. What you want shall
Happen for you. You’ll see your life as a big win.
Of your fantastic journey you’ll take full command.

Don’t take action before you’ve lined up energy.
Things will work out much harder for you if you do.
Take The Emotional Journey first and you will
Allow all that is necessary to fulfill
Your desire. The only thing that’s required of you
Is your intention to live your life happily.

How you feel indicates your point of attraction.
Focusing on it consciously helps you to be
More able to control it so visualize
What you want in much detail and it would be wise
To avoid any kind of negativity.
This will lead to your ultimate satisfaction.

You’ve so much leverage in the time that you spend
Meditating, daydreaming, and making lists of
Positive aspects about your life rather than
Bitching and complaining. You must know that you can
In any given moment get yourself above
Where and how you are now. On this you can depend.

Be Unlimited

Touching Infinity

The belief factor has already done its work.
When something occurs that causes the launching of
Desire for something better but your beliefs are
Not aligned with receiving you’re terribly far
From fulfillment. You must keep your spirit above
Negativity. From this duty you can’t shirk.

Life causes you to want things. Your understanding
Of how the laws of the universe operate
Determines how much wellbeing you’re letting in.
Ignorance is the only mother of chagrin.
If you can keep yourself in a positive state
Then your influence will be always expanding.

Your inner being knows your power and value
And it knows the most pleasing path for you to take.
It is calling you constantly. Why don’t you go?
For whatever the reason it’s helpful to know
That old habits of believing though tough to break
Can be conquered. The power resides within you.

Life goes by rather quickly as if you’re skiing.
If you hit a tree going fast, damage is done
But if you hit it slowly then all is okay.
Watch where you’re going. Pay attention to the way
That you think and believe and of course have more fun
Being a happily ever after being.

This Is Who You Really Are

The Real You

There’s something quite extraordinary going on
Here and many don’t even know what it could be
Nor what it’s all about yet it is happening
All the time every moment. It’s interesting
That people ignore this happening completely.
That their minds are set is the conclusion foregone.

It is Life that is happening. There’s a process
Being undertaken in life by life, and that
Is hugely paradoxical. It’s as if we
Are creating God from the inside out. We see
Evidence that is worth taking a good look at.
Life surrounds us in all the ways it can express.

Life exists in all of its forms and the beauty
Of the night sky, the wonders of nature, or the
Expression of humanity are all part of
All that is and the basis of living is love.
It’s the ultimate act, one of divine glory
Because within everyone yourself you can see.

You take part in it in a brand new way when you
Understand what is happening. Then you become
More aware and on purpose. Intentionally
You will act and you’ll know what it’s like to be free
Of uncertainty concerning where you come from.
You are the miracle that in God’s dream came true.