The Emotional Journey

Sheer Bliss

What you want can be found wherever you are and
When you look where you are for it ‘til you begin
To show it to yourself, now you’ve the potential
To find it in other places. What you want shall
Happen for you. You’ll see your life as a big win.
Of your fantastic journey you’ll take full command.

Don’t take action before you’ve lined up energy.
Things will work out much harder for you if you do.
Take The Emotional Journey first and you will
Allow all that is necessary to fulfill
Your desire. The only thing that’s required of you
Is your intention to live your life happily.

How you feel indicates your point of attraction.
Focusing on it consciously helps you to be
More able to control it so visualize
What you want in much detail and it would be wise
To avoid any kind of negativity.
This will lead to your ultimate satisfaction.

You’ve so much leverage in the time that you spend
Meditating, daydreaming, and making lists of
Positive aspects about your life rather than
Bitching and complaining. You must know that you can
In any given moment get yourself above
Where and how you are now. On this you can depend.

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