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Smatterings Of Wisdom

Owl On Book

Sometimes things that break your heart end up fixing your
Vision. Loneliness is the price you pay when you
Start to improve yourself. People will come and go.
Focus on your goal and don’t let anyone know
What you plans are. Some people won’t like what you do.
Such is life, but in your worthiness do be sure.

Don’t compare your life to others’ because you’ve no
Idea what their life’s journeys are all about.
Don’t underestimate the power of stupid
People in your life. Have the courage to forbid
Their intrusions. You haven’t a reason to doubt
That things are well and will be better tomorrow.

Sometimes you win; sometimes you learn. Envy is a
Waste of time. You already have all that you need.
Don’t pretend to be better than you are. Live at
Your own pace. Don’t feel guilty for doing all that
Is best for you. The will within you to succeed
Is the driving life force that gets you through your day.

Expect nothing. Appreciate everything. Be
Grateful for the little things in your life to find
Inner peace. If people don’t appreciate you
Then they don’t deserve you. To thine own self be true.
Nothing is more valuable than peace of mind.
Your aloneness is better than bad company.

Unlock Your Inner Peace

Youth Yoga

There are many ways to achieve inner peace and
Happiness. One way might work for you but not for
Someone else. It takes some experimentation
To find the right path for you. The elevation
Of your consciousness is the main reason for your
Seeking inner peace which you know and understand.

Spending time in nature can prevent your mind from
Thinking stressful thoughts. Take a deep breath of fresh air.
Take short walks and appreciate all that you see.
You can conquer depression and anxiety
Through exposure to nature. Become more aware
Of the beating of nature’s therapeutic drum.

Practice mindfulness. Meditate regularly.
Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining
About what you lack. Those who are most satisfied
With their lives have a grateful heart that’s open wide.
Such people have no problem at all maintaining
Their alignment with their positive energy.

Take full responsibility for your actions.
Be accountable for everything that you do.
Everyone screws up sometimes. These are lessons learned.
They should be steppingstones as far as you’re concerned.
But don’t let your mistakes of the past define you.
It does no good to dwell on your past infractions.

Love yourself. Practice acceptance and contentment.
Exercise regularly. Eat healthy. Be kind
To yourself and others. Get rid of your clutter.
Show your magnificence with the words you utter.
Take control of your life and within it you’ll find
That your reflecting upon it is time well spent.

Overcoming Negative Emotions

Dealing With Bad Feelings

Human nature becomes me as I wonder why
I suffer the indignance of feeling this way.
Emptiness, frustration, and inadequacy
Are the demons that devour the cold heart of me.
Am I worthless to this world? Is this why I pay
Such a high price for lowlife? Do I want to die?

That is out of the question. I’ve been here before,
And each time it’s the same tape that I keep playing
That puts me at the precipice. What holds me back
Is my fear of the unknown. Spiritual plaque
Blocks the flow of wellbeing. What I am saying
Is that I don’t want to feel this way anymore.

Negative emotions in one’s experience
Happen when needs are unmet, and poor coping skills
Keep one out of alignment. So, what can one do
To escape the consuming cloud? Give me some clue
So that I can return to a life with some thrills.
What would be beneficial to my transcendence?

I’ll take responsibility for my feelings
After acknowledging that I have them. Then I
Can attempt to identify where they come from
At their core. In this simple way I’ll overcome
The dark cloud that is passed now. If I really try
I’ll succeed at getting back to wonderful things.

Peace Of Mind

Calmness Of Spirit

Marvelous and magnificent, the human brain
Can become fettered with anger and jealousy.
The balance of warmheartedness is essential
To its healthy performance. Then everything shall
Become as peaceful as it could possibly be.
Otherwise, the imbalance may drive one insane.

Negative emotions stem from self-centeredness.
Instead of bringing happiness and peace, they bring
Only problems. War is part of humanity.
As a species, we are a natural pity.
Can there be something done to reverse this whole thing?
Issues of our behavior we could well address.

Along with physical hygiene we need to teach
Children to cultivate emotional hygiene
So they can learn how to tackle their destructive
Emotions and have Peace Of Mind. This way to live,
For oneself and the planet, is wholesome and clean.
Believing in salvation is not a far reach.

People who have an altruistic attitude
Are much happier, healthier, and more at peace.
Scientists say that anger will lead to disease.
It would behoove the whole world to finally seize
Logical information. World anger may cease.
For thought, this is especially important food.

A Spoonful Of Contrition

A Most Selfish Act

I must know that I’m worthy although I’ve done wrong.
For my soul, I seek justice, but I must live on
So that I suffer vividly in solitude.
All who own me know they have the right to intrude
Upon my conscience all through the night until dawn.
My regret become karmic is where I belong.

All must seek retribution for what I have done.
As my life caves in on me, all that I should know
Is that some small redemption exists for this soul.
I don’t ask that the balance of my life be whole
But allow me the substance to pay what I owe
Otherwise, my existence is much worse than none.

But I can’t get there from here. I know for a fact
That I must have the feeling before conditions
Start to manifest for me. My sorrow blocks it.
How do I balance karma if I’m poorly fit
To function as a human among sacred ones
Who provide my life lessons with relative tact?

Universe, please connect me to all I deserve.
I have no fear in asking; just guide me somehow.
With my head hung in sorrow, intense is my shame.
I hate that I have no one but myself to blame.
Can the Law Of Attraction still let me allow?
Or am I just a screwed one with colossal nerve?

Though I can be facetious in this agony
The damned knot in the stomach is losing its voice.
If it’s silenced completely, is my life ended?
Or will I find relief from existential dread?
Seeing myself as worthy is my only choice.
I cannot turn by back on deciding to be.