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Surprise And Delight

Big Surprise

Your journey never ends. You receive a desire,
You get into the mode of receiving, then you
Receive what you’ve been wanting. The cycle repeats
Life is full of amazing and delicious treats.
It can be one where all of your wishes come true.
Only the feeling of joy you need to acquire.

The most optimum situation can occur
When you’re tuned in and stay there. All along the way
More ideas are coming. It turns out that it
Never turns out and it’s all to your benefit.
To be happy is not such a high price to pay
To live only the life that you truly prefer.

Get hooked on the good feeling of things working out
For you always then there’ll be no disappointment
Sneaking up on you. Things are always unfolding
In your favor. You have only your joy to bring
To the table. You know that your time is best spent
Getting happy. Indeed that’s what life’s all about.

Accept that there’s no ending. There’ll always be more
Good things happening for you. Ask yourself, “What now?
What can now happen to Surprise And Delight me?”

Ask the universe this. Pretty soon you will see
Positive responses. As you learn to allow
The goodness you’re aligned more than ever before.

Relationships Are Forever

Dear Friends

Karmic relationships are connections that are
Very quick to start. Typically they evolve
Into alternating patterns of love and hate.
Constant highs and lows keep the couple a state
Of emotional tension. They cannot resolve
Many issues and life can be rather bizarre.

We move on from one relationship to the next
It would seem but this isn’t so karmically.
Forever we’re connected to those we have met.
Every person you have known you cannot forget.
You are part of the vibrational frequency
Of everyone you know. You should not be perplexed.

The relationship is a thing of reflection
And energy. It need not necessarily
Imply physical contact with the other one.
The relationship continues once it’s begun
It will go on throughout all of eternity.
There is nothing that can sever the connection.

Think in terms of ‘we’ and ‘us’ instead of just ‘me.’
Mutual respect, honesty, and empathy
In your communication will carry you far.
Be accepting of the person for who they are.
Can you learn to trust in each other completely?
Then a wholesome relationship will come to be.

Surprise And Delight

Happy Happenstance

When you think about it your journey never ends.
You get in the receiving mode then you receive
A desire and the optimum situation
Is that you’re mostly tuned into your creation.
More ideas keep coming the more you believe
In the things that the spirit within you intends.

You’re having rendezvous and experiences
All along the way. More ideas keep coming
So it turns out that it never turns out. It turns
Out that living life is not one of your concerns.
Your confidence is what keeps your motor humming.
You handle conditions without consequences.

It’s a never ending journey and when you get
Hooked on that good feeling of it unfolding and
You never need a destination you never
Have any disappointment. You are as it were
In a place where you can easily understand
That your whole life is determined by your mindset.

Don’t get fixated on what you think is the end
Of your journey. What you see is an illusion.
Ask how the universe will Surprise And Delight
You today. It will get you to feeling just right.
You’ll then be encouraged to draw the conclusion
That the universe is ultimately your friend.

Surprise And Delight

Pleasantly Excited

Like a fun Christmas morning each day can begin,
And it never ends. When I receive a desire,
Then get in the receiving mode, I manifest
What I’m wanting. I know my life is truly blessed,
And about my worthiness I need not inquire.
I’m made to be comfortable in my own skin.

All along the way, ideas and rendezvous
Punctuate my experiences, and the more
I remain in alignment, the more good will come.
My Vortex of Creation is where good comes from.
I am used to receiving things that I adore.
I look forward to always getting awesome news.

In what way is this kind universe going to
Do its thing to Surprise And Delight me today?
This question I ask frequently, and the answer
Is provided instantly. The life I prefer
I’m living in this moment. More is on the way.
There is no contradicting what I know is true.

Sometimes what I think is the end of the journey
I get fixated on, but there is no ending…
Just more good stuff to happen. I start every day
With a rampage of gratitude so that I’ll stay
In alignment. The vibration that I’m sending
To the universe is as I want it to be.

Overcoming Negative Emotions

Dealing With Bad Feelings

Human nature becomes me as I wonder why
I suffer the indignance of feeling this way.
Emptiness, frustration, and inadequacy
Are the demons that devour the cold heart of me.
Am I worthless to this world? Is this why I pay
Such a high price for lowlife? Do I want to die?

That is out of the question. I’ve been here before,
And each time it’s the same tape that I keep playing
That puts me at the precipice. What holds me back
Is my fear of the unknown. Spiritual plaque
Blocks the flow of wellbeing. What I am saying
Is that I don’t want to feel this way anymore.

Negative emotions in one’s experience
Happen when needs are unmet, and poor coping skills
Keep one out of alignment. So, what can one do
To escape the consuming cloud? Give me some clue
So that I can return to a life with some thrills.
What would be beneficial to my transcendence?

I’ll take responsibility for my feelings
After acknowledging that I have them. Then I
Can attempt to identify where they come from
At their core. In this simple way I’ll overcome
The dark cloud that is passed now. If I really try
I’ll succeed at getting back to wonderful things.