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Nothing Blooms All Year Long

Blossoming Fruit

When your heart loves someone unconditionally
Then your mind suffers most. Love a person who tries
Their best to understand you. Never make someone
Special in your life who has absolutely none
Of the qualities you value. Open your eyes
To the wonderful loving person you could be.

When a toxic person can no longer control
You they will try to control how others see you.
Let not that behavior cause you any distress.
Strong people don’t have many friends. Your happiness
Is of utmost importance in all that you do.
Get away from whatever’s not keeping you whole.

You bloom with others who understand you. Never
Walk, fight, smile, try, or cry alone. Stop looking back
With regret. Instead look forward with hope. Don’t lose
Your self-respect. It’s a form of self-care. Excuse
Not the bad one’s behavior yet don’t show a lack
Of compassion. It will stick with you forever.

Nothing Blooms All Year Long. Don’t expect yourself to
Nor the people around you. Give yourself a break
From yourself and others by regaining access
To your best self – the one you most want to express
To the world. It’s about time that you come awake
To the manifold blessings set aside for you.

Immutable Laws

Science Conscious

Gravity is always working whether or not
You believe in it. You don’t have to believe in
Gravity for it to work. You won’t float away
Due to your disbelief. On this earth you will stay.
Breaking this law would be committing mortal sin
Against nature. One never can be in that spot.

There’s a whole lot of energy locked up inside
The atom. It’s release can cause devastation
Or a sustainable source of clean energy.
It can do tremendous good for humanity.
This law also works always and our flirtation
With it is like a big can of worms opened wide.

Current always seeks the path of least resistance
In a circuit. Voltage is always equal to
Current times resistance. This law works all the time.
There’s no way that one could be accused of the crime
Of electrical battery. All one can do
Is honor their electrons at a safe distance.

It’s quite the same way with the Law of Attraction.
This law works all the time and it can’t be broken.
You’re always manifesting. The trick is to do
It on purpose. The whole universe supports you.
About what you desire you must be outspoken.
In your life you can always find satisfaction.