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Were You Born To Lead?

Matrix Formation

Explaining leadership to someone who does not
Have an idea what it is isn’t easy.
It’s like trying to explain love to someone who
Has never been in love. It’s a hard thing to do.
Definitions found in every dictionary
All include the word ‘lead’ which does not help a lot.

Many leadership styles therefore tend to exist
Which suggests it’s a personal choice to define
What it is for oneself when in that position.
One defines for oneself what the leader’s mission
Is to be. With that one is able to align.
The temptation to shy away one must resist.

Most leaders are there to see those around them rise.
If you want people to be honest about their
Shortcomings then you have to be honest about
Your own faults. Be empathic in working things out.
The best leaders show others that they truly care
About those in their team. This is loving and wise.

How you respond when things go wrong is important.
You can be condescending or you can just say,
“How are we going to fix this? What can I do
To support you in this effort?”
They’ll respect you.

You’ll encourage love and honesty in this way.
Good leaders have the ability to enchant.

Dealing With Neediness


Some people are so important in our lives, not
Because we enjoy their company but because
We feel so lonely in their absence. Never care
So much for one that you couldn’t possibly bear
Their rejection of you. The relationship was
Built upon an illusion that you clearly bought.

When someone starts avoiding you just let them be.
Never again disturb them. It’s time to move on.
Don’t chase, don’t beg, and don’t become a spectacle.
Don’t do something that you know is irrational.
Benefit from the truthful conclusion you’ve drawn.
Get them out of your heart and your mind completely.

Life has its ups and downs and it’s natural for
There to be good and bad moments but they don’t last
Forever. Getting over it is difficult
But you must otherwise distress is the result.
What was once but is not now belongs in the past.
Be open to the blessings that may be in store.

You feel good when you focus on yourself instead
Of comparing yourself to others. Concentrate
On your dream moving forward. Courage it will take
To get past the rejection. The peace that you make
With it all leaves you plenty of room to create
A new point of attraction for good times ahead.

Start Allowing

In The Black

Everyone is a manifester. There are those
Who work hard to make things happen. They’re determined,
Strong, decided, and focused. In crisis they shine
They can turn a catastrophe into a fine
Situation. Rarely are they ever chagrined
By adversity. They conquer what they oppose.

You can feel the seemingly subtle important
Difference between making things happen and just
Aligning with the version of what you really
Want to happen. You can focus positively
On the issue. From there it’s a matter of trust.
Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you can’t.

People do well in crisis because the crisis
Makes them focus and focus is a dynamic
And formidable force. The distinction between
Focusing from alignment where success is seen
And focusing from aggravation is a trick
Of perception. Which way leads to freedom and bliss?

Is there an easier way to go about it?
Is there a more consistent, inspired, and aligned
Way to do it? Just let your stream take you to where
You really want to go. All that you want is there.
Start Allowing and leave all the hard work behind.
From your attention to yourself you benefit.

Real Inner Peace

Morning Meditation

The mistake often made is the devaluing
Of the present moment while paying way too much
Attention to the next moment or to the past
Which is why a state of inner peace doesn’t last
If it’s ever reached. It doesn’t have to be such
A conundrum. Your willingness means everything.

This moment is the most valuable because
It’s the only one that exists. Some may believe
That the next moment is more significant than
The present and this single misperception can
Keep one stuck in a place where they cannot achieve
Inner peace according to spiritual laws.

The next moment will never come. Think about it.
When it comes it’s no longer the next. It Is Now.
The richness that is overlooked usually
Can be appreciated. The more you can see
The beauty in this moment the more you allow
Inner peace to consume you which is only fit.

When you honor the small things in life you improve
Your relationship with the present moment. Be
Ever present. It’s where all your power resides.
Acknowledge all the wonder this moment provides.
Inner peace can be had when you live happily.
May this moment always be your opening move.

Unlock Your Inner Peace

Youth Yoga

There are many ways to achieve inner peace and
Happiness. One way might work for you but not for
Someone else. It takes some experimentation
To find the right path for you. The elevation
Of your consciousness is the main reason for your
Seeking inner peace which you know and understand.

Spending time in nature can prevent your mind from
Thinking stressful thoughts. Take a deep breath of fresh air.
Take short walks and appreciate all that you see.
You can conquer depression and anxiety
Through exposure to nature. Become more aware
Of the beating of nature’s therapeutic drum.

Practice mindfulness. Meditate regularly.
Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining
About what you lack. Those who are most satisfied
With their lives have a grateful heart that’s open wide.
Such people have no problem at all maintaining
Their alignment with their positive energy.

Take full responsibility for your actions.
Be accountable for everything that you do.
Everyone screws up sometimes. These are lessons learned.
They should be steppingstones as far as you’re concerned.
But don’t let your mistakes of the past define you.
It does no good to dwell on your past infractions.

Love yourself. Practice acceptance and contentment.
Exercise regularly. Eat healthy. Be kind
To yourself and others. Get rid of your clutter.
Show your magnificence with the words you utter.
Take control of your life and within it you’ll find
That your reflecting upon it is time well spent.

Law Of Attraction Explained


When the Law of Attraction is clearly explained
To us by those who’ve mastered it then it’s easy
To become educated in living life well.
Knowing how the Law works is like casting a spell
Of deliberate creation. Things come to be
As your most positive vibration is maintained.

You attract what you feel, who you are, how you act,
And what’s on your mind at any given moment.
In the absence of what you want know that it’s there
Ready for you and you have to be more aware
Of the feeling of having it then be content.
Let the universe transform your dream into fact.

Visualize what you want and get specific.
Use your vivid imagination to create
A feeling of excitement. Go there as often
As you can. Things can happen quickly for you when
You put feeling into it. Remain in that state
Of elation. Your happiness will do the trick.

As you think so shall you be so think carefully.
Like attracts like. If you can see it in your mind
Then you can hold it in your hand. If you believe
This is true you become more able to receive
What you’re focused on. Things happen when you’re aligned
With the marvelous person whom you’ve come to be.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If…?

Positive Consideration

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If I won the lottery?
With a huge sum of money the things I could do
To help others and myself would be off the charts.
What I really want to do is touch people’s hearts
With my sense of wellbeing. I’d have many new
Ways of expressing my love for humanity.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If… is a game that I play
With myself and the universe quite frequently
About big things and small then I just let them go.
I know that the provident universe will show
Me the signs of my asking sometimes instantly.
Sometimes they come with a little bit of delay.

“If I only had it…” or “I wish that I had…”
Are sentences that inherently imply lack.
Modify what you’re saying. “Wouldn’t It Be Nice
If I had it?”
This way of speaking will suffice.

If you speak out of absence you won’t receive jack.
Wouldn’t It Be Nice If your faith were your comrade?

The reason that it’s so powerful is that it
Is soft and easy. Not out of desperation
Do you want to speak. Cling not to what you desire.
Happiness is the only thing you need acquire.
Keep on paying attention to your vibration.
Things that happen reflect the vibe that you transmit.

Immutable Laws

Science Conscious

Gravity is always working whether or not
You believe in it. You don’t have to believe in
Gravity for it to work. You won’t float away
Due to your disbelief. On this earth you will stay.
Breaking this law would be committing mortal sin
Against nature. One never can be in that spot.

There’s a whole lot of energy locked up inside
The atom. It’s release can cause devastation
Or a sustainable source of clean energy.
It can do tremendous good for humanity.
This law also works always and our flirtation
With it is like a big can of worms opened wide.

Current always seeks the path of least resistance
In a circuit. Voltage is always equal to
Current times resistance. This law works all the time.
There’s no way that one could be accused of the crime
Of electrical battery. All one can do
Is honor their electrons at a safe distance.

It’s quite the same way with the Law of Attraction.
This law works all the time and it can’t be broken.
You’re always manifesting. The trick is to do
It on purpose. The whole universe supports you.
About what you desire you must be outspoken.
In your life you can always find satisfaction.

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

What If...?

How to learn to think like a successful person
Is on the minds of many. People want to know
How to make things happen. The Law of Attraction
Mindset starts with the feeling of satisfaction
And from there you can get that good feeling to grow
In intensity. Thus happiness is begun.

Your thoughts create your reality. You’ve heard this
Many times before. But have you actually
Really practiced it? You do in one of two ways.
You can think those appreciative thoughts of praise
Or you can think thoughts of utter catastrophe.
Knowing this, you can, at will, reach a state of bliss.

When you think thoughts about yourself such as, “I’m not
Disciplined enough”
or “I can’t do anything
About my situation”
you’re creating hell

For yourself. How long in it do you want to dwell?
Train yourself to catch these thoughts as they’re happening
And then flip them to positive right on the spot.

In your doing so, you’re shifting your energy
And immediately you begin to feel good.
As you feel better it becomes easy to find
Better answers. Control the power of your mind.
Know for certain that things will work out as they should.
Think yourself into a better reality.

Energy And Attraction

Energy Focus

How important is energy to your success
In business and relationships? From one to ten
On a scale where one represents being near dead
And ten means that you are bouncing off the bulkhead
Where are you usually? Every now and then
An immense amount of energy you possess.

It’s been studied. Most people say they operate
At about six or seven. Would you do business
With a six or a seven? Why do you remain
At your energy level? The answer is plain
And simple. The people you hang out with are less
Energetic than you and you drop to their state.

What has all this to do with Law of Attraction?
A direct correlation between energy
And the manifestation of all things desired
Does exist. Joy gives you the energy required
To attract like a magnet and quite easily.
It all starts with the feeling of satisfaction.

How you feel is important so pay attention
To it always. It tells you how much energy
You’re allowing to flow through you in each moment.
You can feel your way to joy by conscious intent.
You have more energy as you live happily.
Blessings that come will be beyond comprehension.

The Law Of Resonance

Inner Contact

It’s been said that the Law of Attraction does not
Imply that the universe will bring you what you
Focus on. What’s been said is that what you attract
Is who you are. This notion turns out to be fact.
All the meditation and focus wheels you do
Help you to manifest so you do them a lot.

Who your are, then, must be accurately defined
In terms of what you want. Be absolutely clear
About it. Don’t let anything get in the way
Of your centering process. It’s easy to stay
In alignment when to your intent you adhere.
Keep thoughts of negativity out of your mind.

It’s not about your dominant thought. It’s about
Your dominant identity. Be more aware
Of who you are. Become the thing that you desire.
Only your state of resonance does it require
And it can become something you’re willing to share
With the world. You’ll want to give it a huge shout out.

Keep on visualizing. The universe gives
You who you are. Don’t try to bend reality.
Just keep focusing on it until you become
One with it. You get a lot of leverage from
Your determination to live life happily.
You want to live the way that your higher self lives.

Sharing Happiness

Poised For Fun

We all want to live happy lives. But how do we
Go about it? Some say it’s just a decision
That we make with a certain determination.
This of course is true in any situation.
Anytime a state of joy one can envision
Then experience the feeling quite easily.

Yet to some, happiness remains hard to achieve
Due to well-practiced patterns. The strong momentum
Of our past negative habits gets in the way
Of choosing happiness over utter dismay.
Difficulty we have when we’re beating the drum
Of our limits. We’re not in the mode to receive.

Urgency to find happiness stops the quest dead
In its tracks. If you want happiness for an hour,
Take a nap. If you want happiness for a day,
Go fishing. If you want happiness all the way
Through the year, win the lottery. Feel the power
Of abundance but don’t let it go to your head.

If you want happiness for a lifetime you’ll find
It by helping others. When you light a lamp for
Someone else on the road not only do you light
Up their world but you’re also doing what feels right.
Bringing happiness to others brings a lot more
Right back to you. It’s beneficial to be kind.

You’re Always Manifesting

Gift Of Magic

You attract who you are so the question is who
Are you from moment to moment. Are you someone
Who’s attracting what you want? Are you satisfied
With the laws of the universe as they’re applied
To how you’re manifesting? If you’re having fun
On your journey then congratulations to you.

Everything in the universe is made up of
Energy. When you think about life in this way
You begin to understand how things manifest
And how things don’t go quite your way when you’re depressed.
When you’re not then you’re true self is on full display
And everything you do is a labor of love.

You’re Always Manifesting. The only time when
You’re not is when you’re sleeping but when you’re awake
You’re conscious and aware of your environment.
Finding things to appreciate is time well spent
In the morning. Do it for your wellbeing’s sake.
Find good thoughts to think over and over again.

Watch what you say, think, and do. Avoid negative
Conversations and mindsets. Your mind is so much
More powerful than you could ever imagine.
Compare it with no other’s then soon you’ll begin
To be much less acquainted with self-doubt and such.
You get back from the universe just what you give.

Gravity’s Twin

Stage Magic

Gravity is the force that attracts a body
Toward the center of the earth or anything
Having mass. It’s a weak force, the scientist’s say
Yet a fall from a cliff is a cause for dismay.
Overcoming it can sometimes be challenging.
Those who have fallen would wholeheartedly agree.

One of the most powerful forces that exists
Surrounds and affects us. If approached consciously
And intentionally it can be used to change
Our future for the better. It’s not all that strange
That, like gravity, this force can turn out to be
Rather difficult on the person who resists.

It’s the Law of Attraction I’m talking about.
Gravity is the contrast we experience
As extreme seriousness and heightened alarm
And the fear that people are out to do one harm.
Often one doesn’t know that they’re not making sense
In their thinking. There are issues to be worked out.

Decide what you want and focus only on it.
How will it feel when you finally reach your goal?
You can feel that way right now to speed things along.
Once you feel what you’re wanting nothing can go wrong.
Of your point of attraction you must take control.
To your ultimate happiness you must commit.

The Great Night Of Shiva

Spiritual Celebration

On the fourteenth of Phalguna something takes place
On the earth. There’s an upsurge in its energy.
Every life form experiences this increase
In life force. It’s a time when there’s a huge release
Of the stressful effects of personality.
On this night the magic of Shiva we embrace.

So what’s Shiva? It’s ultimate reality…
Also a personal God as well as one who
Is present behind all that the self can perceive.
On The Great Night Of Shiva one wants to achieve
The consciousness of Shiva supreme in its view
Of creation. From the third eye we want to see.

Of all creatures on earth our spines are vertical.
Through the night of Shiva people keep them that way.
They remain awake because they want to transcend
Normal everyday consciousness so they will spend
The whole time staying upright. Attention they pay
To the energy palpable and supernal.

One tremendous cosmic existential aspect
Of this great night is it’s an opportunity
To engage and encounter the experience
Of the consciousness of Shiva. It’s quite intense.
Overcoming the darkness of the mind is the
Purpose of celebrating this urge to connect.

The Faded Blue Blanket

Tattered Cloth

When the blinding star lit the hillside, Ladius
Was the most frightened. He cowered behind his three
Older brothers when an angel of God appeared.
Yet he knew such a being should never be feared.
After hearing of good news fear left completely.
Something was to happen that would be tremendous.

His brothers had planned a journey to Bethlehem.
Ladius with his crippled foot wasn’t able
To go with them. They each had a gift to give the
Baby Jesus. They gave what they had willingly.
Ladius had nothing to bring to the table
But his faded blue blanket which he gave to them.

They protested. They said that his gift was unfit
For the king of kings because it was old and torn.
His brothers departed leaving Ladius to
Sulk in anguish. There was nothing that he could do.
So he slept and as the baby Jesus was born
Ladius dreamt and his dream contained quite a bit.

In his dream, Ladius met angel Gabriel
Who said, “Give me that blanket. The child will need it.”
Suddenly the blanket was no longer faded.
In essence the old, tattered blanket was traded
For a shimmering one. A glow it did emit.
It now glistened like dew. He knew that he’d done well.

Ladius was inside the stable keeling at
The manger as he watched Jesus blanketed by
His gift which had been changed into magnificence.
Ladius when he woke from this experience
Found that his faded blue blanket had gone bye bye.
He knew instantly what the heck was up with that.

Time To Act

The Meek

The ‘acceptable burn’ – a firefighting concept –
Means that after a certain point if the fire’s not
Getting any worse it’s best to just let it burn.
Once destruction has happened the only concern
Is for safety and cleanup. There’s not a blind spot
In our rendering service. At that we’re adept.

Too many ‘acceptable burns’ happening at
The same time and far too close to one another
Causes a huge conflagration and changes the
Calculus from this point forward. What we now see
On the planet – our grossly mistreated mother –
Are the signs that we have some issues to combat.

To find that place within ourselves where we can see
All that’s happening and still find some peace of mind
Is to mitigate boredom and complacency
Yet we must take a look at our humanity.
Only then will a better solution we find.
This isn’t something that we don’t know already.

This is about owning what we know and doing
Something about what we know. Now it’s Time To Act.
The political establishment that made it
So bad can’t be expected to fix it. Unfit
Are they to make a more favorable impact.
We know that positive change is worth pursuing.

The Cracked Jar

Flowered Path

Our obsession with unrealistic social
Ideals and standards narrows and limits our
Perspective. It causes significant blind spots.
Our behaviors and mindsets are fettered with lots
Of uncertainty which tends to disempower
Us severely regarding our health and morale.

We’re unable to see the full picture of who
We are especially our true belovedness.
We’re invited to use a much wider lens to
View our imperfections and growth edges. A new
Way of seeing our flaws is a subtle process
That at some point is something we all must go through.

Once upon a time there were two water jars used
By a peasant to carry water from the well
To his house. One jar was perfectly new while the
Other one was old and cracked. Both of them would be
Hung on opposite sides of a pole. Water fell
From the cracked jar but its behavior was excused.

The cracked jar was remorseful. It said, “I’m sorry
That your hard work is wasted because of my crack.”

The peasant replied, “Look at your side of the road
Lined with beautiful flowers because water flowed
From your crack. So you’ve done well. Cut yourself some slack.”

So the moral is be who you’ve turned out to be.

Your Attention

Brain Bulb

The only reason why people have great success
Seemingly all the time is because they’re able
To see things others can’t see. It’s their attention
That sets them apart. It’s beyond comprehension
How the mind can become completely unstable
To the point where there’s no achieving happiness.

People want Your Attention. It’s the reason why
They do things to attract it. They want you to know
Fully what they’re expressing without distraction.
Your response to them can bring them satisfaction
If you’re kind and you have nothing but love to show.
Respect for their humanity you can’t deny.

Attention without intention – simply being
Is a practice. Essentially you know that you
Exist because you have some sense of attention
At this moment. When you sleep a full suspension
Of attention is certain but it’s to renew
Your consciousness. It’s designed to be stress freeing.

Consciousness is attention – the most evolved part
Of the mind. Memory isn’t as important
As your conscious awareness of the here and now.
When you’re in it a true connection you allow
To your true self expressly. Don’t think that you can’t
Use Your Attention to give your life a new start.

Decide What Comes To You


You’re a magnet to all things that happen to you.
This statement will be challenged by those who believe
That things just simply happen without any rhyme
Or reason. All the victims of violent crime
Naturally find it difficult to receive
This kind of information. They feel it’s not true.

Respect for that perspective is given to all
Who believe otherwise. Karma plays a big role
In what happens to folks individually
And within larger groups. Throughout eternity
We experience things to enlighten the soul.
Nothing that one goes through can be considered small.

A rampage of selective sifting helps you to
Set the tone for attracting the circumstances
Your prefer. Look for any good thing you can find
About all that you focus on. Get more aligned
With the positive aspects of things. Your chances
Of achieving wellbeing will increase for you.

Don’t get into the ‘fixing things’ mode. When you do
You attract misbehavior, mistakes, and all kinds
Of things going wrong. This isn’t quite the rampage
You want started. With wholeness you want to engage.
Stay focused on what you want and watch for the signs
Of more than what you expected coming to you.

Feeling And Imagination

Threshold Of Inspiration

You’ve imagined. You’ve visualized but nothing
Has happened as of yet so you want to know why
Things seem not to be working out. Know that they are.
You’re on the right track. In fact you’re not very far
From its manifestation. Nothing’s gone awry.
Be mindful of the vibration you’re offering.

The big secret to manifesting is feeling.
You only have to raise your imagination
To the state of vision then what you want is done.
Vision means all your five senses. It can be fun
Feeling your way to clarity through sensation.
You’re the one who knows what’s to you most appealing.

Say you want a new house. You can think about it
But that means you’re not in it so visually
See yourself walking through it. Go into detail
About what you see in it. Let your dream prevail
Over present conditions. The more you can see
Yourself in the house then the more you’ll benefit.

Money has a distinct feel to it. When you touch
A plain piece of paper and then some currency
There’s a difference. The textures are not the same.
Imagine feeling lots of crisp bills then exclaim
Your delight in abundance and count that money
Like you mean it because it will help you out much.

If you want a promotion then hear people say,
“That was fantastic of you. Congratulations!”
If it’s love that you wanting imagine a ring
On your finger and let yourself feel everything
About love. You’ll experience good vibrations.
Have fun with it all and prosper along the way.

Create A New Life

Self Care

Take time out of your busy day to disconnect
From your world. Turn your cell phone off and the TV.
Power down the computer. Relax your body.
Close your eyes. Take some deep breaths and get you mind free
Of its chatter. You want to be absolutely
In this moment. Give yourself its proper respect.

Your mind wanders to the predictable future
Or the familiar past which is normal. Just be
Aware of your thoughts but always bring yourself back
To the present. Don’t worry about keeping track
Of your progress. It all should come naturally.
Keep your focus on nothingness simple and pure.

You’re your most creative when you’re in the moment.
While you’re there ask yourself if you can be defined
By the future instead of failures of the past.
What do you want in your life? Amid the contrast
That life offers what preferences come to mind?
What can you manifest by your conscious intent?

As you begin to think about the answers to
Your questions your brain starts to change. New sequences
And new combinations of neuron firing
Happen when you’re focused on what you’re admiring
And your new life of true happiness commences.
Don’t give up because there’s so much in it for you.

Decide on the emotions that you’ll feel when you
Manifest what you’re wanting. Rehearse in your mind
Who you’re going to be when you open your eyes.
Do this often and before long you’ll realize
A new self which has been completely redesigned.
You have much in the way of success coming due.

Manifestation Is Near

Big Winner

What you want isn’t out there teasing you into
A good life. In vibrational form it’s out there
And you have access to it when you have control
Of your point of attraction. You can have the whole
Enchilada when about how you feel you care.
Spiritual forces are in support of you.

Before earth was created it was in the minds
Of nonphysical beings a wonderful plan
For a place for existence on the leading edge
Of creation. To make a nice home was their pledge.
It’s a foregone conclusion that you also can
Easily with your thoughts create things of all kinds.

Think uplifting thoughts and be consciously aware
Of how you feel in each moment. Do it not to
Manifest what your wanting but just to feel good.
By the universe what you want is understood
Completely. There’s nothing in the world you need do
But get into a happy mood and remain there.

When you reach the place where you can say, “I expect
It to happen,”
then you know that it’s on the way

Whether you want it or not. When you expect it
Then it’s close and it means that you’ve learned to permit
Unseen provident forces to do what they may
To bless that with which you’ve decided to connect.

Create Big Things

Think Big

Things that are insignificant you can create
Easily. It’s the really big things that are so
Difficult at least that’s the way it seems to be.
It’s true that you create your own reality
But between big and small things it’s good that you know
That there’s no difference. This should make you feel great.

It’s as easy to create a button as it
Is to create a castle. The button is more
Easily believed by you. That’s why it’s easy
To create it. A castle it might as well be
To the universe if that’s what you’re aiming for.
You can create most anything as you see fit.

Ten million dollars is just as easy to make
As ten thousand or twenty. You’re using the same
Application of the Law to three different
Intentions. Only your resistance can prevent
It from happening. Any amount you can claim
As your own. Just believe that it’s a piece of cake.

There’s a mindset that tells you that you’re not worthy.
Try your best to ignore it because it’s not true.
By the power of your wanting you arrived here
To create in this state of the art atmosphere.
You need not justify the creating you do.
Set your sights on the big things and live happily.

Wellbeing Is At Your Door

Welcome Home

Highs and lows are a part of life. Everyone knows
That one can’t feel on top of the world all the time.
Life can sometimes bring one to the depths of despair.
Getting over it is a natural affair.
Focus only on what in life is most sublime
And then live it. Stop contemplating on life’s woes.

Sometimes people have to lose it all before they
Bounce back into wellbeing. Unnecessary
Is this process but anything that helps you to
Realize your true worthiness is good for you.
Your losses are the very things that set you free
From your struggles. Then you’ll find things going your way.

Struggle only perpetuates the momentum.
Give it up and allow yourself to surrender
All of it to the universe. Letting it go
Gives you power. The contrast in life helps you grow.
Just relax. The peace that you’ll find will engender
The feeling of allowing the favored outcome.

Give into the wellbeing that’s knocking loudly
At your door. Be more mindful of all the goodness
That surrounds you. Start looking for the evidence
Of wellbeing in your life. It is there from whence
You may prosper in many ways. Total access
You have to everything that you’d have come to be.

All That You Want


Expectation is the key to manifesting.
You get what you expect so it matters what you
Keep your mind on. Focus only on your desire
And trust that what you want to happen will transpire.
When you know something will happen all you need do
Is get happy and make peace with your requesting.

When you keep a thought active Law of Attraction
Assembles the cooperative components
That match your vibration and so it manifests
Into your life experience. All your requests
Are honored by the universe and it makes sense
That things always work out to your satisfaction.

When some manifestation begins to occur
Or some evidence of it then you begin to
Expect it which means now your belief is so strong
That there’s no possible way that you could be wrong
About what you want happening. Dreams do come true
When you focus only upon what you prefer.

Don’t let what is ‘true’ dampen your expectation.
A belief is just a thought someone continues
To keep thinking until it becomes manifest.
Don’t let ‘true’ things train your expectation. The best
Judge of your progress is you and you get to choose
What to think. Your life is of your own creation.

Every Day

Stone Balance

All that you’ve ever wanted from the beginning
Of your life on this planet and even before
Does exist as vibration not manifested.
In specific detail all that you’ve requested
Of the universe happens to be part of your
Vortex of Creation. It’s constantly spinning.

You’re a vibrational being also but you
Have a physical body with which to perceive
Your environment. You decide what you prefer
From the contrast life offers. All that may occur
Is due to your vibration. Begin to believe
In your Vortex. It’s the wisest thing you can do.

Accept the vibrational manifestation.
You came here with the delicious intention of
Being a deliberate creator. You knew
That the contrast would stir excitement within you.
You intended to line up with all that you love.
You knew this world to be one of fascination.

You came here to add to the expansion of the
Universe in a personally dramatic
And emphatic way. Realize this Every Day.
Your Vortex is only one good feeling away.
There’s no reason for you not to be ecstatic
About all in this world you can have, do, or be.

Don’t Trust People Who Cry?

Lone Sadness

People see people crying. What comes to their minds
First of all is that these people have no control
Over their emotions. There’s a sense of mistrust
In their motives and they’re looked upon with disgust.
People cry because they don’t feel completely whole.
They may act out in negative ways of all kinds.

The moment you start crying you’re giving away
To the universe your power so it’s been said
And it’s true. The emotional outburst will not
Do much good in fact it will only cause a lot
Of attention and drama and people will dread
Being near you because they won’t know what to say.

It’s a sure sign of weakness when you can be seen
As someone who can cry at the drop of a hat.
It’s not appropriate in our society
To express our discouragement vehemently
And there’s no way that people will get around that.
People won’t take the time to know just what you mean.

We must cry. Sometimes life introduces us to
Pain and sorrow. We can’t hold these feelings inside
Or ignore them. In public is not the right place
To let loose. You’ll be seen as an utter disgrace.
You want sympathy but it’s expressly denied.
They fear manipulation by the likes of you.

Give Up The Struggle

Buried In Work

It’s as if someone pointed at a twenty ton
Boulder and said, “Please carry it way over there.”
You should not care about that because you will not
Implement such an impossible task. A lot
Of stress you can relieve if you’re willing to care
About how you feel in every situation.

But if you really need to get it over there
And you focus upon what you want and why you
Want it, a way to get it over there will be
Revealed to you. You want to be completely free
Of the struggle that you think you need to go through.
Of the path of least resistance you’ll be aware.

Feeling good is a no brainer. If you feel stress
Then you want to feel better. So what can you do
To get yourself out of a stressful atmosphere?
Focus elsewhere and the solution becomes clear.
Give attention to something that elevates you
To the level of eventual happiness.

The reason you feel struggle is because you get
Yourself into a vibration where you can’t hear
What your true self is saying. Give Up The Struggle.
Find a blanket of joy and within it snuggle.
Things are not as terrible as they may appear.
Your surrender to who you are is an asset.

Change Your Life


From a vantage point distant the earth may not seem
To be of any particular interest
But to us earth is special. It’s our only home.
All alone tucked away in a cosmic syndrome
Over eons consider how far we’ve progressed.
As a planet how would you rate our self-esteem?

Frequent misunderstandings among humankind
Spell disaster. World leaders cannot get along
For the most part. It’s been our reality since
The beginning. It’s not difficult to convince
Anyone into thinking that something is wrong
With someone. Hatefulness is so easy to find.

We delight in our self-imagined importance.
The delusion that we’ve some special position
In the universe is challenged by who we are
In reality – a species with a bizarre
Way of acting. Our spiritual condition
Keeps us bound in a most peculiar circumstance.

Each of us is a member of the human race
And as such we have a responsibility
To ourselves and the planet to continue to
Make progress as a species. The more you can do
To change something for the better the more you’ll be
Receptive to our evolution taking place.

Go With It!


You want to allow your dream to gestate within
Your Vortex of Creation. It is already
But you must be aware of it without distress
About what hasn’t happened. The joy you express
For its coming must be borderline ecstasy.
At this game of life be most determined to win.

Just ask yourself, “Does this thought feel satisfying?”
If it does then Go With It! Keep on thinking it.
Let thoughts like it occur to you naturally.
In a world of fulfillment you’re destined to be.
Be aware of the vibration that you transmit.
That you can think what you want there’s no denying.

When something negative happens you get to choose
Which direction you’ll take it. If you think about
How unkind an act it was ask yourself, “Does this
Thought fulfill me?”
The answer you surely can’t miss

So just leave that thought right there. You can’t figure out
How to deal with something that is meant to confuse.

Refocus long enough before the momentum
Of the moment increases or just get away
From the stress altogether. Go with what you know
About yourself. You’re someone who’s willing to go
To extreme lengths to be receptive and to stay
Always looking ahead to the good times to come.

Being Happy

Pure Happiness

There’s no mystery to it. It’s simply a choice
That you make to be happy. All it takes is your
Willingness to look forward – not where you have been.
Many doors of opportunity open when
You get happy. When you do you get a lot more
Out of life. This is probable cause to rejoice.

People may ask you, “How are you doing?” But you
Don’t want to answer that question. Where you’re going
Is what you want to tell them so answer that way.
They may not understand anything that you say.
The only thing they’re interested in knowing
Is if you’ve been successful in all that you do.

Where you are now and where you’ve been are not where you
Want to focus. You cannot have been and you can’t
Be as good as you’ve become vibrationally.
Where you’re going is really where you want to be.
When you feel it’s appropriate go on a rant
About it. Always maintain your positive view.

The larger part of you has already gone where
You have pointed it. Follow it and you will be
Delighted on your journey. To not go is to
Deny yourself of the blessings offered to you.
It’s not difficult to live your life happily
When with how you are feeling you fervently care.

Manifest Anything

Fairy Dust

Absolute clarity about what I want to
Manifest I must have first then I can prepare
To receive what I’m asking for. Naturally
In alignment with my higher self I must be.
The momentum increases if I can stay there
In that place where I have an evolved point of view.

I enjoy the excitement that I feel when I
Think about what I want. I love talking about
It with others. My passion may blow them away
Because I have so much about my dream to say
To the world. In my heart of hearts I have no doubt
That with my wishes the universe will comply.

Everything seen was once a thought. All that occurs,
Good and bad, is just a thought originally
So I watch what I’m thinking. If it starts to go
Southerly then I’ll implement all that I know
To get back to good thinking. I love getting free
Of my lower self and the chaos it prefers.

Single-mindedly focused I am on my goal.
The universe yields to both faith and commitment.
Negative thought takes me in the wrong direction
Whereas thoughts that are not enhance my connection
To my higher self where I find extreme content.
Of my point of attraction I’ve complete control.

Ask Your Inner Being


Get in touch with your inner being every day.
Ask it questions. It knows the answer to them all.
It has its own opinion about everything
That you’re thinking. The vibration you’re offering
Emanates from your thinking. Both big thoughts and small
Can affect how you feel in a very huge way.

Isolate something that you really want to know
About your negativity. Get specific
With your rampage about how things are going wrong.
Keep it up and you’ll notice before very long
That the thing that you’re doing is making you sick.
Then you’ll know the importance of letting things go.

When you feel positive emotion what it means
Is that your inner being feels just the same way.
Your thought is in agreement with what your inner
Being thinks of your thought. It knows what you prefer
In any situation. Try your best to stay
Receptive to its call in your daily routines.

When you’re feeling anything other than delight
In the moment about something it means that you
Are not in agreement with your inner being.
What you think and what it thinks are not agreeing
Because it always has a most positive view
So it’s probable that everything is alright.

Stop Resistance

Connected Hearts

Why do my manifestations always seem to
Go somewhere else? It’s as if I’m creating for
Other people. There must be something wrong with me
Or with how I’m creating. I just want to be
Of the proper vibration. What can give me more
Of an edge? What is it that I clearly must do?

Finding the path of least resistance I know will
Benefit me greatly but where do I begin?
It’s by practicing feeling good ‘til I’ve allowed
Something to manifest. My head’s not in a cloud
About it. At this game of life I want to win.
Many dreams in this world I have yet to fulfill.

I’ve been defending and justifying to those
Who don’t think I deserve what I want which has caused
My vibration to wither but now I’m aware
Of what happened. I don’t have to stay focused there.
If I do then the good flowing to me is paused.
I’ll go with what the most evolved part of me knows.

What I know now is different from what I knew
Before indoctrination into the mindset
Of innate insufficiency. My life reflects
What I know now. I look for positive aspects
In every situation. I’m willing to let
It all happen without my having much to do.

Allow The Nonphysical

The Intelligent Void

The fullness of who you are is not only you.
It includes many others who now are deceased
But who knew you. Your fullness may also include
Relatives now in spirit. Their infinitude
Of existence is lighter than the human beast.
Helping us with our lives is part of what they do.

Healers and teachers throughout the ages are part
Of the fullness of who you are focused right here
And right now on whatever you’ve got going on.
Your awareness of your fullness depends upon
Your belief in the nonphysical atmosphere.
Since they were human they know of the human heart.

The nonphysical is focused on you right now
So ask yourself these questions, “What am I doing
With this moment? Am I allowing the magic
To happen?”
Your not asking allows the tragic

To occur. Your happiness is worth pursuing.
The nonphysical can show you exactly how.

There’s power, grace, passion, and eagerness for you
From the spirit world. You’re a beloved being
Who is blessed beyond your ability to know.
You raise your vibration by simply letting go
Of resistance. You will find spirit agreeing
With your wildest most exciting dreams coming true.

Stop Your Mind’s Chatter

Mental Confusion

“That concert was exciting. Did I feed the dog?
This weather is depressingly cloudy today.
Has my daughter reached school safely? I really care
About who wins the election. I don’t know where
I put my driver’s license. That was a nice play
By the quarterback. Why is there such a dense fog?”

Many people experience the monkey mind.
It chatters on endlessly. Not even for one
Second can it remain silent. Out of control
It appears to be because you’re not feeling whole
But you can get a handle on how thoughts are spun
In your mind when with ultimate truth you’re aligned.

Here’s a technique that will put your mind well at ease.
Close your eyes. Watch your thoughts as they constantly flow
Through you mind but do not try to stop them and don’t
Get involved with them. Trust in your heart that you won’t
Think about your thoughts. Just think them then let them go.
They’re not worthy of your conscious analyses.

Now ask yourself one important question. “What will
My next thought be?”
Then wait for the next thought to come.

Keep on waiting. You may ask the question again.
“What will be my next thought?” Thoughtlessness happens when
You keep waiting. You will have gotten away from
All the chatter. Indeed your mind has to sit still.


Casual Day

Your Vortex of Creation is filled to the brim
With specific requests that you’ve been putting there
And that you are deserving of coming to be
Manifested in your present reality.
To gain access to it you simply have to care
About how you feel. Your future is never dim.

It’s about time for those realizations to
Begin flooding into your life experience
At a rate that will astonish those around you.
Be receptive of all the blessings coming due.
Let your wonderful dream of a lifetime commence
In this moment. Embrace the exciting and new.

We in spirit observe you. We see that you still
Don’t know who you are truly and for the most part
You don’t understand the important role you play
In the expansion of all that is. Don’t betray
Your own purpose by holding hatred in your heart.
Exercise as you must your God-given free will.

You came here to do business and have lots of fun
In the doing. Life isn’t so complicated
When you know where you came from and what you could be,
Do, or have here in this time space reality.
Allow now what you know has been long awaited.
Watch for evidence of your new journey begun.

With Just A Small Tuning

Radio Station

People who are tuned in, tapped in, turned on, and more
Excited about life than the average Joe
Tend to get more accomplished while efforting less.
To the blessings of life they have total access.
That they’re worthy and loved is all they need to know.
Always they look forward to the good that’s in store.

Pollyanna these folks aren’t. While they can remain
In a high state of consciousness they can also
Pay attention to their lives in the here and now.
By staying focused on what they want they allow
Abundance and wellbeing to easily flow
Into their lives. They live them for maximum gain.

About dynamic things like new technology,
Future worlds, new inventions, and how life is good
To them this way and that way these folks emphasize.
It’s no wonder that they always win the big prize.
When others think of failure they think of what could
Become of it. Nothing but success do they see.

Now With Just A Small Tuning you too can become
Connected to your truest self. Appreciate
Everything you can think of. Be fully aware
Of what you enjoy here and now and don’t compare
Yourself to anyone. Keep yourself in a state
Of allowing. Your happiness ushers therefrom.

A Long, Fulfilling Life

Long Happy Journey

Everyone wants a long and fulfilling life. So
How do people achieve it? They stay excited
About things they love doing and do them they do
With abandon. Each moment for them is brand new.
The flame of their lives keeps being reignited
By their love for life and their willingness to grow.

Keep it simple. Find out what you love to do and
Do it as early as you can if possible.
Remember what you loved to do when you were young.
What excited you? You can find something among
All those things that will make your life more meaningful.
Doing it causes your consciousness to expand.

Failures are fertilizer. It doesn’t smell good.
You don’t want to roll in it but in it will grow
Seeds of wisdom. Your failures are only detours
Off your path. Get Back On. The decision is yours.
Those who live happy lives learn to go with the flow.
That life has peaks and valleys is well understood.

When you live today as if tomorrow you’ll die
But you learn and you yearn as if you’re going to
Live forever you guarantee your life will be
Most fulfilling and ripe with opportunity.
Give more back than all that has been given to you.
Never retire because you can always retry.



It’s a wonderful feeling. It’s one of relief
But you must trust what you are surrendering to
Which is your own magnificence and wellbeing.
Your surrender can be delightfully freeing
And it can shower tons of blessings upon you
If that you are most worthy is your firm belief.

And your are worthy beyond imagination
So don’t go there. Just concentrate on your desire.
Let it fully consume you. Let it resonate
To your highest frequency. That’s how you create
Your most vivid reality. You can acquire
Anything in this manner with your vibration.

You’re not surrendering to your desire. What you
Are surrendering is all your lingering doubt
And resistance – your trying too hard to make it
Happen for you. Decide you’re going to permit
What you’ve asked for to manifest. Speak more about
What you want with a more positive point of view.

The first manifestation is a feeling one.
When you start to have emotions about something
Then something is about to become real for you.
It’s how thoughts turn to things and how old becomes new.
Life can feel as if you have the world on a string.
Your surrendering also leads to lots of fun.

Money Story

Open Money Book

Other people have stories of wealth and success.
Why can’t I? If there’s so much of it to be had
Then there should be enough that I can claim my share.
It’s not helpful to think that the money’s not there
For my taking. My spirit shall be my comrade
As I deal with a life that’s an absolute mess.

“Tell a better feeling story,” is what I hear
From my spirit. Its voice is as clear as a bell.
But if I change my story can I change my life
From one characterized by extreme mental strife
Self-inflicted to one where I’m doing quite well?
I must overcome my most irrational fear.

What I have lined up for me is well on its way.
It’s a foregone conclusion. I just need to speak
In the present tense because it’s already done.
I feel worthiness, trust, and appreciation.
Only thoughts that feel good are the ones that I seek.
In a high state of consciousness I want to stay.

Something that causes my expectation to shift
Is belief in my worthiness. I’m more aware
Of the value in little things and the big things
Are easy to accomplish. My happiness brings
Good things to me and there’s lots of goodness to share.
Happiness, it turns out, is a wonderful gift.

Surprise And Delight

Big Surprise

Your journey never ends. You receive a desire,
You get into the mode of receiving, then you
Receive what you’ve been wanting. The cycle repeats
Life is full of amazing and delicious treats.
It can be one where all of your wishes come true.
Only the feeling of joy you need to acquire.

The most optimum situation can occur
When you’re tuned in and stay there. All along the way
More ideas are coming. It turns out that it
Never turns out and it’s all to your benefit.
To be happy is not such a high price to pay
To live only the life that you truly prefer.

Get hooked on the good feeling of things working out
For you always then there’ll be no disappointment
Sneaking up on you. Things are always unfolding
In your favor. You have only your joy to bring
To the table. You know that your time is best spent
Getting happy. Indeed that’s what life’s all about.

Accept that there’s no ending. There’ll always be more
Good things happening for you. Ask yourself, “What now?
What can now happen to Surprise And Delight me?”

Ask the universe this. Pretty soon you will see
Positive responses. As you learn to allow
The goodness you’re aligned more than ever before.