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Nothing Blooms All Year Long

Blossoming Fruit

When your heart loves someone unconditionally
Then your mind suffers most. Love a person who tries
Their best to understand you. Never make someone
Special in your life who has absolutely none
Of the qualities you value. Open your eyes
To the wonderful loving person you could be.

When a toxic person can no longer control
You they will try to control how others see you.
Let not that behavior cause you any distress.
Strong people don’t have many friends. Your happiness
Is of utmost importance in all that you do.
Get away from whatever’s not keeping you whole.

You bloom with others who understand you. Never
Walk, fight, smile, try, or cry alone. Stop looking back
With regret. Instead look forward with hope. Don’t lose
Your self-respect. It’s a form of self-care. Excuse
Not the bad one’s behavior yet don’t show a lack
Of compassion. It will stick with you forever.

Nothing Blooms All Year Long. Don’t expect yourself to
Nor the people around you. Give yourself a break
From yourself and others by regaining access
To your best self – the one you most want to express
To the world. It’s about time that you come awake
To the manifold blessings set aside for you.

Be Your Best Self

Good Morning

“Doubling down is too risky. You’d better triple
Down to be safe.”
You can listen to others and

What the universe tells you but you’ll never be
Great if you do both. You want to live happily
Ever after as if you were in lala land
As your life becomes a dangling participle.

The truth isn’t the problem. Your fear of it though
Is the thing that prevents you from moving ahead.
Watch what you look at. You can’t unsee certain things.
Be aware of what a fresh new attitude brings
To the table. Rely on your knowing instead
Of the consummate ignorance that others show.

Death is part of life. Make sure you live life first then
Die. Yes, it’s possible to do it in reverse.
Never speak ill of anyone. Better yet don’t
Even think about it because your conscience won’t
Let you get away with it. It makes you feel worse
Than you do when you do it again and again.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to be
Yourself. Be Your Best Self. It will benefit you
Right now and in the long run. Relax and have fun.
Once you make the decision you will have begun
And exceptional journey. There’s nothing to do
But to find more ways of living life happily.

Dealing With Neediness


Some people are so important in our lives, not
Because we enjoy their company but because
We feel so lonely in their absence. Never care
So much for one that you couldn’t possibly bear
Their rejection of you. The relationship was
Built upon an illusion that you clearly bought.

When someone starts avoiding you just let them be.
Never again disturb them. It’s time to move on.
Don’t chase, don’t beg, and don’t become a spectacle.
Don’t do something that you know is irrational.
Benefit from the truthful conclusion you’ve drawn.
Get them out of your heart and your mind completely.

Life has its ups and downs and it’s natural for
There to be good and bad moments but they don’t last
Forever. Getting over it is difficult
But you must otherwise distress is the result.
What was once but is not now belongs in the past.
Be open to the blessings that may be in store.

You feel good when you focus on yourself instead
Of comparing yourself to others. Concentrate
On your dream moving forward. Courage it will take
To get past the rejection. The peace that you make
With it all leaves you plenty of room to create
A new point of attraction for good times ahead.


The Natural Result Of Experience

Not from books do we get it. Not all who are old
Have attained this grand virtue. This is not to say
That books cannot contain it and that older folk
Are all somehow demented. One can yet evoke
Genuine wisdom from anyone anyway,
And the way it’s distributed is manifold.

Waiting for circumstances to change so you can
Feel good is like looking into a mirror and
Waiting for your reflection to smile at you first.
It’s of no use and it is harmful at its worst.
If you want change then it is by your own command.
Search the depths of your soul to come up with a plan.

Remember, even false beliefs will seem to be
Justified in terms of physical data, since
Your experience of the world that is outside
Is its realization. It can’t be denied.
It takes only its repetition to convince
Everyone of its truthfulness uncannily.

With the raw material of you ideas
Work with exclusively though the data may seem
To be true obviously. Your experience
If it is changed will give you a new common sense.
Ideas will alter to express a new theme.
You will learn to dispense with the thinking that was.

If Tomorrow Starts Without Me

Welcoming Death

Tomorrow starts without me. Someday it shall be.
Should the sun rise and find your eyes dampened with tears,
Please don’t cry while you’re thinking of those things unsaid.
I know how much you care for me. Tears that are shed
Speak for you and me also, and I have no fears
For a place has been readied in heaven for me.

If it should start with out me, know that what’s occurred
Is that my name was called. Then, taken by the hand,
I was told I must leave earth and all that I love
And ascend to the kingdom of heaven above.
I cannot argue with what the Big One has planned.
As I looked back, a tear fell, and your voice was heard.

It seems almost impossible I’m without you
And can’t hug you goodbye. How I want you to smile.
Emptiness, memories, and sorrows I’ve become.
When I think of the things of the world I grow numb
At the thought of your sorrow. Yet after a while,
I rejoice in the new work I’m given to do.

And when I walked through heaven’s gates I felt at home.
God looked down upon me from a huge golden throne
And said, “This is eternity. All that I said
Will be yours is now yours. You have nothing to dread.”
I’m now ready to give up the earth life I’d known.

In the realm of eternity is where I roam.