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The Vibration Of Abundance

Magnificent Sound

Everything in the universe vibrates at its
Own frequency. Colors, chairs, tables, ideas,
And people are in motion continuously.
Scientists have recorded the base frequency
Of most things. It’s believed that they do this because
The mere knowledge of this yields many benefits.

Abundance has a particular vibration.
It’s a signature energy field. One can learn
To resonate in harmony with it and be
Receptive to the blessings of prosperity.
What you want to happen is your only concern.
Keep your focus only on your own creation.

Resonance in electronics is adjusting
A circuit to allow the greatest current flow
At a certain frequency. If there’s impedance
In the circuit then one can’t give any credence
To the full flowing of current. It’s good to know
That analogies about life are worth trusting.

The feeling of abundance is the feeling of
Wellbeing, good attraction, and good creation
With yourself and others. It’s the feeling of ease
And the freedom to prosper and do as you please.
Why not let this be your cause for celebration?
You’re permitted to go for the things that you love.

I Will Succeed


My success is a certainty. One might ask how
Could I possibly be sure. I’ve no evidence
Nor a bright tale of victory yet I’m aware
Of the long winding stair and I climb it with care.
The intention I have to succeed is immense.
I remain totally at peace with here and now.

It’s a fool’s errand to look for certainty in
A world were none exists. I can’t predict how things
Will play out in the next several years or so
But I can be positioned to go with the flow
Of wellbeing. I find that this attitude brings
Satisfaction. I know in my heart that I’ll win.

I can’t look at the target and forget about
The intention – the arrow of my destiny.
It’s the seed bursting open to seek what it needs
From above and below ground therefore it succeeds
At being precisely what it was meant to be.
I know well that my purpose is never in doubt.

Preparation is what warrants my attention
Then the journey is just an opportunity
To be satisfied constantly along the way
To my purpose. I give myself a huge bouquet
For allowing wellbeing to sit well with me.
It’s my reason for living in this dimension.

Make Your Short List

Joy Of Writing

Think about your gift of sight and think about all
The things that you could look at, then to yourself say,
“I have this gift of sight for the pleasure that it
Brings to me. It’s simply for my own benefit.”
In alignment with your inner being you’ll stay.

What you do to get there is both easy and small.

Think about all your senses. They’re for your pleasure.
What other reason is there for them to exist?
You did not just get planted here. You came to feel
This whole physical experience which is real
To your senses. Nothing about them is dismissed.
To your body they’re a valuable treasure.

You came with the ability to think for the
Pleasure of it. Do Not use it to solve problems.
Start reaching for the thoughts that are pleasurable.
In a short time you’ll find that they’re quite plentiful.
Be thankful for your internal guidance systems.
You are designed to think good thoughts naturally.

Make a short list of things that you would like to see
Manifested – not things that have any value –
Just some things that you’re interested in seeing.
You’ll be shocked by how fast they come into being.
Once you’ve mastered the small stuff you can advance to
The next level of conscious creativity.