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Risk Of Failure

Giant Leap

Failure can erode quickly your self-confidence.
It makes it hard to believe you’ll ever achieve
A better outcome for the future. Things always
Stay the same yet you can learn to give yourself praise
For simply getting through it. Guidance you receive
From your innermost knowing which always makes sense.

Failure results from taking risks and trying to
Achieve something that isn’t easy but success
Lies in your ability to rise in the face
Of your failure. Believe in the infinite grace
Of your God or the universe and learn to bless
Every person and thing making contact with you.

But you can’t do this if you’re living in the past.
Don’t allow failure to stop you from believing
In your ability to succeed. Let it go
And move on because the past has nothing to show
You that’s helpful. The past isn’t worth your grieving
Over. Stay focused on now and remain steadfast.

Focus on actions to better yourself and your
Circumstances. Create a sense of personal
Efficacy. Your positive emotions can
Improve your performance. You can be better than
You were yesterday. You can use this rationale
To make life more fulfilling than ever before.

I Will Succeed


My success is a certainty. One might ask how
Could I possibly be sure. I’ve no evidence
Nor a bright tale of victory yet I’m aware
Of the long winding stair and I climb it with care.
The intention I have to succeed is immense.
I remain totally at peace with here and now.

It’s a fool’s errand to look for certainty in
A world were none exists. I can’t predict how things
Will play out in the next several years or so
But I can be positioned to go with the flow
Of wellbeing. I find that this attitude brings
Satisfaction. I know in my heart that I’ll win.

I can’t look at the target and forget about
The intention – the arrow of my destiny.
It’s the seed bursting open to seek what it needs
From above and below ground therefore it succeeds
At being precisely what it was meant to be.
I know well that my purpose is never in doubt.

Preparation is what warrants my attention
Then the journey is just an opportunity
To be satisfied constantly along the way
To my purpose. I give myself a huge bouquet
For allowing wellbeing to sit well with me.
It’s my reason for living in this dimension.

Using The Power Of Intention

Creative Exchange

Some are afflicted with the disease of pleasing.
They don’t know how to say no so they will give in
To outrageous requests made of them by others.
Since by now it’s a habit it often it occurs.
They can’t change their behavior, much to their chagrin,
Of finding people most worthy of appeasing.

But intention is at the heart of creating
Authentic power. If you’ve the strength to say no
To someone then it will become easier to
Say no into the future. You’ll enter a new
Realm of being. Your sense of wellbeing will grow.
In essence you want to be self-advocating.

The disease to please is cured by your intention
To be better than you have known yourself to be.
If you don’t want to do it then don’t. It’s okay
To say no without letting guilt get in the way
Of your purpose. You are meant to live happily.
You’re not here to devote service to anyone.

Your intention will ultimately determine
The outcome. Your intention in fact is the cause
Of the wanted effect. You cannot separate
The two. Through your intention you want to create
Your dream in accordance with spiritual laws.
Right now is the perfect time for you to begin.

Moving On

Leaving The Past Behind

In the mind there’s no subtraction or division.
The way you think is pretty much the way you feel.
There’s no reason to make this all complicated.
Your emotions and thoughts can’t be separated.
How does one reach the point of beginning to heal?
The mind does addition and multiplication.

You can think someone is a wonderful person,
But the thought may change in line with their behavior.
Tomorrow you may think the same person as one
Not as you had before thought. Your thinking can run
Up and down the wide spectrum. It generates more
Of an overall image. By nature it’s done.

Thoughts repeated are memories. They come and go
As do most of your feelings. The ones that are strong
Are not easily changeable. They interfere
With the moment’s thought process. The one who is dear
To the heart is a problem when something goes wrong
With the contract. The drama has something to show.

When you add to your troubled thoughts they multiply.
Each one leads to another. Momentum begins
To develop. The unsettled mind is agile.
Take a break from these thoughts. Contemplate for a while
On the absolution of all your psychic sins.
Love is the only way for you to say goodbye.

Tonight I Can Write The Saddest Lines


The night is immense but of a different kind
Of expansion that makes of my soul a vacuum.
Once the night was of splendor. It can be no more.
I could write about the way my life was before,
But tonight I’m content in expressing my gloom.
If I’m paralyzed fully, no peace shall I find.

The night is starry and the stars are blue, and they
Shiver in the distance. The detergent night wind
Revolves in the sky singing. I did love her so
And sometimes she loved me too. I suffer the woe
Of not knowing in what manner that I have sinned.
Loneliness is the bitter price she’d have me pay.

Through the nights like this one I held her in my arms.
I kissed her profusely under the endless sky.
How could one not have loved her great still eyes? To think
That I do not have her pushes me past the brink
Of feeling that I’ve lost her. Need I wonder why
I no longer partake of her feminine charms?

My soul is not satisfied that it has lost her.
Love is so short. Forgetting is fretfully long.
Another’s she will be as she was before my
Adoration. My senses continue to try
To perceive her. I hear in the distance a song,
But I can’t make the music make things as they were.