Achiever Of Goals

Focused Diligence

Mere self-confidence only describes how I act.
Slow and steady toward targeting that which I seek,
But with increased trajectory, I pick up speed.
Sound and simple direction is all that I need
To reach my destination. My path is unique
Among all whose are airborne. It remains intact.

Having high expectation, the work that I do
Becomes even more elegant with each new day.
I’ve achieved ample knowledge and skill to succeed.
My life’s dream shall become real in certain Godspeed.
My attention to detail won’t lead me astray.
But my technique and resources benefit who?

That’s the bug in the ointment. The stick in the craw
Is a felt misperception. Need I keep in mind
That no logical basis supports the course change?
To correct navigation at such a close range,
My whole notion of giving must be redefined.
Then the process resumes easily without flaw.

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