Emotional Deep Space

Rewarding Experience

See right through to the essence! What harm can be done
In removing appearances? Dense is the fog
That surrounds certain real worlds. I feel that I’m blind
Without deep exploration wherein I may find
What it is that I’m seeking. Sometimes dialogue
Is a dance of delusion before it’s begun.

 In order to dig deeper, what tool can I use
To uncover the secret that hides among clouds
Of pathetic indifference? I must get through
To the heart of the matter to find what is true
In all that I’m perceiving through dark misty shrouds.
I sometimes, as a being, come off as a ruse.

I do not get an accurate read on most things.
If by chance that it happens then it’s a good day.
Otherwise, transformation shall deepen my space
So that as I evolve there’s more truth to embrace.
All the things I’m not meant to know won’t go away.
What discordant contentment this utterance brings!

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