Sentimental Feelings

Intensity of Feeling

Whose emotional contract with others is strong
So that friendships and romance converge into one
Social network of interconnected support?
That would seem to be others. Who dares to fall short
In the realm of relationship? That would be none
Other than foolish people who live their lives wrong.

This does sound rather tragic. But can it be true?
Are there those not deserving because they are ill
Or in some way contingently bitterly cold?
Do they grow more remorseful as they become old?
Every action of passion is done with free will.
Those who showcase their love are the radiant few.

Lovers are the world’s saviors. The power they feel
Is the strength of their beings in knowing true bliss,
Not within co-possession of body and soul,
But in blending of hearts which makes each life more whole.
When the lonely observe couples stealing a kiss
We’re reminded that life can be blessed and real.

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