Heart-Minded Mind/Heart

Wholesome Blending of Function

Mental discipline offers what feelings perceive
As the logical framework with which to adhere.
The emotions magnetic emit feeling rays
That the mind can respond to in its cyclic phase.
Interaction between them can mitigate fear
Or increase it depending on what I believe.

There are times when the mind needs to take a back seat
And let heart do some driving to get the point home.
Neither does double duty. They each take their turn
In response to the other. This way I can learn
How to handle the depressive aspect syndrome
In a manner creative and not too discrete.

Intercommunication, the romance between
Heart and mind, is a language of loving embrace
Of the goodness in all things as life may occur.
I’m relieved of the dubious need to prefer
Other than what is happened within time and space.
Heart and mind are, in essence, a spirit machine.

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