Exciting The Core

Emotional Stimulation

You should take great delight in Exciting Your Core.
It’s your source of electromagnetic release

Of pure inductive energy for your control.
It can jumpstart your circuits and space charge the soul.
When you make good connection you’ll find inner peace.
Stable signal vibration is worth wanting more.

Knowing just what you need and what steps you must take
To achieve satisfaction, you’re ready for work.
I initiate changes in how my work flows,
And with courage and confidence each result shows
That with each new beginning no worry can lurk
In the field of the psyche for clarity’s sake.

I need not take the lead in the things that I do.
Everyone keeps their own core properly aligned
To the wavelength of spirit in each their own way.
I’ll get on with my testing as if it were play.
When engaging my passion, contentment I find.
Life can be more fulfilling and exciting too.

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