Withdrawal To Dialogue

Fruitful Communication

Conflict often exists between feelings and thought.
Our emotions reveal things but get in the way
Of clear communication. We take things to heart
Certain comments from others who want to impart
Only heartfelt assistance. The things we may say
We may come to regret when the lesson is taught.

Thinking may be infected by what we may feel
But the strong need for dialog can’t be ignored.
Self-reflection beforehand most often is wise.
If done so with the other it can strengthen ties.
Stepping back and rethinking, we gravitate toward
A more wholesome commitment. Then past hurts can heal.

When someone shows to me that my thinking is flawed
Due to too much emoting yet they understand
How I’m feeling despite troubled verbal display,
I can’t choose to feel put down then blast what they say.
Criticism constructive is meant to expand
Any goodness within me. I should then applaud.

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