Expelled From Explanatia

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I don’t have to explain a damned thing anymore!
Not a soul needs to hear it, and neither do I.
I’m resigned to a spacecraft en route to a star.
I know not where I’m going. I know that it’s far.
When I get there, my shortcomings will not apply.
It will be what I’ve dreamed of and waited long for.

I don’t have to explain away ways that I’d been
Nor my reasons for having been such an asshole.
If I try to address a momentum that’s strong
I will come out the loser before very long.
I have no frigging business assuming the role
Of the fatted black sheep led to slaughter again.

I am free of my focus on family life things
And on ignorant bastards who fart in my face,
I create a fine mess when I don’t even try.
I have given up fussing and wondering why
I deserve any measure of God’s loving grace.
So, I will just accept it and see what life brings.

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