From Cotton Field to Prison

Why Black Men are in prison is no mystery.
No sociological study is needed.
No well-crafted survey can capture the pain
Of the Bitches who put them there. Could I refrain
From the use of brute force when my sense is not headed?
This drama is played out throughout history.

Sour notes can be read. They don’t have to be sung.
And to feign utter silence is way below par.
You say you want everything from your black man?
Any fool with a brain would have picked up and ran!
Why depend on some man to define who you are?
You treat him like a wasp then ask why he has stung.

Why not give up such talents as rolling your eyes
And that trick sliding head thing you’ve practiced so well?
It takes courage to deal with that knot in your face.
This is not about color and not about race.
It is easy to put any good man through hell.
Does it make any sense to applaud his demise?

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