I Inhibit No One


That thing I’ve been chasing since my whole life long
Is what keeps my heart pumping and drinking fresh air.
But I should take a break every once in a while.
To be caught looking stupid is not quite my style.
That bird can keep flipping while I sit and stare.
We each write our own play and we sing our own song.

I inhibit no one. It’s not fair to do so
And by law I can’t do that unless I’m allowed.
I alone am the master of my desert path.
I can’t see what I’m after deserving my wrath.
If I put forth much effort, I’m left in a cloud
And with dust all around me, I’ve no place to go.

If I find harmony with the thing that I want
My strong desire cannot prevent me from such.
And I cannot inhibit what others may do.
It’s a Law of the Universe – not just a clue
That each being is blessed with God’s loving touch.
This love is spread evenly for all to flaunt.

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